Peppa Pig’s Long Train Journey with Daddy Pig! | Peppa Pig Official Family Kids Cartoon

Peppa Pig's Long Train Journey with Daddy Pig! | Peppa Pig Official Family Kids Cartoon

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Pepper and her family are having breakfast oh what’s the matter daddy pig i need to go on a long journey for work can we come too it’s work peppa and it’s a long long way by train please can we go it won’t be fun i’m testing concrete i

Need to know the relative density to mass to calculate for voids in the aggregate i need to know that too uh what does mummy pig think i think it sounds lovely but it’s hundreds of miles away in another country please daddy pig all right we can all go hooray [Applause]

This is the train station miss rabbit is the train driver all aboard are we nearly there yet no peppa it’s a long journey so you’ll just have to be patient why not sing a song to pass the time okay clickty clack clickty clacks the three months on the track huff and puff puff

And puff clicky oh oh there’s still a long way to go peppa we won’t get there until tomorrow morning but what about bedtime where will we sleep right here but this isn’t a bedroom daddy watch this magic beds and here’s where we brush our teeth a magic bathroom

There’s a little basin with little taps and that’s not all a magic toilet i wonder what this button is for daddy has found the magic shower hello passport’s place of course ah you are mr pig mr pig you must be coming to test our concrete uh yes do you know me oh your

Work in concrete is famous in our country but i have disturbed you good night uh good night it is bedtime Night night peppa and george night night my little piggies night nights peppa and george are tucked it is morning and time for breakfast on the train good morning miss rabbit aren’t you meant to be driving the train it’s fine the train runs on rails it can’t get lost

Would you like coffee or orange juice i’d like both please no coffee or orange juice you can’t have both i don’t think we have to be so strict with the famous mr pig coffee and orange juice thank you excuse me i am king alfonso could i have a

Coffee and orange juice too no that is impossible pepper and her family have arrived at the end of their long train journey we are honored to have your visit mr pig thank you here is the concrete for you to test daddy pig is an expert at concrete hmm very good

I hope the trying journey wasn’t too long and tiring no it was lovely what do we do now my job is done so we can take the train back home oh goody we get to sleep on the train again loves long train journeys everyone loves long train journeys Not available George my goodness what a muddy little piggy you’ll need a bath and we’ll need to wash your clothes George is washed in the bath george’s clothes are washed in the washing machine we must have washed these clothes a thousand times georgie’s clothes have got holes in them when you wash clothes a thousand times they get holes in them i can see your bottom george

Maybe it’s time we got george some new clothes mummy pig is taking peppa and george to the clothes shop hello mummy pig hello miss rabbit how can i help you we need some new clothes for george please well you’re in luck this is a clothes shop first we need to measure you

Now hold your arms out george thinks you’re going to tickle him i promise i won’t tickle you george very good what a big strong boy you are you see george miss rabbit didn’t tickle you did she no but i will george loves being tickled right let’s find george some new clothes

How about this it will keep you very warm oh if george would kindly go into the changing booth please george is wearing a big thick woolly jumper you look cuddly george hmm i don’t think white is the best color for puddle jumping hmm this isn’t white it’s every other color but white

George you look like a clown no george does not want to look like a clown hmm too much color what about this then now you look like a penguin yes it’s still not really george hmm what about this then basically it’s what you had before oh yes george you look like you

What do you think george george likes his new clothes So george didn’t get any new clothes then these are his new clothes daddy pig the same as before but no holes oh oh i see can we play in the garden now mummy yes let’s all play in the garden look a muddy puddle let’s jump in it jumping up [Applause] George you’ve got your new clothes all muddy again oh you’re one to talk peppa look at your clothes and you seem to be a little muddy too daddy pig and you mummy pig oh well it’s only mud it’ll come off in the wash if we’re going to get washed anyway

Let’s get even more muddy pepper george mummy pig and daddy pig love getting muddy everyone loves getting muddy Pepper is on holiday at kylie kangaroo’s house what are we going to do today kylie we’re going to the beach i love the beach is everybody ready yeah then let’s go yeah you’ll need life vests for the water dad are we good to go surfing now you’re

