Ryan plays Crazy Cafe Board Game for kids with Egg Surprise Eggs

Ryan plays Crazy Cafe Board Game for kids with Egg Surprise Eggs

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We ever pulling this not gonna get a point yeah definitely oh ryan good luck super fast you did it welcome to ryan toy reveal Hi ryan and daddy what are we playing today crazy cafe yeah so basically if you drop the dishes when you pull off the tablecloth you lose well then why do you have to pull up the table yeah i can’t just take out all the stuff on the table

And then take the scarf out the part of the game all right let’s open it so those are the stuff going to be on the table little plates and dishes over here and then there’s tablecloth and spinner daddy’s gonna win oh wait this is the table oh they turn around there’s the table

Here’s all the accessories that it comes with and then ryan has a tablecloth there it’s reversed yeah it’s called table yeah so let’s remove all the objects okay nicely there we go so what we do is we each take turn so we each turn spinning whatever it

Says we gotta do so for example if it says place one you gotta place an object on okay if it says place two then you gotta place two object on if it says stack one then you gotta stack something on top so if you said stack

One then you gotta take one and try to stack it on top of oh i couldn’t even do it i’m stuck on the dead pitcher you want one of those sparkling dishes i still have to pull it right in order to win you have to be able to pull the tablecloth without

Anything knocking off how about you guys try first to see if it works just put some stuff on all right okay So following is okay as long as they’re on the table okay all right let’s practice again all right oh my gosh last time Oh still oh that’s something that’s pretty easy then i thought it was more difficult though all right let’s get started ryan goes first oh did you spin it says place two so you gotta place two objects on the table anywhere it doesn’t have to be on top of

Each other just anywhere oh if you put it close to the edge then it has a good chance of falling off so you might want to put it closer it’s so clumsy not a good way there all right slice two place two okay that right hand right here okay

Which object we’re going to use Oh no no no no no pull it you dude only pull when it says pull i want four i mean mommy spins let’s see what it says plays two awesome oh everybody too many two yeah all right one don’t put this put the play play play play with the plate

Two here we go it’s too much i want to pull pull pull pull it says take one oh good you just take one off on the table you don’t like it yeah there we go my turn Which one is this pick one slice two oh two oh i know what they need some potential to miss yeah oh on there okay challenger mommy turns i wanna pull it i wanna You gotta get the pulling one first okay mommy turn let’s see what i get oh this is pretty difficult let’s see if mommy can do it hey mommy’s holding camera also maybe even harder and you pull up or do you just go go straight pull straight super fast okay okay okay I got my point i did it good job mommy yeah one point for mommy all right let’s start over that was fun all right ryan plays again mommy we’re doing the pool right now oh cool wait just pull yeah that’s it you get a point so mommy one point and

Ryan one point daddy affair because that was easy for ryan come here well i won’t pull two of them oh twist one one oh we haven’t i’ll just place a spoon because i’m a scaredy cat no put it in here oh you gotta pull again what not

Good job two for ryan one for mommy daddy you have zero no no one’s not fair it’s hard stuff for me okay a little bit what you get place two place two you know what my strategy now is what what’s your strategy i’m gonna make it hard for you

Guys oh no he’s just watching winners that’s easy no what’s wrong oh there’s a corner it has a good chance of knocking daddy can do that oh yeah but then i can’t get the points either think about that challenge accepted daddy let’s see what i say stack two all right so stack

Two so put no i have to take whatever is existing so i either put this on here or this is a little bit harder what happened if i don’t do it right there’s no way since i have to stack two that means the second time there’s nothing to stack so

I can just put whatever i want okay whoever pulling this i’m not gonna get a point yeah definitely ryan’s turning oh what four four what did you get oh ryan good luck i’m pulling from mommy’s side okay oh if you pull this way everything’s going to knock this way

Are you joking i’m serious pull from yours fast super fast let’s see if we can get daddy at least a point yeah no please all right daddy put a ball right in the center are you playing it safe this round yeah because i want to get a point

What did i get what did i get place one okay whatever you want thank you mommy place one there you go thank you because daddy did this and then you just put that one on that one so it was easier now did you get stock stack okay he got a stack

Wait let me see what i would do that way stack one oh that’s oh no so i would do this there you go there’s nothing so you just place two things on okay for mommy that’s hot can i do this mess it up mess it up All right daddy since you couldn’t get a point we have a challenge for you what if we place all of the object on the tablecloth and if you can pull it then you get a point okay oh yeah okay all right ryan’s gonna place it for you

I forget about the butter tray oh my god all right daddy gonna count to three you count yourself and do it you guys ready i’m ready three two one you have to put the balance right there ryan so close everything was on except for the butter tray

It was still fun good job hey ryan i have a special challenge for you now i want to see if brian can pull this giant hershey that’s so big it’s easy okay good job okay what about you can pull this egg surprise and if

You do it then you’re gonna do it i can get it i’m gonna make it easy okay all right what are you doing oh smart it just rolls over there we go all right challenge nice good job all right now we get to open it yeah let’s see what we handle that gold

What do we get what are those oh it looks like a little kitty cat no it’s my little pony right i don’t see you wearing clothes it’s a little kitty cat oh that’s a hair oh that’s so cute hide the hair i’m gonna eat my chocolate okay

Is it yummy yummy in your tummy so there it is is what we got how cute kitty cat all right so ryan’s building daddy a challenge all right daddy ready i already fell down if we even tried two one ah yeah bye thank you for watching our

Family game night join the rice squad bye bye please click on one of these videos for ryan toy review more fun You

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