Red Shoes | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids

Red Shoes | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Red shoes once upon a time in a land far far away there was a very cute girl named karen she lived in a tiny house with her mother and was a very happy girl she would ask her mother about everything she was curious about mom what are these tiny lights in the sky

They are stars karen everyone who lives on earth eventually turns into a star and shines in the sky forever karen only had one toy one dress and a pair of wooden slippers she wore on the street the wooden slippers her mother made for her were not very comfortable but

They were the only ones she had day karen’s mother got very sick so karen went to town to buy medicine for her mother and along the way she found a pair of red shoes in a box on the roadside the shoes shone so beautifully that karen couldn’t help but bring them

Home with her look mommy i found these by the roadside aren’t they beautiful just write for me these may belong to someone else karen you should immediately take them back but if they had an owner she wouldn’t have left them there with the box maybe the owner dropped it accidentally then

They shouldn’t have dropped it i found them they belong to me now they’re mine baby listen to me carefully i may not be able to buy you new shoes right now but i don’t want you to wear someone else’s shoes just because of that please don’t be stubborn promise you

Won’t wear these red shoes karen sadly promised her mother not to wear red shoes and hid them under her bed Months passed by until one day karen came home and couldn’t find her mother in the house she looked all over until she realized that her mother had become a bright star the next day on her way to her mother’s funeral karen put on those red shoes those who came to the funeral couldn’t

Take their eyes off karen’s shoes how dare she wear red so disrespectful but karen did not care because she loved her shoes A good-hearted old woman passed by the cemetery this old woman learned that this little girl was now an orphan and wanted to adopt her come with me pretty girl i will do my best to make you successful and beautiful when you grow up so karen went to live with the old woman

For many years karen you’ve been wearing these shoes since your mother’s funeral you need to take them off now they’re so dirty no i love my red shoes oh karen don’t be so stubborn come on change your shoes i’ll buy better shoes i promise karen did not want to offend the old

Woman who had been so kind to adopt her so she finally took off her red shoes and threw them away days passed until one day karen was playing in her new room with her new clothes and toys and the old woman brought her a new pair of shoes

But karen didn’t like these shoes at all but these are blue very ugly i don’t like them at all so for years to come karen missed her red shoes a lot she grew into a beautiful young lady but her stubborn attitude never changed even when the old lady brought her gifts

I don’t want to wear this thing but i knit this for you i’ll never eat this food make me french fries at least take a little bite darling the old woman was very upset when karen got up from the table without having a meal she made french fries for her and took

Them to her room at that time karen was taking off her blue shoes look see all my things are so small now i’ve grown up well come on then let’s buy you new clothes and shoes then the old woman and karen went to the store oh look just like my favorite red shoes

I must have them let’s get these karen you don’t need fancy red shoes you need shoes that you can wear respectfully like if we need to go to a funeral i can only buy you one pair of shoes let’s buy those black ones and go home

I am very tired i don’t care if you don’t buy both shoes i’ll walk barefoot everywhere from now on little girl i wish it weren’t so stubborn the old woman bought the black shoes for karen and spent the last of her money to appease her with the red sparkly shoes too

They had to walk home on foot the old woman’s feet hurt a lot along the way and she could not keep up with the spoiled karen and karen didn’t care she walked on home with her new red shoes one day the old woman told karen that they

Needed to attend a funeral in town karen be sure to put on your black shoes otherwise it will be disrespectful at the funeral karen looked at the black shoes in her room and then at the bright red ones she chose to put on the red shoes when they left the house she covered

Them up with her skirt so the old woman would not see the shoes however at the funeral everyone saw karen’s shoes shining brightly under her skirt they spoke amongst themselves about karen’s red shoes at the funeral and about how disrespectful the shoes were when what was said came to the old woman’s ear

She got very angry you didn’t listen to what i told you and you put on the red shoes again you’re so stubborn karen show some respect a handsome young lord passing by at that time was struck by karen’s beauty he came to her and went down on his knees and gave her compliments

How beautiful you are and so delicate in these beautiful shoes uh my lord you make me blush you must be a very good dancer i invite you to the dance night in the palace tonight please come with the happiness of the lord’s offer karen started dancing with joy but after a while

Karen couldn’t stop dancing Why can’t i stop my feet what is happening oh whoa karen started walking away from the old lady and the lord while she was dancing karen come back even though the lord chased karen for a while he lost her karen’s red shoes turned out to be more stubborn than karen

They took her until top of the mountain and made her dance day and night for three days karen’s feet hurt so much that she screamed at every step even though they got into the mud and prickly needles stuck the shoes kept dancing enough i’m very tired i won’t be so stubborn

From now on i promise please stop shoes please stop stop and when karen said she’d give up all her stubbornness the red shoes jumped off her feet and karen too fell to the ground and the red shoes kept on dancing without her karen found a stick and managed to limp home in pain

Her legs hurt a lot she started to cry with happiness when she saw her house the old woman greeted her at the door they hugged each other i know i was very stubborn girl but i promise i won’t be like that anymore after karen gave up her stubbornness things started to get better One day someone knocked on the door it was the young and handsome lord well there you are karen i tried to keep up but you danced so fast how did you do that karen was glad to see the handsome and young lord that was the day the lord and karen’s love began

Leaving stubbornness behind kieran lived a happy and peaceful life You

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