reading fan fiction part 3…

reading fan fiction part 3...

#reading #fan #fiction #part #3..

High five no ow who like to climbs a high five that like throws me off I just don’t like you I just don’t like you and then what you’re saying how you miss me yeah you miss me and all the things In honor of Halloween I was thinking of the scariest thing we could do in the car everyone’s hilarious thing yes okay everyone was like um read paranormal stories let us submit our paranormal stories like that’s a good idea I didn’t know how to work the response thing whatever couldn’t figure

It out so I was like what’s scarier than paranormal stories the the fan fictions and that’s where we’re going I feel like you were supposed to like we knew we were gonna film fan fiction I feel like you’re supposed to leave that oh I don’t know Matt what are we

Supposed to think what’s scarier than paranormal stories people writing about me and Chris kissing each other [Laughter] that’s it that’s crazy Matt are you do you have the app oh my God it has Wattpad it’s like terrifying this one shouldn’t be weird it’s a fan fiction it’s immediately

Weird okay but not one fan fiction is not weird if you write fan fiction it’s [ __ ] weird all I’m saying is it says no sexualizing only a few descriptive makeout scenes can you just read it bro it’s red alert um literally yeah come on come on guys

Come on 75. okay no banging no clanging I don’t like that which one would you like to read we can do either the kissing booth oh your minds or love it first I feel like we go kissing boobs oh the burp stinks I want to read like see how

Long they are I can’t do it if they’re like really long you know so scan it um I think the casino’s only 34 minutes oh really why do you know that kid I don’t know the app’s kind of confusing it is and it gives you ads yeah

Pretty lame hold on I have to watch an ad interactive ads always get mad I like really I could skip right now but I’m playing into it I always see Matt playing like the interactive every time he’s on his phone he’s playing an ad I’m like what the [ __ ] are you doing

I don’t know if that how true that is foreign what are you doing don’t do it again I’m playing the ad now if you want strawberries and he wants corn okay read time is an hour oh my God bro Matt that’s not the long yeah bro you read fast

Okay we can try it give me him okay I feel like there’s no other way to go than to just Dive Right In yeah let’s go okay I woke for a peaceful sleep I was so excited last year of school last few weeks until we leave the smell of Pancakes flooded my nose

I got up out of my bed and walked downstairs hello honey breakfast is ready my mom says that I take a plate in a pancake I dump chocolate spread onto the pancake and shot chocolate spread and shrimp you’re not dumping it yeah you’re spreading it shove it in my mouth

Goofy and shove it in my mouth I’m not doing that I finished the video immediately go upstairs I decide to shower I hop in and hop out before doing my skincare and I’m drying my hands I finished my makeup and now it’s time to put on my uniform okay I’m bored um

I finished getting ready and my hair and I hear a honk outside it’s mad there he is that’s shocking he’s driving okay um don’t no no Matt can you please tell them that I don’t upset you because it’s like is Nick’s triplet brother he’s cool I grab my bag and say

Bye to my mom and she gives me a look I have nothing else I explain as she raises her eyebrows I’ll I have nothing else oh wait I’ll drop off your jeans later if she suggests thank you I say walk out the door because um bring them

No no no I I need to stop scanning and jumping ahead because I’m bored because she like went to like change and put her jeans on but she only had like her skirt from eighth grade like those only things you could find over there and like I’m trying to get through these stories

Faster but I have to read this go for it thank you I say walking out the door I run to the boys van giving Nick a hug and dapping up Matt and Chris dude what’s why is your skirt so short Chris says as he’s giggling as I sit there

Uncomfortable shut up Chris she looks great Nick says smiling at me okay okay just pull it down Chris exclaims as we all giggle we arrive at school and we hop out of the van picking out my bags as I slam the van door shot how terrible

Is this yeah terrible this is Chris POV we just pulled up outside it at your name’s house yeah it’s like a simulation not a solution you have to only put yourself in the shoes Brittany okay there we go outside well like a minute ago Matt honkson she comes

Well like a minute ago what is she wearing she hops into the van she hugs Nick and dabs okay what are we reading the same book again yeah dude why is your short subscribe I say giggling as she said I just don’t get it like like the POV of

You is like you were there we know like we heard your POV how do we repeat ourselves yeah I don’t get this like shut up [ __ ] your name’s kill me Britney’s POV the boys and I start walking up from the parking garage to our lesson eyes are on us everyone’s

