Reading Gay FanFiction (18+)

Reading Gay FanFiction (18+)

#Reading #Gay #FanFiction

[omg pls cr3dit me] Ya see, Niall was gay. *two retards laughing* [Pyro] Just the worst opening [Pyro imitating iDubbbzTV] “I’m gay” *intro music* [Pyro imitating Vikkstar] Hey what is up guys it’s Vikkstar123, today we’re gonna be doing a fan fiction reading with my guest star John Scarce

[NFKRZ imitating Scarce] Uh hello guys, John Scarce here [Pyro imitating Scarce, sounds like Kermit the Frog] absolutely insane, might have to do a double upload today But in all seriousness guys, it’s me NFKRZ and Pyrocynical

And we are making– we are recording a fanfiction, a very gay fanfiction, and we just want to say before this starts This is just all in good fun if you happen to be the person who wrote this uh you know we’re just reading this because we find it funny and shit

So I hope nobody gets triggered by this It’s called, ‘Entertain Me’. The ship is NFKRZcynical. Roman & Niall And the profile picture’s just Leafy for no fucking reason [NFKRZ laughing] Right, – Warning, Smut and swearing, Basically just a whole lot of sin

[NFKRZ] Yeah you know, you know when it has that, you know you’re getting into something crazy. Yeah I’m gonna nut to this later, without a doubt. I’m- I’m ready for this. [NFKRZ] “Niall”, Roman whined, [ NFKRZ ] “I’m bored, entertain me.” Niall tried not to be annoyed with his Russian boyfriend,

“Now?”, Niall said distractedly, tongue poking from the side of his mouth in concentration [NFKRZ wheezing] He was trying to concentrate on the game in front of him. “I’m busy.” Whatever roll he was on had slowed down He frowned at his *scoffs* boyfriend N-Niall is not one for multi tasking,

And the way Roman is rubbing against him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [NFKRZ cackles again] fuckin hell- Isn’t boding well for his game [NFKRZ] please, Roman breathed against his skin, I was thinking about you in my room, and I’m still sore from yesterday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And now I’m soo hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) To illustrate his point, he rubs against Niall again and lets out a breathy moan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And Niall’s concentration on the game is wavering [Pyro] I gotta be honest this is pretty fuckin gay. [NFKRZ] I’m feeling very gay

[Pyro] I’m feeling quiet aroused Roman’s hands found his zipper and they were expertly undoing his jeans, as he nibbled and sucked at the sensitive skin of Niall’s neck. [NFKRZ] oh my fucking god- [Pyro] Niall’s breathing quickened and he had to stop himself from bucking into Roman’s palm as Roman took Niall’s co- ahh

See, [while clapping] you see, now it’s gonna be age restricted. We can’t have the word cock in, cause now it’s gonna get age restricted. [NFKRZ] We are 2 min- we are 2 minutes in the fanfiction and I’m already grabbing your cock *fucking retards laughing* [NFKRZ] you know it’s only downhill from there

[Pyro] you see, the sacrifices Pyrocynical makes for his channel because this is gonna be age restricted so I’m gonna lose quite a lot of revenue but still I’m gonna keep going Roman took Niall’s cock in his hand and start pumping him slowly I was lying in our bed, thinking about last night

Where you dragged me into the bedroom and fucked me hard [NFKRZ laughs] Remember? I started touching myself But it wasn’t enough because– *Nervous Laughter* You Know what? I hate this because my fuckin’ parents are home, right? [NFKRZ laughs some more] and they’re gonna hear this, just like ‘N-N-Niall? What are you reading there?’

