Reacting to Fan Fiction with LDShadowlady

Reacting to Fan Fiction with LDShadowlady

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What is a guys Smosh means here and today I’m joined by the ever wonderful ldshadowlady aka Lizzie as I like to call her and we are going to be doing something quite interested a they’ll be reading some fanfiction now not some fanfiction just one fanfiction I found called

GZ the story so far Joel Lizzy Jersey Jersey you see the synopsis of this is Lizzy is considered the nerd at school she gets bullied and no one stands up for her yeah Joel is considered pretty cool and hate school he thinks Lizzy is pretty but way too nerdy sorry Lizzy

But when Joel needs a tutor and he gets Lizzy will he fan that’s it it just says FA will he fare well if I will be fair so there’s two point of views there’s Liz’s point of view and then there’s my point of view so Lizzy do you want to

Read my point of view in our week no I’m joking you read your point of view are you ready yeah for something amazing so I’ve read a little bit of this so this is Lizzy’s point of view hi my name is Lizzy I have an ex-boyfriend named Kevin

Man he was a jerk anyways I love school I’m really smart and get lots and lots of A’s and a stars oh wait no sorry a stars at a star star my friend yeah me is smart too but my friend Tiffany not so much yeah that let me cook quick

Sorry sorry Tessa I didn’t write this there’s his one kid Joel in my school he is done Okay so dumb it says he is so dumb he is so dumb anyways even though I’m a nerd that doesn’t mean that I don’t like shopping my friends and I always go shopping there is one kid at school named Luke Luke is a big bully oh no he only bullies me though because

I’m a nerd it really hurts in both ways I don’t know what the baby okay pushes me in a locket and he calls me a nerd okay which is actually a compliment to be honest like who who gets upset yeah that’s true no one stands up for me doe

Sorry also I forgot to mention I have a youtube channel called ldshadowlady I have around eight hundred and ten thousand three hundred and forty subscribers I think that is because nobody knows that it is me who makes videos except for yummy and TIFF so that is all about me bye

So got to know a lot about you there Lizzy your nerd meanwhile I’m pretty cool and here is my point of view are you ready what’s up my name is Joel I wouldn’t consider myself popular by I am known to be pretty cool I hate school

So much I don’t I don’t understand how some people like that Lizzy Gale could enjoy being locked up in a classroom all day I mean I probably would like school if I was good at it like Lizzy Lizzy is super smart and kind of pretty but too

Smart for me I have a youtube channel called smallish beans with over 1 million subscribers wait why have you got more than me just pretend okay I like this so far I I have this one saw a friend named Luke the bully by sorter I mean he’s pretty mean

To a lot of people and bullies Lizzy I want to stand up for her but I’m afraid that he will hate me I have a girlfriend named Mackenzie she is beautiful but I’m thinking about breaking up with her okay she’ll be pretty at night anyway gotta go the teachers come in peace out

So I think this really sets the scene for both characters here Lizzy the nerd me just a horrible mean person who is friends with bullies but kind of big Lizzy’s cute moving on to chapter 2 back to Lizzy’s point of view missus maples came in and started passing out our

Quizzes and our highest scorer is Lizzy with an a star star he said I happily took my quiz looked over it yummy she showed me her paper and she had gotten an a star I mean not quite as good as me eights a star but some pretty good yeah

Babe I was happy for her I looked at Tiffany and she showed me her paper she got a d-minus I gave her a better look next time look why is that look let me just see that look okay and she gave me a thanks look back what does that look like

I looked in the back row and could see that Joel had gotten an ass you know with my mrs. Mabel’s cleared her throat now as for Joel and Tiffany you two need tutors one of you will be true by Lizzy and the other one will be treated by

Yummie with only four people in the class Tiffany will be tutored by Jimmy and Joel will be tutored by Lizzy everyone started making kissy noises which grossed mrs. Mabel’s told her to be quiet and that was that my point of view great an F my parents are going to kill

