San Francisco Giants Linked to Mets Star in Trade Talks

San Francisco Giants Linked to Mets Star in Trade Talks

San Francisco Giants Eye Mets Slugger in Potential Trade: MLB Insider

San Francisco Giants Linked to Trade for Mets Slugger by MLB Insider

The San Francisco Giants are beginning to find their footing as the 2024 MLB season progresses. The team has been dealing with some significant challenges, including roster holes that need to be addressed as the MLB trade deadline approaches.

San Francisco Giants Linked to Mets Star in Trade Talks

Key Issues:

  • Lack of a Power Hitter: The Giants need a big middle-of-the-order bat.
  • Jorge Soler Underperforming: Soler hasn’t been meeting expectations.
  • Injury to Jung Ho Lee: Lee’s injury has disrupted the lineup.

Potential Solutions:

An MLB insider, Jim Bowden, suggests that the New York Mets might have two sluggers available for trade. If the Mets fall out of the race, one of their top hitters, Pete Alonso, could be an option for the Giants. Bowden believes that if the Giants are willing to trade their closer, Camilo Doval, they might get a significant return.

Possible Trade Targets:

  1. Pete Alonso (Mets):
    • Powerful hitter
    • Potentially available if the Mets fall out of contention
  2. Justin Turner (Blue Jays):
    • Primarily a designated hitter
    • Free agent after this season
  3. Eloy Jiménez (White Sox):
    • Strong hitter with injury concerns
    • Primarily a designated hitter
  4. Mets Outfielder (Unspecified):
    • Alternative option if Alonso is not available
San Francisco Giants Linked to Mets Star in Trade Talks

Why These Trades Make Sense:

  • Orioles as a Trade Partner:
    • The Orioles have a surplus of bats.
    • They need bullpen help, which the Giants can offer.
  • Jiménez as a Fit:
    • Despite injury concerns, Jiménez is a solid option.
    • His addition would strengthen the lineup.

Giants’ Trade Strategy:

  • Focus on Acquiring a Bat: The primary goal is to add a powerful hitter to the lineup.
  • Willingness to Trade Key Players: Trading closer Camilo Doval might be necessary to acquire a top hitter.


The San Francisco Giants need to address their lineup issues to make a strong postseason push. A trade with the Mets or another team could provide the solution. Whether they target Alonso, Jiménez, or another slugger, the Giants must act strategically as the trade deadline looms.

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