Ryan’s Secret Gaming Room and more 1 hr kids video!

Ryan's Secret Gaming Room and more 1 hr kids video!

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Hey guys i’m so bored let’s go see what mommy’s up to Shh ryan what are you doing you’re scaring me i’m bored wanna play hide and seek hide and seek sure okay okay i’m good at being a seeker one two all right where should seven eight nine ten i can hide under this table actually nah she’s gonna see me definitely

I can hide here right she won’t see me ugh i can’t find any space where should i go wait what what is this wait a minute secret door Anybody in here hello this wasn’t here before ready or not whoa what is this have you ever seen this secret report What’s this one this jam i have an idea what to do with this room i can turn it into a secret game mommy okay the coast is clear i’m gonna go get my gaming gear oh brian where are you ready or not mommy’s coming right Ryan so easy can’t hide Mommy has no clue first i’m gonna put down my gaming rug then hanging this cool awesome gaming themed tapestry on the wall then a beanbag chair to sit on a portable mini ipad stand then a side table I must have a mini fridge to store drinks when i get thirsty gaming neon sign more awesome lights and more decorations all right guys i’m done what do you think But it’s cooler if i turn off the light What do you guys think my secret sh gaming room now it’s time to play some games Meanwhile mommy’s still trying to find me let’s log on to roblox this is a really cool one so there’s a bunch of fireballs i’m gonna try to do this parkour from here here oh my gosh here here okay oh there’s a chain over here

Okay oh i think i if i touch that red i got i gotta go here Oh there’s spikes and lava Okay Oh man i can’t believe i fell i’m thirsty now refreshing Great mommy will never find me now after a long day of playing games there look Ryan mommy get him out but look everywhere where is ryan have anybody seen him oh do you need a little break ryan give up you won have the hide and seek game i can’t find you anywhere wait was this door here before i thought it was a brick wall wait what is this

Stop gamer at work okay i’m gabriel is [Applause] Okay i’m tired of looking for ryan i think i need to just snap myself wow i can’t believe mommy can’t even find my secret gaming room well time to go find her mommy Ryan you scared me Hey guys i’m back in my secret gaming room i almost forgot Thank you for watching my secret gaming video remember or stay happy and rise up bye Hi guys welcome back it’s a very important video i think that brian has some sort of secret gaming work i saw a video where he was playing game in a secret gaming room but i don’t know where it is but i know it’s somewhere around the house okay

And i’m gonna find it so you guys are gonna join me on the journey to find ryan’s gaming room but first look what i found we’ll try this out plug it in oh no we crashed oh okay okay hey it’s fine see he’s fine okay guys but we

Cannot get distracted okay we’ve gotta find ryan’s secret gaming somewhere here let’s go okay where could it be ah maybe it’s in here Okay this is not it is that underneath the bed of course you can’t be there what am i thinking i’ve seen a video or thumbnail anyways where a youtuber secret gaming room was in a sofa so maybe it could be here might think he’s a good hider but

Parent knows that’s right secret gaming definitely not no where is the entrance to ryan’s secret gaming room it has to be here somewhere i’m so tired where could the secret gaming room be right we can’t give up you know just have to think like a 10 year old

Where would you put a secret gamer in this house oh it’s poking me who would never just break here before and why is this pokey i think this is falling apart it is a door look it says gamer at work hello inside of course not it’s empty but ryan that’s cool

Check it out Ryan a fridge water this will come in handy okay guys i can’t believe we found ryan’s secret gaming room not so secret anymore let me turn off the lights lights off whoa Okay it looks really really cool whoa ah just like ryan’s video hi ryan what i can sleep here when i get tired later but for now the secret gaming room what do we do play some video games i’m gonna get my laptop okay be right back got my laptop

Here got my controller let’s see who’s on and play some video games hey coffee are you there hi luanne what’s up you wanna play some video games yeah now i’m always ready to play games easy i can beat you i’ll win next time when did you get a

Gaming room this is not technically my gaming is that ryan’s gaming room you’re not supposed to be in there see it’s not right at all see show me around the room then um okay see not ryan at all know that that up there says that’s his mommy okay doesn’t that say

