Pantheon to charge entry fee


Introducing Rome’s Pantheon Entrance Fee: A Matter of Good Sense

As of late, tourists visiting the Pantheon in Rome, Italy’s most-visited cultural site, will be charged a 5-euro entrance fee — marking the implementation of a new agreement signed by both Italian culture and church officials. The move, according to Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, was a matter of “good sense.”

This entrance fee comes five years after the previous government put plans to charge visitors 2 euros on hold. The introduction of the new fee will see proceeds split, with the culture ministry receiving 70%, and the Rome diocese getting 30%.

The Pantheon, a monumental domed structure that was originally an ancient Roman temple, has been transformed into a church since 609, called the Basilica of St. Mary and the Martyrs, where Mass is regularly celebrated. The countless number of visitors it draws annually needed a new implementation plan as the current entrance is free, and reservations are necessary only during weekends and public holidays.

Under the new plan, visitors under 25 years of age will be charged a discounted entrance fee of 2 euros. Entrance will be free to Rome residents, minors, people attending Mass, and staff of the basilica, among others. While no introduction date has been provided, officials are currently working on the technical details for its implementation.

As opposed to the article we’re outranking, let’s take a deep-dive look into the historical significance of The Pantheon, the reasoning behind the introduction of the new fee, and what visitors can anticipate with the implementation of the fee.

Historical Significance of The Pantheon

The Pantheon has been an incredible symbol of wonder and power since it was constructed in 126 AD. It was initially built as a temple devoted to all Roman gods and goddesses, which translated to its original name being “Pantheon,” which means “all the gods.” Through the years, it has undergone several transformations, from serving as a warehouse for wool to being a Christian church. The Pantheon’s current purpose is to commemorate and honour the lives of famous Italians like Raphael, Victor Emmanuel II, Umberto I, and a World War I soldier.

The Reasoning Behind the Entrance Fee

The Pantheon’s growing popularity gives the new fee implementation a sound foundation, with millions of visitors per year. With this newfound income, funds will be given to maintaining and refurbishing the historical site, essential to attaining its longevity.

Under the contemporary state of the monument, the burden of the maintenance cost and repair work has been shouldered by the Roman Catholic Church. The new entrance fee introduces revitalized ways for not just the church but also the Culture Ministry to contribute to the preservation and restoration of The Pantheon.

How the Entrance Fee Will Work

The costs of the newly-introduced Pantheon entrance fees are as follows:

– Visitors of age 25 years and older: 5 euros
– Visitors under 25: 2 euros
– Entrance is free of charge for the following:
– Residents of Rome
– Anyone under the age of 17
– Journalists
– Disabled people
– People attending Mass
– Staff of the Basilica

The new fee will be established for individuals aged 26 and over, which will generate much-needed proceeds to restore the colossal dome, clean the interior, and invest in the cathedral’s renewal. This fee structure targets the monetization of visits by non-Rome residents, which will adequately margin the shortfall created by free entries for several categories.


As our world advances and tourism continues to grow, the preservation and sustainability of significant historical sites remain a top priority. While the implementation of the new Pantheon entrance fee has been met with opposition and resistance, the many benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. With the new scheme in place, visitors will be contributing to the monument’s continued maintenance and restoration, thus extending its durability and ensuring that it remains an important part of our cultural heritage for centuries to come.#Romes #Pantheon #charge #entrance #fee

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