Preschool Learning Video with Lots of Fun Educational Toys!

Preschool Learning Video with Lots of Fun Educational Toys!

#Preschool #Learning #Video #Lots #Fun #Educational #Toys

Kids there are honeybees buzzing around the playhouse can you help me put the bees back in their beehive let’s use tweezers so we don’t hurt them Look it’s a red b where should we put it how about here in the middle with the red hexagon here we go yellow b let’s put you back in your home where should we put the yellow beat down here in the yellow hexagon good job how about this purple b where should we

Put the purple beat up here All right we have three b’s left here’s a green b let’s put it down here there you go b two more bees left We got the blue one where should we put the blue one that’s right up here last one it’s the orange b let’s put the orange b in the orange hexagon all right now that we have our bees safely in their beehive how about we plant them a cactus so they can get some

Nectar to make honey alright let’s start with the stalk of the cactus and now let’s add these bigger green arms Oh it fell over this is a balancing cactus so we got to make sure to balance it let’s try that again one here you put one here that way it’ll be even Now for the medium-sized branches It’s starting to look like a cactus now i think the bees are gonna like this Now let’s add the yellow orange and red ones these are the flowers of the cactus The bees can get nectar from the flowers All right two more and we’ll have our cactus Awesome doesn’t it look cool all right let’s see if we can gently add the beef to the cactus One Two Three Four Five all right our last one and six all six bees are on our cactus now maybe they can make us some honey oh well they did look at that that looks so yummy thank you bees all right everybody i hope you had fun tune in next time and i’m going to try

Some of this honey bye all right you’re ready yeah right good job [Applause] It’s a hexagon not a pentagon Wow good job let’s build this awesome ice cream truck and open up our own ice cream shop Look at these cute figures it comes with let’s see what else is inside Oh isn’t this cute All right let’s put it together These doors snap on like this Now let’s put the ice cream inside Let’s open this up and see what ice cream will be selling whoa look at all this lots of different flavors All right let’s find a good spot this looks good here’s our first customer can i have a bubble gum ice cream with whipped cream on top coming right up [Applause] Here you go What can i get you birthday cake and raspberry chocolate ice cream please you got it So Enjoy what can i get you i’ll have the popsicle special please coming right up This one looks really good here you go hope you like it what would you like can i get a mint ice cream with grapes on top you got it There you go Can i help you can i have the fruit tastic vanilla coming right up Here you go Can i help you can i have an orange and mint ice cream with grapes on top you got it Enjoy What can i get you rainbow sickle coming right up Here you go Can i help you vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top if you please my favorite Hope you like it that was fun we’ll have to sell more tomorrow see you later today let’s play with the tail the little bus parking garage it’s got a real working elevator then you can make go up and down at the top of the parking deck cars can either go down this slide

Or you can switch the track and have them go down this cool spiral i can’t wait to play with this super cool toy here come our cars now on this magnetic lifting truck look how we can pivot the arm around and move it back and forth

It even has a cool magnet on the end so we can pick the cars up let’s get the first car and set it down here this car is blue and yellow and it has the number one all right let’s send this one up the track here it comes

Up the ramp around the corner and into the elevator now let’s send it up And on to the track now before we send the car down the track i’ve got a cool idea with some gumballs since this car is blue we’ll use blue ones let’s add a few behind it to give it some extra speed All right ready three two one go well cool was that fun number one i think that means yes all right let’s do car number two now use the arm and the magnet to snap onto the car and put it down here All right this car is white with a red racing stripe and it has the number two let’s send this car up the elevator and down the track come on number two let’s go up the elevator oh no the door is locked we our lower the elevator first and the door will open There it goes up you go Now let’s get set on the and before we send it down the tracks let’s use some gumballs this time they’re white because the car is white and i’m going to switch the tracks from the spiral to this slide here all right ready set go Oh it crashed Oh no an ambulance are you okay number two oh i thought you got hurt i’m glad the ambulance came to help you next time we’ll be more careful thank you ambulance All right i’m glad number two is okay let’s move to number three let’s use the magnetic arm to pick the car up and set it down on the ground this car is the number three and it has red with a yellow stripe it looks really fast let’s try it on the track

