Good game we play every four games we play with you you win that’s why we’re doing another one but this one is a little bit different because most of the game boards we do there’s an ending to the game this game has no ending okay so guys welcome to another video let me

Explain what’s going on here we’re obviously doing a giant game board but it’s a little bit different the first person to get $2,000 wins and gets to keep the $2,000 James come and watch the previous game board videos James has almost won every single one I take it

From him and I end up and me so let me explain what’s going on we have a bunch of different pieces here if you land on the yellow piece then you will pop one of the balloons these balloons have a paper in them with challenges so that

Will be fun if you land on the red you have to spin the bad mystery wheel which is like lose $200 lose $300 a bunch of bad stuff if you land on the green you can spend the green wheel and you won’t get a chance to win more money there is

Six black spaces if you land on the black you have to open up the dice and pick from one of these peaceful paper and it is a really it is very good I am the unspeakable lunch box by the way these are for sale now if you guys

Want to get one you are this plasma ball thing really cool and then James okay we’re gonna start right here and I’d say you can pick which way you want to go you can either go that way first at one time and then five easy ok so I land on the green

Spinning wheel I guess I got a second yeah three which way you’re gonna go you can choose which way you can either go left or right there’s no eating to this game board it just goes in circles well he’ll the winner gets $2,000 so I go one

Two three I get red but if I go one two you had a hole there you go don’t mind that but they’re gonna add this one in the gene jars because it means it’s your turn hey I don’t need to grab my money dollars for Dave $200 in

The buyer to Dan sees I’m breathing no I’m gonna roll the dice now and landed on a red this is the bad deal this is where I lose money lose a turn wreck you’re still dancing Joe for this employee landed on a green again this always happens to me I always start off

Good and strong and somehow you cheat and you win $200 again she’s already at $400 he’s almost a quarter of the way there to winning yeah it hasn’t been serious okay right oh I’m totally about to lose my $200 the game has to give up

His $200 it would be my turn but I lost my turn so yeah so if you land on a blue or we do not it’s well nothing happened yeah blue is just new just yet nothing happening your safe house closed yay oh now it’s my

Turn finally one two three now I get to pop a balloon are you serious wear your shoes as gloves high-five so use your hand James would you like me to help you with that sir oh yeah pick someone to lose $200 you don’t even have to own it all me

Yeah Oh give it up oh yeah what do you have see how it is I remember this Eli’s oh I didn’t lie only I wanted rocks he said he didn’t have to be smarter than you yeah yeah I do not I never said I didn’t have anything step one of

Cheating right there boom boom lose $200 well I don’t have any money so you negative are we going into the negatives 300 no I don’t think we should do no if we do that this game will last forever I like this roll this rolls max one two

Three nah I ain’t won a great question come on come look cuz you have one now I guess that one up oh yeah yeah that’s – no that was one that was one okay that was one alright this is what I got get someone to open it and read it for me I

Really wanted to just watch you struggle give a player with the lowest score 500 of your money and you got your money so I want you to grab it yeah it did say you have to give it to them it doesn’t say I grabbed it out of your pocket

While you have shoes on your hands I got this do not underestimate I’m underestimate you I’m trying to flip the pocket inside out come on yeah let me pop it up in deliver it to you good sir what happen either 400 I don’t have $400 I can do and have $400 I

That’s all I have is a hundred now I have zero I don’t get this game I don’t like this game get sprayed with silly string by the person with the most money that would be gay well actually technically that would be himself you guys do something with our last can no

Say stuff say stuff it has to be close oh I got it I got it I got it how is this a punishment how does it not I like your new hair you trying to get sillies changer in urges boom nothing happened I got five I’m scared one two three

Are you serious now you got to spend the red wheel – $300 well you see here I don’t have anything this is not a number game if you get AI numbers it doesn’t really matter you line it all yellow again that’s your third yellow I don’t

Like yellow cameraman has to eat a slice of cheese yeah you want Colby jack American American you go cameraman yep this is so dumb alright in the game so chewy rah rah rah – he is now on the yellow space ten seconds to receive $100 starting now [Applause] Nowhere else to draw – six-figure they’ll be with us for a while we probably won’t erase it I don’t think you can wait what Oh comment the words standing become section of our new title wow that was a solid was a very solid oh you know I am just not having my luck

Today that’s where we said less I mean you won both games yeah switch points with the player with less money than you well there’s no one that has less money than me because I’m at the zero so we just do nothing I guess I do nothing how

Much money do you have two hundred dollars you hundreds you have four hundred yeah see how many keep landing on these super high negative minus two hundred dollars then that dream says two hundred dollars hey can’t count it don’t know my abcs – people need to stop touching my

Right right already even have any money I have $200 okay now I’m about to have nothing – $100 and skip attorney $100 right well you have $200 I had 200 now I have one a one drink a whole water bottle in 12 seconds to receive $200

This is ice cold water to go six seconds I already had the brain freeze and you failed how you didn’t even get halfway it’s ice-cold Wow you dissin it’s absolutely freezing cold I have a major brain freeze right now okay I got a magic trick for you

Watch this – so we got a quarter right here right put this over the corner what are you trying to do now if you look inside the water bottle the quarter is inside no look inside it look inside and I mean I’m all the way over here cold water whew

