Public Services, Trams, & Residential Growth – Clearwater County (Modded Cities Skylines, Ep 5)

Public Services, Trams, & Residential Growth - Clearwater County (Modded Cities Skylines, Ep 5)

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Hello and welcome back to city planner plays where we are building the city of ashland in clearwater county and we have a busy one today there’s a lot that i want to accomplish in a short amount of time so first i want to introduce a new mod that we have brought

Into the city i want to add parking to the school that we’re looking at i want to introduce a post office a tram a courthouse and have significant residential expansion including our first true mansions and our first true apartments so a lot to get to but i’m excited about it so

First uh the mod i wanted to introduce is this mod that lets you uh have a bit of a better look at your road selection so it sorts your roads into their width which is really helpful because it can be difficult to figure out where each where to find your roads when

You get a lot of them and when you get uh vanilla plus plus like i have it can be really challenging to find all of the different roads that you that you have so this is a huge help love this mod it’s going to be in the asset and mod collection for this

Episode so i would highly recommend that you check it out if this is interesting at all to you um so that is something that i’m going to be referencing the entire time i don’t like that it extends over but you know it’s it’s okay we have a little fire over here

I guess uh what are you gonna do so there’s a tree and this is actually kind of in that building and that’s a good uh segue into one of the first things that we’re going to do i want to have a couple of fixes uh take care of them so i had collision

On in the previous episode and as a result there are places where trees are popping up through roads and buildings and i want to take care of those right now so i’m just going to kind of do a quick scan of the entire city and where i see

Trees popping up i’m going to take care of those because we don’t we don’t want that people are stopping in the middle of the road because there’s a tree growing in it Okay so i think i got most if not all of them if you see any and i miss them just let me know i’m happy to uh to get that fixed so the very first thing i said i wanted to to to fix is parking at the school this

Is a problem that that i created um one of the problems with our the parking uh facilities that we’ve been using is that they just they’re really difficult to squeeze in a small area so i went through the workshop and i picked up a new parking

Lot and i’m guessing yep it’s gonna be in parks so it’s one of those things that’s kind of uncomfortable so i’ve got two i’ve got this one right here which is a 1×3 and then i’ve got a two by four so i think we’re going to try the 2×4 first

So the space is already occupied and what we’re going to do is just first of all we’ll click on that overlay so we can actually see what we’re doing and then we’re going to turn anarchy on so control a and i’m going to place these we’re probably going to need to remove

The tree so nope took care of it for us now we just have this nice little parking lot here that uh you know is gonna be a i mean a pretty nice amenity for the teachers that want to uh park at school and now we’re going to throw prop

Anarchy on so that we can actually place some trees in this in this area i wanted that to be a little bit nicer of a hedgerow the last thing we want to do is get lighting in here so i think i’m actually just going to go and steal the lighting from walmart

Interestingly it looks like some of these aren’t oh i guess they’re pretty good so we’re gonna go and steal that oh we do not want to row like that so make sure that we’re we’re doing this in the most appropriate way let’s turn it to tonight we really only need one

Yeah that that does a really good job of meeting our lighting needs in this area as does the fire [Laughter] so i this to me feels a lot better i think that uh you know you’re gonna need that parking at the school um so not perfect um but

Pretty darn good let’s go back to daytime well it’ll be 9 42 perfect time so it looks like we’re burning down in the middle of this block and that’s interesting because this is a block that i want to redevelop so i mentioned post offices and it looks like the cinema building has

Seen better days so what we’re gonna do is eliminate this building and probably use eminent domain and a building around it as well i picked up what i think is a really fantastic post office asset so it’s this historic post office and we are going to place that here take

Out a significant chunk of downtown but look at this asset just beautiful it feels like a legitimate historic post office and now it’s kind of the center piece of downtown and this is a much taller building than our other buildings but in the future when we add a bit more

Development in this area it won’t be look at that prop anarchy on again take that off [Laughter] always my favorite mistake to make so we have this here the one thing that i don’t well actually maybe i don’t mind it so it kind of hangs off into the

Into the sidewalk a bit maybe i’ll scoot that over just uh nope you know you know i’m going to accept it i think it’s fine so let’s run this and see how it goes so i really i really like this building i think that it it feels

Historic uh the one thing i don’t love is the post office vehicles so we got a fix for that as well so we’re going to our vehicle options and then we’ll go into our post office vehicles and i downloaded a whole bunch of post office type vehicles so what we’re going to do

Is look at the post van we’re not going to allow that to spawn same thing with our post truck and now we have these and they will uh spawn and take care of all of our postal service needs and you see that right there beautiful vehicle another one right there

There we go they will take care of all of our postal service needs so we don’t have a postal servicing or a sorting facility now but you don’t need one it’ll work without it so it’ll be just fine the other thing we might want to consider here you know we don’t have any