All good what is that it’s a surfboard what do you do with it you lie on it and the waves push you along ooh come on peppa i’ll teach you it’s easy to float because the board is super floaty the tricky bit is catching the way ready Don’t miss the next one peppa ready Surfing is the best thing ever it’s true surfing is the best thing ever George wants to go surfing sorry george you’re a bit too little to go surfing oh the waves are getting too big for pepper and kylie oh is it time to go home are you kidding these waves are perfect for grown-ups to surf woof Kylie where’s your little brother he’s out there with mom having fun joey your turn to surf guys thank you but i’m quite happy to watch why don’t you ever go mr pig why not it does look fun oh the waves have gone too bad mr pig looks like you’ve missed

Your chance to surf today oh that’s a shame but it’s just right for little george to go paddling in i’ll come with you no surfing george but you can sit on me instead george likes sitting on top of daddy pig look at that wave coming

It’s a big one daddy there’s a big wave coming [Applause] what’s that i think they want us to wave george george is using daddy pig as a surfboard wow george has got great balance you’re a natural surfer george maybe you can teach me a few tricks george is the best

I loved surfing mummy yes what a fantastic holiday we’re having so what’s planned for tomorrow are you uh staying another day i could stay here forever well i do have to go to work tomorrow they can come along too okay well i suppose that might be great

Peppa is having a lovely long holiday with kylie kangaroo Miss rabbit’s taxi peppa and george are shopping with mummy pig that’s a lot of shopping it’s for grandpa pig my granny is going away on holiday oh i see that’s a lot of shopping it’s everything on granny pig’s list where’s the car i didn’t bring the car i didn’t think

You’d be buying so much oh i’ll call for a taxi hello taxi service a taxi will be with you shortly sorry i’m just popping out back in the mo Taxi service where are you going granny and grandpa pig’s house please pop in i see you’ve been shopping lots of shopping about these days shopping for this shopping for that shopping shop rabbit why are you talking so much it’s what taxi drivers do peppa ah mind you i

Have mr potato in the back of the car the other day i thought it’d be granny pig is going away for a few days grandpa pig will be on his own this is a tin of food to get the food out you will need

This it’s a tin opener i know what it is granny pig if you want to boil an egg fill a pan full of water yes yes i know Granny pig hello my little ones we’ve got the shopping but why are you not at the airport granny oh yes i’d better call a taxi taxi service hello granny pig i’d like to go to the airport please of course hop in thank you daddy can we wave granny goodbye at the airport okay Bye bye going to the airport are you yes and actually we’re in a bit of a hurry hurry in here are we in there why are people always in a hurry granny pig has a plane to catch she’s going on holiday holiday i never have time to go on holiday i’m

Too busy being in a hurry miss rabbit are you talking like a taxi driver again yes the taxi has arrived at the airport goodbye my little ones bye bye granny bye bye pepper and george are waving granny pig goodbye here is mr wolf taxi hop in bye-bye mr wolf pepper and george love

Waving goodbye bye-bye daddy how are we getting home in the taxi oh it’s gone been on holiday have you i’m actually very tired do you mind if we don’t talk talk yes people talk too much these days don’t they talk talk talk talk talk talk and they say some people can talk her

Eyes without taking a break my sister hello taxi service hello could you pick us up from the airport please the airport righty-ho Stop hello mr ball are you mending the road no i’m supposed to be mending the airport but my truck’s broken down i’m going to the airport hop in have you got any luggage just the sand miss rabbit’s taxi is full of sand bye boss Oh hello here’s the sand thank you miss rabbit no problem take us home please miss rabbit righty-ho there you are my last taxi ride of the day now you can go home and have a rest ha i should be so lucky so we shall catch you waiting

It’s just another busy day for miss rabbit Peppa george and susie are playing in the garden with their favorite toys george has mr dinosaur susie has penguin and peppa has teddy teddy what game should we play you want to roll down the hill okay let’s jump in muddy puddles What’s that teddy you want to jump in muddy puddles too Peppa has slipped and fallen on teddy sorry i sat on you teddy are you all having fun yes yes mummy pig oh teddy you look a bit under the weather what do you mean teddy is a bit muddy oh i took penguin to the doll hospital and

