PRINTMAKING Tutorial, How to LINOCUT for Beginners Pt. 1

PRINTMAKING Tutorial, How to LINOCUT for Beginners Pt. 1

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Hello friends today i’m gonna do a lino cut print making tutorial i’m gonna show you how to make your very own block print and i’ll go through the whole process from design all the way to final print i did have to break this tutorial up into three parts

So this video is going to be part one where i covered the design and all the materials you’ll need for this whole process if you follow this tutorial i would really love to see what you make so please post your work to instagram and tag me at smish studio if

You do have any questions then post them in the comments down below making can be kind of challenging so don’t get frustrated if you mess up one little detail or something just keep trying and the more you do printmaking the easier it will get let’s get started so here’s a list of

All the materials first you will need some newsprint whatever size you want to grab as well as a piece of glass or plastic something from an old picture frame works too and some tracing paper you’ll need some print making paper i use mulberry paper you can also get a

Pad of print making paper this one’s pretty good don’t forget your ruler and some tape always need those some sharpies and pencils and a spoon or you could also get a barren these will be used for print making you don’t need both for inking you could use a putty knife or a palette

Knife don’t forget your lino cut block that’s essential you’ll also need some ink just some black ink whatever you can find at your local art store or online you’ll need a brayer whatever size you want this is just what i have and you’ll need a lino cut tool this one’s from speedball it’s

Pretty good and this one’s optional but a 40 grit sanding block it could be helpful but not necessary in the description box below i’ll have a list and some links to all of these materials you will need one sheet of tracing paper your block a sharpie and

A sketch you can also work from a photo or i will provide a line drawing of this in the description box if you just want to use mine first thing i’m going to do is trace this block onto the tracing paper that way i have the exact dimensions

Of the block i’m going to be transferring the image to and then we want to lay this over our drawing so you can see my drawing is a little bit too big for the block i could go into photoshop or something and resize it but i think it’ll be fine if i just

Transfer what fits on the block [Applause] so you want to focus on doing a line drawing and then once you have your shapes outlined and you’re just looking at your image you can choose to make certain areas white in certain areas black so for me i knew i wanted the background

White so i put little w’s where i want areas to be white just to remind myself to carve away that area and then i like to put little b’s for black where i want things to stay black and this design actually has a lot of options you could do some of the leaves

White and some of them black you could do the leaves white in the background black it’s all up to you uh feel free to deviate from how i do it if you’re following along with my image but it is best to stick to black and white

And i think i’m going to do these lines as white so kind of get a plan in your head and i like to sometimes write it down out to the side that way i have something to reference and then i also will include some some carving texture for certain areas

The pot in the ground i’m gonna make some varying carving textures here just to make them stand out from the leaves and the background all right now we are ready to transfer this image to our block and that is all for part one part two in this tutorial series will have

Uh block prep and transferring the image to the block and carving in it so stay tuned for that one make sure you subscribe and turn your notifications on so you can catch my next tutorial video don’t forget to post your final print to instagram and tag me

At smish studios so i can see what you create i really want to see how this tutorial goes for everyone who follows it and i guess that’s it so i’ll see you in part two bye

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