Buddy has that even ice cold you couldn’t jog that so I took my shoes off my hands because as well they were just hurting your hair’s a little way be fair you’re in first place so you give you that mad boy nice that’s like my third number two in

A row sit out for your next turn again does that mean you have to sit outside for you next time all right now it’s my turn hundred dollars and spin again it was so close to 300 all right we have $300 does that mean I’m in the second place now

I’m gonna leave would you look at that and it begins – oh my god it begins I told you cheating all the time not cheating what do you mean my beans Noah is a game of randomness and luck you and another player lose honor of let’s lose

$100 together but you only have $100 let’s see how much money everyone has been I have $100 yeah you have and I have 200 it’s gonna take us a while to get to $2,000 so I think what we’ll do guys let’s lower it so the prize being

$1,000 just because you have more money than all of them yeah because cheating here we go this game go on for like four hours I depending how much money I get on this turn I will agree or disagree I disagree with you if you disagree you want to keep it at

$2,000 you’re trying to play this all night a u-turn you yeah it’s about before you roll let’s breathe us out let’s lower it to $1,000 and he’s changing numbers he’s shooting again why are you cheating okay this one’s $10 okay so we’re changing up the rules a little bit

Because this game is gonna go for a while now the winner has to get a thousand dollars instead of 2,000 the green is now really why not put him down you got to use the to team up good luck that’s actually kind of be a slice of

Cheese under 10 seconds to receive 200 Sippi two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi six Mississippi seven Mississippi eight Mississippi nine dollars back to zero like this like you and another player there’s 200 $100 I didn’t even have so now we’re all zero look boys it’s a

Fresh start okay new beginning and it’s Mike I don’t have anything to lose right lose $100 that I don’t have lose $100 yeah I don’t know exactly so yes you’re good nothing happened okay cool unspeakable by your marriage please do not lay it on three four I don’t care with that four blue

I don’t do anything three it’s better than what’s in his box you got that last time you dang it I choose You Pikachu okay here let’s do this let’s do this if you land on red and you have $0 just don’t spend because there’s no point or another blue steel

Turn it off from the player statue is the bank know one two three nothing happened yeah all right here we go let’s see what it says switch points with a player to it pretty I just want a fair warning those worst one is in this

One stand on one leg for two rounds mm nice right you’re gonna have some strong calves which you got on your lip my white shorts it’s cool why are you doing it like that I’m gonna go see how far I can sport this No [Applause] that’s what you get start from zero

Dollars well that’s hard oh my gosh I’ve laid it on like four of these five I’m moving for him this is not mine all your clothes on backwards well you didn’t turn your shorts around the person with the closest scores gets to make you a tasty snack yeah what’s your score bud nothing

Sam let me let me reread this now how do you think this is saying it is the way I read this is they get to make you a tasty snack I do it you mean so we’re gonna decorate you as a snack yeah it’s got a boy in one of these do

Not move a muscle now your tastier mmm I love mustard with my cheese from like a gameboy – what is going on look at that later her red doesn’t matter I think this is the last yellow balloon we had like 20 of these I think we ran out of yellow blue and so

We use the white one say read it out loud I read to the class sir it’s in your left hand what is the stairs just say I know I did what is it let me see it oh I see it get wrapped with duct tape I

Always get hurt in every ball still of $0 what happened last vlog how we doing this [Applause] kill me I don’t really know how he’s gonna go guys come on now go get your merch one two three four five green I had a green so unfortunately Gabe I don’t have

A ten actually no one has a ten so you can find if I get a second phone this is the only one we have two that are 100 and she see you didn’t lay it on there’s an extra zero it’s in it’s ten so you have seven hundred dollars right now hey

Can you reach in my pocket no no no I can’t I can’t get it you have to prank call someone okay so I have somebody in mind hey is this McDonald’s okay well what kind of size of make Flurry’s do you have is it just being the regular and

The large or do you have a small no okay no okay so I’m wanting students Reese’s Pieces and maybe some Butterfinger and a large McFlurry and if you do I’d like that to be strawberry flavored are you going on tour – or overeat oh okay okay so I’d like to order that one

Large McFlurry strawberry with wooden uh say I want to skittles butterfingers and reasons milord okay I want half a hash brown half a hash brown I don’t want a whole hash brown I just want half and I want to pay half price for that no thank you

Okay we got a small strawberry may play with it he had to be messing with you I think you confuse them so bad that he thought he worked at McDonald’s does he weigh I think you got the wrong number to turn down a large or small all right

James you’re getting close to winning bud one two three four five are you serious no I get this bin again though that’s game $10 oh no one has $10 though I just wind I’m an exact amount let’s hang on we got a double check we got a

Double check here five six seven eight nine there’s only nine here bro all right I was missing one out of my pocket he did when it is game mustard tape man wins I think it’s our [Applause] oh and thank you so much for watching this video we have a little bit of a

Mess to clean out a little bit this probably mustard on this high one I have cheese all around in my shirt and it feels like it’s Sam your shorts is it made out of mustard is enough I think James main ingredient to monster don’t at me thank you guys for

Watching I hope you guys have a fantastic OC day if you guys want us to do another game board video like this just leave a like that’s all I’m asking for you guys to do it share with your friends as well and click that subscribe button otherwise you’re gonna miss out

On we can use ketchup next time oh of course

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