OMG! I’m IN A VIDEO GAME! – Problems Every Girl Can Understand – VFX music video by La La Life Games

OMG! I'm IN A VIDEO GAME! – Problems Every Girl Can Understand - VFX music video by La La Life Games

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You’re gonna have to wear these glasses what i don’t want to look like a nerd try this on wow oh if you don’t like them i can give you contact lenses no no i like that let’s go oh no closed i need another way to entertain myself hmm

Let me see i played them all but can i do this in real life so guys i don’t have my laptop now but i have a new gaming device you can see the review in my next video soon wow it feels so real hello little buddy i used to be a pro in

This game it feels like i can win this time too easy oh the snakes are getting bigger damn it when you fall in virtual reality it does hurt ouch that was intense where can i find the first aid kit oh i can get it from fortnite of course There you are i cool i need another one hey hey i’m waiting for you for an hour now we’re not friends anymore you don’t care about me and you know what i don’t care either you’re always late okay obviously emma is hungry ice cream but i need money where do i get them

Temple run nah too much running oh mario exactly i’ll be right back Two ice creams please i think that’s enough uh sorry only cash i need real money of course i can dance on the street dance dance revolution it will be easy To the right ice creams please here you are Hi mom could you forget about the dinner hurry up we’re waiting for you okay okay oh no so which game can help to speed up oh temple run speed ball yay zoey It Okay oh i need to do that fast which game can it be ah sims okay first of all hairstyle hmm not bad oh yeah perfect now makeup omg no yay oh so fast and so cool going i’m coming ah such a lovely day let’s play a new game on my way to school

Maybe something educational wow i was just planning to make a review for candy crush wow they smell like real candies yummy can i taste them wonderful level complete No enough for today What what’s going on here can i help you doctor my glasses are broken okay try this So do you like it oh no no i want my previous glasses okay i’ll give it a try here we go thanks zoe who was the first president of the united states tonight the last question on who wants to be a millionaire zoe who was the first president of the united states

A barack obama b john f kennedy c george washington d donald trump can i use 50 50 yes uh no it’s still hard i would call a friend zoe this is your final test you failed oops ew not today ah that’s more i like hey yeah get out of here it’s my court

It’s a public place here this bully needs a lesson and my glasses will help me What are you doing let’s play the one who wins gets this chord for eternity okay You cheated you’re gonna have a big problem now i will catch you what really stupid nurse i caught him trust me just look maybe now we can play I feel like trying something new maybe a horror oh something new oh why is the street looking so gloomy hmm let me see who the heck is that obviously not my neighbor don’t try this game guys it’s super scary clean the sink feed the hamster meet groceries delivery no so many tasks

Okay i need some hints games with hidden objects great now let’s find gloves Why is it so messy in here where in the world is the plunger maybe here bingo let’s get down to business perfect now the hamster cupcake where are you uh where are you cupcake how do i find him he’s so small let’s try overwatch okay where are you little bastards

There you are cutie here you are oh what on earth why are you guys dancing i know who the imposter is delivery it’s delivery groceries hello bye Where am i gonna shovel this ah i know i know tetris is an old game but it’s still so addictive and useful just look oh cool now i can hang out with emma hey siri call emma i wonder what she’s doing now oh portal gun omg i’ve always wanted to

Try this i’m so excited let me find the right spot and wow i didn’t know these glasses could do that oh what’s going on here no worries emma i’m gonna save you don’t you dare mess up with my friends Oh anyway do you remember our party yes sure okay see you there nice room oh i can try something new there [Applause] I know doctor doctor actually i’m not a doctor i’m a scientist at a secret spy company wow and this is our latest invention and you were lucky enough to test it for us wanna come and work for us definitely wow I need this pen and you need to share like and subscribe

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