Pokémon BW Randomizer [2] – Monotype

Pokémon BW Randomizer [2] - Monotype

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All right remember just buy a bunch of pokéballs and a few publishers it’s so weird to me that I can I can use items I’m so not used to that used to all these challenges where I’m not allowed to use items so strange Wow it’s almost like I’m playing up oh

God that’s a that’s a ball toy with Focus Blast whoa focus glass is [ __ ] rough that caused me some issues in my Bidoof challenge yes I’m catching another ground-type to have more coverage damn it stop calling me Mom I just want to go to the next round

Stop calling me Mom I don’t even have kids item water stone cup mystic water and a water stone what’s going on guess that’s a Vaporeon of yours in the near future is gonna be something to behold yeah a little pup oK you’ve got those on your first row right yes yeah I’ve got

Them on route 2 I do like the battle music in this game it’s pretty good okay it’s not bad the there’s a different theme that plays whenever there is a double battle or a audio account encounter like a shaking grass encounter like it’s very slightly different oh I wonder with a shaky grass

And the direct dust cloud Pokemon are gonna be in this if that’s gonna be consistent I was playing a white – randomizer and I found one bit patch of shaking grass and they were placed I think it was all you know with cast form so I can consistently find Castform if I

Wanted that’s kind of cool shame it’s nothing great yeah and the specific randomizer aw crap the specific randomizer I was playing though it had just randomized the wild encounters and pretty much that was it just cuz I wanted to start with kecleon and you over there you could always just

Make your starter kecleon yeah that’s what I did I caught little puffs but it’s nothing special alright so I’m going for an all ground type team it looks like not on purpose mind you it just seems like the ground types on these on this first routes are pretty strong whose spinarak youngster Jimmy has a spinarak

I like that Pokemon oh yeah I still gotta go fight n hang on oh yeah tell me what n has mine head Patrat oh god this [ __ ] drain punch me and fully healed yep well I just have to hope he doesn’t do that I

Got 3 level 4 to level fours and a level 5 so let’s see what ends level 7 has for me probably not good good thing I stocked up on on potions Mary eat that spider highchair on come on I like that really long silence as you’re about to fight Anna and buy a bed to fight and you mean mashing through tons of text to fight em yeah just a lot of what’s it what’s a good comparison to make here they’re just public speaking

Towards this group of people yeah all I can think of is the the Illinois Nazis scene from Blues Brothers forgot about that god I haven’t seen that movie since I pledge allegiance take it off for that who doesn’t am i right oh you’re right you know it’s the funny thing is people

Would probably be outraged by that nowadays you know back in the day that was just really funny cuz like who the [ __ ] some Nazi yeah need the opposite of a yes yes see you got it a Yahtzee a Yahtzee a not what is the opposite opposite of not yeah

Yeah a yes and I don’t know god damn it he starts with a piglet and he has karate chop on it would it be an easy cuz not is isn’t is that an accurate synonym I don’t know I hey meditite back to the video games video games like

Meditite that’s kind of a cool pokémon and Psyche confiting yes yeah that’s cool it’s using dick I like that move can I use a pokeball walls digging I don’t know I can’t believe you can oh well [ __ ] it let’s try them got a lot of pokeballs and

Money’s not so hard to come by in this game nope I cannot okay well we’ve answered that burning question digs a good move though I like that move I wonder will truant take effect if I potion now so I’m eternity suppose dickheaded thing this game does I will

Put my hand up and say that the most dickheaded thing I’ve seen the game do is you go to a cave full of electric and steel type Pokemon fight a bit of billion trainers and then as you’re about to leave the ending door you have

A rival battle with n if you die you go back to a pokey Center oh yeah I forgot about that then you have to go through the whole cave again any encounter rate is really high that is the most dickheaded thing the game does that I

Can think of forgotten that there is a doctor in the cave but he is not a respawn point a few faint that is such a dick move it’s unbelievable well I beat ends Diglett with Geodude because it was a battle of attrition at that point ok caught me leveled up twice

Potion nice raises speed if held item is used less actually kind of good honestly yeah unburden is a pretty good competitive ability because if you equip something with a berry and they consume the berry then their speed is pretty much unmatchable oh i mean if it’s that

Much that might be good okay so it’s got dig and magical leaf that’s pretty nice yeah yes okay I might be able to get something out of this guy oh I believe him hang around I believe when it evolved into medicham its stats aren’t to like anything special and the main games

Its main draw was that it had huge power so it could actually thing benefit of some attack but I think it’s just painfully average in in a randomizer Oh Merrill’s got ice punch I think I want to catch this yeah it just took Oh Dino Bravo where’s the name and changer in

