So here’s the plan guys let’s see if we can find spider-man’s mask turn this dummy into actual spider-man and go to New York City you guys ready three two one here we go join the project by subscribing to the channel and click the bill icon to receive notifications so you’ll never

Miss a lot of video what’s up guys and welcome back to floorplan V or today we are going to become spider-man in virtual reality we’re gonna do that by collecting all of these spider-man parts guys this is gonna be amazing live like a video right here right now

And then it’s time to get started so did you guys people like on the video if you did you probably like spider-man and guess what I do too now let’s go ahead and see if we can’t complete the entire spider-man costume starting with a beautiful ooh plan together well it kind

Of started with the torso if you guys saw but we gotta find some other stuff we need some boots we need to mask we need maybe some kind of creepy spider thing huh oh it’s gonna be so amazing guys this is yet another adventure in our virtual reality elevator hey buddy

Are you still asleep I should just find something to keep this guy permanently awake like a big scary spider how does that sound yeah that sounds pretty good huh there you go thank you for this key I’ll see you in a second alright first we gotta go say hello to our good friend

It is snowy the Snowman hello my friend this guy is the coolest friend I have in the world pun intended bond a big time intended tonight you guys can see he’s got a boot right over there but I know he’s hiding something I know he’s pulling a little

Trickery on us and we’re gonna figure it out okay you just wait to see this snowy the Snowman I shall be back but first haha boy it’s the creepy place with lightning I said lightning hi there it’s perfect timing guys no this is the place where oh we

Have found a lot of creepy stuff what is Ted over there oh my goodness what do I see the Bruno oh no oh no is that what I think it is oh that is totally creepy I think we got to get out of here real fast oh boy oh

Boy oh boy get out of here where do we go let’s just go to the volcano we will expect what’s going on later because that was too creepy for me you know hey spider-man oh wait no that’s just a mask from spider-man whoa okay for a second I thought Spiderman

Was in there there would not be a good thing at all all right we have some fire on the stick we also have the skull which compared to what I just saw in the second floor it’s not that scary anymore you’re a good friend Archie yes you are

Let’s go and see if we can get that mask out of this burning hot place I think that would be a pretty cool idea now we gotta go to this guy first BP bouncy boy guess he doesn’t like school Sergei I don’t like spiders but this guy apparently doesn’t like skills

Well here you go my friend I get you a little school friend yeah that’s what I’m talkin about scared like jump through the window yeah we gotta help this guy out we gotta help this guy out big time but first we gotta do something horrible

Guys please I am sorry okay I’m so very sorry slowly the Snowman it is time to say goodbye no sorry that it’s not a nice thing but what is a nice thing is death uh-huh I knew it he was tricking us sir he’s gonna spider-man booed Oh fantastic I’m also ahead

I like the head but I like the boot a lot more nice put the boot on the dummy so we can you know get a step closer he has a step closer pun intended again step closer to becoming spider-man oh ho beautiful now we just need the other

Boots and we also need the spider-man mask and everything his kind of workout guys I just know it well that is of course if we can see what’s going on at Floor 2 because that was totally creepy but let’s say hello to a little plenty

Friend I say friend I don’t know if he’s my friend he’s never too excited to see me are ya but don’t worry my friend we’re gonna help you out okay well my friends I mean your your your plans but you’re also my friend so have some water

Yes thank you some paper money I have no use for it but I know someone who does so yes he is my greatest friends in the world I’m of course talking about mr. biggie hi to my friends I am back and this time I am looking for spider-man stuff

So if yeah yeah you get that right yes okay great so if you see something let me know okay then I’m gonna get you some module it’s just money omnomnom and all right god bless you my friend Hachi all right we’ve got a massive coin in

The pocket time to shrink it down a little bit by a little bit I mean a lot because this is way to be to get over there there you go now we’re gonna go to the auto lobby yes we go like from the bigger file lobby or or this smaller

Voice I I’m so lost keys I don’t know all I know is I got a coin a coin that I can use in the happiest land in the entire universe I’m talking about well I’m not sure what this place is called but it’s for seven how you doing my friend yeah

Mr. Gumbel guy the double G is gonna help us out with a miniature bowling ball it’s actually a gumball but I’m gonna use it no no no I’m gonna anyway I’m gonna use this for bowling but let’s make it a little bit bigger that’s right guess you can’t bull with this you can

Maybe play golf with this or something or hockey is hockey played with it yeah not not ice hockey just just grass okey I think whatever I don’t have a gas I don’t know what I’m saying okay all I know is that I got a big bowling

Ball and I and the god of bowling as you guys may or may not know if you are subscribed to my channel then you all know I’m good at bowling oh yes let’s check this out huh hey I’m a little bowling pin France alright let’s just keep this thing through the ceiling all

