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Peppa Goes To The Dentist! | Kids TV And Stories

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The dentist every morning peppa and george brush their teeth today peppa and george are going to the dentist peppa george are you ready to go for your checkup i’m too busy for a checkup i’m having a tea party with teddy yes we’re very busy we all need checkups to

Make sure our teeth are clean and healthy okay daddy george are your teeth clean like mine it is george’s first visit to the dentist you both have lovely clean teeth i’m sure the dentist will be very happy peppa and george are at the dentists waiting for their checkup uh waiting is boring

This magazine’s very interesting it’s all about potatoes peppa george the dentist will see you now hooray this is dr elephant the dentist hello peppa have you been brushing your teeth yes dr elephant good now who’s first i’m fast because i’m a big girl watch me george sit in the chair please hold tight

Open wide please ah wider please ah now let’s take a look dr elephant uses a little mirror to look at peppa’s teeth i hope you haven’t been eating too many sweeties pepper it is quite difficult to speak when your mouth is wide open there all done what lovely clean teeth

She takes after me [Laughter] can i have the special pink drink now yes but don’t drink it peppa spit it out [Laughter] george now it’s your turn no george does not want it to be his turn maybe you can hold mr dinosaur while the dentist looks at your teeth dinosaur very pleased to meet you mr dinosaur it’s not a real dinosaur it’s made of plastic [Laughter] hold tight you’re doing very well george

Now can you show me your teeth george does not want to show the dentist his teeth george open wide like this ah There they are all done you have very strong clean teeth george are they as lovely as mine dr elephant ah yes george is very proud to have clean teeth george don’t forget the pink drink [Applause] oh but wait what’s this what’s wrong dr elephant george has clean teeth but this

Young dinosaur’s teeth are very dirty oh no dr elephant is very cross with mr dinosaur not at all peppa it’s my job to make teeth clean the water jet please miss rabbit the dentist uses water to clean mr dinosaur’s teeth the polisher please miss rabbit this will be a bit noisy

Dr elephant polishes mr dinosaur’s teeth pink pink that’s right george mr dinosaur needs some special pink drink gosh what shiny teeth you have mr dinosaur dinosaur too scary george loves mr dinosaur especially now he has nice clean teeth Pepper and george are playing with pedro pony they are going to jump in Without glasses pedro cannot see very well george has found pedro’s glasses oh silly george here they are thank you pedro why do you wear glasses i need to the optician says so what’s an optician my daddy is an optician he checks that you can see clearly how does he look inside your head

He does an eye test shall i give you an eye test yes give me an eye test okay hmm interesting close one eye and say what you see i can see george now close both eyes now i can’t see anything hmm can’t see anything very very interesting

I think you need glasses oh do i yes pedro home time bye bye pedro bye bye mommy i need glasses what pedro gave me an eye test and i need glasses i’m sure your eyes are fine no mommy when i closed my eyes i couldn’t see anything

But no one can see anything with their eyes closed oh what’s this about needing glasses pedro knows all about glasses his daddy is an optician all right peppa let’s take you to the optician for a proper eye test let’s go now George would you like an eye test too no Pepper is at the opticians mr pony is the optician hello peppa please sit down now what can i do for you i need an eye test please of course put these special glasses on and then look at the chart mr pony is going to test peppa’s eyes can you read these

Letters for me please okay um a b c d e f good now these numbers please um one two three four five six very good and now these colors please red green orange blue yellow purple excellent while i check your results would you like to choose some glasses yes please

How about these glasses peppa they’re funny i know what about these ones they’re too big [Laughter] how about these wow i like these ones mommy yes peppa you look fantastic i look fantastic [Laughter] news pepper has perfect eyesight oh so i don’t need glasses no but i really wanted glasses oh hmm

I suppose you could have some sunglasses yes sunglasses here you are fantastic i hope it’s sunny every day so i can always wear my sunglasses [Laughter] daddy pig’s office today is a special treat peppa and george are visiting daddy pig’s office daddy what do you do at your office all day

