Programming Your GE Universal Remote Control to ANY Device

Programming Your GE Universal Remote Control to ANY Device

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In this video I’m gonna show you the easiest way to program a GE remote control coming up next hey everybody Rudy here from take a bath productions with another video to hopefully add some value in your life with how-to videos in this video I’m going to explain how to program a GE

Remote this particular one happens to be three 3709 but it should be similar across the board alright let’s dive right in alright everybody here we go here’s the 3 3 709 this one is a 4 device remote control but they do have different models that go up in the

Amount of devices they can control one cool thing that I noticed about this remote is is you can program it does this doesn’t have to be cable this doesn’t have to be DVD you can program any device to any of those buttons the only drawback is is you have to remember

What you put there but it’s kind of a cool feature that lets you juggle stuff around a little bit here’s the back of it and of course if you don’t have the code list that it came with it looks like this you can go online and look up these

Codes I’ll leave a link in the description where you can find those codes at when you go online you’ll have to take the battery cover off and look here for a sticker right there this one says Co 4 that means code list 4 and that’ll give you the right code

List for this remote ok I’ll start off with the simplest way to program this the most simplest way to program this is the direct entry where you put your code directly in there and hope that it works there’s another way called Auto code search and I’ll show you how to do that

Here in a minute but the most common way is the direct entry because more than likely you’re going to have that you need we’re gonna start off with a simple one for a TV a Sony TV you’re gonna wanna you’re gonna want to push and hold setup until the red light glows

On the power button push the device code that you’re gonna be controlling a TV in this case okay my code for the Sony TV is one zero seven one red light went out let’s try it okay the TV let’s make sure we have some volume and stuff like that and we do

It’s working okay that’s all there is to programming a TV pretty simple right okay that’s how you do a TV the other devices are basically the same principle you would just push a different button remember what I said earlier I could have put the TV over here on the DVD

Button or the auxilary button it doesn’t really matter also if that first code that you try in the list doesn’t work you have to redo the procedure and try a different code if you run out of codes then you go to that automatic code search I was telling you about earlier

And then of course if that doesn’t work then well take it back and get your money all right let’s just try another one just for the sake of it we’re gonna do our Bose sound bar go ahead and push set up red light comes on it stays on

Push the device button that you want to use for this one I’m gonna use auxilary in this case 0 4 6 6 that’s my code for the Bose sound bar all right let’s give it a try there we go and it’s working good let’s talk about

The Auto code search here for a minute just in case that method doesn’t work you’re gonna want to do the same thing push the set up until the power button glows and then you’re going to want to push the device code that you want to

Try to find the code for I just push TV in this example and push power button now you see it blinking there that means it’s sending out ten codes and of course you’re gonna have to go through this if your 500 codes down then you’re gonna

Have to go through it 50 times you just push it again and then we’re just gonna pretend up it was one of those codes okay so the TV just turned off so you know it was one of those ten codes now you have to find out which one so what

You’re going to want to do is manually turn the tv back on and push volume up that’s gonna go through the ten code there’s one two three there’s ten and then up on the fourth one it responded okay so now push the TV button again and

It stored that code now it’ll work we don’t know which code it was could have been any of the codes but as long as it works that’s all that’s the point you can do this method with anything that you’re trying to find a code for let’s

Just do one more example of the direct entry on an Apple TV for example this – to show you that you can use any of these devices device buttons here to control that okay so let’s do an Apple TV okay once again push setup we’re gonna put the Apple TV under the cable

Okay it’s one zero nine three one zero nine three okay okay I’m just gonna push one of the four arrow keys that are around the okay button there we go it came on and there’s one more pretty neat feature on this remote that I should show you how to do real quick

It’s the master volume feature which you would use this for is say okay I have a sound bar and you want to control the volume of the sound bar without affecting the TV or the satellite box so you want to do this here we go again with the setup

Push and hold now remember I’ve got the Bose set up on the auxilary input so we’re gonna push that mute volume up we got two blinks all right now what you can do I’m gonna have the remote in TV mode and it should still work the volume

On the boat okay let’s see if that works okay I have the remote in TV mode and as you can see the light is flashing on the boughs so that’s working great now to disable this feature if you don’t want that you just do the opposite push setup

Again now push the button that was controlling the audio auxilary in this case mute volume down okay now it’s disabled that’s all there is to it alright guys that’s about it that sums up the basic features of this remote control if you like this video smash on

That like button and subscribe to my channel I come out with videos like this as often as I can thanks for watching

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