One Syllable Words | Phonics for Kids – Learn To Read | Alphablocks

One Syllable Words | Phonics for Kids - Learn To Read | Alphablocks

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Uh huh ah Uh so now that we’ve all sat down what shall we do tea Sorry sagging again hi s hi a hi t hi p just thought i’d pop by and say hi sorry not really in a silly mood today Pals we must do something for us terrific top tip be happy not sad ah amazing Super let’s play let’s party ah tap tip top apples Popping party streamers Touch Alphabox No way um mine your turn in the middle a hmm Yummy run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me i’m the gingerbread man come on T did you see the gingerbread man the gingerbread man Magic mat marvelous catch the gingerbread man you can’t catch me you can’t catch me hmm Touchdown the gingerbread man stop eating everything i couldn’t munch another thing run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me i’m the gingerbread man except maybe On your oh toes everyone you can’t catch me no not playing you can’t catch me yes i can run run as fast as you can Oh i can’t eat anymore You’re Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch us oh Off My dot’s gone pop i can’t sing i’m not i without my dot whatever will i do i’m staying here i can’t be seen without my dot oh uh help oh find your dot i’ll be okay all by myself and don’t come back until you find my dot oh Oh disaster Tank no i’m not i want my dot oh oh oh oh I don’t belong in a cot i want my dot oh No i’m not i want my dot oh I arrest you for popping my dot no i don’t i want my dirt stop that don’t oh Ah A pirate me hearties ready to play great definitely oh i am excellent alpha blocks all aboard er all aboard the ship where is the ship we’re going to make one There’s our ship Oh rod and there’s our mast Now all we need is a sail ah good rag Raise the mainsail right then who’s ready for some pirate fun away this is the life rough season rain ready about it’s going to be a rough ride great exciting incredible don’t despair rule with the waves me hearties roll with the waves land ahoy treasure island i reckon right then you you and you

Find the treasure sailors Ready for treasure mateys riches rubies jewels the size of rocks great digging to the ground up and down and round and round Real treasure island real treasure incredible is it treasure it’s better than it’s a treasure delicious ah yes this has been the best day ever great sunset delightful that’s not a sunset er That’s a sunset red sky at night pirates delight alphabox Look a bathtub lovely lovely oh lonely look listen I want to come in can i can i go i feel ill look do we have spots i do i do a bath just what i need after a run oh Don’t want dolly to get wet [Applause] It would be super to have someone to splash with excuse me everyone i better tidy that up mess Yes [Applause] Turn the tap off funny there is no tap oh oh oh oh need to turn it off what happened well we could heal made a hill told fell found a dog hit a bell made a mess give it a miss had a kiss saw that stuff

Turned it off but oh swell that ends well horrific we can laugh hold my haha make a magical land we let us go together

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