Parking for the post office this is a significant building and definitely a destination and since we’re thinking about it and we just put that parking lot near the school why not also include one here now it seems like that post office is for or that this parking lot is for the post office

So i’m pleased with this i think it really is a sharp building really feels good in the downtown area the one thing i might improve is to add some landscaping we’re seeing fires already might as well up the ante the one thing i want to check out is i

Think i left yeah prop line anarchy this one which functions just slightly differently just just a little bit of landscaping to jazz this up a little bit i tried to avoid the windows but you just can’t entirely avoid the windows so we have some bushes in front of the windows

And this one right here is in a fire area so it will show up once this area recovers but that’s going to be a little bit so the next thing i want to do the next fix is oh went out of business so this was our uh torgerson’s

Uh dealer i think i might eliminate this and we’ll search for it again so it’s our farm equipment dealer and one of the things that i struggled with is i had this facing the wrong direction so we’re just going to place it now and now i’m going to rotate this around

So the main reason that this location is spinning around is that it’s a problem is the main sign is is in the wrong direction um and then the other thing is we have the vehicles that you we have these display vehicles you’d assume that we want to keep this

At least somewhat related to this building so you can see our side doors located in a rational location our front door is located off the parking lot just all makes a lot more sense the other thing that uh that i missed is we actually have a sign

For this so i’m gonna find that right now and i’ll place that we’ll place that parallel to the highway and that should do the trick that looks a lot better in my opinion and hopefully they have enough workers to continue to continue operating but that’s something that we’re going to

Focus on today because we don’t have enough workers at this point you can see our housing demand is through the roof and one thing i think we can do to fix that is to have apartments so we have this area it’s not super desirable truthfully it’s not desirable for commercial

It’s not desirable for residential at least conventional you know single family residential you’re right along the highway when we look at our topography it’s roughly flat with the highway so any of that noise that you’re getting emanating from the highway is going to hit these these homes so it’s not a great location

Bluntly but that doesn’t mean that no housing can go there or that someone wouldn’t attempt to shoehorn some in there so what we’re going to do is continue our grid up here actually we won’t even continue our grid we’re just going to make sure we have the same road distance

We’re going to turn our road guides off and what i’ve done so i don’t have the ability right now to have any significant density so that’s 6500 people this community would sprawl into the oblivion and i’m okay with that to a certain extent i think it feels very

Natural and reasonable but at the same time even small communities have some apartments so i’m going to take some liberties here so i’ve downloaded a few different assets that i think that we could use we have these stone crest departments which are kind of higher end

And i don’t think would really fit well behind a walmart the next are these uh windsor terrace apartments these are growable so we’re not going to use those ones i don’t want to have to play with that and then i got these courtyard apartments so there are two different flavors here

There is this one right here which is half i believe this one’s half the size this is six by three this one’s three by three so the six by three one looks like this comes with parking they face inwards and they need to line against the road in this particular way

So the one thing that’s going to make this interesting then is i don’t want to orient them in this direction so what i’m probably going to do we’ll go ahead bring that back again orient it this way and see if we can fit a road behind it and

What what i’d like to do is is have a couple of these in a row and then from there um we’ll put in a park in the center because if you have this density of of residential uses you really need to make sure that there is ample

Green space for people because it can be really dehumanizing to to have this amount of uh this density of uh of apartments without some sort of green space to recreate to just take in nature whatever you need you need to have something so we are going to use our drives

And something we can either use the drives or fillers from our parking lots let’s give it a shot and see how it looks that’s not great so we’ll uh we’ll take a look at the filler that’s better it stretches a bit further it’s really wide though i don’t love that I think we are going to stick with the the the filler here um i think that that will at least well we’ll need to use our our painter a bit our surface painter to make this look a little bit better but this will at least give us the ability to

Have a couple of these so we’re gonna have these two sets here let’s take a look at these buildings in a realistic population so i went in before the episode began this was listed as one so if you’re going to use this and you’re using realistic population they calculated that this was one

Unit so i went through and i counted the doors so one two three four five six seven eight doubled sixteen households at each of these so this is 32 households and when you think about it there’s some of these other blocks and let’s look at the number of houses this

Is 11 in this whole block so we have 16 right here so you can see that just by adding these we’re increasing the density significantly so we need to be aware of that as as we place these it’s certainly necessary we have a need these filled up right away and we could

Certainly have more but we just we want to be aware of that so let’s give them a park space So i’m looking to see what would fit and truthfully it’s not a lot so just something to be aware of so these are three tiles wide we’re going to add one more road through here and then we’ll add in some more of our apartments on either side and kind of just leave

