Nurture Over Nature? | The Coronation Street Killer (Serial Killer Documentary) | Real Stories

Nurture Over Nature? | The Coronation Street Killer (Serial Killer Documentary) | Real Stories

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They are some of the world’s most notorious serial killers he was like a god we had had hopes at his plaything but we’re these Psychopaths born evil or did their mothers make them into monsters I’m going on McIntyre and I’m on a quest to explore how some of history’s most horrific murderers were

Molded by their dysfunctional relationships with their mothers when it comes to people who are pathological psychopathic the influence of the mother is absolutely dominant I’ll be piecing together events in their childhoods and talking to criminologist and psychologists to try to understand what motivated their monstrous crime we had

Never come across a serial killer who killed that many people in this program Daniel Bartlett the Coronation Street killer at just 14 he took a hammer to his mother’s gold and set her body ablaze in an attempt to commit the perfect murder he believes he can pull

Off the great crime he can pull off murder and get away with it did this relationship between a mother and her son have a impact on this descent into terrifying and gruesome murder [Applause] How does the criminal mind mature we like the rest of us serial killers and murderers learn by experience adapting their behavior to suit their needs but what happens when the mind isn’t mature when it’s still in early adolescence kids who kill are one of our worst nightmares perverting our long-held

Belief in the innocence of childhood we now know that Daniel Borland planned to kill his mom he then executed the killing and a violent attack on her Daniel Bartlett was just 14 years old when he savagely beat his own mother to death with a claw hammer and then set

Fire to their family home and a desperate attempt to conceal the crime meet him at 11 years old I never thought he’d be careful of that sort of violence bartlein story was short and simple an interrupted burglar had attacked and then killed his mother before setting

Fire to the body the story was a transparent one though and the police very quickly found clear evidence of how he had planned the killing his family friends and even the police themselves were shocked at the discovery there are very few cases I’ve covered as a reporter involving young people as

Youngest Daniel he’s surprising that compared to some notoriously dangerous criminals and about them were scaring another way in the very house behind me in his fresh floor bedroom Daniel Bartram wrote a subscript on his laptop I was awful to her in court how a 14 year old boy had been googling how to

Get away with murder and then he’d written his own play on his iMac computer in this story Daniel casts himself as a murderer a master criminal and a serial rapist it’s a horrific portrait of a psychopath that no one could have imagined would become reality most boys of his age were

Thinking about football and computer games he was thinking about killing his own mum but how did a 14 year old turn into a murderer why did Daniel take a claw hammer to his own mother Daniel was born on the 11th of November in 1996 to jackeline Bryant and Adrian Bartlett

Here in Nottingham sure he was the couple’s firstborn and Jackie adored him the couple were married three years later and Daniel suited and booted was the picture of innocence however the marriage began to fall apart and in 2005 shortly after his younger brother Dominic was born the couple divorced to

Begin with Daniel seemed to take the split in his stride living with his mom Jackie and spending his weekends with his dad a few years after the marriage breakup Jackie met a new partner Simon matters well initially when I met him he was quite engaging and he talked to you

About anything really and that was she was in about 11 at the time a lot of time he would try and talk to you about things that he knew nothing I was just sort of trying to impress you and what a pleasant chat is that good camera angle yeah

When Simon met Jackie she was starting a new life for herself and her son’s the first Daniel seemed like any normal 11 year old but soon Simon noticed that his behavior was deteriorating I think the main problem in Daniel was that the divorce going back even though that had been a few

Years before Daniel started pinching his little brother and sort of hitching him when his mum wasn’t looking bought his brother was much younger than him and their incidences where I saw Daniel give me digging the ribs for example when they were passing each other his little

Brother Ben two three or four he sort of you know screen on the other hand they’d be sat on the settee watching TV together you know and Danny O’Shea will be showing him probably loads of love so sort of is that normal or is it just kids play any night following the

Divorce his mother’s attentions would have been on the small child on his on his baby brother and and as usually you get in that situation a new person in the family there would be tensions between Daniel and the small child and there would be some sibling rivalry and perhaps that

