Ninja Kidz Battle with Health bars!

Ninja Kidz Battle with Health bars!

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[Laughter] who’s that oh my ninja ball maybe he’s a nice ninja maybe not don’t worry guys i got this i’ll get your ninja ball back accidentally Brayton stop joking around what are you doing ryan it’s not funny you got to get the ninja ball back i’m trying i don’t know what’s happening i can’t get the ninja ball come on brian seriously just finish it already It’s all right brighton everyone has a bad day i’ll show you how it’s done you’re going down what the heck oh hey what’s going on see it’s fashion too I don’t know what is happening all right guys i’m gonna give it a try good luck peyton test your luck Guys go reach it yeah Whoa are you okay yeah ellison is better than you guys yeah i don’t know what’s wrong with me today uh-oh um guys i think i might have figured something out what um well there’s a good chance that um well spit it out when i scanned you guys my machine

Transferred your ninja skills to your action figures what are you sure why else would peyton have a ninja skills and you guys be totally drained so what does this mean it means if you’re not holding you ninja action figure your ninja skills are gone get the figures

I feel stronger already now you’re gonna get it Yeah don’t let him get away come on guys we gotta get that ninja ball back Oh this guy’s good i can’t let him get away with my ninja ball packs of paint you go that way and cut him off let’s go We bet you didn’t expect us you’re good but we caught you yeah give back my ninja ball yeah why’d you take it anyway and who are you For once why can’t it just be easy everybody got their ninja action figures let’s do this [Applause] Victory Oh What’s the matter action do you drop your action figure no this guy’s just really tough [Applause] brutality oh no he got it we have to get it back what’s happening guys he got my ninja figure guys you can’t lose your ninja figures our abilities are still connected to them what i’m sorry guys it was an accident it’s okay ash and i will get them back i

Don’t know bryson are you sure about that ninjas we need your help to get the ninja action figures back yeah we’re counting on you keep your eye out for the ninja ball and peyton stay here let’s do this ashley you can find the ninja ball at walmart

Target and amazon good luck ninjas we need all the help we can get final round fight are you ready let’s do this look right peyton and i have lost our ninja skills when those bad ninjas took our ninja action figures that never would have happened if paxton’s invention didn’t

Absorb our ninja skills and put them into our ninja action figures that may be true pain but we have more important things to focus on right now good point cornbread and aston you got this sorry we can’t help guys that’s right guys okay it’s two against one

Why can’t we beat this guy i don’t know he’s tougher than the others do you still have your ninja action figure of course i do me too no no oh no we got our ninja action figures what are we gonna do They go brighten the national ninja figures that means they don’t have their ninja skills anymore this is bad what are we gonna do we can’t fight without our ninja skills what is that what why’d they leave just to guess but it might be because of that where’d that come from

What is that i don’t know but at least it scared the creeps away but they got away with the ninja ball and our ninja action figures we have to go after them guys i think something is coming out of it You

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