Me then boom I need a tutor I kind of what Lizzy since she is really smart and kind of cute well at least I got Lizzy as my tutor now to see how it goes I feel like her romance it’s blooming well why can’t I just shoot you yeah that’s

True and have a success story it’s just a fanfiction Lizzy as I was getting my things from my locker I felt a tap on my shoulder as I turned around I was greeted by a sweaty Luke sweater a sweaty Luke hey nerd I just got back from football practice and wanted to

Know if you wanted to drink my sweat ooh he squeezed his sweaty sock over my head everyone was laughing except for my friends and Joel I’m a good guy he then slapped me and punch me in the stomach this is the bully this is a big assault I fell to the ground

Then something that I never thought would happen suddenly happened hey Luke stop it you’re hurting her hey Luke I say from my position around Luke says I don’t care she’s just a stupid nerd this made me cry apparently Joel saw me crane see what you’re doing to her God read it read it

Oh toughen up and then Luke kicks her in the face I cry even more my nose starts to bleed oh look at the little baby ha ha ha I couldn’t stand to see Lizzy beaten up I mean she didn’t even do anything I went over to her she was crying and

Bleeding are you okay I was worried you she whispered thank you for what standing up for me no one has ever stood up for me before she muttered I helped her up and walked away I turned to say something to see Luke coming towards her oh and one more thing

Smashes her head into her locker Luke you need to see a psychologist man Lizzie goes unconscious ha ha ha walks away I do not like this Luke guy I’m sorry about him ok Lizzie I yelled I ran over to her I checked to make sure she was breathing and thank goodness she was

I carried her Bridal style to the nurse’s office the nurse said that she was ok and that I could leave man this is an emotional rollercoaster this Luke guy really needs some help what are the emotions that you were going through like pain watching you die rollercoaster

Up and down there’s some point were you ecstatic I was not now I guess not just one emotion sadness back to my point of view as I’m walking away from the nurse’s office I hear my name being called loudly I turned around to see angry Mackenzie Mackenzie I forgot about

Her stomping towards me this can’t be good Mackenzie all right don’t why were you carrying that girl like that Mack chill she’s just a friend she got hurt so I was helping her why did you help her it was funny besides who cares about her anyway she’s just a stupid nerd Joel

Gets angry she’s so much more than that I like you all you are is a mean and snobby and sensitive wait what for you to see her get hurt then we up crew fine I’ve never liked you anyways she storms off nice then why did you date me

Lizzie’s probably up by now I should go check on her oh sorry I’m not Luke up accident that’s how it ends I wake up with blood on my shirt i jot up and realize I’m in is office I don’t remember what happened the last thing I remember is Luke was

About to smash my head into a locker I see Joel walk in how are you feeling okay my head hurts like crazy did Luke smash my head into a locker because that’s the last thing I remember yeah okay cool good to know yeah well I sorta carried you here oh thank you you’re

Welcome the nurse came in and checked me she said that I was fine and I could go to lunch Joel walked me out I made sure Luke wasn’t around before making a dash to the lunchroom Lizzie’s point of view still well we got to lunch Joel asked me

If he could sit with me I was shocked that guy went Joel wanted to sit with me sure but what about McKenzie oh I am broke up with her oh she fired was funny to see you hurt oh thank you but you didn’t have to yes

I did so when do you want to start the tutoring he changed the subject well we could go to the library after school sounds good to me oh my gosh there’s a lot of characters here Joel you dumped me for that nerd Mack chill I already told you

That we are just friends hashtag friendzone whoa oh no here comes Luke hey dirt turns to Joel then McKenzie then back to Joel so I heard you two broke up but really Joel you dumped Mack for this nerd lapse Lizzy I fall to the ground and cry I am useless

Luke stop hey hey why should he yeah Mackenzie dumps her lunch ever Lizzy I cry and then run to the janitor’s closet I follow Lizzy I knocked on the door are you okay yeah me and Tiffany run over and pounded on the door telling me to

Let them in I slowly open the door and was embraced by my besties I felt special yeah me let me borrow some extra clothes that she had with her I changed in a stall when I came out they took a paper towel wet it and cleaned the food out of my hair

