Quantum Computing for Dummies : A Simple Explanation for Normal People

Quantum Computing for Dummies : A Simple Explanation for Normal People

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Quantum computers there’s a lot of stuff out on the internet and on YouTube explaining quantum computers but frankly they’re all pretty advanced and pretty confusing so I’m going to try and boil it down in an easy-to-understand way okay so we all know that normal computers uses bits zeros and ones for

Data and processing so for example if I have four bits in a row I can represent a bunch of numbers for example 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 and so forth and I can keep on going now quantum bits are also

0 or 1 but it can also be 0 & 1 at the same time does that seem really strange and confusing well it’s not it’s actually pretty easy to understand for example let’s say that a bit is kind of like this coin it can either be heads or

Tails just like 0 or 1 it can only be either heads or tails right wrong ok if I were to toss this coin you can see that while it’s in the air what is it right now is it heads or tails now in a weird way it’s heads and

Tails at the same time it doesn’t really even make sense until it collapses in my hand and I observe the coin and then I can see what it is so that’s the idea behind a quantum bit it can be a 0 and a 1 at the same time

Ok great but what does this have to do with computers well now is where the fun begins let’s go back to those 4 bits let’s say that I’m trying to crack a password the password I’m trying to crack is one of these numbers but I don’t know which one so I’ve devised the

Machine to try them all this is a normal computer I take one number I put it in my machine if it’s wrong and it gives me an X but if it’s right if the password is right then yay I’ve got the right number so a normal computer will try

Each and every one of these individually until it finds the right answer now what if we use a quantum computer so instead of putting in these four regular bits we put in four quantum bits now remember each bit is both a 0 and a 1 that means these quantum bits

Are all the numbers all at the same time so when I put the quantum bits into my machine to find the right password what comes off the other end well turns out the machine is saying that I’m both right and wrong because I gave it both

Right and wrong answers at the same time I still want to know what the correct password is well there’s a technique called a growver operator okay this is actually a real thing where you can sweep away all the wrong answers and what you’re left behind with is the

Right answer okay so that’s the beauty of wantem computing instead of trying each and every value like a normal computer would a quantum computer tries them all at the same time but in real life high-security encryption those would take a regular computer millions of years in fact I heard some

People say the age of the universe to try and crack these codes that’s how secure they are but with a quantum computer you can try them all at the same time use the growver operator to sweep away all the wrong answers and what you’re left with is the right

Answer so instead of taking millions of years with a regular computer you can do it in seconds with a quantum computer now what are some other things you can do with a quantum computer well let’s take something we’re really familiar with what about a point distances between two

Points what Google Maps does what regular maps do is they look at all the different possible paths between two points they try them one at a time to figure out which is the fastest one which is the shortest distance which is the optimal one and that takes a long

Time that takes a lot of computing with a quantum computer you can try every possible path between two points all at the same time and pick the best one okay this is huge because the rise of self-driving cars is coming and imagine having a master system a master quantum computer

Managing the entire system optimizing every vehicle that’s out there on the road figuring out the best alternative routes to avoid hazards and avoid accidents and – and figuring out when the lights should turn green and red and suddenly you have the best possible commute because it’s literally tried

Everything in the universe and has found the one solution that is the best that works ok that’s a quantum computer regular computers could never do that okay what about artificial intelligence what if we gave a quantum computer the ability to reprogram itself well computers don’t really know the best way

To reprogram themselves a normal computer would would have to do trial and error and see what works and what doesn’t what makes itself better and what doesn’t but a quantum computer can try every single possible program and find the best one it could try every single possible circuit design and make

Itself the best ok that’s kind of scary because in an instant the quantum computer could figure out how to reprogram itself and remake itself into the best possible artificial intelligence ever and if that doesn’t blow your mind I don’t know what will ok that was it hopefully this video was

An aha moment for you if you didn’t already know maybe now you understand how quantum computers work and what the implications are if you found this video useful feel free to like the video and do share this video and thank you very much for watching

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