Quest tabletop RPG review – the definitive roleplaying game for beginners?

Quest tabletop RPG review - the definitive roleplaying game for beginners?

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One of the things we get asked to provide a lot here at dice breaker is RPG recommendations for beginners whether it’s somebody looking to get into pen-and-paper role-playing games for the first time or convince a reluctant friends to try the Hobby or as is quite often the case something

Friendly for children there’s always somebody on the lookout for a beginner friendly role-playing game now there’s no shortage of role-playing games aimed at newcomers to the Hobby but you can trust me on this one quest has a good shot at becoming the definitive RPG for first-time players

And that’s not something I say lightly for one thing the book itself is gorgeous with art from grim Wilkins Marion elements and Kevin so tech it’s littered with beautiful digital paintings showing colorful vistas illustrating game concepts like being in reach for melee attacks or near enough

To reach an enemy in one turn and there’s even a picture of a giant bear getting its face smashed off as lovely as the art is however the first thing that really grabbed me about Quest were the opening words welcomed friend this is a special place a retreat from your

Worries and obligations now close your eyes take a deep breath and open your mind ready let’s begin and if that isn’t just a brilliant summary of what tabletop RPGs have to offer people and how best to approach them as a player then frankly I don’t know what is from

The outset quest establishes itself as a friendly welcoming game that promises much but crucially reassures the reader that they aren’t going to be overtaxed or worse left in the hinterlands of a dense rulebook and left to fend for themselves there’s even a reassuring guide to the contents page the different

Sections are clumped into what they mean for the reader first we’ll teach you how to play the game it says second you’ll create a unique character with a backstory a dream and a role to play third you’ll prepare your character with special abilities and equipment what a

Lovely thing to have I mean put it this way never before in my life have I felt compelled to talk about a Content page during a review and yet Here I am frittering away precious seconds of my mortal life doing just that and also they aren’t afraid of the

Oxford comma which for me at least is an extra special treat the rules of quest as you might expect by this point are delightfully simple as the game says itself you are an adventurer in a world of magic and danger find some friends and don’t forget the snacks say what you

Do then find out what happens mechanically everybody in quest rolls on a d20 a 20 is a triumph allowing you to succeed heroically and deal double damage if applicable between 11 and 19 it’s a success normal damage know about consequences a 6 to 10 is where things

Start to get interesting as that is a tough choice you succeed in your action but with a setback the games master or guide as quest turns them gives the player a choice between two negative consequences and they pick one to have happen meanwhile if you roll a 2 3 4 or

5 that’s a failure the action fails and the guide chooses the setback suffered whether that’s losing equipment taking damage or some other consequence and then finally a 1 is referred to as a catastrophe this is a critical failure potentially bringing with it severe consequences and that is the entire die

System everyone’s gonna be rolling from this same rule set so you don’t have to worry about adding proficiency bonuses or stat modifiers or racial traits or any of that and with success coming in from just a 6 up on a d20 or beer with consequences players have a pretty high

Chance of success obviously rolling on a d20 the exact degree of success is going to vary quite a lot from one role to the next especially without any of the modifiers you’d expect from other RPGs however I really feel like this is a trade-off for the simplicity of the

System and quite frankly it works if anything it’s kind of handy to teach new players about how unpredictable dice rolls can be and how that capricious aspect is one of the best things about tabletop RPGs but Johnny I hear you cry if we’re all rolling the same unmodified

Dye aren’t our characters going to be identical no they aren’t I reply let’s talk about character creation because it is my favorite thing about quest by a country mile it’s fast its intuitive and it gives you a sense of self and purpose in minutes where other games ask hours and better yet

Your character sheet even serves as an introductory speech for your character as they join the party hello my name is name goes here followed by pronouns I’m age years old and stand height tall I’m the party’s role in quest there are eight to choose from fighter invoker Ranger naturalist doctor spy magician

And wizard when people see me they first noticed my distinctive feature second distinctive feature and third distinctive feature I wear clothes clothes and move with adjectives I’m from place name where my people are known for something about the community I believe in an ideal but my floor side can get in my way

I dream of dream and carry and at this point you fill out what you carry with a separate character inventory sheet it’s as simple as that it’s a really elegant piece of design and I am massively into it if you’re not feeling especially inspired there are suggestions for all

Of these segments to help get your imagination firing the ideal you believe in for example could be compassion or pragmatism or every rogues favorite the ends this one is described specifically as you don’t care what it takes as long as you get where you’re going it