Ryan i think any glasses combo yeah wait wait i don’t think combo suspect i have water here ah now let’s take a nap can’t believe we found ryan’s secret gaming room oh look at the beautiful galaxy in the sky who’s that what’s that noise i think it’s coming from here wait

I think there’s something back here what it opens whoa hello hello everybody here what is this place am i right is this ryan’s secret secret gaming room I’ve never seen this before what is that I know this hat this is the one that tells you which house you should be in harry potter i always wanted to try it hi okay i want to sit on the chair and try it [Applause] [Applause] ah yes my new secret evil villain leia will be here soon it’s still under construction but once it’s ready it’ll be glorious now let’s go count my gold i can’t believe it’s out on gold where’d it come from i wonder whose gold is it it doesn’t matter it went up

Let’s open up this gold and see what’s inside what you can hear some noise back there where’s my gold i need that gold to finish the construction how dare you take my gold how about i take something from you i’m going to take shawn and teleport him to the middle of nowhere

Where am i this is not where i want to be i don’t know where to go this way that’s what they say i’m going to go this way look wow a gold oh my god okay guys this is harder than i thought okay let’s keep going i think i figure it out

It’s working okay guys i think we’re getting somewhere yeah okay i broke it in half this is harder than it looks i just can’t seem to crack it open he can come help me hey sean where are you i have this goal that i really want you to help me open it shawn

Oh it’s come on hey come on what’s up luanne have you found and taken any gold recently yes i i did take gold why oh no that gold belongs to pack rat belongs to pack rats no yeah since you took his gold pack rat chuck sean

Oh no sean i’m gonna go look for him can you come help me with the search of course i’ll help all right guys i gotta have combo track down sean he’s somewhere in a forest i don’t understand and i should probably put the gold back because it didn’t belong to me all right

Guys thank you so much for watching our video if you like it give us a big thumbs up and let you guys know in future videos Here for the very first time are you guys excited all right so first things we got to establish is who’s gonna be the finder and who’s gonna be the girls team hider boys team then all right so we will find you guys It’s okay grab this one okay okay the boys are running away You have to close your eyes they’re not even here that’s kind of twenty okay ready one two three four should we go somewhere so obvious that they’re not gonna check it true 18 19 20. ready or not here we come let’s go you sure they went downstairs okay

All right we’re downstairs where could they up in different be split up are you sure but i think we should stay together just in case No okay where what about here what did they hide here um okay where what about they’re in gay ryan’s gaming room what do they hide in there um So you guys don’t know we have a podcast called the stick with county podcast with me and ryan’s daddy okay let’s see this is no so this is where we film if you guys want to check it out it’s mainly for adults what about this what about the bathroom oh the closet

No no they’re good hiders Over here we’re right here daddy’s messy room downstairs right yeah And they are too good Upstairs upstairs don’t know upstairs let’s go Guys can we get some hints wait what about in the ears no we’re about in here guys no they can’t be in there it’s just too tight in here Can we get some hints boys We’re going in here what if they’re upstairs what if they didn’t even go downstairs Okay we’re going back upstairs what about the closet wow they’re really good we’re gonna see you guys we all split up yeah wait mommy You think they’re outside For them and we’re waiting for all the parts it hasn’t come yet Are they in there no why would they kenny why did you open it then silly This is relaxed this is total of the patio it’s so easy Guys Are they behind here That was the longest hiding all secret boys and now it’s the girl’s turn okay uh of course we can all right we’re gonna cover our eyes and count how many twenty twenty one seconds only We’re not going down at all we’re upstairs we’re upstairs where should we hide they’ll never know that we’re here we’re gonna close this like that we’re gonna close okay all right guys guys okay okay this is ryan’s gaming room here six five four three two one let’s go hey we’re escape hi okay Where are you Also quiet oh no it’s it’s ac it’s probably but yeah it’s moving right there no no all right let’s see to close it maybe They’re here Man we did so good boys Okay but this time we go easy and we stay in one spot that’s the rule we’re gonna get all right i promise all right guys we gotta count ready one two three four Us in in the blanket oh wait we don’t have time to cry this is just the trick okay let’s go ready or not boys we coming for you let’s go guys Are they here we gotta check every little corner Let’s see what’s in here closet now if they come through here and they go out they’ll see us Wait did we check this bathroom already you did okay nothing okay okay let’s go all right they’re here okay let’s see there’s nothing nothing okay sorry where are they then are they in here this time oh my no We’re over here Yeah we found you good job at my high five did you guys get tricked by our pictures okay I lost the control it’s okay ryan i’ll help you fix it thank you daddy [Applause] Now choose the power tools whoa and this i think i messed up the door so let’s hammer the door connection let me check okay now it’s good good door is okay let me check and see if it opens do you think it’s gonna open yeah all fixed yeah