( Pyro ): Oh its just something on the– its just something– ( NFKRZ ): I can- I can continue. I started touching myself *pause* But it wasn’t enough, because i want you inside me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *nervous laughter*

Roman groaned and slid to his knees. Before Niall can say anything he sucked the stripe up the underside of Niall’s dick *more nervous laughter* ( Pyro ) Oh my god (NFKRZ ) *laughing* with a smirk on his lips (Pyro ) Whoever, whoever did this (NFKRZ) oh my fucking god

( Pyro ) L-Lara did this Fucking Lara Croft ok Lara you put way too much time and detail into this its REALLY concerning to be honest *nervous laugh* You’ve thought way too much about this Ill continue Niall bit his lip. Eyes flickering. back and forth, From the game to his boyfriend ‘Roman Stop’

Niall pretended not to hear him and took the head, of Niall’s cock into his mouth *nervous laughter* Sucking gently and tounging hi– ( NFKRZ ) oh my fucking god ( Pyro ) Bobbing his head down, taking Niall allmost all the way into his throat *sobbing/nervous laughter* Niall looked up at him

With Watering eyes And looked far too innocent *nervous laughter continues* *pyro cringes* Especially for how much Niall knew he’s getting off to this (NFKRZ ) Niall moaned as Roman swallowed around him Gagging a little *Nervous laughter* and he doesn’t realise how fixed he’s been by Roman’s perfect lips wrapped around his dick

*gasp* Until he looked up to see that his game is over ( Pyro ) im putting my whole channel on the line ( NFKRZ laughs ) like you know, you know this is gonna get reported by like fuckin John Scarce right? ( Bad Scarce impression ) Hey whats up guys. Two gay YouTubers

Jacking each other off in a fan fiction that is just, that is just INSANE might have to do a double upload today ( Back to NFKRZcynical ) He glared at Roman And tossed the controller aside His fingers gripped a fistful of Romans hair He pulled roman of his (laugh) dick

And yanked him upwards by his hair Roman’s eyes are watering and his lips are swollen Red, and coated in saliva but its dribbling down his chin *nervous laughter* See, thats just, thats just Roman Thats just Roman in real life honestly *more laughter* Just fuckin spit fountain just dribbling everywhere

( NFKRZ ) yeah thats true ( NFKRZcynical ) ‘You’re such a whore, Roman!’ Niall said quietly Go upstairs and Wait for me in my bed Don’t Touch yourself, Understand? ( NFKRZ ) Roman nodded frantically, and practically raced out of the room Niall could hear him taking the stairs two at a time

He took his time turning the Television off and making his way up the stairs. The Bedroom door had been left wide open, and when he crossed the doorway Roman is on their bed Uh, legs spread (laughter) ( laughing ) one hand working his dick, the *Pyro and NFKRZ have a giggling fit*

And the other disappearing inside himself *Coughs at Cringe* A smirk on his face is defiant and Niall is across the room in two strides on top of Roman *laughs* ( Pyro ) ‘really cute roman’ His hand rubbed Roman’s dick *Pyro cringes* ( Whispering ) aw fuckin hell lightly with his palm

And Roman bucked into him Desperate for more friction ‘I told you not to touch yourself, Roman’ ‘but you did anyway’ ‘Maybe i shouldn’t let you come because you’re a fucking disobedient slut, what do you think?’ Roman’s eyes widened, shaking his head furiously. The desperation in his eyes made Niall laugh

( NFKRZ ) ‘Are you going to listen to me now, Or do i have to tie you up and leave you here all night?’ Roman quickly shook his head at that Rutting against Niall’s hand ( Pyro ) ‘Undress me’ (laughing) Niall commanded *Nervous Laughter* Im just picturing that now

Just meeting you in real life first time “Undress Me NFKRZ” *Laughter* ( NFKRZcynical ) Niall commanded and (NFKRZ) This is horrible (Pyro) Roman scrambled to do so Niall’s shirt is, across the room in record time and his jeans are tugged (pauses) past his ankles Just as he’s finished lubing up his– *Cringes*

God, Fuck *nervous laughter* With the bottle Roman left on the bedside table ( NFKRZ ) He leaned back against the head board and took in the sight of his gorgeous boyfriend ( laughing ) completely naked and leaking pre-cum He stilled, wide-eyed and awaiting further instructions

