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Hi friends! It’s me, Bri. Today, let’s read a story…together! This book is called, “No, David!” by David Shannon. *gasp* David?..David! This book is about the author when he was a little boy. It looks like David is getting into trouble! Uh oh…Let’s see what happens. “No, David!” by David Shannon. Hey, who is this?

Hmmm…who tells you “no”? It could be David’s teacher, or his grandmother, his mommy? Let’s see. “David’s mom always said no David!” Why would his mommy say no? He’s drawing a picture. Oh! He’s drawing on the wall! That’s not paper! Those are nice drawings, but maybe he should use paper next time. “No, David!”

What’s David doing? *creaking sounds* He’s reaching for the cookie jar! Yummy. But, that looks dangerous. Maybe his mommy is worried that he might fall down! Careful! No, David! If you want a cookie, you can ask. “No, David, no!” *squishing sounds* Ewww, he’s got mud on his shoes. Who’s going to clean the carpet?

David? or Mommy? “No! No! No!” It looks like David’s playing in the bath. He’s got some toys! What’s this? A shark! *chomp* What’s this? A rubber duck *quack quack* And a boat? Oh, fun! Playing in the bath is fun, but..look! Uh oh! The water is going, and going, and going, and *splash* Messy!

No, no no. Ah! “Come back here, David!” Uh oh…David is running down the road and…ah! I can see his bottom! David! “David! Be quiet!” *pots and pans banging* That’s too noisy. Shhhhh! “Don’t play with your food!” Mmm someone cooked a nice dinner for David but he’s just playing.

Potato head, green bean arms, and, chicken legs? David has a good imagination! but it’s time to eat now. “That’s enough, David!” *choming sounds* We can see all the food in David’s mouth. Next time, try chewing with your mouth closed. “Go to your room!” *Boing sounds* “Settle down!”

*boing boing boing* Maybe it’s bedtime but David is jumping on the bed. Settle down! Eww “Stop that this instant!” No! David, here! Use a tissue. *Nose blowing* Okay! “Put your toys away!” Wow, look at that mess. Well, David’s very lucky. He has lots of toys to play with. What toys do you see?

I see checkers, a dinosaur, a robot *beep boop* a teddy bear, a truck, a drawing and crayons, a football, a horse, a race car *vroom!* but David’s not playing with any of those! If he’s not using those toys, maybe it’s better to put them away. “Not in the house, David!”

Uh oh..David’s ready to play baseball! *crowd cheering* but, what happens if you hit a ball inside the house? I see lots of breakable things. *Gasp!* *Crashing sound* “I said no, David!” Oh, it broke. It was just an accident. David feels bad. “Davey, come here.” Aw, I think David wants a hug.

Maybe he said I’m sorry. “Yes, David. I love you!” Aww, David got a nice hug from his mother. The End Thank you for reading with me today! David wasn’t listening, he was a little bit crazy! He even broke something on accident. But, his mommy still loved him, of course!

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