OUTBREAK Chapter 3 Escape! Capture the FGTeeV Fam! (ROBLOX Multiplayer Game)

OUTBREAK Chapter 3 Escape!  Capture the FGTeeV Fam! (ROBLOX Multiplayer Game)

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Whay says eerily splay er what’s up youtubers it’s your bull we’re at the moon you’re infected dress is infected we all know am I gonna die and I didn’t die I’ve got the bounciest moon boots of all time so finally we’re going to safety I can’t wait for all this to be over

Wait hook the engine is on fire we’re going down ah you guys want to know what’s scary we didn’t even say what our names are and what game we’re playing today let’s rewind quickly hey Superboy exit to be done he we’re playing roblox in out-breaking we’re going to chapter 3

The island chapter 1 the hospitals when we discovered that people were infected in our life and then we went to a base in chapter 2 hangar where we took a plane and now it’s crashed in chapter 3 don’t forget to use your robot star code fdtv it’s the coolest start going into

The world it’s so much fun when you type it in try it and it’s your girl likes ass and shaumbra make sure you subscribe it hit the bell notification but within 5 seconds if you want to have good luck for 3 hours – that’s very detailed yeah

All right now fast-forward you are a survivor alright you’re a survivor complete a series of attacks to unlock the exit escape the map before the dialogue goes away you have no idea what to do oh that’s a good idea look at this plate is that fire my baby crap what’s

The gas for let’s find out so we got a village and docks down here Lex you’re so fast yep going to the village and docks there’s some sort of gay here we got unlock we live seven minutes in this round usually we start with like 10 with

Piggy and all guess tea and all the other games have a red key look at the cage my bird is escaped or does this need gas oh this this dance nice ok wait okay wait wait my goodness why are you so fast be slow like piggy oh my

Goodness move fire fire stop I can’t hear anything wait really no no my gosh I’m danger oh my goodness I’m in the cage set them free somebody can free me no camping chase you read what it says haha no camping might come free me so why are you please

Show me them playing oh my goodness if Sean’s not playing and I’m in a cage and Lutz is in a cage Congrats Stacey won what happened why weren’t you in the game I doubt anything for me you thought we got fired for tonight let’s try that again

Can you win I doubt it color by all right I gotta turn my redneck switch on I got me a level 50 X I’m gonna be eating lots of questions like do you like that do you wants to get shaman or red key goes do you enjoy asking people

Where red key goes instead of actually making progress they’re using red key like I’m trying to fight it capture the survivors before they complete the task and escapes imprison the survivor into a trap to drain their help you have 7 minutes and 30 seconds I can’t wait to slash you guys dance dance

Where are you guys like some I don’t wanna live it just looked at your screen you watch the show I love I love how you fall okay so I’ve never played so I just press key and I just oh my gosh you’re like a bungee cord come on Lex let’s go

Bungee jumping oh there’s a trap I love how the players drop in this game and so I just press eat oh my goodness you see MTV’s in a girl I’m gonna kill I’m not so daddy I’m the creepy farmhand Cletus that takes care wait what are you guys

I’m trapping without me you’re all dead buddy with you truce because you’re the place gotta trap the best first no no one’s going to Oh Jean you changed your skin how nice of you to join the changing of a skin Clark do you think you’re actually going no I don’t want to

Put you in a cage you know why because I think if I put you in the cage they can revive you and if I don’t you can still get alive you weren’t ready you don’t keep your iPad on the floor I know good for me bad for you whoa look at the

Water there I think guys are all dead come on chase No Oh No I wanted to drag you in the water so you deserved it okay go put the gas in dead chase I didn’t know you can respawn oh so I have to put them in the chat or they

Could respond I got it now they can’t because I’ve got them cornered chase oh my gosh shot what do we do why did you got half a potato bottom now two flamingos okay you got the gasoline are you coming back this way wait Lex you know I’ll just come this week could

You follow me Lex I’ll show you where the gas goes no we are aware of that we might owe you oh I see you’re healthier now okay and trap so look it’s draining the help that’s actually really cool hey Lex hi Lex come on Lex let me show you

How fun rug burn is what is it now oh I love there there’s such a majestic bird oh look Lex this chocolate is really good for you it fits you perfect look how good you fit in there you’re so happy to be trapped you’re so happy to

Be trapped all right guys how about this we actually tried to be good this time let’s have Shawn by doubled guest he passes so Shawn could be here the Skinner is creepy wait how do I get out from crunching oh my goodness were we’re crouched skating okay all right guys

Let’s actually do it this time show the V is affected are you please don’t kill me shout out by you robot kill me laughs what the heck Lex that’s my leg finally we’re going to selfie oh my god the planes gonna crash someone catch me well I mean I tried you while you’re