Was something that was a growing problem for Daniel to deal with and this wasn’t Daniels only his mother may have been preoccupied with a new partner and that Daniel felt emotionally neglected and he’d lost the relationship with his mother all his family doted on him there’s no

There’s no one who would do you know you’re looked after even they all cared about him or doted on him and a lot of love around him here despite the loving environment Daniels behavior was about to get worse eventually he withdrew into his room and became more and more aggressive towards

His mother Jackie did her best to stay cool hoping it was just a phase and that the worst of it would pass Jack could keep it all in and he could see there is so he could physically you could see the stress levels building with her the divorce of Bartlett’s parents would have

Been a traumatic event for him but can we attribute any of his crime to this shattering emotional moment it’s undeniable that obviously a divorce is always a traumatic event from any child but what impact would this have on the crime I think when you look at the experience of many children in society

Lots of them go through the separation and the divorce of the parents so it’s very difficult to be able to make that causal link between this and what later happened but I think for Daniel Barton and what we’ve got here is it’s about control for him when his parents

Separate when his world is disrupted he loses control over his personal situation and I think that’s the seed from which the the later events grow and that he loses his place for status within that family I think that’s right the would would have been a particular dynamic in that family he would have

Known his his position within that family and the amount of power and control he had through where he was and then to have that disrupted he’s got to find his feet again he’s got to find himself in a position to be able to control the others around him again and

That’s something that he would have been quite frustrated by so in terms of this divorce one can say is actually it was a life event if it wasn’t this divorce would have been another trigger that would have sent him down this path yeah I think that’s right it would have been some

Think that made him feel he was losing control of his personal situation so even for a child like that it is like a lot of other perpetrators it’s still about control and power it’s very much about control and power absolutely I’ve seen it a lot with young girls around

That age where in order to we exert power on their environment they self-harm there’s no sign of that here no and when you look at how individuals reacted to this type of thing and they’ll often do one one of two things they either internalize it so they will

Self-harm they’ll take it out on themselves they’ll lose themselves in a fantasy world or they’ll externalize it so they’ll begin to display violent behavior if they might harm others and I think what’s going on at this point in time is that Daniels internalizing these these things that that are happening to him

Coming up the flashpoint that led to murder his fists were clenched Anu shouting and I saw it right in the face torn nose to nose six years after his parents traumatic divorce Daniel Barden savagely beat his mother to death with a claw hammer before burning her body and

Setting fire to the crime scene he’d had a radical change who what provoked him towards psychosis and to becoming at 13 he affected the divorce on Daniels online his show there was another dramatic change in the family’s circumstances to make ends meet Jackie had to sell the family home which

Meant asking Daniel to make a sacrifice of his own it didn’t merge that the background of Daniel and how he had been to a private school and then when his parents divorced it meant that he had to go to a mainstream school and I think it

Seemed like a lot of the problems began to happen after them what had happened is that Daniels father used to pay for him to go to a private school Jackie decided that she needed to downsize the house so she bought another nice house which is a lovely house in

Another part of nothing I mean Arnold and told Daniel that he would be going to a sort of a normal school the disruption of the force of moving home and school was to prove extremely unsettling for the young boy he liked the large house and he liked to be at

Private school I thinking that that was a sort of status symbol for him so when that was gonna change he didn’t want that change so the arguments were there and it’s all your fault we got divorced my dad didn’t want to get divorced accepted cetera and it was all Jackie’s

Fault even though he didn’t know the facts but all you would hear is Daniels shouting and swearing garden the fact that he was having this sort of quite a big change in his life I think probably Daniel had some fairly obsessive traits and trying to keep things the same and

This was a massive disruption and to the fabric of his life he blamed it on the mother and the father would probably be the more innocent role the person that had more of a kind of relationship with and the person who he saw less of and therefore someone who could be

Fictionalized more into being the good guy it started swearing at his mom saying I’m not leaving school you know I can still get to this school and in actual fact his mom did pay for him to continue at the private school off her own back for probably about six months