Have braided my hair into a fishtail they walked me to class and then walks me home just in case McKenzie and Luke were around I’m proud to call them my friends wow they are some good friends yeah that was cute as a cute moment I just disappeared though what happened to

Me I was by that doll later listen I went to the library she was asking me the all sort of questions that I didn’t know the answers to what is the square root of 64 a circle this made her giggle her giggles are so cute after a few more hours of seeing her

Adorable face torture me with math language arts blah blah blah and et Cie I’m watching you I asked her if she wanted to go out for pizza when we’re done I waited for her to reject me but surprisingly she said yes I’m so happy I dropped her off at her

House so she could change she came out and looked adorable her brown hair she would diet pink later in the star was down a hiding behind the rims of her glasses we wear glasses now oh my gosh they are proper good glasses she had on a white lace shirt and a black skirt Joel asked me if I went to go get pizza with him and of course I said yes I never used to like jobs but after seeing him stand out for me today I’m being super funny at the library I think I’m gonna start develop feelings for him

Until you seriously get this classes am I crazy maybe I just hope that he likes me at least a little I’m praying that he doesn’t turn out like Kevin my ex flashback Lizzy to Kevin oh my gosh Kevin no he had tied her to a chair was hitting her he was kissing her

Continuously I was sitting on her lap at first Kevin seemed so sweet but now he was showing his true colors do people think people actually act like this yeah no I won’t stop now shut up and be a good girl continues to kiss her Kevin no Kevin stop Kevin Knox Lizzy out and

She wakes up chained hanging from the ceiling bill has shackles hanging no change Kevin her legs are tied together and there is a bandana tied around her mouth Kevin pops up I would know and slaps her he kisses her for a few minutes with Lizzy screaming for help so need the

Police barge in the neighbors called the police come play about scheme being heard Kevin was sentenced to eight years in prison there’s hasn’t dated anyone since yeah it’s terrible experience like holy moley Kevin I’m sorry for you has a boyfriend that is chaining them to the ceiling and

Kissing them while they scream for minutes on end Lee Zeke help yes Women’s Refuge I’m thinking on asking Lizzie out our date night went well last night we were laughing talking and just goofing off I’ve never seen a side of her before she acts so different in school last

Night when I dropped her off I gave her a quick kiss on the lips oh my gosh she looks shocked I started blushing like crazy it was so cute she said that it was her first kiss except for the times of boyfriend’s tied you up and kissed her so I already know about

Kevin I don’t know about that I felt so bad this poor girl was getting hurt and no did anything wrong I needed to fix this I decided the texture yes I have a number we exchanged numbers last night hey what’s up books oh cool not really anyway I was just wondering

Since fingers seemed to go well last night if you wanted to be my girlfriend silence silence over text oh great Joel you really messed up this time now everything is going to be caught between the two of us I probably just ruined our friendship oh wait she

Has text him back really thank you I thought I just ruined our friendship and that things are going to be all Katrina’s know everything is fine wait Joel I hear something downstairs and I’m home alone if I don’t text in five minutes come to my house okay stay

Safe oh my gosh man I hope she is okay Lizzie’s point of view I hear something downstairs my parents are at work and my sister has gone to her friend’s house I tell Joel to come to my house if I don’t text him back in five minutes I go dance

And I see nothing at first then I feel this shot paid at my back and I fall to the ground happy black I am unfortunate like what are you gonna get oh my god Kevin’s back just leave it on me sit on my back so we’re gonna

Leave it there guys maybe we will record the second half of the story another time but we’re gonna leave on a cliffhanger thank you too heavy wrote this your and every unicorn on Wattpad hilarious very very enjoyable Kevin not hilarious Kevin and Luke people don’t act like that

Some people do yeah some people think but please stop abusing us story fob or just Lizzy I’m fine you’re just game be open your house is invading I should take some self-defense classes honestly yeah sounds like it but thank you so much for watching this video I

Hope you did enjoy us reaction to this fanfiction and yeah you got anything else to say no good bye fade to black like the story

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