pov: you were in too many fandoms (a playlist)

pov: you were in too many fandoms (a playlist)

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Trapped within these walls hey oh tonight A knife remains where the ending’s always just the same no gain dodge your head to the beat of death and you’re the lord Tonight Loud you’ve joined our crowd and we opened punish serpentines your life with him was fun but now the terror has only just begun now come with me and you will see machine you died tonight I think I don’t know what to do Why won’t you please notice me Please Please notice me Please notice me [Applause] New this Is it way too much if you had to choose just one of We’ll be us forever The way you’re right even when you don’t have a clue i wanna hear you say this love that i am feeling is true love something i want more Is I will be together forever We’ll be together forever This is the worst team i have ever played with in my life when we finally get on the point everyone dies i understand that every now and then a team will click when it comes to you i don’t think i can sympathize So much why don’t you just marry her so you’re the type that gets a mic and tries to lecture me you’re the most useless person we have on our team i’ve never seen anybody range quite as hard as you maybe you should go back to playing team fortresses Oh I’m already widowmaker i’m already widowmaker i’ll be bastion nerf bastion you’re right so winston i want to be winston i guess i’ll be genji i’m already genji then i’ll be mccree i already chose mccree i have an idea what’s your idea you should be i’m not gonna be mercy [Applause] sans All right here we go again welcome to the underground how was the fall if you wanna look around give us a call we don’t excuse my brother he’s a bit eccentric you’re just lazy and apathetic call me what you want i got thick skin another bad joke and i’m finished with him we

Are monsters the awful is kind mess with us takes a lot of spines Is your sins will follow Prepared is it I am you might even I know you and all that you want you’ll get a lot more from sans that are fun the deeper you go the messier it gets if i had it my way you’d already be dead kidding if you couldn’t tell i get so bored i amuse myself Attack leave me alone you know i got a knack for the trombone one more pun and i’ll be done but ain’t two skulls better than one we can’t breathe because we don’t want the motivations already now you should know this story Is Oh [Applause] You got it is [Applause] is yes Will is is It’s gonna Somebody break your diamond sword i’m the volatile sword what a violent force for the frightening spartans thought when it sees me tonight we dine indoors But i can’t stop my hobbies and interests include going boom boom Very easy Is so just behave walking across the hallways there is no place to play is cause eventually he’ll surely find me have to be brave solutions to get away This day is going to be perfect the kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small everypony will gather round see i look lovely in my gown what they The kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small but instead of having cake with all my friends to celebrate my wedding bells they may not bring for me at all i could care less about the dress i won’t partake in any cake vows well i’ll

Be lying when i say that through any kind of weather i’ll want us to be together the truth is Must escape before it’s too late find a way to save the day hope Not care for love and cherish him shining armor Finally the moment has arrived Mine all mine Don’t make up Mama hurts you Is She knows Keeping you happy Mama [Applause] Don’t make a sound she’s watching over us now everywhere her ears Oh Done Merry christmas Oh Me Uh Me Peace Brings you down here Please Run You can run You can try I’m hiding i’m trying i feel like i’m dying I hear a sound see them in the dark i know there’s someone There i’m always quick Let’s go say hi to the new friend I knew i was right to think i was over here We know you want to deactivate we just can’t let that happen Every night always it never changes we can make accidents happen we can make accidents happen we could make accidents We can make accidents happen we can make accidents happen So Is I’ll see you later now My love was always there I’ll see you later You think or something you don’t wanna know so you found it you happy with yourself are you nosy little i told you not to look i told you you may think i’m the devil get out Ding it’s dong too late for you to try and run away i see you through the window Together i Let’s play a little game You can’t hide from me you can’t hide from me just the way you can’t hide from me Is Sequences [Applause] Ah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] welcome to the Your time is out [Applause] as it crashes [Applause] [Applause] Don’t need to hear Is the Oh You’re never gonna bring me down you’re never gonna break this part of me my friends are here to bring me round singing just for popularity we’re here to let you know so we won’t let it go our music is a farm and it’s about to

Flow and you can try to fight we’ve got the light And together we will never be of Is Is [Applause] [Applause] Today Is Foreign is Our instruments have all grown tired and in the end the dream was to dance they took the dance away Sit down and take a scene oh is Is is You’re the conductor of this performance Uh Ah [Applause] [Applause] but you’ve already [Applause] Is Gonna kill you again [Applause] Hey [Applause] It’s determination [Applause] I love the way Knowing so much more learning all your tricks i’ll make you sick cause the truth is The way it’s determination I love the way

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