Number three where are you going that’s the wrong way that’s better we gotta go up the elevator silly let’s raise the car up from the first level to the second and the third level one two And three now let’s push the button to set it on the track what color gumballs do you think we’re gonna use if you said red you’re right all right let’s add them behind the car for extra speed but this time i’m gonna set it on the

Safer track on the spiral so it doesn’t get hurt ready set go Whoa too fast just park next to one and two all right our last car let’s get it with magnetic arm And the last car is the number four it is yellow and blue here comes the last car to the elevator the yellow and blue number four park it in there and send it up Now we’re gonna add you guessed it yellow gumball All right here it goes three two one go well it was like a rocket ship all right that was our last race car let’s start putting back on the truck car number one now for car number two Perfect let’s get the red and yellow number three And our last car is number four I know it’s going around backwards oh no I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you liked it make sure you give it a big thumbs up and remember you are awesome let’s learn how to count and our colors with this cool car counting parking deck it has 10 different cars to count and each one’s a different color

Can you help me count the cars the first car number one is going to be brown let’s find the brown car here’s the brown car right here let’s slide it through the top And it’s car number one let’s check this gate so it doesn’t fall out all right number two is red we need to find the red car hmm here’s a red car right here It goes right here like the other one let’s slide it down one car plus another car is two cars one two our next car is number three and it’s orange the orange car here it is goes on top [Applause] Down the parking deck all right one two three cars what number is next number four and number four is yellow all right here’s the yellow car right here Now one two three four cars two cars plus two cars equals four and two plus two is four all right the next car is going to be green but look there’s two different greens hmm here’s a green card and here’s another green car well this one

Is light green so let’s find the light green car that’s this one here let’s put the white green car in the number five spot one two three four five cards now we can find the other green card see this one’s darker like this so it’s the number six card

Way to go guys we’ve got four cars left one two three four now let’s do the number seven and then the number eight the number seven is light blue so this is the white blue car right here let’s put this one the number seven spot now for the other

Blue car the number eight it’s right here it goes we have one two three four five six seven eight eight cars we need two more to get our ten cars all right number nine is purple here we go here’s the purple part right on top there

All right we have one car left can you tell me what color it’s gonna be it’s gonna be pink just like this one right here let’s put this on top now we have all 10 cards Do you guys remember what colors the cars are we have brown red orange yellow light green green light blue blue Purple and pink let’s find out what happens when a car leaves a parking deck let’s raise the gate and take one car out Oh they fell down now the level says there’s only nine cars because we took one out ten minus one is nine let’s take another car out whoa ten minus two is eight ten minus three is seven ten minus four is six ten minus five is five ten minus six is four

Ten minus seven is three ten minus eight is two Ten minus nine is one ten minus ten is zero no more cards are in the parking deck this is such a fun toy let’s get genevieve to play too nine eight seven six five four three two [Applause] One two three Four oh There you go no it’s better nothing four high Number seven And last one is number 10 10. good job i put this slime in a bowl on it because you put a line that says level it’s swivel good job one two three four five six seven eight nine ten can you tell me the colors of the cards all right brown red orange yellow Oh good job you’re so smart Yay It’s genevieve’s playhouse here it comes put it up here are you ready yeah what color is that orange orange you want to put them on the gumball maze Whoa ready all right here we go [Applause] is that cool Really cool there you go [Applause] what color was that Good job what color is that right you put them on the maze You do it one at a time whoa You gonna do them all i want there you go ready Wow What color was that Good shot you wanna do another color yeah what color is that good job you put them on there oh Uh oh my missing two oh we’re missing two blue ones okay i’m going to use the red ones now There you go so many gumballs So that’s one it goes What color was that red good job you wanna do another color yeah okay what color is that purple purple How about you pour them all up there die with your problems okay you ready come on Whoa what color was that purple you’re right what color is that green green oh I’m making one missing one there it is what color was that green good job what color is that white all right i’m gonna put in my marble maze It’s okay Oh Two [Applause] That’s right what color is that that’s right All right let’s put them on ready here we go What color was that pink picture what color is that yellow Watch out there we go What color is that rainbow rainbow wow there you go That’s so cool All right good job i did this you did it say bye everybody give it a thumbs up subscribe yeah and subscribe to the channel if you like the video bye guys blue Orange Pink Yellow orange Green Let’s Move orange Pink Blue red look kids here comes farmer john to feed the animals in his barn what’s wrong farmer john i need to feed the animals but i can’t get the barn door open maybe we can help you open the door let’s try it let’s see oh this first door it’s locked

