Sci-Fi Series: “The Big Nothing” | DUST

Sci-Fi Series: "The Big Nothing" | DUST

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– [Lennox] Shuttle 359 to Harmonee Dispatch. I’m heading to L.E.E. Mining Station now. – [Dispatch] All right Lennox. Starting to get radar activity. – [Lennox] Will do. Switching to live imaging. – [Voice] Signal lost. Approaching destination. – [Dispatch] Harmonee shuttle 359 to L.E.E. mining station. I’m preparing to dock.

– [Voice] Stand by 359. You’re cleared for docking in Airlock One, Detective. – [Ship Voice] Solar recharge complete. Mining ore diagnostics underway. – Thanks for waiting. It’s been a hell of a day. I’m David Lennox. Division Four Homi Investigation. You look nervous, relax. Have some coffee. – So when do we start mining again? – Not until the crew casualty report’s finished I’m afraid. Sorry.

Emily Katherine Mendoza. Been with Harmonee for eight years. What do you do, Emily? – I’m a driller. I work with Bayfield down at the mining arm. We extract neodinium from the asteroid, put it into the cargo, ship it out to refineries. – And can you tell me about Monday morning please?

– I woke up at O600 as I always do. The captain was just finishing off his night shift. So I went up to the control deck to report. I couldn’t quite see him at first. He was stuck on the mining arm. – [Lennox] Could you tell at that stage

Whether or not he was alive? – Well, he wasn’t moving. I suppose he’d just gone out to check the mining arm. It’s quite routine. He liked his solo space walks. He used to call space “the big nothing”. Always saying, just going out for a wander in the big nothing,

Like he was getting a carton of milk. I guess he just got disorientated, lost oxygen, passed out. – Tell me, what’d you think of the captain? Did you like him? – Paperwork bored him. – Whereas you of course like order. Certainly not how you’d run the station, is it?

– No, not if I had the choice, no. – Yeah, I see you’ve applied for captaincy, three times. Each time denied by Harmonee. – Obviously. Why does that matter? – That body scan you sent through showed some inconsistencies. I mean, you’d expect some signs of aphyism and hypoxia in exposure to space.

But your scan showed none of that. Fact is, the captain was dead before he was in the suit. Official cause. Asphyxiation. – You think he was murdered. – I have no doubt. Now it’s a bit of an oldie, suffocate someone. Throat closes over.

First instinct of course is to gasp for air by the throat. Just gets tighter. Say an average man has two minutes of consciousness, less if you struggle. Of course now, Captain, he sure was a fighter. Strange thing is, you know you’re gonna die. The moment you start to black out.

And you realize, there’s just no air. Did you see anyone else that morning? – No. – [Lennox] You sure about that? – No one. – You know as I see it, very simple, Emily. Finding our murderer, it comes down to Callaghan, Bayfield, or you. Tell me, who gets the promotion? – Sorry?

– Who becomes captain now? – I do, sir. – [Ship Voice] Recalibrating cargo manifold. Solar recharge underway. – I’m sorry, what did you say? – State your name and title, and your duties. – The name is Edward Bayfield. Title is Mechanical Officer. – And your duties? – I mainly work with Men, Captain Mendoza with the neodinium extraction. And I’m responsible for fixing the engine

Every time the engine thing breaks down, which is pretty much every day. – You don’t often see people your age out here. Usually takes years of study to get a posting like this. Doesn’t it? Well I do have first class honors in aeronautics. – (laughs) Smart kid.

Still, I guess we all make mistakes though, right? Even a smart kid like you. – Yeah I guess. – Were you originally rostered on night duty on Sunday? Why was the captain doing your shift? – There had been a problem. I was shipping off the daily neodinium shipment.

I just wasn’t paying very close attention and I sent it to the wrong refinery. So I didn’t mean to. – What the captain do when he found out? – He suspended me, but I mean it really is just a small mistake. Neodinium goes missing all the time.

But he said he was gonna send me back to Earth. But I’ve got nothing down there. This place is my home. – That shipment you sent went to a refinery that’s been taken over by Raiders, Eddie. That’s not a little mistake. – Raiders? – [Lennox] Yeah, you know who they are, right?