Means if you’re willing to just go with your gut that you can whip up the core concept of a character in just a couple of minutes complete with a physical description ideals once floors pretty much everything all that’s left for you to do is pick your gear and also your

Abilities which is where the characters really come into their own when you make a new character and pick a role you choose six abilities to have at your disposal while adventuring some of of free abilities some can be activated once per game session and others are paid for using ap or adventure points

Abilities are particular to each role and some of them are organized into set paths with abilities unlocked in sequence the fighter has a dueling path for example that unlocks in order from counter-attack to the mighty duel ability with most of the powers costing just one or two of your 10 starting AP

These abilities are meant to be used quite a lot so while everyone’s roles are effectively the same the abilities really make you feel like you’re playing a character with unique talents and a specific build better yet you unlock a new ability at the end of each session so characters are always progressing as

They move about the game world there are even legendary abilities on offer should you get that far so that’s how quest handles for players but what about the guide does the person running the game need prior experience even if their players have never so much as seen an

RPG before this one the good news is no quest is every bit as accessible to the guide as it is to the players for one thing the guide section is mostly about getting into the right mindset setting the scene listening to players and responding trying to make things as

Exciting as possible and most importantly making sure everyone’s boundaries are respected where the players get character sheets the guide gets a world profile it’s similarly straightforward offering you a series of blanks to fill in as you set the parameters for how magical the region is how dangerous it is and what

Daily life is like for its inhabitants it also gives you an opportunity to set an adventure hook reading this out to players before you jump in it’s easy to set the tone and give them a quiet nudge in the right direction before the action proceeds as it might in any other

Tabletop RPG again if you’re feeling uninspired or you just want some ideas to bounce off the game has a healthy roster of suggestions for each space on the profile in terms of preparation the game also offers a decent amount of extra stuff to keep the action ticking over without the guide having to

You too much homework there’s a treasure deck for example containing all sorts of weird and wonderful items for players to accumulate and use on their adventures personally I found that really helpful as coming up with interesting loot especially on the fly is something I sometimes struggle with it takes a bit

Of time to get used to offering to negative consequences for the players to pick from when they roll between 6 and 10 but really that was my only major stumbling block when running the game so hopefully you can see that quest is as much a love letter to RPGs as it is an

RPG in its own right this is a game designed to introduce a set of core concept that other games do in greater detail and in many cases with greater sophistication but it does so with such a welcoming and open handed approach that it’s difficult not to be charmed it

May be easy to forget once you’ve got a few sessions or the odd campaign under your belt but starting a pen and paper role-playing game for the very first time can be really intimidating I still remember my first session because I was absolutely terrified something like quest however really does help give

Players the best possible start so it’s elegant and it’s beginner friendly and it’s gorgeously illustrated but how does it actually play well thankfully it’s very good fun with his light roll set it’s a very freeform game but there’s still enough substance there to resemble a more traditional RPG it allows people

To try and initiate action without worrying too much about the mechanics or a complex rule set which for new players is absolutely ideal amusingly enough this aspect of quest actually proved to be something of a stumbling block for my more experienced players it seemed like they were suddenly a bit intimidated having been

Freed from a more rigid stat block which gives you skills like riding and shooting and investigate and persuade and intimidate and so on and so forth that was only temporary mind you and things quickly progressed from there if there’s anything I think might give more experienced players pause or cause them

To dismiss quest out of hand in fact it’s the vague sense that they might be playing a game for children like it might somehow be beneath them and to those people I say everybody knows you’re very clever and experienced but let’s face it if you’re still happy reading Harry Potter and

Arguing about what house you’d be in you’re not too good for quest because no quest isn’t a game specifically for children it’s great for children absolutely but I think it’s really good for adults too it’s a game that can be taught in no time at all and the character creation is so intuitive

There’s practically no danger of anybody ending up with a character that doesn’t quite work with what they originally imagined would it keep a group of adults playing week in week out for months or maybe even years no probably not after a while they probably would want to find something more complex in order

To stretch those newly found RPG muscles however where that to happen I wouldn’t really consider that to be a failing of the game rather in those instances I think it could be said that quest has done its job quest is a launchpad it’s a gateway RPG

It’s not designed to be played for years but it is designed to be intuitive and memorable like I said before it’s a love letter to RPGs on the whole and you know what I think it’s beautiful so yeah that’s quest I think it’s smashing anyway hopefully you enjoyed

This video if you did there are loads more from the Icebreaker for you to watch some of them should be popping up on screen now do you like subscribe and ring the bell icon so you don’t miss anything else from us visit dice breaker dot-com and most importantly have a lovely day

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