She went totally out of the way to sort of appease him from why I heard in court duckling bottom was a lovely caring supportive mother she had arguments were going about them like any mother would have he looked in a nice house everything that he wanted he had as

Jackie was subtly everyone into the new home in Ireland Daniel began to isolate himself who chose to lock himself away in his room you know we would never for example go out and play football just a normal thing that kids would do it never do anything like that it always would be

Something that I wouldn’t expect eleven twelve you off to do playing 18 rated games or watching Coronation Street for example which he loved but I wouldn’t expect 11 12 we ought to be doing that whilst alone in his room and away from the prying eyes of his mother who began

To develop a disturbing pastime there he would watch graphically violent DVDs and TV shows most of which were 18 rated then he would post his favorite clips those dealing in death and murder online on YouTube he was watching some quite horrific horror movies violent horror movies and

Gory horror movies at around age eight to nine which was completely inappropriate imagery for a child of that age clearly his mum was being liberal or letting him have access to materials that he probably shouldn’t have seen at his age and indeed his own stepfather had been concerned about him

Having access to such an appropriate material the effects that would have had is that he will look for violence in anything that he’s watching from that point on because what has happened is his body’s become excited and aroused through the flight fear response of being scared to a violent imagery left

Alone with the videos Daniel Bandar worried self-expression Daniel just took in these images and let them foster and fester in his mind to become something that was almost bubbling out he almost felt probably a frustration that it wasn’t able to enact what was going on in his head so he would produce stories

I was downstairs one day Daniel just came down into the kitchen and showed me this story that he’d written it’s a handwritten story and it was about two lads who walk into school and wanted started picking on the other the other had fought back and was some sort of

Running battle towards school and then the lad who’d been picked on in the first place then they’d up stabbing the lad he was picking on him as I read it gave him back I was just like well why hittin that and then he showed his mom

Quite proudly and she was the same as me or what we written that for Daniel he would write out violent episodes he would produce perhaps drawings or whatever kind of output but this wasn’t actually fulfilling what he needed which was actual enactment Back in his room Daniel made use of a new computer a gift from his died experimenting with it like any teenager would hello youtube this is Danny maybe some team a two year and it’s finally happened I now have an iMac Marco now made bigger and better videos he became

Fascinated with Coronation Street and in particular one episode featuring a character called John state shows a woman with a hammer and conceals her body in a fire he would eventually write a script of featuring himself getting away with the exact same crime but with his mother as the tragic victim the

Violence in horror movies would have shocked him excited him aroused him but he wouldn’t necessarily copy those because they were outside his reality however when he then concentrated on the violence in soaps that are like his reality family arguments family breakdown all the things that he experienced what he locked into in that

Soap was the excitement of the violence the murder barthélémy came obsessed not just with the violence but with getting away with it so he became very interested in the state storyline in Coronation Street because not only does the killer engage in a bloodthirsty vicious murder but he gets away with fooling everybody by

Disguising the death correlation Strait was probably some kind of instrumental thing in giving him a plan or the basis of a plan of something that he could enact himself his mother was readily accessible she was hated the the were with all was there was Daniel just emotionally confused and

Lost boy looking for answers in an outlet for his anger and should his mother have been much more concerned about his escalating fascination with violent videos and as she had intervened would it have made any difference he’s creating these stories which featured real people so that for me I think his

Is the point at which no fantasy goes into reality in internalizing becoming faster in other cases there’d be a some degree of transference a different name it would obviously be Daniels character that’s a real signpost yes it is there isn’t any kind of attempt to cover this up no camouflage

No disguise no it’s very much this is all about me you know I’m not convinced the videos play a significant part it’s part of a journey but to my mind is kind of nearly a rite of passage for teenagers so in one sense this is kind

Of normal behavior for him a lot of his other stuff was not but this not huge is significant for me no no not for me either I think there’s been a debate raging for for many years about the impact of of violent media does it make people go out and commit violent acts

