Radical Beauty: Inside a Naked Yoga Class, Baring Is Caring

Radical Beauty: Inside a Naked Yoga Class, Baring Is Caring

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My very first naked yoga class as the participant it was pretty nerve-wracking you first take your clothes off and then you go into your first downward dog and you’re like oh no no no no I started making a motion almost exactly two years ago I really cared about making this

Face in the class inclusive for all different kinds of people I noticed they clothed yoga community skews towards people who look like me like thin young white women but then when I come to my class it’s totally different there’s people of many different genders and many different like sexual orientations

A lot of different ages which i think is great we’ve got a pretty strong fatphobia we have a lot of disgust I think collectively about certain kinds of bodies that the goal is over time you see your body more you see your wrinkles and your rolls on your stretch marks and

All the things it’s a less of a big deal it becomes and I think from there there’s nowhere else to go but to a place of acceptance and self kindness we host a desexualized space so our events are not sexual as a matter of fact we

Have a set of community rules that we speak before every event we have a really strong consent policy if you don’t sure that you do not want to be touched or even asked there’s a stack of red cards over there on the table so you

Can put one of those red cards on the floor and I will we don’t allow cruising we don’t even allow unsolicited compliments so it’s not even welcome for you to say hey you have pretty eyes because those kinds of compliments tend to sexualize interactions as well but if people have

An erection we just tell everybody to ignore it because it’s not a big deal and I think that’s part of body positivity is not just accepting them with the bodies look but also accepting the way bodies function I went to my very first naked yoga class July of last year I was shaking like I was visually shaking so much and then I took my yoga mat and I stuck it in the far left back corner and I was like I don’t want anybody to see me naked yoga

Has made me feel more beautiful or positive just because it reminds me of that there are other people who are okay with my body too when you do yoga without clothes it’s just your skin and the air you feel free liberated and kind of one with nature

I have visible scars and it was actually during my first class I looked at them and said you know I don’t have to be ashamed of these anymore no matter what your background is this is a place that’s willing and wanting to accept you exactly as you are today

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