This game again or the name Raider or whatever because once I get some some pokemons that I’m really digging I’ll probably go I’ll probably like between episodes go and rename all of mine name Raider is I want to say cast Elia City it’s been a while it’s the New York City

Oh no never mind never mind Merrill’s truant oh okay yeah no at least you can avoid that yeah I mean I’ll catch it in case it has an item I mean I could always evolve it and it’ll probably lose true and it’ll get something else stupid

It’ll get slow start or whatever yeah oh my god if your Geodude evolves and gets that and you just only get negative abilities I felt like what five negative abilities in the game I cannot yeah I have the randomizer open right now like the the program to make

Randomizers and I’m seeing there’s a checkbox for banning negative abilities that’s unchecked so yeah yes we get those amazing a moment’s leg up you freaking out as you realize your starters true him oh you gotta send me the footage to that actually then yeah yeah I was gonna say would that be good

To send eeeh yeah yeah send me like some of the looking at the starters and also some of that cuz that’s really funny I just send you what if I just end that clip with true and activates and then you just hear me oh go oh no and I just

Cut off their send that my way that’ll be fun to work with there’s a churro be here I got as a Bidoof is a level tupa do not that great at using flame bursts believe it or not wave no sorry I was assuming it something else

Gosh up at sticks his tongue out at me what a dick that’s my other name and oh and also the name of my genitals yes alright French did the job Patrat is kind of looking like a good the best member of my team right now yeah yeah

Patrat he’s got crunch and that’s been pretty useful weird coincidence that three of my four things are female and the fourth thing is genderless hey got caught me cottony it’s got drought okay that’s not doing it any favors yeah and psycho boost why is it the first form

Pokemon always have the crazy moves it’s like our last randomizer we’re like I was running into like caterpie’s with like [ __ ] like space rending legendary powers yeah oh [ __ ] my the true ban just caught actually has a zoom lens equipped nice increase in chance it increases accuracy by 10 percent

That’s good yeah I’m gonna give that to my dog ooh because it has Focus Blast Dogu by the way is is that Japanese figurine that clay doll was modeled after and in the wonderful 101 those standard grunt type enemies are called oghuz but spelled as though that’s how

You pronounce it like do ugh G oo even though the actual spelling is do geo are do GU holy [ __ ] this hoppip has guillotine that’s actually a Pokemon from second chin that I like but I often forget exists yeah it’s kind of forgettable it’s a shame because I

Actually like it like it’s one of the most Gentoo Pokemon to me in its design and yet I for some reason I keep forgetting about it I really don’t know why all right I need to go first I’m still trailing behind pretty far I’ll be there soon route 2 up come on

Encounter I’ve got a lot of Pokemon here oh here’s another new one Oh God froggen rolla rock’n’roll is the Geo due to this what a [ __ ] name Acrobatics that’s actually really good crit me and killed me in one hit acrobatics is a flying physical move that does double damage if you do not have an item equipped that sounds pretty strong I’ll catch it I do like rock types I’m spending my money on pokeballs and

Potions and basically making myself if I game over I won’t lose much goddamn [ __ ] also got facade that’s a pretty strong RocknRolla and because because it’s a trade Pokemon like you have to trade to evolve it you can still like get away with what’s it called you can get away with leveling it

Up really high and then you can just evolve it that way ya get truant at the end have ultimate karmic justice for me making fun of you god it’s just fainted my two main Pokemon who would lord I gotta catch this thing it’s better than

My team and it’s a lower level than them Tada Oh come on oh no why does it though freeze shock god damn it man dratini seems like it could be a really strong investment had I chosen to go with it no bikini would be good the fact that I notice freeze shock is already deadly because I have three thing sorry I had

Three ground-types one of them is ice type so it resists ice but the other thing that on my team has is grass type so it would just die two ice types as well so oh boy hey ball toy hasn’t been shaping up very well unfortunately I got

A heal up again because trying to catch this [ __ ] rock and Rolla kick the [ __ ] and my two main Pokemon they both fainted all right let me get my PC and withdraw this thing because it’s good Gothita draw hee ha agraja i know sky draw oh no please don’t

Activate truant okay thank God the sky drop is a to turn attack if that would have activated true and that would have been mad Okay switch those two around so he’s got sniper powers that moves if they become critical hits that’s pretty good yeah 14 attack for level 5 all right put him at the front of the party for this rival battle it occurs to me that my Geodude despite not being a lowland Geodude has