What effect does it have and actually that there’s not very much evidence to say that the direct calls are linked when viewing this type of thing and then going out and harming somebody they’re just one of the many things that were in the background so for Daniel Barden much more important is

That the increasing isolation within his little bedroom his world getting smaller and smaller and smaller and this kind of desensitization from reality he’s actually losing a huge amount of motherly time his position in the family is very kind of uncertain at this point in time so very kind of chaotic a very

Difficult situation to control for anybody and but particularly for somebody like Daniel for whom control is a really really important thing when Daniel did emerge to his room he would find new ways to give his family’s attention ones that Jackie would struggle to ignore his favorite trip was

To push it to the limit see how far they could push them before they actually snapped I always said you don’t Jackie’s favorite word was Daniel she’d shout Daniel with a big explanation mark as if to say what’s coming Lee as Simon spent more time with the family

He noticed their problems grow it was particularly surprised one morning as he and Daniel worked together to help clear Jackie’s new garden ponds Jackie was at work I went around to help shadow garden pond started clearing the pond chopping bits back and taking out the dead bit

Daniels off school that day was about dinnertime I said oh I’m gonna go get some he came back into the pond every single plant in it had been totally chopped back destroyed a right mess and I was just flabbergasted I’m like well you know we’d cut it back and generally just

Finished it and still got nice and neat but he literally destroyed the whole pond so I questioned him about it and he said I was just trying to help and at that point I remember you know like was yesterday he literally just lost his temper started crying

When it came to his mother the confrontations were worse and Daniel’s aggression became much harder to manage Daniel had wanted a pizza and his mum wouldn’t toward him one because she’d already had some food he then proceeded to order himself and when it came he

Paid for it out of his own money he’d got more and more annoyed with the fact that his mom went question right ordered pizza after you ordered his tea this is the first time I’d actually seen them stand toe-to-toe Jackie was sat down on the settee he sought stood over his fist

For clenched and he was shouting right in the face swearing and shouting I hate you then all then ran upstairs and he was stood at the top to the landing for a probably good what seemed like about two three minutes and he started hitting himself and hitting the walls screaming

I’d heard arguments and shouting between the two but nothing like that that’s the first time I’d ever seen you know him get that close to her if Jackie couldn’t ignore his aggressive teen tantrums then confrontation was proving equally hard was there anything she could have done to correct his alarming behavior

But the role of Simon in this is quite interesting because I get the sense that Jackie wanted him around more and more and not only just to be akin a bit of a referee a bit of a policeman a bit of a manager of this kind of strange

Environment but also to be a kind of male role model maybe she thinks at this point in time this might be you know the magic thing that is gonna going to make this behavior you know make him reign in a little bit I just wonder if she pulled

The rein a little tighter and he referenced that tight rein but clearly wasn’t tight enough when parents do try and discipline children who were behaving in in this way and being very kind of narcissistic and very self-centered often that kind of tough love doesn’t work if anything sometimes

It escalates the behavior further so it could be that his mother has tried to to discipline him and it just haven’t worked so so she’d given up trying that particular path so in this kind of state of denial you look at a parent’s guilt the parents divorce kids a bit

Dislocated they come across strange writings you know a mother’s unlikely to kind of start to label because to do that is to kind of elevate the guilt she feels it’s best perhaps to be in a state of denial to ignore these writings and move on there’s been a turbulent period

You know maybe he’s he’s coping with it in his own way by doing these things and he’ll he’ll move on from it he’ll get over it it will be okay and you can understand how somebody would rationalize it in that way and and choose not to further spark the fire so

So you can understand that his mum didn’t do anything at this point and one thing stands out for me so he goes and he crates and works with Simon Jackie’s partner and builds this wonderful fish pond and it’s a wonderful kind of bonding experience and Simon undoubtedly would have been enjoying

That and then all of a sudden the minute Simon leaves and when it’s all completed he destroyed it so to my mind he planned to create just for the purpose of destroying exactly and this isn’t behind a screen or behind his this is now becoming much more visible