– Yeah, they’re rebels from the war, but they don’t have a proper fleet or anything. I mean they couldn’t take over a refinery. – Well, apparently they can. They did. In fact, they didn’t leave any survivors either. Turns out you just sent them enough neodinium to pad their entire fleet for a month.

That’s a pretty big mistake. – I didn’t, I didn’t know. The captain was so angry. I don’t really understand what, what happened to him? – (scoffs) You don’t expect me to believe this whole thing was just an accident, do you? – Why would anyone want to kill him?

– Where did you go after the captain suspended you? – I was at my workstation. – [Lennox] What were you doing? – I don’t know. I don’t remember. – Is this a regular habit? – What? It’s really not a big deal. I just, sometimes my brain just keeps ticking, and I need this to help switch off. That’s all. After the captain suspended me, I just wanted to feel a little bit better. – [Lennox] Yeah, I get it.

So what happened next? – I really can’t remember. But I do remember that I was at my workstation all night. – [Lennox] So you didn’t go to the control deck? – No. – [Lennox] Sure about that? – Why would I? – The captain was killed on the control deck, Eddie. Think about it. Captain suspended you. He was going to send you back to Earth. You’re upset. Hell, you were more than upset. You were furious. Perhaps you made your way to the control deck

And you saw him sitting there, in his chair, alone, vulnerable. Maybe you thought this could be so easy. I can solve my problems right now. – I didn’t. – Course you had to get rid of the body though, wouldn’t you? Maybe you drag him down to the airlock

And put him in a suit to make it look like it was an accident. But then, you just shot him out into space. The big nothing. You didn’t count on his body catching on the mining arm, did you? – I wouldn’t– – Did you go to the control deck that night? – No, no. – Then why did I find this thing? – Okay okay, I woke up in the captain’s chair. That’s it. All I remember is Emily waking me up in the captain’s chair. I don’t know what I was doing there.

I don’t know how I got there. All I remember is waking up in the captain’s chair. Everything else about that night is just a blank. I swear. – Did you kill him? – No! I don’t know. – Hi, hope this gets to you okay. I’m fine, don’t worry. It must be late over there. I hope you two have brushed your teeth. And ready for bed. Not giving mom too much trouble I hope. I wish I was there. I’ll see you soon. – So that was made what, at six hours? Before the captain was found? – I don’t know. Yeah sure, that sounds about right. – You’ve been out here a long time, haven’t you? – Four years and seven months. Almost eight. – That’s a long time without your family, man. – It is.

– Still, I guess it’s good that you’ll be seeing them soon. Right? – Sorry? – What you just said in that video. You said, “I’ll see you soon”. – Oh yeah, figure of speech. Just hoping, I guess. – Station life’s not really all it’s cut out to be, is it?

– Well there’s no work on Earth anymore, so– – So you’re the operations manager, yeah? – Yeah, I look after operations, scheduling, mapping terrain, that sort of thing. – And that’s what you were doing the night the captain was killed? – [Callaghan] Yeah, I was just catching up on some work.

– [Lennox] And then what? – [Toby] Well then I sent a message to the kids and went to bed. – You know, Toby. I was hoping that maybe you’d be the one that could help me with some numbers I’ve been looking at. – Yeah sure, happy to help.

– Right, each week the station logs the neodinium shipments. The captain sends off a shipping report to Harmonee. – Yeah. – You see, I’ve been going through some of those reports and I noticed that, it’s a little thing but, it seems like the captain was shipping less than he was extracting.

– Really, that’s strange. – Yeah, I thought so too. And it’s just a little subtle thing. Like just a change in the decimal point. Why would he do something like that? – I don’t know. – Tell me, is this the captain’s signature on the shipping report? – Yes.

So the captain was the one who made these reports, yes? – [Toby] Yes. – You sure about that? – Yeah. – See, I think it was intentional. – [Toby] Really? – I think the captain was deliberately rounding down the decimal point, in order to hide missing neodinium. Do you think that’s possible?

– Well, maybe. I just, I wouldn’t have thought– – Thought what? Toby, I don’t understand. Why would he do that? – Well look, neodinium is worth quite a bit, so– – Yeah yeah, it’s worth something, Toby, but it’s only worth something, if you can find a buyer, right?