Lots of fun things you’ll see this is the building where daddy pig works yes hello it’s daddy pig hello daddy pig can i press the button too of course peppa yes it’s me hello me come in my office is on the top floor we have to go up in the lift

Can i press the button i think it’s george’s turn press the top button george the lift is taking peppa george and daddy pig up to the very top floor wow top floor doors opening This is daddy pig’s office hello everyone hello daddy pig hello daddy pig mr rabbit and mrs cat work with daddy pig i’ve brought two very special visitors with me today peppa and george what an honor let’s begin the tour mr rabbit can we start at your desk we certainly can

My job is all about numbers i take very important pieces of paper i take a rubber stamp and i stamp the paper wow what a great job mr rabbit has can i do some stamping of course i’ll just find you some paper here’s some uh paper we should use some blank paper

Here you are peppa likes stamping with rubber stamps i like doing mr rabbit’s job on with the tour next up is mrs cat’s desk meow hello pepper and george hello my job is all about drawing shapes on the computer then i print the shapes out wow And here’s another copy thank you what a nice job mrs cat has can i have a go maybe it’s george’s turn now that’s right george it’s your turn to do some work george is making blue triangles now we print them out i like doing mrs cat’s job

Do you want to see my desk now yes please This is daddy pig’s desk my job is quite complicated i take big numbers transmute them and calculate their load-bearing tangents daddy pig’s job sounds very important do you use rubber stamps no do you use a computer no but i do use coloring pens daddy can we draw with your coloring pens good idea

Peppa and george love drawing with coloring pens i’m drawing a house george is drawing a dinosaur george always draws dinosaurs dinosaur My goodness five o’clock already it is home time i say what a splendid picture of a house and what a fierce dinosaur george and i have been doing daddy’s job and they’ve been doing it very well i like doing mr abbott’s job and i like doing mrs cat’s job but i like doing

Daddy’s job the best Recycling Mr bull the bin man is collecting the rubbish it is early morning so mr bull tries to be as quiet as he can but mr bull is not very good at being quiet peppa and george are finishing their breakfast what’s that noise it’s mr bull the bin man hello everyone must be off

Lots of rubbish to collect bye bye mr bull has emptied the rubbish bin for us good let’s clear up the breakfast things can we help mommy yes you can let’s throw this empty bottle in the bin peppa stop what we don’t put bottles in the rubbish bin

They can be recycled what does that mean all the things we can’t use again we put in the rubbish bin for mr bull but all the things that can be used again are put in these recycle boxes the red one is for newspapers the blue one is for tin cans

And the green one is for bottles pepper you have a bottle so which box does it go in um the green one yes this is fun now it’s george’s turn can you find a newspaper for the red box george wants to recycle daddy pig’s newspaper oh i haven’t finished with my newspaper

Just yet george you can have it in a minute oh all right here you are george newspapers go in the red box george now that we have collected enough things we can go to the recycle center hooray let’s go Mummy pig has the bottles pepper has the tin cans and george has the newspapers is everybody ready yes daddy pig then let’s go recycle recycle we’re going to recycle We’re going to recycle this is miss rabbit’s recycle center we’re here hi hello there hello miss rabbit have you come to do some recycling yes we have jolly good carry on what’s miss rabbit doing she’s recycling all the rusty old cars wow who can tell me which bin the bottles go in

The green one that’s right and the cans go in the blue one well done peppa George wants to recycle the newspapers okay george you can do the newspapers [Laughter] that’s enough recycling for one day yes let’s go home oh where’s our cargo peppa’s car has disappeared stand back miss rabbit is recycling peppa’s car stop that’s our car what is it really yes our car isn’t old and rusty

Silly me i just love recycling yes so do we but we also love our little car yes and now a little car loves us too don’t you Peppa and george are playing at granny and grandpa pig’s house today Hello peppa hello george grandpa what are you doing i’m making a flower garden oh these seeds will grow into beautiful flowers i drop the seeds on the ground then i cover the seeds with earth oh where have they gone the seeds have disappeared that’s strange i’m sure i put some seeds here

