Ryan plays Bed Bugs Board Game for Family Game Night!!!

Ryan plays Bed Bugs Board Game for Family Game Night!!!

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What’s that suit what’s that noise Go away run away oh it’s fighting Hi guys today we’re playing bedbugs yeah so you know what they say don’t let the bed bugs bite all right okay so let’s open it up and see what’s inside a bed of course let’s see what else here oh you know what this is

A bed post so i guess you put it here of course and a front part of course go cute little bed so what are we missing for this bed bug game oh this is these little tweezers we have to catch the bugs another tweezer there’s one more okay

So here are the bed bugs we’re gonna just spread them all around hey i’m not ryan i am not a bug so there it is oh all these cute little bugs here no you’re an arm buggy buddy and daddy’s sleeping there yeah that’s his daddy daddy’s sleeping with a whole bunch of

Bed bugs maybe you should probably clean your sheets oh with clean water don’t worry daddy he’s awake right yeah he’s just upset with his bed bugs so many bed bugs why can’t he just get out they’re huge look look how huge the bed bugs are compared to him he’s scared he

Doesn’t want to get out i’ll just run out right yeah okay ryan what color do you want to be i want to be great okay so ryan’s gonna be green i’m gonna be yellow so what we do is we just turn it on like that yeah wait one more like

Yes there’s a button here i’m going to press and the bugs would go wild ready wow you see how the bugs go wild there you go oh no okay so what we do is we each just dry fast as we can to take our color bugs for example i am yellow

So i’m gonna just hurry up and try to take all the yellow bugs and ryan will try to take out the green butts so whoever takes out their color bugs first wings are you ready all of your color not the other person color okay let’s catch some bugs [Applause] [Applause] oh

Yeah mommy got two got yeah i don’t know if ryan’s getting tj right i got three [Applause] [Applause] I got another one [Applause] i got another one ryan i got six okay all right six okay whoa we got seven oh no okay hey ryan’s blocking [Applause] oh no oh no only one green no no you can’t get it you can’t get it get it no there’s only one green light unlocked

I’m not gonna let him get it i’m gonna block it block it block it good luck getting it one i know i was trying to block ryan it wasn’t even moving i know so i have some yellows one left there’s no more green left that means ryan is the winner

Okay so now since ryan won let’s see if he can beat daddy oh it’s me and you ryan it’s all oh like donkey kong i’m gonna be blue now i’m gonna be Oh [Applause] oh it’s going crazy three four oh wow that is fast five wow [Applause] [Applause] he’s so confident [Applause] oh Huh [Applause] And it has a toy inside perfect combination and it also has a daddy inside where you can eat no don’t eat me whoa look at this it’s a lot of stuff daddy i got Okay so ryan knows how to build it already There you go it’s easier right there it is they’re awesome looking robot that’s pretty cool i bet he can fly That’s the way you can fly Oh you can find the tire that’s how you do it it’s really hard though there’s the cheetah and there’s some points i guess you could fling him all right here we go oh he barely moved the cheese oh there it is and now ryan’s eating his chocolate i like it I like white chocolate we’re gonna [Applause] don’t forget to subscribe and join the right squad Oh hi you guys did you guys know we have a brand new behind-the-scene channel called the studio space oh hiya yeah come check out our channel the studio space where we do all kinds of fun challenges like chair racing and obstacle courses in a branch house bottle flipping and a floor is lava

And you’ll see our friends like combo panda where you punched a screen fuel you also see his best friend big gill you’ll see his friend of me alfa alexa and you also see peck and moe and ryan will be on there too thanks for checking us out bye

Yeah so come check our new channel the studio space the link to the new channel will be in the description below you’ll see our full office tour there’s a dinosaur that came in too so check that out for now bye don’t forget to check us out the link will be in the description

Sorry sorry bye please click on one of these videos for ryan toy review more fun You

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