Prove it Board Game for Family Game night with Ryan ToysReview!

Prove it Board Game for Family Game night with Ryan ToysReview!

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Three two one iron man how spider-man batman superman uh uh catwoman uh black panther um iron fist uh flash uh wonder woman welcome to ryan toy reveal Hi ryan and daddy hi what are we playing today we’re going to play a proven It says it’s easier said than done so basically the game will come with cards and what we have to do is see if we can do whatever the card says for example this card says bet how long it will take you to recite the whole alphabet so

How long do you think it’ll take you uh 20 seconds 20 seconds daddy how long do you think i’ll take you to his life maybe 10. And it comes with this little guy here he’s putting a tongue out at you wait is that a piggy no regular person it’s a regular person yeah so it comes with little things some of the cards will tell you to prove it with the ring or the ball

Whoa see if you can make it in the and here’s a spinner so basically you spin to see who you are competing against so for example ryan will go first he’s gonna spin is it gonna be [Applause] yeah daddy’s closest to that spinner so whoever gets five points first wins okay

All right mine you ready to play all right ryan pick up your first card and read it carnival toss bet how many times you can toss the poop to land on So how many times do you think that you can toss the ring on top of mo in 20 seconds um three three okay daddy you want to go higher i’ll go higher i’ll do four four one so ryan here’s your choice so you can tell daddy to prove it

Or you can say five so if daddy prove it and he can’t toss it four times then you get the point prove it oh oh daddy prove it start the timer once i start your timer daddy has 20 seconds are you doing it ryan good three two one nope

Wait 20 seconds right yeah oh oh dad it’s only three that means this card belongs to ryan cause daddy didn’t get it good job ryan has one point all right daddy’s turn right daddy see what you get it’s a state of mind okay how many u.s states you can name in 20 seconds

U.s state okay daddy spin the spinner i can’t do it i can’t do gonna hope its mommy i think i can only do four three or two apparently let’s see oh mommy okay so it is daddy versus mommy who can name how many states in 20 seconds i can name you getting three

Twenty twenty states yeah twenty states in twenty seconds no three thirty saves me twenty seconds so you’re gonna name a state per second no that’s not called okay 15 states 15 states okay i’m going to go 20 states 21 states 22 states 20. three states 24 states 30 states

In 20 seconds prove it prove it no way i don’t think daddy could name 30 states in 20 seconds do i even know 36 california nevada alabama new york hawaii michigan minnesota texas new mexico i could have named a lot more you know how i know the steak song oh what’s the

State store it goes alabama alaska arizona arkansas california colorado connecticut did a song for you yeah mommy’s turn let’s see okay it says super duper bet how many superheroes you can name in 20 seconds oh right three hold on i don’t even know i’m gonna play against you who am i competing against

Wait so daddy daddy okay daddy so mommy’s going to say i can name five superheroes how about you superhero 10 superheroes all right prove it 10 superhero for daddy in 20 seconds ryan you in charge of counting okay three two one iron man hulk spiderman batman superman uh catwoman uh black panther

Um iron fist flash wonder woman easy daddy also get a card she’s got this instead of 20 like Daddy knows his superhero more than the u.s state it’s embarrassing right ryan your card it says you’re looking at me starting contest the player who blinks last week just blink right now you can blink right now as much as you want Did you break good job ryan good job there you go all right daddy’s turn let’s see math skills trap door accept or pass place the card on top of the open cup and the ball on the card slide the card out from under the ball so the ball

Lands in the cup you think you can do it yeah accept your pass accept okay go ahead go okay so i’ll put the card in here right now ryan has two cards daddy with two cards and guess how many cards mommy has i only got one

Mommy’s turn let’s see what i get here it says dizzy dear it says stand up close your eyes and spin around while counting to five then with eyes still close point to mow the timer you’ve got to be spot on or really close okay i guess i will accept mommy two three

Four faster five oh dizzy guys well i’m gonna hear ryan’s breathing so i know where he’s at ryan ryan oh and i can’t hear him the timer is right here i’m not even close the timer’s way over there oh i didn’t get the point so ryan’s gonna try if he gets this

Right i will give him the card are you ready that’s right spin around uno ghost thrust guacamole are you close oh yeah that was kind of close i’ll let you get it it was close good job here you go ryan has three points daddy was two and mommy with one right

Let’s turn let’s see putt-putt pot pot yeah that from how far away you can hit the ball into the sideways cup using the card like golf oh okay so here’s guys so here’s the cup so basically you go sideways how far away do you think you can get the ball into the cup

Using this i can do it super so you have to like go like this you know i can do it like over here all right so let’s see who’s your competition first who is ryan competing against mommy or daddy why are you blowing i don’t think it helps

Mommy mommy mommy okay all right ryan versus mommy how far away do you think you can hit the ball you can do that far that far yeah um you know i’m gonna let ryan prove it move it prove it nope he didn’t get it so mommy gets the

Card that was easy thank you oh thank you mommy has two cards now ryan has three daddy has two and mommy has two daddy’s turn let’s see This is ping pinging and ponging okay using cards as paddles apply ping pong back and forth and the first to miss do this be nice not know about sportsmanship who is your competition for ping pong i want ryan because i think i can beat him no it’s coming right So what we decided to do is this is the baseline right here so whoever crosses the opponent’s line then the other person loses okay one more time don’t just pass aha targets right yeah ryan that’s one girl ryan with a collection of four so ryan wins with a collection of two

Mommy with a collection of two so ryan only needs one more to win the game oh he needs five cards yeah he needs five it is mommy’s turn it is on you guys let’s see what card we get here this one says fingers crossed paper rock scissors shoot best of three uh-oh

Rock scissors paper what is that that’s what it says all right who is my competition Daddy oh me and mommy yeah best of three ready rocks scissors paper oh [Laughter] daddy also has three cards yay mommy only has two ryan’s turn what is your card let’s see something’s a foot bet how many times you can hop on one foot and 30 seconds without falling

Or using your other foot oh so you gotta hop fifteen times okay gotta do the spinner who is ryan competing against oh it’s more of me mommy i think it’s pointing that way okay so ryan says 15 well i’m going to go higher i said i can do 16. 17. i said

He’s going to do 18. 20. 20. all right ryan prove it go ahead go start three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty good you got it you got it good job so ryan has five cards he is the winner

Of the proven game okay ryan even though you won and you can do that same hopping challenge in 30 seconds we’ll give you this egg surprise do you think you can do it 30 times 30 times in 30 seconds you got this okay ready set go

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty two three twenty four twenty five two six seven twenty twenty nine thirty you did it yeah i counted me and i did 32. oh did you okay

Here you go your kinder egg surprise for winning that challenge and the game What is that donkey the donkey daddy’s going to build a donkey tycoon so now that i see this it looks like it’s a dog with a little bone or something oh there’s a bone here paper paper bone is her dog the bone kind of reminds me of rock

Paper scissors that’s true oh that’s cute rock paper scissors paper scissor bone oh he just opened his mouth oh cute bye thank you for watching our family game nice subscribe if you want to become a rice squatter please click on one of these videos for ryan toy review more fun You

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