Yes grandpa we saw you well they’re not here now oh well i’ll just have to use some more as i was saying i simply dropped the seeds on the ground a little bird is eating grandpa pig’s flower seeds hi get off my seeds so that’s where all

My seeds went into the little bird’s tummy two more little birds are eating grandpa pig’s seeds oh look ah shoe what’s all this noise granny pig the birds are eating all my flower seeds so we’re chasing the birds away there’s no point chasing them they’ll just come back again look

We need a scarecrow what’s a scarecrow a scarecrow is a straw man that scares birds away what a good idea granny pig i’ll make one come on everyone bye bye little birds we’re going to make a scarecrow this is grandpa pig’s garden shed there’ll be plenty of things in here to

Make a scarecrow first we need two sticks and some string we’ll find them Peppa has found some sticks george has found some string good i’ll tie the sticks together to make the body granny pig has found some straw and an old sack lovely i’ll put the straw in the sack to make the head now the scarecrow needs something to wear here’s a bag of old clothes George has found a dress silly george mr scarecrow doesn’t want to wear a dress peppa has found a coat very good George has found a hat very good george mr scarecrow needs a face that’s right would you and george like to paint a face yes please George paints the eyes and nose pepper paints the mouth fantastic mr scarecrow is ready [Applause] the little birds are looking for grandpa pig’s flower seeds look the little birds are back don’t worry peppa mr scarecrow will scare them off It worked mr scarecrow has scared the little birds away hooray good now my flower seeds will not be eaten oh grandpa the birds look very sad yes they must be hungry that’s why i’ve brought this what’s that granny it’s a bird feeder grandpa may i have some seeds please Come on birdies lunch time now the birdies have their own seeds to eat hooray the little birds are happy again peppa is glad that grandpa pig’s seeds will not be eaten but she is even more glad that the little birds will not be hungry the toy cupboard it is pepper and george’s bedtime

Me why are all these toys on your bed that’s where they live quickly put the toys away in your toy basket but the toy basket is full oh so it is maybe you need a toy cupboard yes i could make one tomorrow the last thing you made daddy pig was

This shelf i’m very proud of that shelf but daddy it’s all wobbly we use it as a slide the teddy mr dinosaur all right let’s buy a new toy cupboard we can buy one now on the computer hooray mummy pig is using the computer to buy a toy cupboard

Now which one should we get can we have this one please that looks perfect mummy pig is buying the toy cupboard congratulations your toy cupboard is ordered oh goody It is morning and mr zebra the postman has a special delivery special delivery for miss peppa pig and master george what is it it’s a toy cupboard oh it looks a bit flat yes you build it yourself oh don’t worry peppa it’ll be very easy for your mummy and daddy to build goodbye

Bye-bye bye Now what do we do now we build your toy cupboard yes That’s strange there aren’t any instructions maybe it’s so easy to build it doesn’t need instructions mummy can we help yes first i need a shelf here’s a green shelf thank you peppa now i need four legs one two three four four blue legs mommy lovely we’ll have

This done in no time here’s a red door mummy pig thank you daddy pig there finished well done mummy pig it’s very tiny how will all our toys fit inside it is a little small oh george has found another bit uh maybe that’s a spare shelf and there’s all of these bits too

Oh dear the cupboard is tiny because mummy pig has not used all the pieces we’ll just have to take it apart and start again oh no if only we had the instructions who can that be hello i’ve just found this in my van it’s the missing instructions that will

Make things a lot easier hooray the instructions look very complicated it’s no good it’s nonsense leave it to me daddy pig i quite enjoy putting these things together really can we help in any way you can put the kettle on i’ll have a nice cup of tea with six sugars please

Everyone is preparing tea and biscuits for mr zebra tea time mr zebra wow mr zebra has built the toy cupboard my goodness that was quick yes and i’ve put all your toys in there too oh thank you mr zebra but there’s no room for these last two oh