Dad knows that someone is going to feel devastated by him doing that and that’s why he does that because people like Daniel enjoy playing with the emotions of others what a really strange event they have a lovely family dinner and then he decides you know which is in a direct insult to mama

He says he’s gonna order a pizza and then the pizza arrives and this provokes an extraordinary ow I think part of the reason why she let him get away with some of this really you know egregious behavior is because she was scared she’s adopting I think this trial and error

Approach because she simply does not know what to do with this young lad who is you know increasingly spiraling out of control he’s reading other people’s behavior and how they’re reacting to him and by going upstairs and appearing to it to self-harm he’s kind of you know flipping the situation around and

Changing it and I’m the victim now so this is a young lad who’s really acutely aware of other people’s emotions and exactly what he needs to do to manipulate them well coming up Daniel goes walkabout and begins to exhibit even more worrying behavior if I was you know dealing with somebody who is

Hearing voices defecating around in room and having massive fantasies I’d be seriously concerned that they were on the limits of personality disorder at just 12 years of age Daniel was writing graphic scripts detailing gruesome and violent murders just two years later he acted upon them savagely killing his own

Mother there were warning signs how come his mother never noticed jaci attempt the past is challenging behavior but it was about to become even more extreme and obscene bap 2009 lot of things started worrying me about what we found in his bedroom but then when we actually

Started tearing out his room I found a collection of Jackie’s underwear in a briefcase some people may interpret the fact that he stole his mother’s underwear as there was some psychosexual aspect to that which given that he’s a growing young man there might have been but I think it

Was just a cry for attention perhaps in some way Daniel was actually kind of grasping back a certain amount of power from his mother who’d lost when it came to the divorce his mother jackie chose to play down button lingerie I’m not particular occasion she she did laugh it off

She said wondered where all that had gone but there’s no explanation or there was no inkling that she’s gonna say anything to Daniel about it he just left off and that was it Jackie’s lack of reaction may have backfired he was deliberately being naughty and he wanted his mother’s

Attention and his mother to come and tell him off and find her underwear he just wanted any form of interaction and his behavior got worse and worse and worse to get that interaction because interacting with your mum by being naughty and get their attention by telling you off is better than getting

No attention at all Daniel certainly got their attention when Simon and Jackie uncovered a disgusting surprise as they cleaned out his room I then started finding he urinated in plastic tubs of toys he liked his sci-fi stuff Star Wars and that sort of thing if he looked at

The tub you wouldn’t know but when he started moving stuff out they’ve been ruined and he’d also defecated in these tubs as well and left sort of dirty towels around the place under the bed in the boxes so all that sort of stuff was adding up and it was sort of it’s not

Really quite right this when individuals are going through psychiatric distress and their reactions or responses can be unpredictable it’s very hard for parents or loved ones to actually challenge them I think that he did suffer emotional neglect and that when he started to toilet in his own

Room this was a cry for attention the fact that Daniel actually urinated on his star war figures and defecated not only there but also all around his room is the kind of bizarre fragmented behavior we get when someone is slightly skits a typo which is kind of a kind of

Muted form of schizophrenia which worries he’s his idea of fantasy and reality is completely disturbed and he starts to give things more significance and meaning but it also might be I hate you you bought me these toys and this is one and to do to them so it is an indication

That he began to hate his mother and feel aggressive towards her and his aggression was being at that time redirected to the toys that she had bought him finally would this provoked Jackie to take notice and question his behavior Jacky’s reaction with the tub thing was one of many pretty horrific she said

That’s what kids did Daniel just didn’t you know just didn’t give a damn about anything he just didn’t realize the value of of money didn’t realize the value of the toys he’d got and didn’t respect them even though he had an ensuite in that particular room he

Couldn’t be bothered to get up and go to the toilet and you do it in the in the tubs I hardly been me I would have took him to task but obviously I wasn’t going to because it wasn’t my son but I was pretty horrified what I saw because I