This for the time being So this is a significant housing development and we can see that right away they’re filling up they’re unhappy hopefully they get happier over time look at that they’ve got this nice playground in between this area now the one thing i want to focus on here would be some sort of buffer

Because there’s going to be semis coming around here probably at two or three in the morning and the last thing you’d want to do is have these people subject that live here subjected to that noise the other thing is we probably want some sort of connection between these roads oh busy town so

We’ve got level four buildings tourism which is great trolleybus that’s awesome tourism specialization a whole bunch of other policies some new roads including our roads with trees highways wow just just a ton of stuff we’re getting a whole bunch of our our new roads from vanilla plus plus as well they’re

All unlocking for us we’re also getting some of our bigger power buildings which is really helpful because we’re in kind of a rough spot with that some of our natural disasters stuff a lot of our content creator um the assets this interesting flea market i like that

And then uh you know city planning policies which are also very important so a nice nice a nice uh thing for the city right now so we’re gonna go through here and we’re gonna add this so i had to use anarchy to place this i think it’s really important that we

Are able to do this So the unfortunate thing is that obviously limits our ability to place trees in this location so um we’re going to have some landscaping but it’s not going to be as significant as i had hoped so this is unfortunate you want to line up this road if you can

But this is certainly certainly an externality and i was realizing that this there was no road behind this building and i want to make sure that parking is connected so next i do want to use the the surface painter a little bit we’ll just touch up these areas right

Here just just a little bit It’s always kind of painful to see what the surface painter does to some of these areas i’m going to just either need to to live with some of the wonkiness or alternatively i can try to back this off just a little bit from here it’s probably as good as it gets

Unfortunately but what we can do is use landscaping to hide everything so that’s that’s my favorite hopefully you like that too and i missed one more road so we will get that in there as well there we go so nice and clean we probably could have

Scooched this road over to fix it and we also have landscaping now all the way around here that’s nice i think that this creates a more hospitable environment for everyone here and it’s certainly a place that is less stark to live in and that’s that’s kind of the the point

We’re also going to kind of screen this from the highway so that if you were in here and some of that freeway noise was was coming it may be a little bit better it’s not going to be perfect by any means the nice thing you know is that some of

These windows are facing internally so presumably the noise generated from the apartments would really be self-contained so that that’s good and this is a lot of households so that is a big benefit to the city you can see our population just really jumped by adding these we probably could add another couple more

If we wanted to but i don’t want to overdo it it is a small town and at this point i think that this would be you know quite a lot for the community to sustain so the next thing i want to think about are other housing options so

We’ve got our apartments now and we could continue to build apartments what i’m thinking is there are two different types of housing options that i want to build so first of all we have the ashland family and they have done an excellent job with their farm

Uh at this point they’re you know this is a mega farm and they want to do a little bit more with their uh their household so what i think they’re going to do is start to think about having a bigger house on the water they want

They want a really special place so what we’re gonna do is build a road off from this road right here and actually i don’t have my road names on let’s get our names back on okay so off from white street which maybe we will rename ashland street

We are going to extend this road up significantly and then meander it along the water oh i did it again prop anarchy just the death of me and truthfully i didn’t really follow the coast all that well so i think we’re going to take it back try once more probably should have used

My planning roads here that’s a lesson to me still not following it all that well i think i’m going to upgrade this or that’s what you want to call it to my planning road as we think about where we go next so i downloaded some really neat mansions

So we’ve got these historic mansions and i want to build one or one of the most prominent families in the entire community so this is going to be the ashland family mansion they’ve they’ve spent a lot they’ve really spent their entire lives working on this farm and supporting the community

And they’ve decided that they want this little chunk of land to be theirs the nice thing about that is for them is they’ve got a beach they’ve got a really great view of the downtown area this would be a very impressive chunk of property so what we’re going to do is build

A loop around their property so now we have the loop we can throw in their mansion we’ve got a couple of different options here we’ve got this european mansion this historic mansion this other historic mansion oh i like this look at that yeah this is this is nice

They’ve got a fool because i mean if you’re on the water what more would you want than a pool so we will add this and we’re going to clean up the landscape because on a mansion i would assume that they would want a very very very manicured appearance we’re gonna pause this so

That we don’t have any issues with our building first thing we’re gonna do is add a fence and i really think that our park fence works well for this let’s try to make sure that we’re even so we’ll come up oh let’s see a way that we can make this

A little bit cleaner is to go through here and we’ll turn zoning off on these side roads so we can at least see what’s going on and now i’ll try to go four-ish tiles out have our fence there about the same on this side okay so that’s i think that’s a pretty nice

Feel there we could probably cut this fence back in uh but you don’t really need the fence in the back i know i think it’s honestly undesirable so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna have some fruiting trees along the road to provide some privacy