Looking Matt says it’s okay Matt Nick says emphasizing his name they’re looking at Britney’s skirt Chris explains I ignore him and we continue walking I feel someone slap my butt what the [ __ ] [ __ ] Nick says and he and Chris turn to face the boy who slapped

Me Matt and I just stand awkwardly a fight breaks out between Chris and the boy Chris is a good fighter yeah he always stuck up for me as a child the principal grabs Chris and the boy and puts them by their callers and yells at them to my office now yes that’s Chris

And the boy walk into his office you too Brittany he yells at me and walks slowly into his office I sit in the office with Chris besides me the boy Tyler was his name it was in the office Tyler why did you start a fight I said raising my

Eyebrows he’s an [ __ ] he replies so I ask it’s disgusting he says before continuing your family what huh he explained before it’s disgusting he says before continuing our family he explains before the office door opens Tyler walks out and sits besides us Brittany come in the principal calls out and I walk in

Awkwardly what happened he asks and I explained what he did was completely wrong and he will be punished but you’re in detention after school he explains what why I ask the dress code he explains I now explain why I have the skirt of course he doesn’t he doesn’t

Let that that slide what the [ __ ] I never I’ve never read the excuse I don’t know why she’s wearing a skirt because because that’s all she had or something yeah but like I don’t know why like the conversation ends and I’m told to sit outside and as Chris goes in now it’s

Just me and Tyler why would he put them together that’s like terrible poofy ass principle it’s just silent the whole time until Chris and the principal come outside you have detention after school Tyler you are expelled for a week and Christopher you are expelled for a day starting today and tomorrow bro you

Can’t get expelled for a day you can get no he’s like expelled for like today in the next day whatever man it doesn’t matter this the [ __ ] who wrote this used the wrong version of hole as well as probably three I just got my food and

Sat down on my regular table waiting for Nick and Matt to come over a girl the most popular girl in school in Matt and Matt’s Crush comes over and sits down so what’s going on with you and Chris the hot boy the hot boy what’s going on with you and

Chris the hot boy what is that mean what you and Chris comma the hot boy like she’s describing you oh she asked me oh so this is why she’s here nothing we’ve been friends since we were literally born I say in a DA tone what like in a

DOT tone nothing if you were born they want they both want you oh cool what’s that tomorrow yeah yeah oh cool can you like set me up with him she asks I’ll see what I can do I roll my eyes and wait I wasn’t actually going to tell

Her about tell Chris about it coming over running over almost dropping my food what was that about Nick asks if Matt interrupts him did you tell her about me does she like me does she know who I am what did she say is this me all like down

She likes Chris I blurred out drops no that’s so upsetting that’s always getting why do they always put me and Matt like fighting for somebody I’m sorry Matt she came over and asking me if she could be set up with him I explained and Nick’s give him a Nick

Gives him a side hug hmm not even a full hug Matt it’s okay people can comment on what that’s like pretending to cry Nick like his eyes this is crazy hot boy’s summer for me who said that Matt says smirking shut up I giggle my bad he says as we

All giggle we finish our food and put our trays you need to stop oh I’m gonna skip ahead or no yes I always hate skipping ahead because then they say so much [ __ ] you like needed to know earlier guys I like have no room and you’re probably both not in frame

Anymore get up both of you I’m not going to get up at the same time Ready Set Go go Nick read it’s not gonna read itself thank you I said I’m not stumbling out of the van no worries where is she in the van they like left I don’t know oh

Are you coming to the party this Saturday Matt asks yeah Nick’s taking me dress shopping I wink ugh I’m gonna go shop with your brother to look all sexy at the dance oh wow this man me and Matt are gonna live demonstrate this next morning I wake up

And get ready to go to school I finish my lessons and map drives me to his house alongside Nick in the back school was the same as always a little quieter because Chris wasn’t here because you gotta [ __ ] you oh yeah that’s right the

Two boys and I hop out of the van and we walk into the house we’re greeted by Chris on the couch in Mary Lou in the kitchen hey Chris I say dabbing who I’ve been smiling you know come on oh not you know your name I hate the stupid your

Name Brittany come on Nick says grabbing Matt and I’s hands get the [ __ ] off me Matt says in a Grumble oh my God they’re right they know how rude he is um who am I talking to Brittany me they’re taking us shopping Nick replies what he says confused I’ll buy you

