Road Trip | BakLol Video

Road Trip | BakLol Video

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Slowly, shit, no This customer care call was yet to come Why this customer care call is coming again and again? He hung up the phone again, let me drop a message Now these customer care messages are also started Why are you disconnecting my phone, I will not leave you

Sleeping again? there was plan of road trip today My brother has become so cheap You will go out with customer care? What? Customer care is calling? Yes, why so scared? they called more than 10 times and also lots of messages Stupid, how did you touch my phone? and also drain my phone battery

Get out of here now I am not going anywhere I have to change clothes, you go out going to, always keep screaming What should I do?, She won’t leave me alive Aditi disconnected her phone 10 times If I call her now, she won’t leave me alive What to do now?

Call has come, I have to take hello, darling where are you? I have called you more than 10 times you are not picking up the phone What ? You were calling but I was making calls And was being disconnected again and again Don’t know who was disconnecting

I was doing it even though someone was disconnecting Looks like your network issues Do one thing, Buy a new sim What? can’t understand anything got saved Leave all that, are you ready? Yes I’m ready, are you ready? I am on my way, will meet you outside at your house in 5 minutes

Get ready quickly and come down He will be arriving, I quickly change clothes and leave Will be fun while touching her hand and lips But I have to get ready quickly, I’m not even bathed yet Don’t even brush, Get ready Pankaj! Aditi, open the gates [smiling] I need bathroom right now, please open

I will not open the door Stand outside without brushing and bathing for half an hour I have to get ready, please open the gate [smiling] Go now where is he?, That’s where Stood here Brother, You got ready without taking a shower without brushing? I bathe daily, brush everyday

If i don’t take a bath for a day then what will go wrong? You also eat everyday, don’t eat one day Where are you going by packing your bags? Brother, Why is this customer care calling you again and again? You will scold them or I will?

I will not pick up the phone in front of Aditi or else she will not leave me she will tell my mother Where are you going? Going on road trip with friends Road trip? My dream project My math project, my physics project, my science project

Brother please take me too, my school project will be completed Please take me too Road trip? Which such schools are giving road trip projects? Don’t even let us go out of school Take me too, my school project will be completed You won’t go anywhere, I’m going with my friends

I will also go or else I will tell mummy that you are not helping in my project And I will also tell Papa That you had crashed papa’s car and parked it in the side And I will also tell that you had spilled water on my mother’s phone and I will also tell

Enough, I will tell this or that Go quickly get ready in 1 hour, I am sitting here I just came packing my bags, wait for 2 mins Take the right chance, run away pankaj While she is getting ready, Like the video Do it, Nothing is going

If you have not subscribed to the channel yet then press the red button and subscribe it is free. See you at the end of the video, it’s going to be fun, so watch till the end Road trip, let’s go [music] Now I go alone, go to hell aditi [music]

What should i do now? [music] Yes bro Listen, I was going on a road trip with my girlfriend But along with my sister Aditi also stubbornly came Now i don’t understand what to do If she finds out about my girlfriend, she will tell at home

And if found at home, they will expel me So what should i do? You become the brother of my girlfriend in front of Aditi, just for today ok, done Thanks bro You always helped me Everyone should have a friend who helps everyone without selfishness

You are the one who has no greed and always helps me without any greed It will take only Rs.5000 You Selfish friend, You are such a bastard Okay, I’m coming to take you home, be ready Okay, come earned Rs.5000 [music] Hi, brother Vibhu, You’re also coming with us?

How’s priya? How fun would it be if she was also coming to the trip too I forgot to tell, my younger sister is her friend and she knows how many sisters I have You are of no use, I have to do something Sit back and close the door [music

Bro, What is our first destination? Sit quiet, If you ask more questions, I will drop you in the middle of the road Vibhu, Your aunt’s sister sweetie is also coming? You were telling that she is also coming with us She also has to receive, hurry up Yes,

Wow Vibhu bhaiyya, How many sisters do you have? My brother tells every girl he meets in the market that she is Vibhu’s sister Sit quietly otherwise I will drop you middle of the road here Why is he not picking up my phone?

Saying 5 minutes, he took 5 hours, since when I am waiting for him My feet also hurt, I am going [music] Sweetie you are waiting here and I was waiting there for you I stood there for 5 hours What? you were waiting there for me ?

Yes, leave all that, you sit, we are already late [music] She is my sister, Aditi and this my friend you know him that you are his aunt’s daughter, his sister What? How did I become his sister now? This drama is in front of my sister Yes, Met you after a long time

I have come here with today’s flight Which flight have you come from? Then you started asking the questions? you have come to do your project, pay attention to your project [music] Pankaj is unable to plan even a romantic trip, huh? In all this, romance will not be possible

Bro, there is a hand of sweety, look before putting your hand Oh yes, I didn’t notice Stop the car! What happened to you? Brother Project Work! [music] I have to take this soil for my science project [music] Take for your sister too, she also has a project

Bro there is no space in my pocket can you keep it in your pocket please? [music] Let’s go now! [music] Get away, she is my sister, understand? [music] Why are you touching her hand? I will tell our mother, I knew you’re a bastard But you’re really bastard, I didn’t know that

No, I’m not touching anybody Yes, he is not touching me got listen? [music] Pankaj, I am feeling very thirsty, stop if you get water somewhere If I gave him this water, he will drink it all and there is no water anywhere There is no water but I am looking forward

If I get water somewhere, I will stop I am also feeling thirsty Yes I have some water, take it Really?, There was no water bottle on my time Bro, I did not see at that time I stop the car, you get down and drink water [music]

Give it to me after you drink , I also have to drink Brother, I have to do my project, remember something? close your eyes, both of you What did you do? Teacher said wherever you keep the soil also pour some water there But I forgot to pour water

Give me water, I am thirsty There is no water in it There is no water anywhere and you’re wasting water? You and Vibhu, Both of them go and find water there And me and sweety are going here to find some water My sister won’t go with you

Yes vibhu bro, Do not let your sister go with him Ok, you all sit in the car, we’ll find some water elsewhere [music] Stop the car! [music] What happened to you now? Bro, my project work [music] Keep it well then see how cute flowers will blossom, this was my science project

Stop your nonsense I knew that you would do all your nonsense here That’s why I was not bringing you [music] Calm down [music] [Crying] Stop crying, See this I have your bud in my pocket your science project will be done [music]

Aditi, stop crying, you want to keep all your bud in my pocket? Vibhu, give your bud as well, see I kept Now please stop crying [music] I feel no fun on this road trip Aditi has calmed down now, so everything looks boring bro,Leave me home, I have to go home now

And you guys go on your road trip You are all bored because of me? This is a good chance to leave her back to home [music] Go by yourself from here [music] Would not like to go alone, We were enjoying because of Aditi I also loved when she spoke

You guys stop please, let’s go I forgot to give her science project Aditi? Look at your science project nobody wants to go without you, let’s go [music] The joy of road trip comes with everyone Hey guys, If you liked the video then like, share, comment

And if you have not subscribed to the channel yet, this is the red button, press it and subscribe, it is absolutely free and also press the bell icon See you on Instagram and the link to my Instagram is in the description follow us, we will talk over there bye and take care!

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