I wonder how we’ll get inside maybe it has something to do with this oh if we flip the latch we can pull the door and it’s open wow what’s inside it’s a horse oh there was a horse inside the first door of the barn oh what’s this

A baby horse a baby horse is called a fold look at how cute it is it’s the baby horse and the mama horse awesome let’s help farmer john feed them here comes farmer john with their food it’s an apple let’s cut it into two pieces since there are two horses All right we’ve got two small pieces for the horses one for the horse And one for the foal alright guys let’s see what animals in the next door of the barn yeah it’s locked we can’t pull on it to open it maybe if we lift this hook and pull on the door now oh it’s open all right what is that i see a cow

In that cute it’s black and white too wow oh and there’s baby cows too there’s one two a baby cow is called a cat and two are called cows let’s go feed these cows normally cows eat grouse but today farmer john is bringing a special treat a pear

Let’s cut it into three slices for our cows cut it in half now let’s put it into quarters Oh no farmer john are you okay i’m okay all right good sorry about that all right for the mama cow we get one piece of pear all right now for the babies one cap and two caps all right now the cows are fed let’s see what else is in the barn

All right here’s the next door of the barn but the door won’t open it’s locked what should we do maybe if we flip this switch oh it’s open all right we did it and here is it’s a chicken oh wow how cute what else is there oh what is this

It’s a boy chicken called a rooster roosters are more colorful and have a big fan of a tail that’s how you can tell them apart from a hint or a female chicken i think there’s some more inside too Oh it’s two baby chickens called chips and they grow up to look like a hint or a rooster isn’t that neat all right let’s go feed them here comes farmer john with chicken’s favorite food corn we need to peel the husk first the husk is this green outer part to

Reveal the yellow yummy part all right now the chickens can eat the corn Alright let’s see what animals next before we open this next door can anybody find the cat if you can tell me in the comments what color it is now let’s take a look at this door oh it can almost open but it’s stuck from the latch how should we get it open

If i pull on the chain it’s still stuck maybe we can slide it over oh and then it comes right out now we can open the door oh look it’s a goat look at how cute it is it has two little horns and a beard just like some people isn’t it cute

Oh let’s go feed the goat since a goat will eat almost anything farmer john’s bringing me something healthy it’s a tomato let’s cut it for the goat There you go goat off you go we’ve got two animals left let’s see what they are the next animal is behind this door right here it has a bolt on it all we have to do is rotate the peg down and slide it over there we go it’s unlocked

And look it’s a sheep Oh look at how cute and fluffy the sheep is the fur of a sheep is called wool and we use wool to make clothes isn’t that cool oh look there’s a baby sheep too oh it’s adorable a baby sheep is called a lamb this is a lamb

And this is a sheep let’s go feed the sheep here comes farmer john with a carrot for the sheep all right let’s cut it in half so the mama sheep and the baby lamb can each have a piece here’s some for the baby and some for the mama

All right we have one more door to our barn let’s see if we can open it if i pull on the door it won’t move maybe if i push this down no do you have any ideas maybe i can lift it there it goes now it’s open all right

And there’s a pig inside wow look at how fat and pink it is it’s so cute oh what an adorable little farm animal let’s go feed the pig just like a goat a pig will eat almost anything so we’re gonna bring him something healthy it’s a