I’m actually going to go back on that those aren’t very tall so maybe we can find some sort of shade tree make sure that we get it from the workshop yeah this this is much better at providing that privacy so what we’re going to do is just make sure that

Our distance makes sense then we’ll line it across here do the same thing on the sides and then from there we’re going to add in some of our decorative trees now i’m not a landscape architect and i’m not going to pretend to be one i’m just going to do what feels good to

Me so i’m not sure that this house is perfectly centered so this actually right here if you count the trees this is actually perfectly centered so we are going to scoot the house over just a bit now we’ll need to do a little bit with our landscaping as well

There we go that kind of cleans things up a little bit still might not be perfectly centered so it’s 12 so this is six it’s pretty darn close i might just not let perfect be the enemy a good you can also see that this fence is a little bit wider

This is gonna bug me but i’m gonna let it go okay so it’s a nice big estate we’re gonna soften the coast a little bit because clearly that’s what they would do they’d want to make sure that the the coast is as nice as it could be around their property

And then we’re going to add a bit of sand oh just kidding we’re not going to add any sand because obviously i am not doing well with it this will be fine they can walk off to this little private beach there and from here we could add a sidewalk or

Something of that nature to make this connection but i don’t think it’s entirely necessary i think that we could also add paths around the house i’m not going to get into that level of detail what i am going to do is add a few more larger trees around the property And i know what i’m looking for i’m just not finding it and that is i want some sort of flowering tree i might just use these vanilla flowering trees and add those right into the front of the house and you can imagine that they might actually want to have

Some sort of orchard or something like that in their property as well or a garden and that would be another thing to think about in this in this particular area There will be some sort of small gardening sort of area for their property so maybe not the most elaborate this is certainly not my forte but i do think it helps create atmosphere and i do think that a family this prominent would certainly have some sort of monument to themselves

In the form of a gigantic mansion so now everyone knows that this is where the ashlands live uh we do need to get power to this location and that’s gonna be something that they’re probably not super excited about because of how it needs to come which is a rural power line or suburban

It’s one of the new assets that we’ve added this week as well someday maybe we can take that down but that day is not today but we can run this now and we’re going to upgrade that road and then name it and because this is a an area that will have

Higher end housing you’ll assume that they lobbied the city to get street trees put in place as well and had their house flooded out because uh you know city skylines what if i need this extra line here no so that looks significantly better so now i’ve got ashland court and

Ashland street for the ashland family and we’ve got prop anarchy off but we’re we’re good there so uh not not the most important of builds in terms of adding population we should make sure interesting it actually doesn’t have any population which is interesting it’s just tourists but that’s okay we can imagine [Laughter]

So that reminds me that i clicked on this building and one of the things i noticed is wow we don’t actually have cargo trucks assigned so we’re going to add that here okay and one of the things that people pointed out is that i do park is leveled up the high school

Didn’t expect that one of the things that was pointed out is that i didn’t actually rotate these spawn points so as i kind of go and see some of these buildings i am going to rotate the spawn points make sure that they’re in the right location so that vehicles can actually

Access them and the spawn points are supposed to point outwards towards the road so got that fixed there love it we’re doing good so next up we’ve got this area right here and one of the things that i thought would be really nice you kind of see that there’s this natural point

And right now this county clearwater county is only ashland now i don’t foresee ashland being the principal community in this county but right now it is so what we’re gonna do is build a courthouse with the backdrop of this water and i think it’s gonna be a really unique

Atmosphere in this area and what that will allow us to do is really frame the entire neighborhood around this courthouse so we’re gonna place our road and i want that to be completely parallel to the water so i am going to put my snap twos on

And let’s look for our courthouse so we picked up this great courthouse asset we can center that within this block and now work around this so one of the things that we could have done we could have either placed this oh oh yeah this is not road access that’s right

Uh so we’ve got that here and i think what we’re going to do is it’s kind of a a little municipal area behind here not municipal rather a park area where people could explore and enjoy a little bit so nothing all that complex just a nice little area

Of people what we can do is we can add a couple of assets in here maybe we’ll make it a square this isn’t perfectly balanced and that’s okay because i really want this square area to be nice and balanced so what i’m going to do now

Is go into some of our park life assets and in verde beach i actually uh went through and grabbed some of these and had a similar uh i guess layout what i want to do here is we’ll add in some of our add in some of these spaces and now i’m

Looking and because i’m using the traditional uh the vanilla pads you kind of get these messy lines you might actually want to upgrade these to the park paths now i don’t love that it puts benches all over the place like it’s absolutely going insane and needs

Benches you got to sit every 10 feet i guess maybe this is going to be very active i don’t know either way it does add a few too many of those for my tastes but it’ll be okay it gives us the ability to place some of these assets here