Us has an electric move you haven’t gotten to that in Pokemon yeah um gotten to that point in the game to find a little of Geodude but it’s right what it looks like because once Brandon came over and a bra Pokemon go over let’s go and we were playing that Great duty none of those work up I can spend a turn to power ups tend to turn truant and then spend another turn attacking god damn I just I got an encounter first step into a bush then run away two steps later another encounter good just wanna get through rote too And it’s blowing up on me what the [ __ ] was that like I did like three damage and the speed and defense and special defense all fell it was some kind of crazy V something I don’t know I skipped it in speed create okay yeah that’s a really strong move

Yeah it’s spamming it and it’s actually doing a decent amount of damage now jus dude you’re faster at one point please run from why not before it kills you the third time it’s hit me with it it’s just a random Pokemon I just want to run away

We create I think also lowers his stats after using yeah it is is a special attack and special defense or speed defense special defense yes okay I’m gonna put Pat right out front he’s the highest level two second run away more good Lord this encounter rate oh my god

So I’m enjoying being able to get to the third town [ __ ] you [ __ ] me I mean I’m enjoying not having a true and Geodude on my team yeah really pick your battles on that one All right that’s almost oh my god that’s Pacha bushes the first step in the push a [ __ ] encounter hey it’s a smear goal that knows crunch yeah he’s good wait like any sense now oh it must have normalizes an ability crunch didn’t do super effective as

Damage to my ball toy so it must have normalized which changes all moves into normal type it still critten though so that’s another fight that ball toy lost All right last trainer before Bianca I think is at the end of this round then I go to trainer school and play trainer and oh [ __ ] you level 7 bronzer he’s just wasting my time [ __ ] bronzer Oh God Christ okay lower just defense heal Flame Burst he’s gonna burn me isn’t he I guess this is my the universe’s Way of telling me don’t use another ground type so I’m just gonna not gonna use ball toy and he creeped me are you kidding me oh

My god I just want to get to rote tune All right you fainted Patrat at least static paralyze them holy [ __ ] This start to the game is not quite as good as our heartgold SoulSilver start from what I’m gathering no we are off to some slow starts no actually truant not slow start but close nanana nanana there we go I took it out with a chromatics stuck potato rock yeah that’s good to

Level ups and Flame Burst and another half a level oh my god he levels fast nice boy beat was a level 7 bronzer it’s not like it was dangerous keep D no problem all right I’m gonna fight biank I just missing a Pokemon whatever she probably has two Pokemon

Yeah she does normally would be a little above at her starter so where are you again I’m right before Bianca okay found a soda pop what’s the name of that early oh she’s got wine hot what’s the name of that early location and in Super Mario Sunshine again Santa hills

Bianca he’ll see Yonko Hills okay I’m gonna say exam thinking else got vice-grip that’s not very strong cuz I was thinking Bianca Hills and I’m like that can’t be right but I want to make the reference he’s got retaliate but I didn’t make anything faints potion I

Heard a dozen that’s been his whole thing right she’s fams items true oh good well bye hard place question mark about to go down no it survived one more turn come on paralyzed I guess are we comments every day on the Reta challenge I did yeah just saying

They’re like all used a potion at this point why did I waste five minutes watching you this is [ __ ] and I usually just respond by being like I didn’t use items unlike almost any other run it was my first run cut me some slack my favorite those when they’re like

You’re talentless when I use an item and it’s like dude I beat all of Pokemon firered with a Magikarp like I beat I beat red ingento with no items using a sunkern the lowest stats pokemon in the franchise you got to give me props for that at least like that’s pretty [ __ ] hard

And acrobatics damn it really is strong so I have it on a flying-type I’m in a bad position to be fighting Bianca right now there timber still most sacred fire and two of my three things I’m not counting I’m not counting ball two anymore

We’ll get one shot by it okay so I don’t know why but my Tata Hoshi my rock pokémon I forget what it was originally called RocknRolla he levels so fast I’ll beat like an equal level trainer Pokemon and gain a level and a half I just beat unka but yeah low low

Level Pokemon against trainer Pokemon will level up pretty decently quickly remember hearing something about how in this game they really heavily scaled what was it the difference of a high level Pokemon fighting a low level Pokemon and vice versa the experience is really aggressively scaled yeah whenever ending horrific to level a

Hundred that’s true yeah when it comes to experience share stuff if you have a high level Pokemon fighting something and then your low-level Pokemon has the experience share on it they will get differing amounts of experience like you’ll be able to notice that there is a different amount of experience being received

So there is that as well [Applause] [Applause] you

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