Ryan Build a Hidden Secret Gaming Room in the House!

Ryan Build a Hidden Secret Gaming Room in the House!

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Oh brian where are you ready or not mommy’s coming where should i go wait what what is this wait a minute a secret door whoa what is this Welcome to ryan’s world Hey guys i’m so bored let’s go see what mommy’s up to ryan what are you doing you’re scaring me i’m bored wanna play hide and seek hide and seek sure okay okay i’m good at being a seeker one two all right where should i go seven eight nine ten

I can hide under this table actually nah she’s gonna see me definitely i can hide here right she won’t see me oh i can’t find any space where should i go wait what what is this wait a minute secret door Anybody in here hello this wasn’t here before ready or not whoa what is this place I wonder what’s on the other side oh well my mom will never find me here Okay the coast is clear i’m gonna go get my gaming oh gear where are you ready or not mommy’s coming ryan Ryan hello okay okay Mommy has no clue first i’m gonna put down my gaming rug then hanging this cool awesome gaming themed tapestry on the wall then a beanbag chair to sit on a portable mini ipad stand then a side table I must have a mini fridge to store drinks when i get thirsty gaming neon sign more awesome lights and more decorations all right guys i’m done what do you think But it’s cooler if i turn off the light What do you guys think my secret gaming room now it’s time to play some games Meanwhile mommy’s still trying to find me let’s log on to roblox okay this is a really cool one so there’s a bunch of fireballs i’m gonna try to do this parkour from here here oh my gosh here here here Oh there’s a chain over here okay oh i think i touch if i touch that red i got i gotta go here Oh there’s spikes and lava okay Oh man i can’t believe i fell i’m thirsty now ugh Great mommy will never find me now after a long day of playing games there look Anybody seen him oh i do need a little break ryan i give up you won have the hide-and-seek game i can’t find you anywhere wait was this door here before i thought it was a brick wall wait what is this stop gamer at work okay some gamer is it guy hello

I don’t hear anything okay well let’s look for ryan ryan oh okay i’m tired of looking for ryan i think i need to just snap myself wow i can’t believe mommy can’t even find my secret gaming room well time to go find her mommy Okay guys i’m back in my secret gaming room i almost forgot Thank you for watching my secret gaming video remember or stay happy and rise up bye You

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