Was house one that’s clean he’ll Daniel didn’t seem to be getting the response he desired from his mother so he took matters even further looking for attention or acting at another fantasy he ran away from home Jacky rang to say that Daniel had run away she was frantic

With worry because obviously she didn’t know where he’d gone but it sort of done it for attention before his disappearance sparks a police search and leads to Daniel’s first encounter with the law he’d run from the new house he’s trying to make his way to the old house police

Found him at 1:00 a.m. walking towards where he’d lived with his parents before they divorced while it was clear that been a serious disagreement was never really revealed why he’d run away when the police dropped him home Jackie didn’t flag up her concerns so they simply left her to

Deal with the matter was jackie hoping that Daniels behavior was nothing serious or could she have intervened to prevent him drifting further from her reach my first initial reaction is this is like a cry for help on the surface if you look at this behavior running away

From home running back to a place where you know his family was kind of secure and you might interpret as you know a cry for help as somebody wanting to return to a situation which which was comfortable for them and I think Daniel was well aware of the impacts that that behavior

Would have on his mother and and feel guilty about that and I think that’s exactly what he was doing this exactly the kind of feeling he was trying to generate so I think was very carefully orchestrated he did his own form of the cocoanut paramilitary dirty protest what

He did he defecated on his precious toys expensive toys and urinated on them and you know you get it as a form of protest but he’s seeking of provoking a reaction my reaction to this is perhaps what Daniel was trying to engender in his his mum you know state of confusion yet why

Is he doing this I’m a real state of anxiety and concern person in military terms they talk about a chokepoint cure certain crossroads which are really significant and for him moving out of his old childhood home into a new hope into a destabilizing unusual fresh environment it’s a difficult time and he

Was keen to let everyone know this was a difficult time yeah he was absolutely and that manifested itself in him you know running away and going back to to the house in which he used to live to basically say you know look at the terrible impact that the breakup of this family

On this young lad so he’s been incredibly cunning very manipulative they’re back home and safe I’m sure Jackie had hoped that things might soon return to normal however just a few months later Daniel was referred to the on-site counselor here at his school after telling his fellow pupils that is ty

Which he named Fred was trying to strangle him he told the counselor he was hearing voices these voices told him to hurt people who’d upset him to stab them with a knife and to kill them he was in class but he’d started pulling his tie and and and shouting that his

Tie was talking to him and hearing voices in his head as well but twelve thirteen year old kids little adage in the class the probably gonna laugh at it they’re not going to know the significance of that it may be that Daniel was actually reporting hearing voices and this could be aligned with

With schizophrenia like symptoms and perhaps the defecation around the room and urinating inappropriately these are characteristics that you would see in in schizophrenia you know when it is completely unmedicated etc but it clearly was not picked up psychiatrically I think it’s unusual at that age for to

Be hearing that your own son or daughter is going through through mental health issues at 12 years old and hearing voices quite worrying there isn’t it Frye was you know dealing with somebody it was hearing voices defecating around a room and having massive fantasies and relaying these fantasies to others I’d

Be seriously concerned that they were on the limits of personality disorder Jackie it appears found it hard to believe it was a serious issue despite the schools and systems Daniel C and mental health specialist she chose to keep a lid in the situation as best she could I don’t think his father was

Aware that he had been having some counseling and it’s something that his mom wanted him to keep to himself and to herself for his own confidence I don’t actually believe that he was hearing voices that’s what I thought at the time and I think Jackie fought the thing they

All basically came up with the fact that you know having studied him and talked to him that there was okay there was nothing actually mentally wrong with him jackie was relieved that the diagnosis but what had Daniel actually been discussing in private with the specialist in the last session

Apparently when he came out of the session she’d hugged him in the car as if to say thank goodness that’s over we know you’re all right it’s nothing to worry about now well in that same session on belated Jackie Daniel had said that he didn’t treat him very well I think it

Was all a lot of it was sort of lies mixed up with sort of attention-seeking why had Daniel used if there sessions to vilify his mother did he genuinely believe this fantasy or was there a doctor plan brewing had he not been declared fit and well and had actually received some consistent

