One Direction Act Out Fan Fiction with Greg James #1DGregJamesFanFic

One Direction Act Out Fan Fiction with Greg James #1DGregJamesFanFic

#Direction #Act #Fan #Fiction #Greg #James #1DGregJamesFanFic

Nyle and louie hello Gregory James mother my favorites thank you now chaps I want to talk to you about something a little bit odd okay we’re not going to go deep into it but it’s fanfiction okay okay I mean doing a lot of research I’ve been reading up some of

Your fan fiction stuff and what I’m going to do is I’m not going to expose these people’s fanfiction because I’ve learned a lot about this world that it’s their world it’s private they can do what they want they can write the weird stuff and believe you me I’ve read some

Weird stuff yeah I can’t I can’t unreadable my show is asked for listeners to write some stuff which is involving me you Niall and you Louie it’s a little story a little stories involving us three is very idea so what I’d like is this is from someone called

Jess PA who’s gonna read this so Louie you can read that one please okay any particular telling your meet I know that you use in like a case you’re not a narrator like walking through a forest in Narnia with your dog that’s actually got the head of a shape okay

Sheep right relevant okay it was just another quiet afternoon for Niall so he decided to listen to the radio mm-hmm as always it was playing radio one he sat for a few minutes enjoying some Katy Perry songs when he heard Greg James’s voice on the radio he grabbed

The nearest phone to him and dialed Louie’s number hello Louie oh my god guess who’s on the radio Niall Aston excitement Oh tell me Louie asked with the Yorkshire accent hey Greg James now cried from Jess there you have it Jess I was sick what’s it lovely

Sorry that’s one for you now now this is from Charlotte millions all this wallets Charlotte took her paragraphs there ok quite quite comprehensive with his chocolate colored locks and giraffe like limbs Gregory James headed off to prepare for his interview with the boys from one directory yeah

His ties clung to his maroon chinos as he sashayed down the corridor of Radio 1 thinking to himself neither Louie were his favorites on some level huh on some left there’s bad always there is some bad press about punctuation I’m sorry – I knew we were his favorites on some level he’d always

Known that his whole meaningless existence had been leading up to this moment meaningless they don’t think too much of you guy got it nice again this afternoon this action he was meeting with he was meeting the flaxen-haired Irishman and the silly haired northerner of the band days of

Narrating over music were over now his finest hour the boy sat down to begin the interview Greg his old one wasn’t raptured top of the volunteer offered Niall by X said Louie like this it’s good you’re a good-looking man aren’t you for a DJ the phrase face for radio

Doesn’t apply to me you old mucker Greg laughs he was totally at ease now and to the show what is going on with punctuation here this is all over the place had to show how at ease he was he removed the shirt Jesus yes happening to you he has to

Done that yep oh I’m kind of looking forward to in a weird way and isla Louie did not want to be left out so the three sat shirtless before Scott stopped before Scott stop by to suggest some innuendo bingo soon the guys were spitting water at one another soaking

Wet and shirtless the radio wants to do had never been so consumed with hot with hot water wait what a way to finish what there was a great promotion it I don’t who take that that’s Charlotte well that’s that’s that was actually from Larry Moe so in the film you touched on

What would it be like when you’re older and I found that quite nicely sitting by the campfire in Sweden right and you’re all talking about what it’d be like when you’re older and that got me thinking well maybe I should write some fanfiction based on you two and me being older okay

So I’ve actually written something for us here and what we used to do we’ve to read the script we’ve got a little script very small script we’ve got a few bf to audition for the part so I’ve got the mono you’ve got the parts you want

To play the part of Louie and you wanna play the part of Niall I’m gonna be great can we get 5 minutes to rehearse the role what we do get is we get 30 seconds to go behind that screen and change okay so follow me okay so we’re where these lease these

Classes actually have problem yeah these are prescription I can’t see either we’ll just just hole them on the nose librarian alright so Louie there’s your script thank you I’m in it my character she doesn’t wear glasses okay here’s mine so picture the scene here we go we’re

All we’re all 80 all right we’re all at the Sunningdale retirement home a quiet place in the Welsh countryside not the retired famous people such as Daniel Radcliffe ed Sheeran and screech from Saved by the Bell don’t worry he’s in a paddock he’s in a padded cell so it was a normal Tuesday

Reruns of Greg’s long-running successful TV chat show on BBC gold running low all the time oh really yeah yeah and the one of the nurses flew round is the future okay and they gave us a choice of board games so I’ve been as imaginative as creative as

Possible so Louis and Niall let’s bring this script to life baby there it’s three short little scenes Louis okay here we go everyone ready yep oh hang on do we need sound older in our voices we need to be a bit graphic yeah Oh old lady voice oh it’s good old lady

Oh yeah I go there you go continue I want to play coy it out now we always play Cluedo but I like close out hey why don’t we play Monopoly hey that’s not a bad idea can I be the boat yeah cool over the car

Greg you can be the Hat can I also be the banker yep okay end scene next scene later that night Niall Louie and Greg were sat on the porch discussing the old days remember when petrol was 1 pound 45 early – hell yeah those were the days good times yes

Remember when it used to cost 130 pounds for a two-hour train journey to Manchester oh yeah wait we’re lucky about then shame things have got so expensive these days isn’t it it is yes and seem great II it’s quite boring life or having the next day Louie

Niall and Gregor in the gardens of Sunningdale doing a spot of gardening pastor Spade will you Lily there you go mate careful you don’t dig up the wrong flowers Niall Oh Gregory I won’t shall I walk to the hanging baskets no don’t worry about it Barbara did them earlier and that’s our

Life right there’s a little glimpse into what it’d be like out when you’ve retired I have one question sure who is Barbara because your abductors don’t quite have a clique like cliff hanger they’re real but the next episode comes next thing we see crime a bay if this

Gets picked up by a major TV company or Hollywood or Hollywood good but a Barbara will be I don’t need to put it hello click politely she’s the village bicycle okay so everyone’s had a go right he’s very much I don’t think she’s right for the show it doesn’t really give the right

Image okay but maybe we’ll have to get give that one a rethink I will do now chaps all the very best for your stadium ths played away yeah thank you all the best of your stadiums as well on the film as well is magnificent all the all

The One Direction fans will love this film your night your beads don’t you make you feel at home and you’re doing this massive stadium tour I can teach other seriously right now those ladies I’m happy but all the very best thank you we love you it’s so nice to see you

And I will see you very soon I love when I see you see it baby

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