Bought your iPad gonna die yeah I can’t say I’ll mind if your iPad dies if you’re trying to chase me I’m cumbersham okay cool get it charged alert over there get that white big block whoa will chases walks in front of me I like bounce tub boom what is this red

Red no no sorry I meant like what’s it for I got that part normally I don’t but I saw that this will spread so what’s down there oh you’re just four oh we gotta get three Dynamite’s and then that thing blows up wait how do you open this

What is this thing – Ricky I don’t know why even sighs I was like that’s my Trekkie oh oh yeah oh right I got it just shake it out the wall okay put it out nice I have a steering wheel what is this cold Oh probably like a car

Not really I’m gonna guesstimating this poor dude he’s like I’m like ugh go grab that charger block okay get it you were actually getting like a head start his Sean is this is the infected and he can’t get us I got yellow key guys oh sweet yes gasps gasps right here you found

More gas okay right here generator open the door oh this is yellow key oh it’s the door comedy the meat eh what’s the thing I have safe maybe it’s for a safe I don’t know take it ah oh what’s going on with Jim Sean is the best person to be interested sit down

And focus we’re actually getting somewhere okay guys I’m about to blow this whole open let’s see if Jesus is still buried here I’m kidding okay.i fine thanks I got wrenchy safe safe what is that wait what’s this guys I got this like power charge things probably a Taser

But I could be wrong chase chase oh sorry wait how does it regain itself can you pick it up wait what do I use the wrench on where want to kill you with my night oh gosh no what’s this thing wait what book that’s how you hide it Let’s don’t you me oh the wrench is probably for this thing where’s psychopathic shot ok is this for wrench tell me or the wheel cold the wheel goes at PI goes in this place right here opening wow that’s low the wheel Kazan is bowing how did you get there Lex what

The heck it’s opening way are we about to escape all we need that motor remember this thing was robbed hey we need that motor what am i doing I’m kissing a rock not right now I need to kiss this guy’s that’s why I used to flow no you know how much balloons do

You having your butt your buttons it’s floating wrong direction I’m not paying attention cause I’m trying to commit to good Ghana dairy can someone get shot he’s right on top of me why are you not electrical kind of unit since you had that in the water you breathe drag her

To the trap shot so we can set her free wait a stone escape would help me which I’ll press e and dragged her to a trap dragon you’re disabled stay there I want to make fun on top of your dead body where am I going in this game the bonus

Fix dead to the boat to escape Drew’s escape Wow pass the guy we gotta get past the guy I super hope I don’t die hey Shawn bye bye wait what’s up I did it I hope we find safety after that that was short but sweet huh have you got a

Hash dawg I know I know but you did good I know I just I’m trying to encourage you because I’m your dad but listen you would have done amazing had you been five years older you’re good that was kind of easy should we try like

Number two or no okay what is this well looks like the power’s out we need to restore power to the ghetto red towers all gosh chase is infected oh my goodness sakes you’re so scary I where are we is this chapter one get out oh this is chapter one okay we’re in

A hospital so we’re just trying to beat everything then I’m not gonna lie it’s super fast to escape I got whatever colour keycards is I think red might go over here man power room oh I see oh no whoa bark crackers are not allowed in

Here hey I can’t find any key parties oh I have orange yeah okay where are you where’s this orange yeah wow this map is a lot big oh I need a hammer guys don’t worry I just tripped on ketchup all right please keep tripping on ketchup does anyone know where purple key card

Goes oh I just saw a hammer go wait what I’m trying wait oh my god hold on oh yeah yeah I got gas all right where are you oh my gosh I’m literally dead he’s dragging me yes no wait chase run okay we got this

I need to fake my recovery you need to fake it why Oh guys I’ll keep chase busy here where he’s gonna keep chasing me like a doofus gasps what did you eat for lunch hmm okay reverse psychology worked he left let’s where are you did anyone know our

Purple keys I know where desk goes that’s even better and what I mean I know where it goes I mean I did know it Right there okay where are you chase Shan let’s save me Lex it’s literally all up to you kid oh my goodness Felix cough it is serious we can’t share up that way what ivelisse way says eerily player let’s run I don’t know what we

Did but I do have proof that we did it no camping taste nope I’m chase you can’t I did it’s okay chase put me on the bed where I can set them free II press II click myself what the ah Jays one all right that is the end of our gameplay if you

Want to see us play this again maybe for the next we’ll come back and play chapter two and then maybe you finally beat one I don’t know but either way we got merchants shot that of GTV that calm season to fix in stores Target and Walmart July to August 2020 the second

Book is coming out 2021 pop the first book man New York Times best seller six months in a row alright guys thanks for watching peace a bit about the little BOTS is what my kid said no I got you I didn’t know Sean I see you donkey machi

Guys I’m gonna try to be cool but try to be level-headed

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