Piece of broccoli let’s cut it for the pig here you go pig all right now that we’ve fed all the animals it’s time to put them back in the barn do you remember who’s behind this door let’s see Oh look it’s the door for the horses let’s put the horses inside one two Which animal goes behind this door it’s the cows that’s right here’s the mama cow and the two baby cats Now what animal goes behind this door the chickens here’s the rooster hen and the chicks What about this door the one with the chain latch let’s see what’s on the other side it’s the goat here you go goat Let’s lock it back two more doors to go This one has the bolt it’s the sheet there’s the mama sheep and the baby lamb I bet our last door is going to be the pig let’s see It is here you go pig All right guys thanks for helping farmer john get all the animals out of the doors thank you so much make sure to give us a like and subscribe for more videos bye guys it’s genevieve’s playhouse oh cool guys doesn’t this look like the perfect spot to set up our genovese playhouse

Zoo let’s add some habitat elements like this rock formation and this cool tower for animals to climb on and this cool block of ice for our cold weather friends and this hut for exhibits and shows our zoo is looking good so far but we’re going to need to plant some trees and bushes Now before we add animals we gotta add some enclosures we have green orange and blue Great job guys now our zoo is ready for some animals let’s start by adding some penguins where should the penguins go i’ll bet they would love this ice block over here one two and they can even go down this cool slide whoa splash now it’s time to add a mama giraffe

And a baby giraffe there’s the mama and the baby whoa who are these silly animals they’re monkeys oh how cute since monkeys like to climb i’ll put them here so they’ll be happy how about this animal do you know what this is it’s a seal that’s right and i’ll bet

This seal would love to go play with the penguins here you go have fun playing together We’ve even got some peacocks to add they’re so colorful and lively they brighten up any zoo one right here and the other right there oh what is this it’s a cute little hippopotamus how adorable hippopotamus actually means water horse so they love water but not cold water

Like the penguins so i think we’re gonna have to put them over there where it’s warmer water here you go hippo have fun swimming in the water oh look at these it’s a baby elephant and a mommy elephant i think we should put these over there by the hut

Elephants need lots of room to move around so this is perfect oh look at these cute little turtles i have a good idea for these guys since turtles are so silly and cute let’s give them a seesaw to play on doesn’t that look fun whoa whoa whoa whoa they love it

Guys do you know what these are they’re birds but what kind of birds are they they’re two cans aren’t they cute they have really big bills and they make all kinds of crazy noises in the jungle let’s put these guys since they have these awesome little grooves on that big

Tree in the back Oh they love it no zoo is complete without lions and we made this rock formation just for them last but not least a zebra i think we should put it up front so guests see it when they come in our zoo oh i almost forgot we need to build an

Entrance for our guests Perfect guys check out this zoo we made it’s got lions zebra giraffe hippos monkeys and more hey look everybody it’s our first guest what do you think of the zoo we built isn’t it cool oh my gosh this zoo is so amazing i love it i hope you guys enjoyed building this

Fun zoo as much as i did if you liked the video make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see our other cool content bye guys Look at all these gumballs cookie monster do you want to play with these gumballs yeah yeah how about we play and learn at the same time cookie monster love learning all right great cookie can you tell me what color these gumballs are um pink good job cookie monster let’s put

These pink gumballs in the gumball machine yeah yeah whoa that was cool should we do another color yeah yeah what color are these gumballs cookie white good job cookie let’s put them in the gumball machine pokemon do it you want to do it yeah yeah all right hold on to it two more

