Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect

Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect

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Tirra what’s up guys we’re dude perfect welcome to our PGA tournament PGA of course standing for plastic golf Association The rules of this battle are simple after three holes of golf the lowest score wins and to spice it up a hole-in-one wins a BMW hole number one is a lovely pot three over water into a nice little island green you definitely don’t want to be short on this one

Oh number one playing from the blue tees obviously I’ve been cool because there’s a fall holder on my golf bag putter driver or the wedge I’m going way to hyoeun if you’re bad at real golf you’re kind of bad at fate go Pato go as well

Good luck sir here we go we’re good Oh I’ll make it a wide stance come on – going to the top of his own perkele couldn’t worked out any better honky you’re dead sinners Feeling good today really the swing is good lower back feels strong I’m really rotating the hip so let’s get to cracking as I like to say Fortunately they wouldn’t let me take a drop the only rule applies to Golf Association play a ball where it lies Wow guys I did I want him to win I don’t think it’ll ever happen Not really sure what my score is guys I can only count to ten so after backyard all number one I’m sitting it plus one Coria plus two Cody and coves tied at +4 gear plus 9 hole number 2 is a tricky par 4 from an elevated tee box down to a green

Surrounded by sand traps you got to be careful with distance control here never really had a hole in one that’s because I waited for today when you win a real prize like a car I’m ready to take home a vehicle of all the holes this is my

Hole to get a hole-in-one they call them the BMW [Applause] Expert ruling even though the club may not have made direct contact with the ball the club influenced the ball therefore it’s a stroke he cannot retain we make up rules as we go I’m real big in like breathing technique so it eases the blood Wow be factual let’s go down to the green Montage at 15 Cory swings Here in the city here great city sound graphic beep dogs yes can’t hear you construction site Game recognize game I feel great – over on the day but I put myself in a position to succeed that’s what you got to do when you come out here 15:14 your composure in seven years getting a tan why don’t you just tap that I Spy you got 24 down there yeah I

Just giggled when you audibly said that standings before we head into the final hole I’m in the lead to over followed by Kobe five over Kody eight over Garrett twelve over in the core I believe he’s 21 over hole number three is a par-5 with a plastic tree line

Fairway that should favor the long ball hit up par-5 last hole of the day 60 yards so you’re going driver off the tee box big men make big plays folks it’s tough being in first place all the time you know you want to replace your wedges ideally every month if you can if

You can afford to because those grooves are a lot more important than you think Not a bad shot got good distance just on the left side of the fairway so I think that’s playable and see what Kobe does from there I need to make up three strokes on time that’s a good hit Sun burns bad I haven’t reapplied in about

An hour and a half not the best lie but I’m gonna go for the green here try and put this thing away it’s not open it’s it’s cracked I’m pleasantly surprised that I have a chance in golf right now but I have an opportunity at game time

So I hired Corey he’s so far behind I just figured he could grab my club stay busy they’re super heavy I’m like hey stay over there no getting through the door just a little bit go along with our plastic golf we got plastic trees as well it’s kind of a mix honestly between a red oak and a Chinquapin oh it’s got the overall leaf

Shape of a red oak but the edges are a little bit sawtooth kind of like a Chinquapin I just put my collar up because the Sun was really getting to my neck take a teeth clean your grooves you don’t have stuff like that that happens Wow Oh koves making it a little bit of a competition here if time makes this he wins it me missus and then makes it we go to play off one foot in the sand one foot in the grass all odds against me Thank you I’m gonna celebrate tonight enjoy it I’m ready for the green plaid jacket ceremony I can’t wait to give it to you I can’t wait to put it on goodness this happens far too often Tyler congratulations thank you sir Thanks special thanks to our friends at

BMW next time that thing’s mine I can just feel a hole-in-one coming next year attorney hey if you want to see more awesome content go to Golf Digest com if you want to see our last video click right up here little if you want to play our iPhone game click right here it’s

Free court how do it goes not even close let go

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