Now he’s as good as new what’s a doll hospital it’s where dolls go to get better they get washed filled up with stuffing and even get new voices you are my best friend susie i love you a lot susie mommy can we take teddy to the dole hospital please what a good idea

This is the doll hospital hello miss rabbit hello peppa welcome to the doll hospital where we turn dolls like this into dolls like this have you got a sick dolly yes what is it a mouse or a dog it’s a bear well we have got our work cut out haven’t we

And a dinosaur are you booking them both in yes please okay so tell me little bear what have you been doing to get so poorly teddy has been rolling down hills jumping in muddy puddles and being sat on it’s no wonder you’re not looking your best there’ll be no more rolling

Down hills jumping in muddy puddles or being sat on once i’ve finished with you but teddy likes doing those things you do seem a bit floppy nothing some extra stuffing won’t fix what do you mean look this elephant is a bit sad but he just needs more stuffing Teddy likes being floppy thank you miss rabbit would mr dinosaur like some extra stuff okay well teddy like a new outfit here we have a smart sailors uniform but teddy is a girl girls can be sailors too peppa yes but teddy doesn’t want to be a sailor how

About a pilot no bitsy diver no what about a princess i think teddy is happy not to have any clothes thank you miss rabbit what about mr dinosaur no fair enough would teddy like new eyes you know what they say the eyes are the windows to the soul what’s the soul uh

It’s a bit complicated just look at these eyes we’ve got green eyes blue eyes or even these googly eyes the soul thingy might look a bit wrong with those eyes on teddy’s eyes don’t need changing thank you miss rabbit what about mr dinosaur does he want some new ones no

Fine one thing i can offer you teddy is a new voice the voices come in little plastic boxes which go inside the doll hello i love you that isn’t how teddy talks i’m so happy i want to play that’s not teddy you are my best friend but that’s penguin’s voice

You are my best friend susie mr dinosaur do you want a new voice silly question really there is one last thing i can do for you teddy that’s give you a wash no teddy doesn’t need a wash okay i’m finished and it’s good news there’s nothing wrong with teddy or mr

Dinosaur that’s wonderful would you like to pay by cash or credit card oh teddy i love you just the way you are and i always will Today is captain dog’s birthday happy birthday captain dog thank you everyone daddy you look sad oh it’s nothing son just seeing this here boat reminded me how much i miss the sea captain dog loves the sea why not open your birthday present it’s a boat trip a boat trip

That’s just what i wanted let’s go there’s nothing better than sailing a boat you could go anywhere you want in a sailing boat we could head for the tropics or have an arctic adventure we might even see a whale it’s just a day trip dear this is the canal

Now where is the sailing boat we’re going on this canal boat i see we use the canal boat to get to the sailing boat no dear we are going on this boat for your birthday and we’re sailing it down the canal but on a canal

You can only go this way and that way it’ll be fun come on dad it is a boat yes danny you’re right a boat on the water all aboard oh i wanted to say that oh i’m sorry go on then all aboard raise the sail Oh where is the sail canal boats do not have sails you just push this button to make the boat go ah thank you mummy dog and we’re away mrs duck is going faster than our boats want a race do you miss duck full steam ahead um can’t this thing go any faster no

This is the top speed oh anyway you want to slow down we’re coming to a mountain look out there’s a mountain in front we’re gonna crash straight into it no we’re going into the tunnel there is a tunnel through the mountain it’s all gone dark and our voices sound funny

We sailed straight through the middle of a mountain this canal boat is actually quite fun here comes another mountain and that means another tunnel not this time oh there’s no tunnel so what do we do we’re going uphill there’s no way in the world a boat can go uphill there is and

It’s called a lock watch i’ll show you mummy dog is opening the gates to the lock take her in captain just wait there while i close these lock gates now i’m letting in the water from the top we’re going up the rising water is lifting the canal boat up now i opened

These gates take her out captain full steam ahead whoa where’s the grounds we’re in the sky we’re sailing over a bridge yes this bridge means we can sail high above the valley below sailing across the sky what could be a better adventure across the sky in a boat so high

