Reacting to The Titan Academy Fandom!

Reacting to The Titan Academy Fandom!

#Reacting #Titan #Academy #Fandom

Oh my gosh oh my gosh guys I know I usually don’t do videos like this on this channel but I found something that I think you guys are really gonna love I don’t know how I chanced upon it either it somehow appeared craziest thing is

That I never noticed it until now I just skimmed through and I was just mind-blowing I was like we need to make a video we need to make a video showing you guys what this is all about it’s your favorite the Titan Academy school series them on fandom there is a fandom

There is a wiki about all of us the whole Titan Academy’s series check us out Plus t125 wiki 119 pages plus t1 t5 is a popular youtube series ran by Jin ho 10 plus 25 takes place in Titan Academy a prestigious private high school located in Singapore I mean fictionally I don’t

Really know all right just to give you guys a little bit of context guys Titan Academy is the school series that we do on a monthly weekly basis sometimes I don’t know it depends on whenever we get to shoot you know it’s not very easy to get everyone to come together but when

We do we always try to make a great video for you guys someone actually took the time to write all of this the series focuses on tinho 10 a carefree yet troublesome student known for his popularity around school he is constantly fail playing his exams yet he

Almost passed the teachers don’t seem to help him he somehow manages to have our evil relationship that man that is so genius I didn’t even plan to write something like this like I never made my videos I never created this series with the idea that this was the plot somehow

You guys wrote it for me you guys put it out here you guys are the best this is this is so crazy or clasky 1t5 occasionally described as the worst class in the school except for Denise a highly intelligent student who tops the class until now begins

Therefore one side of the need the one side it okay but it has to compete with his best friend Vincent who hovers the same crush despite him being lazy and unintelligent Wow Wow by the way +2 you on TV if you guys really want to know what it stands

For it’s the first three letters of Titan and then it begin with five of us the oh geez who follow this channel would know that um it started with five of us now that you guys know a little bit about the name let’s take a look at

Watch shall we take a look at season 1 season through season three you got they put it in two seasons with going places let’s take a look at Denise you know she’s one of the most popular students it’s fine because usually the most popular student is maybe you know so

Good at school or something Denise who happens to be the best Academy how do you say that Academy CLE Academy Denise who happens to be good in school is popular all right she is the main tritagonist of the series as well as the top student of a class Wow they describe her

Personality man you guys know more about Denise that I do have persistence in school can suddenly go re under day this fandom is the best this is insane relationships there’s there’s me there’s Vinson there’s Carrie madam suit Bing Wow millions too big and if this was a

Kart game or if this was FIFA the knees would be like the top character you know she’ll be the unlockable character look at her stats geez why are stats so high I don’t even know what it means but it’s so high Denis is described as a good role model for female viewers watching

The series due to her kind and hard-working attitude which is something that I have noticed in the comments and that is why when I actually made her a little bit our side wait I think Denise is the epitome of what every student to aspire to be so we made

Her good again but you never know you never know what may happen you never know any environment you’re bound to be under some form of influence some peer pressure nobody is perfect okay we wanted to give her this and that weakness is in her relationships as you can see the knees

Was not in every single video because a good teachers versus bad teachers she was actually overseas that was before these videos actually became a series where everyone followed then we realized that okay we need to keep all characters as they are let’s take a look at myself shall we

It starts off with a quote look on the bright side there’s plenty of sea in a fish right on the bright side there’s plenty of fish some of you guys actually thought that was a mistake but I said it on purpose I know it’s a bit strange right but if you think about

It there is a lot of sea in the fish he is short hairs always die with a variety of colors but the most common is lighter colors is hair slightly messy well I tried to keep it neat okay we recently only started hiring the makeup artist so come on give me a

Little slack here outside school is usually wearing sweat it’s true you know semi confident courageous mischievious teenager from friendly and loyal this allows him to have a lot of friends trellis you is wow you guys know me better than I know myself this is so

Useful for me if I ever forget who I am or yeah now as you can see here occupation student family Hong Kong Sylvia Nicole Takei so consistent so updated even updated with the latest class Wow um go to have a relationship with Denise that’s not my only goal for

My character yes I guess that is one of the ghost friends vinson Denise crush release young sometimes sometimes sometimes I love that enemies Terri madam Subban yes madam so being does this lie come on likes being lazy yo what procrastinating that is true that’s true even in real life fortnight

Misbehaving in class that I like and not doing homework um who likes doing homework do we even need to put that there the main stars of humor in school series is gin house and Mitch unluckiness yes I do tend to be quite unlucky yeah what mice pets after seeing

The knees this is how could this I’m like I’m like one of the characters you don’t want to use what’s that about I’m supposed to be the main protagonist or whoever wrote this we do have a work 4 out of 5 for cunning integrity 3 out of 5 work ethic 5 move

On let’s move on guys let’s move how can the main protagonist be so weak so shall we take a look at Hakim’s I came is one of the supporting characters in the school series he’s usually in the production team outside the school series what they know I give

As an artist a caring person help forum on others well be positive however his relationship with Vicky prevents him from talking to anybody because of her fears of bamboo trying to cheat on her Wow you know I never even like had the intention to write it like this but you

Know what I always had it that was the plan all along background information go get Vicky to trust him dislikes Vicky not trusting him Vicky ruining his vibe Vicky not allowing him to talk with others especially Abby ah this is me okay Kevin I have not seen Kevin Kevin

Is a minor antagonist of season 3 he is a stop boy who falls sick very easily it’s a crush but is cos wait Randy’s down although he does not seem to reciprocate those feelings so good like much out creep cake with a tinge of tiramisu look at his stats no that’s low Debbie

