RANDOM ROLES Mod in Among Us

RANDOM ROLES Mod in Among Us

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So dudes welcome to the most ridiculous game in among us this is the random roll there’s probably about 20 different roles inside of this game and all the roles do something different so dude stick around for my turn to be the imposter we get something op and also do me another favor

Roll your finger over the like button make it turn blue let’s get to 70 000 likes hit the subscribe button hope you enjoy it all right boys random rolls what are we getting oh my gosh i gotta go guys welcome to among us this is ridiculous

I have never seen a mod like this this is called uh town of us i don’t know there are a bunch of different roles i am the seer right so what i can do i can investigate roles and find the imposter i have a modifier which is flash

Look at this hello hey can you hear me see something cool what do you want to see something cool goodbye um i’m back wait are you the engineer i am the engine i can’t see no no no no we’re camouflaged so there’s a ton of different there are a ton of

Different tower ton of different things right okay so i’m the seer hold on hold on let’s wait till camouflage is gone and dudes again hit the like button down below if you’re still enjoying this among us mods the more likes the more food we get what hello

Why are you still here i’m here look i’m the i’m the flash look look i’m the flash i’m the black okay okay why am i lagging so much oh gosh hold on okay so i have to do reveal on somebody and it’ll show me their roles

Oh no oh engineer though hey hey sigils how do we know hey can you guys hear me that’s true hey hey yeah i want an engineer oh okay okay okay okay okay zod is the engineer i saw him oh he could be the imposter and he could

Be faking he needs to build event build event in front of us oh you need to build him oh get the thingies get the thingies okay okay so i just seared okay uh sigils i know he’s the investigator which means he’s not the imposter because the investigator is not an

Imposter signal so come over here you know i i know ian i know i know i know i know okay so you know you’re not you’re not the imposter and i’m not the imposter and you’re the seer right right so i’m gonna go see her somebody else okay wait

Hold on hold on hold on hold on i want to be included where are you you shut up get out of here [Applause] oh no okay to know here dudes keep this a secret listen this coming up sunday evening april 18th i’m doing a video for ten thousand dollars so be on the

Lookout for that it’ll be interesting okay i just seared zod he is the engineer which means he’s not the imposter so he wasn’t lying i gotta find the killer i gotta find the killer where is he okay i’m gonna hide over here let’s see anybody purple’s dead kate died oh no oh

Somebody’s dead oh my god let me paint you a picture okay paint it paint it paint it paint it is a man who can investigate things okay okay this is definitely okay okay okay and what i saw okay was kate and biffle go into storage the door locked and then i heard biffle

Say goodbye and giggle yep just trust me do not do not vote out piffle just trust me just trust me on this trust me i’m gonna go see your biffle and see if he is the killer if he’s out of here whatever what i i am the sheriff do you

Want me to kill him yeah i knew that you knew who the sheriff was baptized i mean yeah no it’s beautiful yeah it is i just i just seared him go get him go get him go get him go get him oh we don’t know who’s him oh oh oh no

No no no no wait why do i no this is damn it right here right here wait is that him is that him oh no oh get is the impostor guaranteed do i do i okay did we let ambry kill him oh i don’t know okay amber’s like oh my god

Just walked in and killed nico wait how did that no right side of the map is a great little dot if you’re if you’re not the imposter what are you biffle yeah i’m not the imposter okay i’m telling you right now listen [Applause] guys you need to trust me on this you

Need to trust me on this i’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna see your henry i’m gonna see your hands for you yeah i just trust you you said you said you saw biffle you’ve been on biffle Where is he where’s amber is ever dead and we’re still alive i need to find andrew all right it was him it was heavy it was heavy oh wait no it was low it was low it was low make sure you arf on them oh the engineer fixed it i gotta fix the

Doors this is so good Is insane i want to see her i could see you and biffle after i clicked it on you are you serious some would say i am serious oh you stole my joke um all right let’s see if we can get one of these impostor rolls all right boys

