Paw Patrol Plays Fun Greedy Granny Board Game

Paw Patrol Plays Fun Greedy Granny Board Game

#Paw #Patrol #Plays #Fun #Greedy #Granny #Board #Game

Your boys Oh Shh granny has pretzels and cookies is somebody say cookies I love cookies she has crackers two rebels gonna eat them excited Shh huh you need to be very quiet and not wake up granny she loves our food and I don’t think she wants to share hi everyone today we’re playing

Greedy granny so I’m gonna spin for each pup and if it lands on a 2 a 1 or 3 we have to push this button and whoever wakes up granny is out of the game and the winner of the game gets a big toy surprise ok Bob let’s get started with

Marshal one not too bad let’s push it one time marshal you get to have a yellow pretzel here you go that’s so delicious thank you up next we’re spinning for zuma-zuma got a 300 Summa okay let’s push it why oh no Zuma you woke up granny and

Her teeth even blew out oh it’s okay granny just go back to sleep here are your teeth and it’s time to go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep it took granny cuz you guys go to sleep no let it eat

Throw up oh poor Zuma is out of the game Zuma we’re gonna put you back here and up next we have rubble on the double let’s give it a spin forever Oh No rubble loses a turn but he gets to stay in the game so next we have a Skye

Sky got the – okay sky I’m gonna push it for you two times one two and sky let’s give you a blue wafer cookie so yummy thank you little Rocky’s up next rocky land it on the one so we just push it pull one time and let’s see hmm

Let’s get rocky the red cookie there you go rocky thank you it looks delicious it’s chases turn oh no chase loses a turn that means we’re back to Marshall Marshall loses a turn this is crazy rubble has the two so we’re going to push it two times one two Rumble you

Finally get a little treat and we’ll take out this orange wafer cookie for rebel here you go rubble rubble on the double this is going to be delicious we’re back to Sky well sky be the first one to have two treats she landed on the

– here we go one oh no sky granny you lost your teeth again so we’ll put back Sky’s little tree and we’ll put granny’s teeth the heck in and fizzy we need the Sun to put her to sleep in the sky Thank You fizzy okay little sky we’re gonna put you over

Here with Zuma and up next it’s rocky maybe rocky will be the first one to get two treats – here we go one two well rocky already has a red treat so let’s give him up blue one Chase is up next he has no treats yet

He loses a turn poor chase okay Marshall Marshall let’s see what’s under there 300 here we go one two three Oh Marshall and RD planted in the trees okay granny let’s get your teeth back in Lihue and Marshall we have to put your pretzel back and you’re out of the game fizzy a

Quick song please rock-a-bye granny in the treetop when the cradle will rock when the bough breaks the cradle will fall and down will come granny but we’ll catch her before she falls all right good job fizzy rubble on the double let’s see what Julian done it is a –

Here we go one two rebel since you wear yellow let’s give you a yellow pretzel and now we’ll spin for rocky rocky landed on the one here we go one whoa Oh rocky let’s see you have red and blue so let’s give you yellow so many treats for

Rocky and then there’s four chase who has no treats let’s spin after him one all right chase will you finally get a treat yes chase where’s blue and we’ll give him a blue treat okay rubble on the double let’s spin for you rebel land it on oh

Oh oh x3 here we go one oh no Rojo okay let’s get those teeth in there granny is very easy to wake up isn’t she we have to put back rebels treats – rubbles out of the game and we need a lullaby hush little granny don’t say word

Fizzies gonna buy you a mockingbird if that Mockingbird unseen if Izzy’s gonna buy but only if I can afford it okay back to the game there are only two bucks left rocky with three treats and chase with one treat all right rocky you’re up next

And you got a two here we go one two rocky let’s see the only treat you don’t have yet is this orange one whoa look at all those treats and chase you’re up next can we add more treats to your pile 300 no chase is out of the game and rocky is

Our winner here you go granny your teeth are back in and you get to stay awake and watch rocky receive his winning prize oh can you get one you’re gonna be psyched too okay rocky you get to keep all of your yummy treats and fizzy congratulations

Rocky here we go Wow rocky you got to toy surprises it’s a Disney Pixar Cars three blind bugs look at all these cool cars and you got the Cabbage Patch Kids little sprouts let’s see which car you got think we can open it down here come on

And up in let’s see you got Oh check it out you got guina ho so cool so here’s little Guido and it looks like he has a tire and he’s on a track so if you get one of these you can put them all together that would be super cool

Here you go Rocky and we get to see which little sprout you got it was inside of our lettuce it looks like a little baby and a little animal honor checklist here we see you got this adorable little baby named Carmela Heather this cute little baby is wearing

A yellow shirt she can sit up here with granny and it’s a little white kitty cat and this kitty cats name is Bailey look how cute with that little heart little kitty you can sit with granny too oh this is so much fun with granny I

Hope you had fun too and I’ll see you next time you

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