That is my wife right there debbie is shy soft-spoken and awkward but kind and intelligent is that so darling come here check this up come check this up just look at this dining I am the belle you are about if you guys didn’t know in real life this is my wife in Python

Academy she clearly likes been debbie is very generous and kind are you yeah I think your kind I think you’ve played so at times Debbie’s you’re always kind you are always coming okay she also believes her classmate Ben is a boyfriend despite him not wanting anything to do with her I know there’s

Just said her innocence and love towards Ben also result her in getting booty a lot by her own classmates particularly Trev oh yes that’s are quite high you have like three five out of five I don’t know what this that tastes exist for maybe there’s a game there’s a Titan

Academy game that we are currently working on that I’m not supposed to say I don’t know if we should put it in let me know in the comments guys if you want to tighten Academy game do you like a character what would you like to see a

Character do get back at Ben I know that’s what everyone is saying get back at Ben I’m gonna think about it let’s move on shall we take a look at mr. Dan then how about then oh oh that’s great aliases boomer Vitara yes dan is a Boomer him is so

Nice enemies none place PE dislikes people who don’t believe that PE is important I love this whoever wrote this is so amazing I wanna meet you and I wanna like just like shake your hand awesome job that you guys have done I don’t know guys should I continue

Pablo Diablo Lacoste better known as mr. Lockridge is a former photographer he he was such a great photographer he was such a good actor that there was no way we wouldn’t bring him in so the moment met him still being left I was like mr. Lockhart needs to somewhat be involved

In the Titan Academy friends mrs. boo mistress he wears a black jacket with an X symbol in the middle with a black Louis Vuitton scarf and wears a silver watch Madame suit Bing now Madame suit Bing it’s one of the most most hated and most loved Madame Zhu Bing is the second

Official teacher in class t25 yes she is she is currently terminated from Titan Academy Madame Subang has indeed left the Titan Academy some time ago there has been times where I wanted to bring Madam’s to bring back felt like when she left a really minute impact on the

Students really changed you know the whole dynamic of everything so I think I gotta keep it like this for a while before I bring her back but who knows let me know do you want Madam’s to beg to return family unknown husband unknown child now the thing about madam

Surveying is she’s been pregnant for a long time madam Subang has been pregnant for almost two years I think you know we are doing a short film well because of the virus we can’t do it do it and right now but when we get to the short film i

Will review cool madam soup beings husband is how can madam so big have higher stats than me come on guys you guys like me right I am insecure about my steps alright I just have a good balance of life bad luck cuz I write the bad luck for myself something to think about

Mr. papadum let’s move on now shall we take a look at every nice young aliases DJ Ren oh my god from that one video he was the DJ of the of the party he caught himself DJ Ren oh my gosh family unnamed sister yes he does now he

Has two sisters like Kevin impressing patient it’s really amazing to just read this and see because it is really a lot of hard work the team puts so much hard work and effort into this so to actually see this to see a breakdown of every character I promise you I didn’t write this

So whoever wrote this I love if you guys can somehow contact me because I think you guys are so amazing I just wanna like I just want to say thank you this is so cool Renee’s young appears in life before versus after the virus as himself

And not run easy on making tin hau the only character to appear in every episode of the series I finally have something I finally have something special about me the cleaning lady oh my god Oh the cleaning lady works in Tyson Academy this is the only job she has and takes

Cleaning seriously guys I need to tell you something we do have a janitor in fact we have two janitors and if you guys didn’t know things I’m gonna put it here they clearly look very different except for I I made them have a mole on the face that’s a good trip like flexing

Crew chief father Louis Vuitton spending time with Abby Korean dramas crash landing on you did is the latest episode how are they it’s so updated trans intelligence one out of five Sheridan likes annoying her classmates and teachers indeed while popularity five out of five reputation five out of

Five this is crazy all right all right all right you know what let’s take a look at one of one of the students from the new class and 41 and if you guys wanted to know what and 41 means it’s actually the word Titan but backwards the series is directed by Hakeem and

Then so I take I play a little part in it obviously you know I have to make sure that the narrative flows together with the whole Titan Academy series but basically the little details um I’m not that involved in it I’m just there you know watching the second

Generation and it’s pretty cool it is go to be noticed by sinha likes tuna fish and chips dislikes getting punched who likes getting fudge i couldn’t thank you guys enough you guys have made the series what it is today you know with all your support already love we’ve

Always just want to do more videos for all of you so yeah if you guys want to take a look at this a fandom go ahead because it is pretty cool and I’m just speechless so I’m gonna end a video here you know thank you guys for your support

You under reason we do this and we are making some upgrades to the Titan Academy series and I can’t wait to share that with you guys and we’re working on a special app maybe a game oh my god I’m not sure if I can even say it but let me

Know if you guys want it and you never know anyway um shout out to whoever wrote this I mean thank you for noticing all the small details that would usually get lost and left behind in a 15 minute YouTube video but you guys are literally the best fan

And we make jokes for the general audience that everyone can understand including the adults there are so many of you and I’m really glad that all of you enjoy I even read the comments all the time and you guys thank you for your support and as our journey continues our

Characters will move on to University work live so it’s gonna be fun building this little universe maybe one day it will become bigger so let me know what you guys want to see leave it in the comments down below and let me know if you agree with my statistics any it’s

Pretty accurate so that’s it subscribe here watch our latest video and at all yes let’s go through the Gebbie family we have a new family channel so we’ll see you there as well bye No No

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