Maybe we should fix the other roof ryan can you drill the roof put some nails Again daddy you messed it up again i’ll help you fix again yeah thank you daddy flip it back again just kidding me got my handy tools right here that’s very useful so you can use this and this oh it’s still wobbly okay you’re fixing it good

I was making sure you’re doing it right so that’s helping oh just making sure you’re doing everything correctly sure sure we’re gonna play together okay we build up this block what are we building pyramids this is so fun playing with daddy right right daddy where’s daddy daddy are you in here daddy

Oh sorry i was just taking a nap what were we doing doing this oh it’s almost done hey what are you broken i have idea ryan what is it what if we put these two house together make one giant house next yes And this is a little bit difficult for me oh this is really cool it’s cozy that’s your room and this is my room okay hey guys look at that whoa there’s something over there are you trying to block my way out i’m never gonna get up no guys help me

Oh it’s filling it up this is only opening now i’m still here can you still see me Know i stay happy and rise up healthy too let’s put the mentos in three two one what is this you make a big mess ryan uh i just did the coke experiment clean up please okay This is dirty i’m gonna go help mommy it’s raining we better go inside now i’m hungry i want to get something to eat goldfish of course goldfish Oh you better clean up oh okay mommy clean up clean up everybody do your shirt clean up clean up everybody everywhere hey go put this in the trash snack time Um shirt twist Press it three two one go yeah whoa it worked it actually yay now my shirts are dry outside yay now i have a lot of stuff ryan are you done playing play-doh i just started mommy okay when you’re done you better clean up okay mommy clean up time later clean up everybody

Let’s wash the dishes five minutes later Now i’m going to clean around the house so much dust i’m gonna wash [Applause] yeah mommy have you been cleaning up the house for me yeah thank you you did a good job i appreciate it all keep up the good work ryan high five yeah thank you for watching guys

Hey guys today i’m training to be the best star wars person the lightsaber i see that ryan is doing some lightsaber training but he doesn’t look very good yet i’m going to give him a special challenge i will summon aliens around the house and see if ryan can defeat them good luck ryan

Someone in there what’s that noise [Applause] hello anybody there i hear some noise huh Are you here back oh gosh oh hi there ryan i was taking a little nap but i’m awake now how can i help you so there’s a serious problem somehow there’s an alien in my mom and dad’s bedroom oh gosh this sounds like the work of robocombo

I have just a thing to help you okay pep what is it whoa peck this looks so cool it’s a blaster that’s correct ryan it’s my latest invention the blaster 5000 this blaster will send aliens home all you have to do is blast aliens and then we’ll teleport them back to their planet

Okay thanks beck now i’m gonna send the aliens home let’s go alien where are you i think the alien’s hiding again okay and it’s just a pillow where could the alien have gone hmm i wonder where the alien is what i see some toe sticking out of there

There you are alien sound you now time to send you back home alien okay now the alien is sent back home let’s go see if there’s any more aliens What’s he doing here don’t say aliens don’t worry daddy this is first professional alien hunters only step out of the way dad you okay no there’s an alien there okay stand back are you sure your gun looks like a cheap online toy trust me daddy i can bring this alien back home

There you go the alien has been sent back home oh thank you ryan for getting rid of that alien let’s go professional alien hunter ryan wow hello alien where are you my writing senses are tingling hmm there’s an alien somewhere around here i’ve got you alien did i get him

No i didn’t get him get over here alien another alien down is that an alien over there That’s my mommy i think there’s an alien over there is this even a real alien wow don’t worry mommy i got it i’m sending the alien back home yay i did it thank you thank you ryan i was so scared you saved the day yay