Good job thank you let’s do some more yeah yeah all right cookie what color is this purple good job these are purple gumballs you want to put them in the gumball machine yeah yeah all right let’s unscrew it Do you know what color these gumballs are blue that’s right guess what what blue is cookie monster’s favorite color is that because you’re blue yeah yeah yeah that makes sense all right let’s put these in the gumball machine yeah yeah Good job cookie cookie what color are these gumballs green that’s right they’re green green like oscar the grouch yeah yeah hey nice guy let’s put these in the gumball machine All right cookie what color gumballs are these yellow that’s right they’re yellow only two colors left cookie monster what color are these gumballs orange that’s right these are orange gumball all right cookie our last color what color are these red good job Look cookie we made a rainbow yay me love rainbows guess what what cookie me hungry you want some gum balls yeah yeah yeah one thousand gumballs you can’t have a thousand 100 gumballs how about 10 10 gumballs yeah yeah yeah all right first let’s mix them up okay yeah yeah yeah mix them up all right cookie now that we’ve mixed up the gumballs let’s see what colors we get yeah yeah gumballs all right here comes our first one one yellow gumball Two red gumball three another yellow gumball whoa Four pink gumball five white gumball [Applause] six green gumball [Applause] seven blue gumball [Applause] Eight another bit of gumball [Applause] Nine pink gumball [Applause] last one ten orange gumball [Applause] all right now you can eat them yay all right cookie here are your 10 gumballs gumballs here you go yummy you want to blow a bubble you’re going to blow a bubble all right here i go now cheers me make it bigger Bigger it’s gonna pop cookie monster oh no cookie monster oopsie look guys we have an imaginarium discovery wooden marble run let’s open it up see what’s inside and put it together whoa look at all these cool pieces [Applause] all right we got everything unwrapped let’s put it together let’s start with the elephant

For the tree put the monkey inside Now for the lion And now it’s time for the giraffe and our last piece is the alligator chomp chomp chomp wow look at the cool marble run we made it’s cool this will be a lot of fun let’s try it out what color ball is this that’s right it’s green let’s try the green ball

Alright here we go Whoa cool how about this ball what color is it that’s right it’s blue let’s try the blue ball here it goes Now for this ball do you know what color it is yeah it’s yellow let’s try the yellow ball Alright three two one go Alright how many balls is this two that’s right let’s try two balls at the same time here we go How about this how many balls is this three that’s right three let’s try all three balls at the same time here they go One two three now let’s try five colorful marbles here they go Here comes the car carrier to park at the service station how many cars do you see on the car carrier can you count them one two three four five and six there are six cars on the car carrier let’s unload the truck and play with the service station First we have a blue and red car it has the number six on it very cool next is the red and yellow car this one looks very fast here comes the orange and blue one It has the number four now for the cars on the bottom row this car is purple with orange flames it has the number three Now we have the yellow and blue car it has the number two and the last car on the car carrier is green purple and yellow and it has the number one so now that all the cars are off the car carrier let’s play with the service station first up is car number one

So let’s put the car on the parking deck Let’s raise the car up and put it in spot number one now it’s number two’s turn let’s go up the parking deck Park in the number two spot next we have the purple number three oh no the parking deck is up And up it goes so now we have three cars parked in the parking deck here comes car number four of the parking deck oh no there’s no more spots where should the number four go how about down this ramp we can put the four in this blue garage open the door

And drive it in there what should we do with number five and number six how about we give them a car wash Car number five wants to go first here it goes to the car wash under the roller now through the exit nice and clean now for number six Washed in the roller and out it goes time for cars 1 2 and 3 to come down Here comes car number one down the ramp now it’s car number two’s turn whoa And now for car number three We’re missing a car we only have one two three four five cars we started with six oh there’s another car in the garage it’s car number four it’s time to get gas for all these cars and put them back on the car carrier first up is the green number one

Let’s give it some gas and off it goes here comes the yellow and blue number two Click click click here it goes and here’s the purple number three with orange flames off it goes too now the number four this is the car that was hiding in the garage off it goes we have two more cars the red and yellow number five good glue glue and finally

The blue and red number six look look here comes the truck to put the cars back on the trailer let’s lower the trailer and now to put the cars back on first is the number one Next is the number two And now for the purple number three Here comes the number four Here’s the number five And finally the number six now it’s time to raise the trailer it’s time for the truck to go home

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