Therapy might disaster have been averted or would he still have gone on to murder his mother these voices he’s claimed he heard in his head I mean they’re so prescriptive they it does seem like they were taking straight out of one of these videos is nearly comedic his tie is

Trying to strangle him it was just a deliberate act or was there did he really have voices in his head I don’t think he really had voices in his head he seized upon that one symptom of mental illness and and used that and said I’m hearing voices it’s a stereotypical symptom of mental

Illness isn’t it to evoke you know sympathy in others this smacks to me as a you know long journey to an alibi I think if it’s really telling and as one of the really graphic pictures of absolute manipulation by Daniel was when he told the school counselor that I was

Awful Asst mother was and she belittled him I think he’ll be well aware of the fact that schools are obliged to look into it when children do something like this and then you know the counselor watches him walk out and give his mother you know a fulsome hug you’re thinking

Well those stories don’t match up people like Daniel very much live in the present moment and we often describe them as prisoners of the presence so they have difficulty reflecting on the past they don’t dwell on things because there’s a real lack of conscience there he’s not going to get

Too hung up on the fact that somebody you know grumbled him at this point now being a prisoner of the present in just the way you described well there’s another word for that which is pointing towards a condition here I think we’re looking at a case of psychopathic personality disorder personality

Disorders are not mental illnesses and people with personality disorders know the difference between right and wrong and they know you know but that it’s it’s not right to physically harm other people but they choose to do so anyway what makes up a psychopath well there are various different traits and behavior

That we see in Psychopaths and this includes things like glibness superficial charm callousness a lack of empathy failure to take responsibility for her own actions those types of things they are essentially all very self-centered behaviors coming up matricide carried out by a keen killer it sends shockwaves across the community

And across the country Daniels balusters had asked him if we actually planned to kill his mother and he replied I didn’t planned a killer at that time at just 14 Daniel Barton is a troubled young man with feelings of rejection and low self-esteem after years of trying to

Process his parents divorce in his bedroom here just behind me he carefully scripts a violent drama based on his favorite soap opera Coronation Street in the story Daniel cast himself as the lead and has his character lately beat his mother together then successfully concealed the claim by

Dousing her body in petrol and setting it ablaze Daniel’s barrister had asked him if he actually planned to kill his mother and he replied I didn’t plant a killer at that time and I just remember being really shocked at 1:00 a.m. in the morning on Easter Monday neighbors reported hearing around

Between Daniel and his mother apparently over where his new trainers were the next thing they knew flames had engulfed the top bedroom where Jackie slept and fire engines were on the scene trying to put out the blaze I saw a story about fire in Arnold and I didn’t think

Anything of it I text her sister and I found out sort of basically that Jackie was missing they’d found remains of a body in the inn in the fire and she did at that point I didn’t know what had happened or anything like that all I

Knew was that a body had been found in the fire Daniel bartlein had come out of the house alive with his dog and his brother and he was the hero of that situation and yeah babies were concerned they wondered what going on Daniel’s story was that he found a hammer on the

Floor and he threw the hammer at the supposed intruder who then fled out of the window onto the flat roof and then down into the garden and away and then obviously this intruded lit a fire before they ran Daniel made sure he’d saved his brother and dog getting them out of danger and

Then stood in front of the burning house he appeared to want to be cast as the hero usually Daniel was and in crisp clean clothes their name but just remembered how unusual that was of him are they used to seeing him in perhaps then you know his tracksuit and bottoms

From playing on his computer all day and maybe his personal hygiene wasn’t fantastic the smoke point out the window was rescued his brother in the dog and they’ve gone outside and Daniel stood outside in clean clothes and there was some suggestion they’d actually gone back into the house and changed into

Fresh clothing and then gone outside doesn’t really much the hero persona that he was trying to put across to people when police questioned him just hours after the crime he stuck to his story but it wasn’t long before they too became suspicious and put the blame squarely on Daniels shoulders it was