Floating on the water sailing across the sky have you had a fun time daddy i should say so i’ve sailed through mountains over hills and across the sky this is my best birthday ever captain dog loves canal boats everyone loves canal boats Masks it is the start of another day at peppa’s playgroup good morning children where is madden gazelle here i am mom i was wearing a mask you were in disguise yes and today you will all be making masks great we have cardboard and colored paper crayons and paints

Feathers pipe cleaners buttons pom poms can we use glitter no glitter please madame gazelle please madame gazelle no i have only just managed to clean up from the last glitter event now begin your masks children pepper is using colored tissue paper i’m making a butterfly mask danny dog is using buttons and drinking

Straws i’m making a robot mask susie sheep is using feathers i’m making a magic owl mask twitter i’ve made a superhero mask no i made a carrot mask and my little brother richard is a baby carrot we like carrots george has made a dinosaur mask dinosaur

And what mask is yours edmund it is the solar system with all the planets i see i’ve included pluto even though it’s only classed as a planetoid very good edmund elephant is a clever clogs so are we all finished mine would look better with some glitter on it please

Can we have some glitter madame gazelle glitter glitter are lots of other shiny things you can use not as good as glitter glitter glitter glitter no glitter gets everywhere there is no getting rid of it once it comes out it is a menace but it’s so special

And magic please can we have some glitter please oh all right but only if you all promise to be very very careful with it we promise okay i will unlock the glitter cabinet madame gazelle keeps the glitter safely locked away now children you did promise to use this glitter very carefully

It is home time and the parents have come to collect the children ah glitter don’t panic please remain calm there was a glitter leak but we have it under control now today the children have been making masks i’m here to pick up pepper and george but i can’t see them anywhere i’m a

Pretty butterfly flutter flutter flutter excuse me mrs butterfly i’m looking for two little piggies do you know where i can find them daddy i tricked you it’s me peppa what a surprise but where is george george it’s you i thought you were a dinosaur i can’t find rebecca and richard would

You mind if i took these two carrots home instead silly mummy it’s us oh rebecca richard come on pedro time to go home i am not pedro i am super pony oh does super pony want to come home or does super pony want to stay here for the night come

Home with you please mommy haven’t we all had fun making wonderful masks who are you it is i madame gazelle madame gazelle loves masks everyone loves masks Who can tell me what this is it’s a castle that’s right danny and for your school project i want you to go home and make a castle wow you can make your castles from any old bits and bobs you find at home cardboard plastic bottles egg boxes can we use glitter

Please not too much glitter it gets everywhere can i make the castle big make it as big as you like the only limit is your imagination it is breakfast time at peppa’s house mummy daddy i’ve got some very good news what’s that peppa i am doing a new school project

School project oh what is it peppa i need to make a castle okay why don’t you use this empty cereal box stick these yard pots on the side and what have you got a box with pots on it no daddy it has to be good peppa what exactly did madame gazelle

Tell you to do she told us to use our imagination and a fantastic castle is what i am imagining and my castle has to be big enough for me to live in i see right it is breakfast at susie sheep’s house madame gazelle told you to make a real

Fairy palace yes with all the little fiddly bits hello sorry but i can’t come into work today it’s a school project yes yes thanks but i should be able to manage this is what my castle looks like but much much bigger if it needs to be big

We should use concrete no daddy pig we just need to find a big enough cardboard box have we got a big box uh no delivery for daddy pig i don’t remember ordering anything this large ah it’s just a new light bulb why do they use so much packaging for these

Things shall i take the box away for you oh yes thank you no daddy we need that box look what i’ve got great that’s your castle almost done it’s not almost done we have to stick things on paint it add the glitter glitter hello hello can i speak to peppa please

Peppa it’s susie sheep hello susie how’s your school project going i’m doing very well more pointy mummy and it needs to be taller how is your castle going it’s quite hard work but my mummy and daddy are helping a little tiny bit uh what do you think of this tower peppa very good

But it still looks a bit cardboardy hmm maybe i can paint it i need to get on with my work now suzy see you tomorrow bye bye peppa what do you think peppa wow that looks just like a castle oh we got there in the end hmm it just needs one more thing