So i’m gonna move these out just a bit they’re not perfectly straight with move it we could line these all up You see that straightens them out right there and now if we wanted to clean this up even further we could go through here with the roads or with this these pads and try to fix it there’s some wonkiness in the corners and i think that we could address that as well with landscaping

I’m not sure that i like anything that i just did so i think that we might just address some of this this craziness with landscaping so what i’m thinking is we can add some hedges and maybe trees around this area the problem is you got all these benches again so many benches

And there’s no way for me to eliminate those so we’re just gonna have to to fudge it a little bit nope i hate this so we’re not gonna do that uh we’re gonna try something else we are going to have a planter box though so we’ll add maybe that will help just

Add these in the corners kind of overlap some of that and then add some larger trees here again i know it’s my my favorite way to hide madness that is very large too large for this area I think regular medium will probably do the trick and that’s okay the other thing that we could do is have some flowering bushes kind of growing in this grassy area Maybe now it feels a little bit more planned not just well they did a bad job so this is what they end up with and then around the outside so these will look better once i upgrade this road or i can at least try to make it look better

Which probably also have some sort of fountain in here to make this look a little bit more grand and let me just sing the praises of this particular mod uh to find it it’s just so helpful i forget where things are and i don’t have to worry about it because it doesn’t matter

It’s one of those mods that i wish were included in the base game because it’s so incredibly helpful so here i might use some of these colorful trees to give the area a little bit more a little bit better of feeling i guess and that is clearly the very best way of

Putting it so one of the things that you know i’m sure that there are landscape architects just cringing in their chairs or or biologists you got all the same tree here there’s a disease that’s going to hop treat a tree to treat a tree that’s true never do this in real life don’t

Don’t do that that’s why even like when you see street trees in your neighborhood uh at least contemporary planting of street trees you’ll see that they alternate because if you get a disease i know we’ve learned this in our area with emerald ash borer that you can really run into trouble

When you i just have one variety of tree placed everywhere what you end up with then is if there is a problem any sort of disease the entire species will uh will go that’s not that’s not at all what you want so here we are gonna turn off road bending

And i’m gonna show you what i’m thinking in just a second so i’m thinking i need all my prop anarchies and and regular anarchy off and what i want to do is have this road be the prominent feature in this area and i want it to connect up to another

Prominent road and that’s this road here so the reason why i think this road is so important so it’s lighthouse way in 13th street and really those are two vistas that are really important in the community you see the lighthouse lines up with you know more or less with the

Lighthouse 13th with the ocean over there so these two roads come together to turn into 13th and i want 13 to go straight to the lighthouse or to the courthouse so we’re going to bend this road we’re going to create a new grid and there’s going to be nothing organic about this

Which might make or nothing uh nothing rigid about this which might make some of you happy might make some of you very unhappy i’m not sure let me know in the comments so this will be what we use to form our blocks in this area and we are going to master plan this

Entire area out and i think that one of the things that we’re going to want here is as this ends i want to have really a nice big green this entire neighborhood so another significant park and things will emanate out from here i want to go back and look at the angle

That we used here because we’re going to want to repeat that angle so we’re going to use 135 because that is perfect i’m holding down my shift key to get both angles down Okay so we’ve got our perfect angles there and we will use this to develop our street network in this area We’re going to probably end this here well no let’s carry it all the way through for a few more blocks and then we’ll use this road to kind of frame some of those areas so this would be entirely master planned it’s the at this point the most important government area within the

Entire county and they’ve kind of kicked it up a notch in terms of their planning they’re actually master planning this area And it will feel very planned i’m not sure what i’m going to do on the sides here i think we’re going to leave that for the time being the other thing that we’re going to do in this area is have a street car line and i think that we’re going to break

This grid up right here and people will be forced to go around here we’ll have a one-way loop around there it’ll be like a giant roundabout and it’ll help with our street car as well when we bring that up here now at this point even though i have

This kind of rigid setup i’m still letting the topography guide my decisions the one thing i think i might improve is we don’t have road bending on so we very well could go up and try to mirror the coast a little bit better though we will need anarchy on to accommodate this

But i think that looks a lot better we are getting some really interesting energy intersections as a result of our road development pattern though so i think we’re going to do something very similar over here we’ll just start making our roads and then we’ll follow the coast

This will kind of be where this ends and now we’re going to rotate our grid over now the thing to think about here is we have very long block lengths let’s take a look yes so this it’s approximately so it’s covered kind of weird here let

Me see if i can move that all right so this is a thousand feet that’s really long you know in some communities that would be four blocks so i i want to divide this up a little bit i think that 500 still a long block oh i mean it’s not that bad

It’s certainly doable so we’ll break it up a little bit here and then we might want to have some pedestrian connections through here as well especially through the park we’re going to want to make connections all the way through here i don’t know that we’re going to build the park today