( Pyro doing a Salad fingers impression ) ‘Ride me, if you’re so eager for it’ ( NFKRZ ) Roman is on him immediately and Niall gripped Roman’s hips to help him as he slowly lowers himself onto Niall’s cock ( Pyro ) Oh my god

( NFKRZ ) hands resting on Niall’s chest to steady himself as he takes inch by inch Roman’s lips part as he breathed in ragged breaths and eventually bottoms out Niall fought the urge to fuck into him until he starts moving slowly at first and then faster and faster

And then Roman keeps moaning and breathing Niall threw his head back moaning as his dick disappears again in Roman’s “hole” ( laughing ) still so tight after everything they’ve done together *laughter* (Pyro) I dunno what to say ( NFKRZ ) Oh my god HE NEEDS SOME MILK

( NFKRZ ) The thing is that somebody is reading this probably theres a person somewhere out there who’s reading this and masturbating ( Pyro ) Oh no without a doubt I mean I’ve-ive-ive popped a semi right now to be honest with you *laughter* this is just, uh,

This is just too arousing for me jump, uh, jumping all sorts of uh ‘leaps’ and ‘bounds’ ( Pyro ) Maybe if Niall had been more careful, he wouldn’t be in this situation. A situation of him and his best friend/roommate arguing If he had been more careful with bringing a boy

Back to their apartment none of this would’ve happened. You see, Niall was gay. It’s the worst opening. I’m gay Maybe the gayest person ever. Gayest man ever His roommate, Roman, didn’t like that. I can’t believe you. That’s just so gross.

Roman yelled after the boy Niall had been messing around with left the apartment. I respect your opinion, but I’m still gay, m8 Trying to get the fact in Roman’s head. You’re a sinner, you know that right? Still gay

Niall replied, pulling out his phone to text and apologize to the boy Roman kicked out. Roman swiftly drew his hand back and smacked the phone out of Niall’s hand. It fell to the ground. Niall picked it up. You’re a fucking rat, Roman! You made my screen crack.

Roman glared at him, and pushed past him. You have to get me a new screen, Niall yelled as Roman opened the door to his room and slammed it. Yep, if Niall was more careful none of this would’ve happened. Roman didn’t talk to Niall for the afternoon. It was currently 5:30PM

And Niall decided he was going out. Bye, Niall said unlocking the door. Okay bye Where the fuck do you think you’re going? Out Niall replied. He opened the door and stepped outside. Don’t come back, Roman yelled as he closed the door. Asshole Roman knew he was an asshole

But he just felt lied to, betrayed. He just felt lied to, betrayed. Okay sorry stumbling and mumbling it’s coming Yeah, I need to bring the subtitles back shit o mine is it you’re making so much progress as well fuck yeah okay Roman would apologize but nah nah. That’s some gay

Shit right there. Roman did not do gay shit exec I do know fuckers to be honest with you Ivan do if we open up the the book of no focus that was all of his Testament we have the code no fuckers yeah we have what like fucking GTA 4

Funny moments yeah but cut the fucking blow and I bought you I bought you GTA 3 I bought you GTA 3 is a joke and you made an entire video of it yeah but it’s a good game makes it no I was calling Roman quickly picked it up

Allah Allah Blazers no fucker Jeff Callan didn’t say anything he just glad to the Russian all I got lolly fees in this as well holy shit its leafy it’s it’s over like it’s over can’t you stay a bit longer don’t let him take you away Roman glared at cabin boy Callie Oh

Fucking castle oh wow okay I love you I’m fine with the the dicks and the boots and the chest hair and the sweat but calling leafyishere cali cali cali it sounds like Calif California or some shit like carrots are took an STD was not not hahaha wait no fuck not cute he

Wasn’t gay and yet that was just the gay club talking Rock Road dot man Road Dogg man rodarte man had finally decided fuck it and lay around his bed with us Rodman roll what that is ramen that is the the second worst joke you’ve actually made

In the entire existence of the no focus channel the worst worst joke you made it was the half-life 3 1 you can fly right Thank you for watching this dying old man…

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