Glitter oh um glitter would stop the castle looking real and anyway we’ve um completely run out of glitter pepper and her friends have brought their castles back to play group wow a fairy palace that must have been a bit tricky for you to make susie no it was easy

My castle is made out of a cardboard box it is a very fine castle thank you madame gazelle pedro did you not make a castle i did but it’s too big to bring into school we built it out of stone blocks isn’t it wonderful what the children can make using just their imaginations

And my castle really is big enough for me to live in Peppa loves school projects everyone loves school projects Pepper and her play group are visiting the zoo for the day Children are you ready to see all kinds of animals yes today we will be meeting wild animals but don’t worry the wild animals will be safely behind A fences has escaped hello i’m mr lion welcome to the zoo it is mr lion the zookeeper hello mr lion you’ve picked a good time to visit it’s feeding time this way to the animals here are the tortoises we keep this gate shut so they don’t run

Away they don’t look like they could ever run no they’re moving very slowly yes that’s why they live to be so old how long do they live tortoises can live a hundred years wow now feeding time who knows what tortoises like to eat uh tortoises like to eat vegetables that’s

Right that’s why we feed the lettuce mr lion is feeding the tortoises lettuce but of course children not all animals eat vegetables that’s right mrs wildebeest my name is madame cazelle sorry gazelle wildebeest for some reason i always get those two mixed up mr lion what animal will we see next

I’ll give you a clue it lives in water is it a whale or a shark oh wait and see look carefully into the water i can’t see anything there’s nothing in there wait i think i see something da crocodile hello i’m mrs crocodile i’m the keeper in charge of the penguins

Adorable aren’t they and now it’s their feeding time penguins eat fish penguins are very good at catching and waddling and if you look through the glass wall you can see the penguins swimming underwater wow they’re really good at swimming yes that’s why we have this fancy pool for

Them very interesting thank you mrs crocodile and mr lion it’s our pleasure mrs wildebeest gazelle of course yes gazelle what animal were we meeting next i can see it it’s very tall it’s a giraffe yes that’s my dad he’s a keeper at the zoo hello i’m mr giraffe hello mrs

What sort of animal are you looking after see if you can guess look up there there’s a net it must be a flying wild animal it must be hiding watching us waiting to pounce butterflies mr giraffe looks after the butterflies is it the butterflies feeding time yes

And the butterflies get all the food they need from these flowers it is amazing they can live on just the food from flowers i wish i could get by just eating flowers yes all this talk of eating has made me quite hungry me too well it’s our

Feeding time now what’s for lunch today mr lion oh lunch boxes for everyone sandwiches fruit juice and an apple Everyone loves feeding time at the zoo We are doing nursery rhymes who has a favorite nursery rhyme my favorite is mary had a little lamb oh yes mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow and everywhere that mary went mary went mary went and everywhere I like that one it had a sheep in it that was lovely peppa thank you who else has a favorite nursery rhyme i like little bo peep and can you sing little boo peep yes and it goes like this little boy peep has just had sheep and

Doesn’t know where to find them i don’t like that one it’s about sheep getting lost it’s too sad yes does anyone know a nursery rhyme that isn’t about sheep me me yes pedro bubble black sheep oh sorry i know one about a cat oh splendid candy can you share it with us

The cow jumped over the moon the little dog loved to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon running away with spoons and cows jumping over moons crazy stuff who’s next i know a rhyme about a mouse very good freddy hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock

The clock struck one the mouse ran down hickory dickory dock oh that one makes a lot more sense i do like to run around madame gazelle i know a rhyme that has numbers in it excellent wendy please share it with the class one two three four five once i caught a

Fish alive six seven eight nine ten then i let it go again why did you let it go Oh the poor little fish was frightened it was kind to throw it back madame gazelle yes pedro i like robin hood okay and does robin hood have a rhyme yes robin hood lived in a word he was very good at jumping in mud very good pedro i made it up myself

Madame gazelle i know a rhyme about marching we have to go outside oh the granddaughter of york he had ten thousand men Again That was good exercise madame gazelle do you have a favorite nursery rhyme but of course pedro would you all like to sing it with me yes please everybody hold hands Peppa loves nursery rhymes everybody loves nursery rhymes You

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