But it’s certainly something that we can that we’re going to want to focus on in the future so here i want to make sure that i’m using my road guidelines to mirror everything This is an interesting area because i don’t know exactly what to do with the street so what i think we’re going to do is just accept the larger lots in this area and tee into this farm road that’s a better anger anger it’s a better angle so that will uh will help us

Kind of have a logical transition to that area next we’re going to want to try to make some connections with these older neighborhood streets and truthfully we might start to break up our road network a little bit here so that we can line these up nicely and bring these grids together

It looks like things kind of narrowed up for me on this other side and i want to avoid that as much as i can some of it is going to be unavoidable this is going to be another example of uh our deviation from the established roadway network so

We can get those roads to line up and i think again we’re going to break in here and turn our road into the farm road and we’ll have another unique block there same thing here we’re starting to to really break apart so i like that it kind of goes from this

Really rigid and planned environment to one that is more organic meandering and we’ll we’re still going to make sure that this is well connected So we’re going to want to break these blocks up this is really really long and the way that we’re going to do that i think is we’re going to have some radial side streets kind of going through here these will be perfectly straight but because these roads are

Not they’re going to break it up a bit create a variety of block sizes maybe not like this though so it’s kind of doing some things there and i’m kind of eyeballing what i think is uh about the 500 feet mark i mean maybe i’m completely off base there

Maybe this is actually 250 let me see okay let’s say i have a little over 500 so that is a walkable block in my in my estimation We’re making sure that we’re connecting all of our roads up because that connectivity is really going to benefit us in the future now we’ve got this triangle here that is interesting so there are a few things we could do here we could try to connect back

Into our old or to our our planned grid and i think that’s what we’re gonna do so this will leave us with some larger locks or larger lots that’s okay Then through here kind of the exact same thing we’re gonna break these blocks up a bit and it’s gonna be very upset with what we’re doing And we’re gonna leave this little triangle here well no we’re not i was gonna say we could have another park there if we wanted to this might be an opportunity for a school campus so we might just reserve that for the future so this is by no means a

Perfect grid there’s a grid ish thing happening up there but it is well connected and kind of free-flowing and organic so what we are going to struggle with here is putting our water pipes underneath their roads even though that’s where they belong uh we we certainly need to to make sure

That they are there however this roadway network is going to make that a challenge And we have used all the nodes [Laughter] so this neighborhood is is now planned so from here you might be wondering what do we do next well we need to think about certain services that we’d have in the neighborhood so one of the things i want to do

Is make this park but i don’t want a gate there so i got an invisible park gate and we are going to place that right here center that nicely and then we will paint our park area we’ll name this courthouse square it’s not really a square

That’ll be the joke of the town that courthouse square is actually a rectangle all right so from here i want to i’m going to add a couple pads i’m not going to decorate the part today we’ll get to that in a future episode but i do want it to be functional

For the time being okay i think that’s fairly centered we will at least deal with that for now and this will be kind of our central gathering place we might actually break this up in the future and have some sort of event space where you could see food

Trucks or something like that but i want to think about this more i don’t want to focus on this right now what i want to focus on is getting some of this neighborhood developed so what we’re going to do we obviously need to get over here so

We’re going to look at what would be the most desirable land to develop and start there oh this road bugs me now just kind of kind of curves out just a bit goes up just a bit i’ll choose my battles and i’ll at least make it flat [Laughter]

So we’re going to continue to leave our planning roads on very purposefully the the thing that we’re gonna try to to maintain here is uh some sort of well i guess we don’t wanna we don’t wanna do we don’t wanna zone this entire thing right up front and

Uh watch our our residential demand plummet so we are going to just try to be sensitive to that uh the other thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to plan this with trams in mind because that’s something i want to add to the community now that we have

The ability to do so so right off the bat i want to have a one-way tram around this park space and accidentally ruin the park turn ruining back on oh and [Laughter] that was a mistake there we go we’ve got it fixed okay so this will kind of frame our entire

Courthouse area now the thing that we’re going to want to take a look at is how do we actually get to the courthouse so i think this is probably close enough but i don’t know that that is well the way that we want to just leave it like good enough

Uh why don’t we have have this come up here and maybe turn around in front of the courthouse so i picked up some special tram assets thanks to planner pete in the discord server and one of my patreon supporters appreciate your planner we are going to use these special assets to really

Make a slower tram network and i think it’s going to feel very nice as a result so we need to think of a couple of things right off the bat where is our tram depot that’s going to be an important thing i think we’re going to keep that

Kind of out of sight out of mind so we might actually focus that near the back of the grocery store here which is kind of a weird spot and i feel bad for these folks but the the other logical location would be a downtown area or behind the walmart