Wait oh i don’t think i’m done yet i hear another alien sound oh no good luck oh hey who are you wait it’s the other alien hey that’s my monitor alien i’m sending you back home alien yay i think that’s all the aliens i don’t hear any more noises

I can’t believe this ryan defeated all the aliens that’s okay because i still have my secret weapon i will turn daddy into my minion again Is to destroy ryan lightsaber wait i hear a lightsaber noise i think robocombo got to daddy but this is an alien blaster this is going to be no use against him but good thing i have been training with my lit saver bring it on destroy you turn back to your real self

No i feel so much better now okay i guess i have no choice let’s bounce It’s not over yet Okay i think now i just have to take off his goggles and then he’ll turn back to his real self Wait what was i doing huh what is this uh daddy this is your house but romo combo turned to evil and i save you oh thank you for saving me ryan you’re welcome daddy well guys if you like this video then remember to put a thumbs up and remember always stay happy

And rise up bye for the train okay guys so we’re gonna do the daddy hopping ryan challenge Oh welcome to ryan’s world guys today we’re gonna do a really cool challenge are you ready i’m ready okay guys so we’re gonna do the daddy hopping ryan challenge he’s going to try to copy whatever i do and if he wins he’ll get twenty dollars if he loses i get I don’t know what we’re gonna do with this okay three two one Oh Replay Sorry daddy i don’t think you copied ryan i win Hey guys today we’re going to do a fun bottle flip challenge that’s right it’s gonna be me versus ryan let me explain the challenge each one of us take turns and try to do bottle flip once you successfully land your bubble then you can use the scissors

And cut your opponent’s string and the strings called our favorite stuffed characters meeting combo panda and diving spider daddy no it’s my favorite if your favorite stuffed animal drops into the water then you lose oh watch out guys there’s dangerous creatures in there this crab and duck

Why are you here right okay daddy you ready to begin the challenge all right ryan you first three two one let’s go no only one string okay you can cut one string anywhere you want oh good it didn’t even tilt my finger i’m gonna

Try to do it all on one side so it falls though yeah that’s a good strategy ryan okay my turn you ready a professional ball clipper i got this okay okay my turn again whoa still balanced this is the strongest oh no don’t don’t touch that string okay i will hurry up

My turn again it’s rigged no stay there stay there sean i’m so close only two more to go play time is over here you go no why why can’t you stand okay another trick you shake it no yeah wow making this video so short i think i got this i think no matter

Which one i got spider stay there okay my turn No ryan’s been doing every single one huh how do i beat that only one more to go guys go easy a little bit yeah [Applause] i got this which one are you gonna cut oh there’s only one All right guys i lost this round now mommy’s up next mommy come over here okay now me versus mommy yeah daddy couldn’t do it but mommy can do it because mommy’s in the house here we have captain mommy bring it ryan okay it’s my turn let me show you some tricks and

Your trick didn’t work ryan watch this trick you ready All right oopsie your trick didn’t work either mommy that was embarrassing ryan watch this come on this is funny that i thought okay my turn I think ryan lost his streak so that means there’s a chance for me to win next time zero percent chance okay okay i’ve warmed up now i’m warmed up now watch this guys watch this no no no wait which one you gonna cut which one which one are you sure are you sure

It’s okay i’m still in the game the game’s not over all right come on we gotta catch up you guys It’s okay okay oh okay all right guys i got this come on oh so blue okay okay no come on Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah all right which one papa peter you’re going down i’ll even let you choose right which one should i cut i’ll cut this one i don’t think so with this one boom yeah okay okay it’s a tie one versus one [Applause] yeah okay

Which one which one which one this one this one i don’t think so i knew it yeah one guess who’s winning guess who’s winning it’s captain mommy okay come on okay oh so close come on that didn’t count you guys come on oh so close shake it shake it come on [Applause]

That totally counts ryan which one should i cut which one should i cut this one yeah what do you guys think okay i’ll be nice [Applause] It’s okay mommy is still winning okay i only have to cut two more strings so come on bring me lock [Applause] Which one should i cut the orange one what do you guys think orange okay i don’t think so oh you’re going down combo i still got this i still got this no no which one okay only two strings left for mommy and one string left for ryan oh this is close come on