Let’s roll the die what are we getting is it this time guys what was it going to be already i like it what is morphing i like it hold on i’m so confused how does this work all right i already fixed it okay so i just took a sample of zud

Now if i morph into zud does that work wait how does this work i don’t hold on i gotta figure i gotta figure it out okay let’s just let’s show all the doors hey hello hey hey hey hey hi are are any of you guys the time lord yes i am i have

No idea you literally vented right in front of me wait he vented oh wait what are you doing build a fan amber or you are not lights down no no no crap crap crap okay let’s morph What are you doing what’s your role you want something to roll oh how did i get away with that how did i get away with that they’re gonna think son did that hello oh oh oh it’s definitely low floats the crew mate you were with me soon wait no i want something oh

What do we do with this information guys i think we should vote seven no all i see is just great people with no names that’s all i see okay i reported the body so we know who i am all right get him out get him out get him out wait

Yep get him back okay okay me and me son and loaf walked in on a on a body and it was biffle biffles biffle is dead but i don’t know who the other dead yeah this is legitimately biffle vision this is terrifying could you imagine waking up and smelling colors you know

Wait should we make our version of of this but where all the roles are just us that would actually be cool so you’d have to make a handsome one for me i don’t understand dude dude oh wait i can pick somebody else’s body now hey i’m rude you want to tell me what

Role you are yeah you know what i mean you want wanna let me know uh i think i just took amber i just took amber uh yeah i can trust you can you trust me guys i’m gonna say right here right now i’m the sheriff i need to kill you oh my

God what okay i’m i’m an engineer i’m an engineer oh your flight is trying to go down oh snap i don’t know if i trust you yeah all right so whatever lights go out like right now boom they’re done oh you just fixed the lights oh nice and brutal okay that’s good

Amber is good okay amber’s good amber’s good amber’s good amber’s good i don’t know dude what do you mean all right okay more i’m amber i remember i got seven seconds [Laughter] russell amplify that um hello hello there’s a dead body hello i found a dead body oh no we can’t see anything again oh my god oh my gosh the third one third one okay okay okay oh amber’s dead yeah yeah i reported ambry i need everyone to trust me everyone

Skip vote skip vote okay how do you even see who you’re voting for how do i i’m sorry oh no wait who voted for me why are you voting for me wait why are you voting for me why did you just vote for me

No one why did you vote for me huh wait is that you swapper oh no oh no i just took you i just i just took her body i just took her body fix the light please oh wait wait i’m in the car i’m just never gonna get revenge this is

It i should go by forever revenge time i’m trying to get revenge on you where that’s on me for what you what did i do lord are you the timeline am i no i’m not the time lord He thought i was kate that was so good he thought i was kate but she’s gonna be dead dude the morphling is opie okay hello hey can you hear me tell him wait is my crew looking for oh you can hear me okay good i was making sure i

Wasn’t broke can you hear me can you hear me voted out please don’t vote me out i’m literally dogging right now i’m dog watering literally got boxed i’m literally dog water literally dog water okay let’s hide up here and then i’m gonna morph no i have such a high kill cool down because

Kate wasn’t diseased she had a disease that means my kill cooldown went up to like 70 seconds russell showed that i had a high kill cooldown oh no i got such a long kill cooldown hey corey corey come over here i got to tell you something

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah how many people do we need to kill uh i have no idea dude i’ve been trying to get uh zud’s the sheriff we need to take zod out then yeah okay let’s follow each other let’s follow each other let’s get a double kill okay

Okay whenever i say whenever i say fart foot that’s when we get the kill okay fart foot fart foot that’s the code word that’s good word part okay okay just follow me follow me follow me follow me follow me okay hit lights it lights your lights okay

Wait for me hello guys i have some information what’s your information what’s your information idiot wait hello [Laughter] [Laughter] so what the arsonist does it’s a neutral role if he puts gasoline on every single player he can press the button and end the game he was about to do that but then i cut his face off Guys hit the like button if you have enjoyed this random roll if you want us to do this again hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button if you’re new around here click this next video to watch the next video that is fun

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