Here in the nottingham courts on the 2nd of april 2012 almost a year after his crime where daniel bartlein was convicted of the murder of his mother he was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in jail actually believed he did enjoy the trial the incentive attention and

There were again the way he came across in the trial the way he spoke to people it just came across that way that he was totally and utterly you know thought that he haven’t done anything wrong Daniel’s showed surprising misplaced confidence and pace but the enormity of

The murder trial he tried to convince the court that he killed his mother in a fit of rage after a blazing row all through the evidence that gave you stared straight at me he sort of had a smirk more than smile he was little boy

In the dark and big thick set hair on his head and baby face looking completely out of his depth for the situation that he was in and he wanted to believe this little boy haven’t been responsible for such a terrible crime involving his own mother and as time

Went on when you saw him answering questions to the prosecution and the defense counsel my opinion of him changed the thing that actually snookered him and the police had found on some of his other computers they’ve been completely wiped some of the stories are written on the iMac

Particularly the story about planning it and murdered in murdering his mom that that was found on the third backup on the computer he was convicted literally by his own hand the words he penned as part of this murderous fantasy he thought he was clever by deleting the

Fire computer but not clever enough he was found guilty of premeditated murder during cross-examination he admitted to basically having killed her he showed no remorse and also explained to the jury his obsession with in his own words how to get away with them violent crimes when he was found guilty he saw I’ve

Crossed his neck as if to say you’re next to me without any hint of remorse or emotion Daniel told in graphic detail the jury how he killed his mother with a claw hammer this is the classic sign of a psychopath but he was just 14 and came

From a loving family where did he get his violent impulses from and why did he act upon them when we look at children who kill their parents they tend to fall into three categories there’s the severely abused child who hits back at the abusive parent and

That’s not what we have here with Daniel bottom there’s the severely mentally ill child who’s not in control of what they’re doing and who doesn’t know what they’re doing is wrong so they’re not responsible for their behavior well that’s not done there either is it thirdly we’ve got the dangerously

Antisocial child this is somebody who very much knows the difference between right and wrong but chooses to be violent and engaging in these behaviors anyway so so here’s somebody who’s very cold very calculating who knows what they’re doing so what makes a child killer if you look at the characteristics which are associated

With things like psychopathy i’mso narcissism shallow aspect so a real kind of shallowness of feeling these are things that we’ve seen a lot of teenagers and it’s completely normal teenage behavior so it’s not surprising to me that a parent wouldn’t join join the dots up especially a parent who he

Wasn’t aware of what that was because teenagers do behave in unpredictable ways they do you know quite mad things every now and then if somebody had identified Daniel as a psychopath or with that kind of mindset at an earlier age is it possible to manage that in

Families where no children are kind of neglected therapies services pick up on that quite quickly quite often and will intervene children come onto the radar of the criminal justice system very very soon but because Daniel came from a nice background he had a mum who cared about

Him the men that she kept him away from that for quite a long period of time I come back to the extraordinary irony that because Jackie was such a good mother she camouflaged a lot of these traits and therefore in many ways her own motherly love wrote her own death

Sentence because if he’d been Flagg earlier somebody would have intervened then he could be managed and she would still be alive his behavior has been on a trajectory for the quite considerable period of time and it was to end in in absolute tragedy just 14 years of age

Daniel Barton committed a brutal and needless crime the murder followed his script nearly word-for-word with a 16-year sentence to serve his storyline is now over but the repercussions of his crime will be felt by his wider family and the community for decades to come there’s an article in the nastya post

That we published and in it his grandmother speaks about how she will never understand why Daniel murdered his mum and she said I love Daniel but I have to ask him the question why what’s the Amsterdam just answer your nan and tell us why I still think about Daniel quite a lot a little worried about Daniel himself because you know what eat whoa what he’s done is he’s got coming to import I worry about if he got out would he do it again I think about what happened to his brother because his brothers gonna carry

That for the rest of his life because obviously the witness debt and you know his brother witnessing something like that at his age is is sarahfey [Applause] You

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