Right oh and it still works right I’m just that good guess I’m just what can I say I’m just that good man thank you and I thank you very nice let’s go say hello to a friend as we really really need the help off it’s actually that guy over there

It is mister mustachio this dude has the most magnificent moustache in the entire world oh my goodness Oh get out get out get out woah oh my goodness what was that snowy – snowman you’re not gonna believe what I just saw that looked like the biggest spider in the world

It to think that I was gonna ask mr. mustachio for some help with these other spiders that we saw hahaha oh oh this just this went downhill very fast guys but it’s okay what we’re gonna do this okay we are gonna become spider-man and we’re not gonna get into no life by a

Message quite alright here we go another step to completing this spider-man costume let’s see if we can face our fears okay that’s what we’re gonna do today oh boy oh boy oh boy watch out you know ee are you not seeing this massive spider over there okay that is so creepy

Come over here I’m gonna need this button thank you I’m gonna put that right over there perfect I think I also want to just very carefully use my hex here to fly out just a little bit how you doing my dude oh my goodness oh okay well I have seen enough hi

Seen enough the James stir is officially out of here let’s let’s tickle this guy and go back to snowy the Snowman because I actually completely forgot to do something really important yeah so creepy alright let’s go in there get get some meat I guess yes I like some

Barbecue thank you very much oh yes fly meet everyone who wait a minute I just remembered what we gotta do we gotta go back to floor – ok be prepared guys I think I saw some spiders in the distance yes I can send it with mo put whoa holy moly what show

Gumbo guy I’m on the way that’s gumbo guy watch out bouncy dude so what this actual spiders though alright it is time to not be a noob it is time to just go in there like a man okay remember James like a man all right here

We go let’s check this son oh ho oh ho oh let’s not spiders oh boy Oh what do we hear though check it out they’re absolutely massive all right I have seen enough once again it is time to go now wanna become spider-man and it is gonna happen but it

Is not gonna happen this way oh no no no not like this not like this just go say hello to mr. Piggy at least it’s a nice guy it’s not like spiders here right oh boy please let there not be any spiders okay here you go my friend watch out okay

This like spiders everywhere and and you don’t really care to you now he doesn’t care at all okay bye-bye mr. piggy thank you for your help bye friends it is time to pick a fog which is a word apparently you guys told me that biga Phi is a word

It’s when you make something larger which is what I’m trying to do it and it’s gonna work out don’t you worry meat they yes I’m talking to me that’s weird anyway it is time to get yet another piece of the puzzle it is time to get boots number two wait where’s the flower

Oh my goodness James just sue Tom Tom you are so dumb them we need some water first of course but I could get us some water gasps don’t you worry about it okay whoa no that’s a lot of wine we’re gonna get this water toward you know the

Pretty not so happy little friend – but it’s okay he’s gonna be happy be happy happy and yes that’s what I’m talking pop Oh Mike it is this guy’s so weird no problemo guys it’s gotta be all good yeah so not a little bit of flour there we go

Tea yet or not a little bit of flour I almost think it comes from over there and then it makes a whole new hole right over there then it’s just oh I can’t I can’t deal with that okay and last but certainly not least we get a beautiful flower oh love it

Now let’s see if yes I can actually see it already that is not the original space boot that is actual spider-man stuff right yes Oh beautiful it’s a spider B spider B spider B that’s whatever a spider dance is something wait hold on I can’t see it oh okay it’s

In there we got it oh yes oh yes let’s go to the W hi yes hello there my friend it looks like we need only one more puzzle well puzzle piece to complete the suit so here’s the plan guys let’s see if we can’t find spider-man’s mask turn this

Dummy into actual spider-man and go to New York City you guys ready three two one here we go oh yes it is time to go fishing let’s get a nice fish in here okay we’re not gonna eat him we’re just gonna you know use him a little bit give me my friend

Yes he’s actually coming towards me what an honor my friend come right over here that we’re gonna go over here you see it here yes I see him hello there go and help me out of here whoa whoa that was a little bit strange it’s a-workin go yes

Do the mask there you go yes looks so creepy okay it’s just a mask right yes okay it’s just it was an actual face oh man that would have been creepy huh that would have been super creepy night so cute it’s just the best no a probe lame

Oh let’s see if it goes on though hello that Spidey no way thank you come on get on there Goods working guys oh no I check this out all right let’s see we can take this elevator whoa yes into New York City we’re gonna go downtown Manhattan and launch this thing

Right in there oh ho oh this is what what I’m talking about this is more what I’m talking about now let’s get this button out of the way cuz I won a big fight and a rocket button that’s what I’m talking about right yes there it is

New York City here I come all the way from the Netherlands we are gonna take off three two one let’s go all right guys let’s see if it has walk it is worked we are here down to an Manhattan oh yeah all right guys let’s see we can fire out

And dead ladies and gentlemen is how you become spider-man in VR thanks for watching and check out these videos on your screen right now

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