McDonald’s if you take us Nick begs fine he says giving in we go to this mall go to the mall and Matt walks straight to me oh because I have to drive yeah um yep they need me Matt walks straight to McDonald’s Nick and I follow behind Matt

Orders then Nick and I do I got some fries and coke and Mac on a 10 piece nugget Fry’s Coke and McFlurry Nick gotten some fries and shared my Coke okay like no one gives a [ __ ] yeah we don’t care what just get to the [ __ ] and Nick would

Never share a coke yeah also Christmas from school like why are you at home too I don’t get it what are you so excited about nothing okay I immediately run it over to Nick Nick follows behind me and Matt just walks away the dress was pink

Silky and tight it looked so cute that’s what I say and I booked my size taking it off the rack I’ve never seen a girl shop so quick I’ve never seen a girl shop so quick Matt says giggling that’s because you don’t get any girls Nick

Says as Matt rolls his eyes and stops laughing cashier and I pay for my dress now it’s time to help Nick we leave the store and I walk to Nick’s favorite store Nick immediately walks what’s your favorite store Panda Express like a bunch of different options we

Walk over to the changing rooms and Matt and I take a seat while Nick goes in the stall this one he asks Matt and I look at each other before laughing guys this is serious this one he asks again no me and Matt replies this one no this one no

A million outfits later we still haven’t found a good one and it comes out of the stall and looks at us death stare I actually really like this one so please feel the same he says with a serious tone Oh I say my Mac continues God Matt

And I say oh my God so she’s like oh and you’re like my and they both say God orange you guys should do it of course you’d be hard oh my God no that doesn’t work that’s literally what it is that’s what it is I

Mean yeah but that’s the one oh you guys like it ew that’s the one who says Nick’s base lights up Nick leaves all the other shirts jumpers and jeans there and goes to the cashier he pays for it finally time to leave yeah as Nick’s reading this me and Matt

Have to fill our mouths up with water and try not to laugh the day of the party everyone from school is invited I woke up early-ish 2 p.m the [ __ ] two completely different things I got up and walked into my bathroom I hopped into the shower I washed myself

And hopped out I wrapped a towel around myself and started to do my skincare after I brushed my teeth showered done my skincare and put my hair into a bun and got dressed in the sweats jumper I decided to finally go downstairs I walk into the kitchen sat on my Island my Mom

Prepares my breakfast which is usually like it’s really a late lunch get it because she used up till early 2 p.m late night my mom asked what the [ __ ] does that mean I went to bed at 5am I was playing iMessage games with Nick I explained my mom had some waffles and

Ice cream food on them it passes me a knife and fork thank you I say before cutting up the waffle I finished eating the waffle and there’s a knock at the door my mom yells at me and I run toward the door he’s gotta open the door [Laughter] yeah canes [Laughter]

Drink water you look gross listen I went to spit right listen listen I went to spit when I opened the door and I didn’t want to spit on the door so I like sucked it back I finished my makeup and curl my hair and then I put on a dress the dress

Really complemented my figure I looked great I put on high heels of my jewelry and I was ready mattress text me is outside Nick says I take off my high heels to walk downstairs why did you take them off Nick asks would you rather me fall down the stairs I asked

Sarcastically and roll mine I say goodbye to my mom we go to the bathroom she yells don’t drink too much I won’t I call before leaving Nick gets in the passenger seat and daps up Matt and I go to the back dab of mountain we’re eventually are on

Our way oh my God she gets absolutely plastered like drunk oh and then this is the next morning how disappointing okay absolutely plastered mom’s gonna be mad at me I’m skipping ahead because I want this to be entertaining waking up the worst experience ever my head was thumping I felt sick everything ached

I watched Chris come out of his bedroom towel around his waist I’m in my underwear she yeah oh God did we do what I think we did um no no no no no I stretched and shot up shocked at what I’ve done my best friend’s brother is off limits why have

I done this sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up he says you didn’t did we I asked before he cuts me off we didn’t he replies thank God I was gonna say so we good good how bad was I I asked do I even want to know you

Threw up on your dress and refused to get changed and you fell over multiple times you tried to make everyone go skinny dipping and you cried to me because you love me and you don’t want to see me get hurt he replied I loved you ever since we met I love you

He mocks me I was obviously drunk I didn’t mean anything oh I thought she was like yeah that’s a crazy thing to say I was obviously drunk I didn’t mean to say anything drunken words or sober thoughts he says it’s throwing me a large tea to put on