Poor teddy you missed a dinosaur where are they going to live why not simply order another easy to make cupboard no i’ve got a better idea teddy and mr dinosaur can live on your beds but mommy that’s where they lived before yes i know that’s why it’s such a good idea [Laughter]

Granny and grandpa’s attic peppa and george are playing at granny and grandpa’s house today hello grandpa pig papa egg oh hello peppa hello george bye bye see you later see you later where’s granny pig hello my little ones that is granny pig’s voice but where is she granny pig

Here i am granny pig gang why is granny in the roof we’re tidying the attic what’s the asset it’s where we keep all our old things like you grandpa pig ha ha things that are even older than me can we help okay granny grandpa’s attic is at the very top of the house

That’s the door to the attic how do we get up there i have a clever trick hello my little ones it’s granny come on up [Laughter] this is our attic wow it’s very full yes it’s full of old junk [Laughter] pepper and george are here to help us throw some things out good let’s start by throwing out this box oh not that box do we really need this that’s my ship in

A bottle and this that’s my other ship in a bottle and these they’re my other ships in bottles i need them all well we have to throw something out uh how about this box no not my hats oh dear we can’t decide what to throw out i know we’ll let pepper and george

Decide let’s throw away this old case oh not that one this isn’t just any old case it’s a record player And this was our favorite record can we play it yes oh we haven’t heard it for years [Applause] oh this takes me back come on pepper and george let’s dogs [Laughter] mummy pig is here to pick up pepper and george Hello where are you mummy pig can’t find anyone what’s that noise hello we’ve been dancing to granny and grandpa’s favorite record yes granny and grandpa played it all the time oh and here’s the record i used to play when i was a little piggy what is it

It’s called birdie birdie woof woof not birdie birdie woof woof you were always playing that i thought we’d thrown that out ages ago [Applause] the third scale woof and the dogs go to it oh tweet woof trees and the cows That was fun but we were supposed to be finding some things to throw out peppa what should we throw out and what should we keep hmm i think you should keep everything Bedtime It is almost bedtime peppa and george are just finishing their supper daddy pig oh sorry i’m a bit tired it’s been a long day george and i aren’t sleepy at all can we play in the garden but it’s almost your bedtime can we play outside for just a tiny bit please mommy please

Daddy all right but you must come in when we call you for your bar i don’t know where they get their energy from peppa and george are playing one last game outside before bedtime look george lots of muddy puddles peppa and george are wearing their boots

They are going to jump up and down in muddy puddles peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles george loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles look the biggest puddle in the world what a huge big puddle peppa george bath time daddy mommy we found the biggest muddy

Puddle in the world i can see that quick into the bath oh can’t we just play outside a bit longer no it’s bath time [Laughter] are you and george feeling sleepy no daddy we are not even a tiny bit sleepy pepper and george might not be sleepy but i am me too

Before bedtime peppa and george have their bath peppa likes splashing george likes splashing peppa and george both like splashing that’s enough splash let’s get you dry and into your pajamas oh can’t we just stay in the bath a little bit longer bath time is over now it’s time to clean your teeth

Before going to bed peppa and george brush their teeth okay that’s enough brushing into your beds oh i think our teeth need a bit more cleaning when you’re in bed daddy pig will read you a story Peppa and george like stories when peppa goes to bed she always has her teddy tucked up with her when george goes to bed he always has mr dinosaur tucked up with him are you feeling sleepy now no daddy we need lots and lots of stories daddy pig

Will read you one story now which book do you want um the red monkey book okay i’ll read you the red monkey book peppa and george like the red monkey book once upon a time oh sorry daddy pig once upon a time there was a red monkey and this red monkey

Had a bath and cleaned his teeth he got into his bed and soon he fell fast asleep good night red monkey peppa and george are asleep good night pepper and george sleep well Now peppa and george are asleep mummy pig and daddy pig are going to watch some television and now it’s time for the amazing mr potato i’ve been looking forward to watching this program the amazing mr potato is always ready for action he runs fast he jumps high he never sleeps It is bedtime for peppa and george and it looks as if it is bedtime for mummy and daddy too [Applause] daddy pig’s birthday today is daddy pig’s birthday daddy pig has to go to work daddy i wish you didn’t have to work on your birthday