And maybe maybe no i feel bad doing that to these these folks over here who already have to deal with the lights from walmart and then you give them one more thing a tram depot it probably is logical though so that’s shoot that’s what we’re gonna do i don’t like it but

It is logical Okay so what we’re doing here is giving a place for the trolleys to get out and we need to connect that up over to this neighborhood we will go down lighthouse lane it’s a commercial corridor so that would make a lot of sense to have um

Quick access to this area and i’m trying to think i didn’t yeah i use the right ones over here okay so it is not happy with me right now so i’m going to turn ruining off so i don’t destroy all of these businesses then we’re going to go down this way

Interesting that is strange i do not like that at all so for some reason it’s taking that parking lot road and saying that must have a trolley line going to it interesting so i’ll add the drive yeah the drive is is not working with it so

I think that my best solution might be to use these suburban roads even though they’re really wide and there’s parking which is not ideal i don’t really have another good option outside of using those suburban roads because i don’t want all the crosswalks so i’ll go in through traffic manager and turn off

The parking right there and that cleans things up a little bit we continue going with our tram line What i think we’re going to do is then we’re going to head down this street here towards our main drag so it’s interesting our main street is actually right here near ashland square and then it comes up so you might be wondering why i am going

With trams first and that is because of at least in the u.s historical development patterns as they related to trams and um as trams and buses trams came first that was what we had and then buses came and they replaced the trams quite unfortunately it’s actually not not wonderful that that occurred

So the unfortunate thing is now we’re missing the high school which i do think would be a significant destination so what i think we’re gonna do we need to make a connection to this tram line we’re gonna head down here and then back up and then we’ll have two

Routes going in different directions and all along this route because i left ruining off trees are popping up so i will turn ruining back on got the same problem here that is going to drive me bonkers might just deal with a little bit of wonkiness there with the crosswalks because the alternative

Is let’s see yeah that doesn’t it looks a little bit better it’s still not ideal the problem is these big suburban sidewalks have these green spaces which cause problems too it’s probably even a little bit better maybe that’s the way little will handle it it’ll be kind of one wonky spot it’s not

Gonna be the end of the world and now because we need to be able to loop with these trolleys we’ll send them towards the high school and this is oh probably not the best location for it so i think that we’re gonna back this off and we’ll send it down i

Think smithson street the idea being that we can reach the high school we can reach this church we can reach this future square we’re gonna have a bunch of park upgrades very soon and then maybe we can run this right past the front door of the high school to make our connection

With our main line all right that’s good i just kind of want to go through and make sure that with ruining i don’t have any more trees popping up okay so i think we’re good there so at this point what we need to take care of is actually getting our trolley lines

Running so let’s set up these lines we’ll go into here and what we’re gonna do is have a loop and it’s these are gonna be we’re gonna we’re gonna use some relatively low speed trolleys so we’re gonna have frequent stops for two blocks or so okay so there’s our first line now our

Next line is going to mirror this inner line but it’s not going to be completely symmetrical because we don’t need to go to the courthouse with this one we just want to make sure that there is always an opportunity this wouldn’t be necessarily the easiest to navigate in the future we

Might separate these two but it’ll give someone the opportunity to go both directions okay so now we have our two lines let’s take a look at them so we have this really long one and number one let’s change our vehicle so we have these st charles street cars we’re gonna use those

And we’ll name this first one the courthouse line and i have these being named after the streets so we might we might just leave this as it is i want to make sure that the yeah the maroon one is the courthouse line so we’re good there now so the interesting thing about these

Streetcars let’s take a look at them first of all i don’t see them curious the vehicles are not yet oh i didn’t give them water fair enough your move now tram depot are we good there we go and let’s take a look at these what fantastic vehicles aren’t those just neat

They feel historic i really like it so the thing about these these vehicles in particular is that they only go eight miles per hour so we could speed that up but that’s one of the reasons why i didn’t think it was that big of a deal to have

Close stop spacing because these are very slow so i’m noticing now what the what the one and the two mean and that is the length of the cars so i might actually switch this oh hmm i’ll use the exact same one so these don’t color uh but they’ll work just fine

So i think that’s going to be a nice little upgrade to the community and i’m quite pleased with it i do want to fill in some of these neighborhoods here what i think we’re going to do is is work on filling our way up towards the courthouse

And we will use our conventional zoning that we’ve had and this will allow us to at least make our power connection and kind of have a logical logical connection to the the courthouse for the time being we will fill in probably working from the water out as these

Would be the most desirable properties this is kind of more of a a gameplay thing where we’re we’re doing what the game likes and that is connecting these without not without power lines so i do want to speed this up for a second and watch this fill in

Okay so this will take a little while to fill in but there’s a couple of other things that we need to do in the meantime anyway so let’s focus on that not worry too much about how everyone is sad they don’t have power so one of the other things i wanted to take