Thank you I say before Chris is a medium I say before he says turn away I yell dude I saw you in that anyways he replies just turn around I I reply he turns away I put the T on it’s like a dress on me grab my

Phone I look at the time only 12 p.m I stand and stretch as Chris comes out of the bathroom and he holds his hands and I grab it when we were running downstairs to see cooking and Matt and and not a starving Nick like I’m like a [ __ ]

Like you go to the [ __ ] zoo and see a hungry tiger like you’ve been on off four stars I grabbed my phone and look at the time only 12 p.m he oh my God and I we run downstairs to see a cooking mat and a starving Nick

I skipped a lot of [ __ ] because it was just a bunch of describing [ __ ] all this but I’m just gonna recap it and then get to the crazy part here to recap all of this there was some fundraiser thing that we had to do with this girl so we

Did this fundraiser and we were like how are we gonna make this money blah blah blah whatever this this that we decided to do a kissing booth oh my [ __ ] right all this happened people it’s like a bunch of different people like you get in line and there’s like a boy’s line of

Girls line like this and that you ended up kissing the girl did I pay I don’t know what I’d be a sinner if I paid that’d be [ __ ] the day but now but now it’s days after and she’s still thinking about it and you guys are walking her back to her house

In the rain oh I am you’re walking her back to your house in the in the rain Nick right there as I was holding on to Chris as I was holding on to Chris you’re so excited why I had lied to Nick I should have just told him

Yeah I don’t think he she knows whatever she doesn’t know it went down like a kissing booth no idea hmm where the [ __ ] am I Britney’s wild bro she’s worse than Sky teller I think no the rain’s getting too heavy come on he pulls my hand we’ve run into a little

Glass hut the [ __ ] where are we here you’re walking down the street oh the rain let’s run into a little glass hut you mean a [ __ ] t-stop who knows if Chris wants wanted to kiss me ever again that didn’t matter though because I still wanted to kiss him he ran his

Hands through his head he ran his hands through his hair and looked away onto the distance we were about two meters away from away from the house I started I scared there was like three feet in England or something yeah we’re somewhere I stared at him and couldn’t resist he

Put his arm above his head and held the walls of the glass hut the glass hot I still can’t get over the glass hut where the [ __ ] I think a bus stop if we I run over to Chris and pull him into me kissing his lips for the

Third time tonight he pulled time what the [ __ ] why is it still at Matt what are you doing give me it he pulled away he pulled away this thing [ __ ] he pulled away [ __ ] oh she’s mad oh she’s up he’s scared of me and I stared

At him nervously what have I done he pulls me in again and I just kiss back until I pull away Chris we can’t be doing this Nick I say what what about him he says and pulls me in again wait no I cannot just be one of those other

Girls you kiss on the down low I say I’ve messed up kissing all these girls on the down low you think of me he asks for the disappointed with disappointment plastered on his face is what everyone thinks of you I say taking a deep breath out I have caramel on my lips

In that disappointment it goes silent for a few but he opens his mouth I just wanna I want you to know the truth he says I just stare at him you’re the only girl that doesn’t end in a bad argument he says and it’s driving me insane it’s one

Of those things I like about you he continues you’re amazing kind beautiful but you are never afraid to say the truth he boosts my ego all right moral of the story you’re getting with Nick’s best friend and she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want hers the next

Friendship to her and you had like a crush on her or something and I had a crush on some popular girl then we had an event for a fundraiser to funder I don’t know what we’re fun Ray isn’t with that yeah pay a dollar I just can’t with

Like like how are we thinking I feel like there’s multiple other fundraisers I’m done I’m just so like crazy that people sit think of that like it took me a while to read that imagine writing it that took someone a week yeah that would take school yeah do we have so much more

We could be doing you had like School papers I think it’s awesome though I think like like reacting them is so funny I think reacting to fan fiction has caused people to write more I don’t know either way it’s funny you gotta get more weird fanfiction

I think I think they’re weird to get straight to the point don’t cut Corners we want to read the good [ __ ] okay come on you need to smash those things for Content you want the weird stuff yeah and I want it now all right dude someone’s gonna name a

Fan fiction weird good now and it’s gonna be like the next time we go and that’s gonna be the name of the [ __ ] just send them to my Instagram I’ll respond and then what you’re saying how you miss me yeah you miss me

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