Okay what do you guys think i got this right three two one oh it’s okay i’m still winning guys oh no okay mommy which one should i cut the the one on the head obviously okay right right that’s one versus one look at this This is getting close it’s the final battle i can’t do that okay oh no still got a chance i’m gonna do what daddy couldn’t okay we’re gonna break ryan down ready a professional ball slipper come on mommy which one should i cut the blue

One or the orange one i got this i got this okay obviously the orange one right the orange orange orange orange orange orange yes yeah that’s it okay closer closer mommy are you okay you okay there oh no okay i beat mommy dead i can’t believe

It and you also beat daddy too good job ryan thank you for watching remember we’ll stay happy right now bye ready one two three hi guys and daddy is this anything unusual let me see what happened to your hands it’s tiny look at it it’s like a baby hand that’s

Because we’re doing a tiny hand challenge it feels weird do you have mine too yeah right here perfect all right i’m gonna try this tiny hand too so it’s definitely harder to grab stuff right yeah this is definitely hard to use so first let’s try high fiving and shaking hands four five oh

[Applause] okay guys so we’re gonna do five tiny hand times this matter okay you guys ready for your first challenge do you see this bowl of fruits here oh looking yummy let’s see who can grab the most ready tiny hand challenge begin go oh no i dropped it no

How are you doing it oh Steady look at this oh got a nice technique yeah rocky you just scoop me up okay let’s count three four five six seven seven for ryan one two three four five six seven eight daddy one round one of the tiny hand challenge [Applause] okay guys round two we’re going to do

The tiny hand challenge bottle flip version impossible okay so so close so close oh daddy got it oh so close [Laughter] ready Okay guys so that means so far the tiny hand challenge score is two for daddy and zero for ryan okay guys round three is jenga edition oh boy you doing the middle one no way wait wait i can get two ryan’s getting two at the same time

That’s impossible how oh mommy is stuck in the wrong way oh i did sorry guys oh my gosh look at this why don’t you pull it now oh my oh oh he got it out yeah this counts yeah hey daddy your turn playing jenga this is

Not matter look at this it’s all messy and stuff i’ll do a bottom oh yeah you guys did that nice [Applause] i’m gonna Oh All right daddy it’s all up to you in your tiny hand you know what he does four i do four whoa how are you gonna do you’re gonna leave middle one he’s gonna leave the middle let’s make it intense okay that means ryan you won the jenga version Okay guys round four it is the drawing challenge with your tiny little hands okay it’s gonna be difficult we’re gonna draw mommy oh you sure about that cause i’ll be judging oh i’m already missing okay let the challenge begin guys mommy’s got a nice face right very beautiful face beautiful right there

Long hair oh [Applause] Oh i like the eyebrow did you include the eyebrow uh get into it Oh It’s okay all right let’s see ryan cute wait what is this what’s this big hand doing here it’s not anything okay ryan final touches oh i love it really mommy wearing the mom’s shirt of course I love it ryan it’s pretty good pretty good okay here’s ryan cute here’s Daddy they’re both really good good job guys but i love ryan’s final touch with my mom’s shirt i love it mom shirt for the win so that means this round goes to ryan that’s right so two points for ryan and one point i’m sorry two points for daddy points

I’ve no one got two points first you guys are tied okay guys last tiny hand challenge round this round will decide who is better at using the tiny little hands me it’s gonna be me me i have some sports balls here i’m just gonna throw and whoever catches it first wins okay yep

I’m gonna just alternate ryan ready okay okay well so ryan has one point you ready okay okay next it’s a football oh that’s hard ryan you ready Okay daddy’s turn let’s see That’s how professional catch with this this is soccer you know the rule you can’t use your hands but this version you can okay okay all right soccer catching ready whoa nice good two points for ryan uh oh i’m losing okay daddy sucker oh So wow do you have a chance to win daddy this is it if you don’t catch this then you definitely out of the game okay you do catch it okay one i cannot see this is So that means the winner of the tiny hand challenge goes to ryan okay that means ryan received this honorary medal here and daddy says you’ve got second place i can place a metal for you thank you whoa you got it on with your tiny hands nice nice Ryan’s singing your pose thank you guys for watching remember always stay happy and rise up bye find me in challenge last catch we’ll see who can catch it okay ready i’m throwing in the middle

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