Professor 1v1 vs NBA Executive at Utah Jazz Arena

Professor 1v1 vs NBA Executive at Utah Jazz Arena

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[Applause] i’m going to bust a professor’s ass he has no idea who he’s messing with we have the utah jazz executive steve he wants to play really badly he’s an executive yeah you work for the jazz yeah yeah professor live what’s up live fam today we’re out here

In salt lake city utah shout out to the utah jazz for having me out here opening night and shout out to the title sponsor udo today we’re going to be playing random passer buyers that are walking into the arena right here they set up two side chords it’s gonna be myself chris staples

Rihanna And white iverson these are all people who’ve been wanting to clapping for a long time so it’s gonna be lit my son’s like 30 minutes away he’d love to see you oh tell him to come through i just told him i just saw professor oh okay hey good to meet you

Man you too cool so we’re coming from la it’s definitely a different kind of weather out here yeah it’s funny like la i think it’s been sunny every single day of the year this year this is the first time i’ve actually seen like some snow and clouds winter weather so good thing

We came prepared puff jacket check that out this winter’s dropping what’s up with these pants hyperspace come on man look getting ready for 20.99 you know what i mean hyperspace hey you know who that baby what the hell and this is gonna be for my tiptoe is it

Okay roll it you’re gonna take it you’re gonna take it horizontal for your take off you gotta flip come on i’m excited today man to collab with the professor last time the video was like crazy it was like trending on youtube for a little bit so it’s gonna be another epic day We out here in utah we’re playing pastor bye today might be these guys right here whoever wants to get this smoke how you feeling feeling good man you know it’s a little chilly out here but you know we got the goat the profession in the building stuff you know we about

To do something like 1v1 2v2s against some fans or whoever pulls up you know so it’s going to be epic today is the day what i understand the professor collab going down let’s go you can’t touch the grill i cannot tell you right now they asked me to play but they don’t

Know like when i gotta warm up for at least like 20 minutes you got a team warming up with you too yeah let’s go guys what’s up this is the professor i’m out here at vivint arena with udo about to get us started let’s go perfect thank you so much are you about

To play yeah what’s your name my name is sid how you feel about the game what do you think is going to go down i feel like i’m gonna get smoked yeah i actually like that one between his legs [Applause] hey man i see you limping over here are

You okay yeah i feel okay well i mean my pride and my egos hurt it was a blur feels good to be playing you know funny the last video i played i was dressed fully as bugs bunny as you guys might have seen so playing without the costume i feel like electric right

Now because you don’t know playing that thing you like 40 it was like lifting weights like i got my workouts in we’re ready to go How was that it was awesome have you ever done anything like that before no we’ve been shot for years bro these dunks chris doing so many years in it’s clockwork like i’m gonna bust a professor’s ass oh he he has no idea who he’s messing with i’m

That guy i’m that guy he says he’s gonna bust your ass okay great is let’s go Yes sir Hey man what happened pull the hammy i’m pretty sure i pulled a hammy yeah growing up man i used to watch this guy on the court go crazy finally beginning to collab with the professor man it’s it’s a big deal for me you know i mean one of the dudes i

Used to look up to i still look up to you know a mentor of mine you know so shout out to the professor man about to go crazy and catch some ankles baby i texted him on uh facebook he didn’t respond and right now it’s his time he’s gonna regret not responding to

Me my bad david workout oh good job baby here we go okay oh Hey sexy [Applause] Oh [Applause] so i don’t know what happened there you got the autographed ball awesome one point what’s your name jacob let’s here for jacob guys [Applause] how many steps did we get in the game of basketball no that wasn’t good that was a payment [Applause] playing basketball it’s all right it’s all right no that was not true you just got running back though you came it was not travel it was not travel i don’t know you’re good all right relax it’s okay [Applause] let’s go Oh thank you thank you dream come true dream come true thank you so much okay we have the utah jazz executive steve he wants to play really bad he’s an executive do you play both i think he played college ball okay let’s see what he do you’re about to play

Oh yeah let’s go work for the jazz yeah yeah let’s go talk to us get down there all right guys [Applause] Oh you should have played him one more point i know you wanted me to get him i’m gonna get him yeah go grab him come on you gave up no i didn’t give up it’s two to two right now Next bucket wins lock them okay lock them up d lock them up [Applause] all right so there it is we just hooped in front of the utah jazz debut game opener which y’all think it was dope big shout out to utah jazz and udo for bringing us out here it was a blast man we’ll see y’all soon [Applause] Hey uh You

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