A look at is go go i’m going to go back into this advanced vehicle options because there were some recommendations made about the fire trucks in the discord server as well and i wanted to take those so we got this really slick looking fire truck and

I want to make sure that we’re using that and not this tonka looking fire truck so we’re going to disable this vehicle this will help us with our fires and it’s so much nicer looking you can see that just by zoning this little area we have completely decimated our

Demand for residential zoning oh and we’ve finally made our connection nice so this will slowly make its way around there and it’s really working out nicely how’s the tram doing let’s take a look at our line you can see that many of our stops are getting used now

Kind of go look at our transit overview 40 a week it’s it’s it’s something it’s it’s something interestingly i think that our traffic flow has has fallen because of our tram lines and you can kind of see it where these trams are they’re going slow they are slowing things down and

Making it difficult to travel in those corridors so kind of something to be aware of this might actually be a spot where we’d want a signalized intersection because of the tram because of the traffic volumes so i think that we are going to signalize this so that when the trams

Make the left out of here it’s a little bit easier for them we might want to look up the rest of the corridor and do the same thing the rest are probably okay but these were probably some trickier spots for the tram to handle so sometimes you add signals not because

It’s warranted based on a traffic from a from a traffic congestion perspective but rather because to to be able to make transit work you have to have this signal there otherwise the tram vehicle gets in reality anyway we get stuck and we certainly don’t want that

So the other one of the other things i wanted to take a look at today uh kind of just is where we’re going through this i think that we’re almost at the end here i wanted to look at our parking situation because i don’t know that i had

The mod set up appropriately before and oh uh i just want to go into my settings and look at traffic manager now i want to enable more realistic parking and enhanced vehicle ai which will need some cpu resources but this will help out with parking so i

Know that one of the concerns was that the walmart parking looks insanely low well now that we have this enabled the parking lot should start to fill up so and we should see the exact same situation over here at the high school which you know already had some pretty decent utilization

Oh we are missing an island and a light just vanished that’s no good we can easily fix that though we will take off roads And once again with our lighting let’s go into night make sure that we’re spacing these appropriately there we go interestingly we do have a dark spot over here we go are we getting fireworks well that’s an exciting soccer game football game whatever you want to call it

That is i guess one of the perks of this being a city park is that now our high school gets fireworks exciting so this is it’s it’s fun looking at this view we’ll take maybe just one last cruise around the city before we close this out i think

That we’ve made some good changes today you can see that we’re starting to build out we need to finish out this neighborhood that’s probably a next episode thing along with works work on our main park over here and some of our other smaller parks but boy

This is starting to feel like a city you can see it’s dark right there where our farms are i’d like to get these farms built out to the road before we leave ashland got these new apartments very nice location fortunately got some weird flickering interesting uh

And we still got a dark spot in the walmart parking lot i kind of want to fix that real quick before we go while we’re in night mode and then i want to take a look at our mansion at night it’s a very nice estate look at these views these city views

That the ashlands would have from behind their house just outstanding just outstanding this asset though doesn’t have any lighting there’s probably something that could be done to improve that and i might need to think that think about that a bit because right now it looks like a place that’s looking to be robbed

You can see that they’re like we’re not home all the lights are off it’s night no problem all right so lastly let’s fix this walmart parking lot i do not like what i’ve done with it There we go now some might complain that this is way too way too bright but i think that’s exactly what walmart would be going for you’re coming in off the highway and you can tell walmart is there and it is safe you can go there and feel completely

Comfortable shopping boy is that bright what an eyesore from the neighborhood you were over here this house is it’s lost some value i’m not sure why i’m getting that flickering that’s something i’m gonna i’ve still been working through that i get it every now and then yeah you

You’d be over here you’d look it feels very urban in this little rural town with the tram stops and the bright lights of the city or walmart whatever works for you so i think we’re in a good spot and i think we’re going to leave it here

Thank you so much for joining me i hope that you have oh no oh no we have power issues we can’t leave it there or we’re right on the edge all right it’s only at night that we’re experiencing these i want to take a look at our budget before i close this out

Okay that’s why we’re fudging the power budget during the day but not at night so we’re gonna fix that and now we can close this out hope that you’ve enjoyed this episode if you did please hit that like button if you aren’t subscribed to my channel

Please consider doing so and if you want to be notified when i release new videos hit that notification icon i want to give a huge shout out to my patreon supporters uh they help me make all this content they support me uh and help me allow me to upgrade my equipment and i

Appreciate them i also appreciate you thank you so much for watching your views your likes your subscribes they help uh improve the channel’s reach and ensure that uh more people keep finding it and i appreciate that thank you so much i am going to leave you with a brief

City tour thank you so much bye-bye So Do You

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