So do i but i’ll be home as soon as i can see you later see you later while daddy pig is at work we can get all his birthday surprises ready first we’ll make daddy’s birthday cake we start with butter and sugar and flour then we add an egg

And most important of all the chocolate bits mummy pig is making a chocolate cake daddy pig loves chocolate cake i give it a stir mummy can i sir yes peppa peppa loves stirring george wants to go okay george that’s enough stirring there daddy pig’s chocolate cake hooray

Now we just have to bake it in the oven mummy can i lick the spoon yes you can lick the spoon and george can lick the bowl pepper and george love chocolate cake mixture oh daddy pig he’s missing all the fun mummy can i ring daddy at work and say

Happy birthday that’s a nice idea this is the office where daddy pig works hello mr rabbit speaking may i speak to daddy pig please someone for you daddy pig it sounds important hello daddy pig speaking happy birthday daddy happy birthday thank you peppa don’t be late home daddy bye bye bye bye

Happy birthday daddy pig thank you there’s just one more thing to do before daddy gets home yes daddy’s birthday surprise george remember it’s a secret Peppa and george have buckets of water mummy pig has balloons i wonder what daddy pig’s birthday surprise can be daddy’s home quick back to the house daddy pig is home from work Thank you everyone wow what a lot of candles that’s because you are very very old daddy you must blow out all your candles in one go i’ll do my best hooray [Laughter] and here’s your birthday present thank you new booths fantastic let’s try them out peppa george and mummy pig are wearing

Their boots daddy pig is wearing his birthday boots daddy pig has found a little puddle let’s see if these boots work the puddle is a bit too little for daddy pig hmm what i need is a big puddle why not try over here daddy pig oh what’s this it’s your special birthday surprise What are they up to a big muddy puddle fantastic My birthday boots work perfectly would you care to join me in my birthday muddy puddle daddy pig loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles this is my best birthday ever win the autumn day today peppa is going to the park

It’s freezing cold it is cold quick let’s get our warm clothes on on cold days peppa and her family wear their hats and scarves and coats i’ll put the roof up oh and let’s get the heating on everyone nice and warm yes daddy pig then let’s go this is the park

We’re here hooray mummy why are all the leaves red and yellow it’s autumn time pepper in the autumn it gets a bit colder and the leaves change color oh it’s quite windy let’s play a game to keep warm my turn oh it’s not meant to go that way

The wind is blowing the ball along the ball is in the pond hmm i’ll just use this stick to reach it just a bit further daddy be careful daddy pig don’t worry i’ve almost got it daddy is the water cold a little bit the wind has blown the ball out of the pond

That’s lucky yes what a stroke of luck it’s getting even windier hold on to your hats no the wind has blown george’s hat off don’t worry george daddy pig will catch your look it’s in that little tree hmm i’ll just climb up and get it

The tree is much too thin to take your weight daddy pig so how can we get george’s hat simple i’ll give the tree a little shake huh maybe if i shake it a bit harder i thought that sort of thing only happened to me

It’s not funny it is a bit funny mummy i suppose it is a bit funny where’s george’s hat it’s on your head here’s your hat george hold on to it this time the wind is blowing all the leaves off the trees look at me i’m leaning into the wind

The wind is strong enough to hold peppa up the wind is strong enough to hold georgia daddy i’m a bit too heavy come on daddy it’s really fun the wind is strong enough to hold up daddy pig i say this is fun come on mummy pig give it a try but if

The wind stops i’ll fall over the wind won’t just stop the wind has stopped it’s not funny it is a bit funny now the winter stopped what can we do hmm what’s your favorite game jumping up and down in muddy puddles but there aren’t any puddles just lots

Of boring dry leaves and what do you do with dry leaves i don’t know jump up and down in there daddy pig loves jumping up and down in leaves peppa loves jumping up and down everyone loves jumping up and down in league this is the best autumn day ever

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