I mean, who the hell is he going to sell to way out here? – I wouldn’t know anything about that sort of thing. – I’ve got it. Raiders. He was selling to Raiders. What do you think? – Raiders. – Is that even possible? – That’s possible. Selling to Raiders, that’s pretty dangerous. – Yeah I know, but the captain, he was that tough kind of guy, wasn’t he? – I don’t think he was that tough.

– Perhaps not. Still, it was very clever. I mean, rounding down the decimal point like that makes it almost impossible for Harmonee to trace it back to him. – I don’t think he was that clever. – You don’t think so? I think he was a genius. – No, he was an idiot.

– Hand me your crew ID please, Toby. – Sure. – Now each crew member has their own ID code, yeah? – [Toby] Yes. – And every time a report is made, that ID code is scanned into the system, correct? – Yeah.

– So Toby if the captain was the one who made these reports, then why is that your code on the printout? Mendoza was right, wasn’t she? Paperwork wasn’t really the captain’s thing. I mean, he might’ve signed off on the reports but he certainly wasn’t the one who made them, was he Toby? So what, he just didn’t notice? You rounding down the decimal point? – You know, they might be bloody crazy,

But Raiders pay really really well. Better than Harmonee. – All you had to do was change a decimal point. – Pretty clever, huh? – Well, til the captain found out. – What happened? – I keep trying to remember, but I really can’t. What’s going to happen to me? What’s Harmonee going to do to me? – Young Bayfield accidentally sent an entire shipment through to the Raiders. Captain was forced to go back through the log. He was gonna tell Harmonee. – [Ship Voice] Proximity alert. Unidentified ship approaching. Proximity alert. Unidentified ship approaching. Proximity alert. Unidentified ship approaching. Proximity alert. Unidentified ship approaching. Unidentified ship approaching. Proximity alert. Unidentified ship approaching. – I’m gonna get to you guys very soon, no matter what. I’m sorry. Things have got a little bit out of hand. – There’s a fleet approaching. It’s definitely not Harmonee. – It’s Raiders. They’ve got a refinery station. – That’s not possible.

– Lennox told me that I sent the last shipment to them by mistake. I must’ve sent them enough neodinium to get here. – He’s right. Raiders. – They’re coming to get the station. How many Raiders are we looking at? – Hard to tell, a couple of ships maybe. Enough.

– What are we gonna do, because we need to get out of here, okay? They’ll kill us. – How long have we got? – 40 minutes maybe, an hour. – We need Lennox’s shuttle. It’s the only way off the station. Callaghan, go and get Lennox. How much neodinium is in the cargo?

– Fifty percent in Cargoes One and Three. – What do I have to do? – We need to go, okay? – I’m not leaving all that neodinium. – We can ship it out. – They’re too close, they’ll intercept. – We need to go okay? Right now.

– I am not letting the Raiders take my station. If we can re-route a power surge through the cargo bay circuit with a trigger– – And what, blow us all up? – We put 20 minutes on the timer, we can get to Lennox’s shuttle, clear the station before it destructs.

– Neodinium is too unstable for that. – It’s the only way, we have to do this. We’re all going to die if you don’t help me. – Okay okay. We can use the oxygen tanks for the trigger. – That’ll work. – [Ship Voice] Security overrides not recommended. Procedure may cause neodinium instability. – [Eddie] I’m switching L one to L five now. Just waiting on your six, then we can redirect power. – Okay. – [Ship Voice] Security overrides complete. – I need you to expose as many wires as you can.

Okay, but be careful. There’s still power running through the circuits. – [Emily] Bayfield, stand by. I won’t be long. – What’s going to happen to me when we get back to Harmonee? – We can’t talk about this right now. – Lennox thinks that I killed him.

I know he does, he told me that I did it. – Did you? – I don’t know. But what’s going to happen if Lennox can prove it? – I’m sure they’ll take your age into account and your service to Harmonee. – Would I get the death penalty? The Raiders are almost here, we need to get moving. – It’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna be fine. – Shit! – [Ship Voice] Oxygen levels passing safety limits. – Bayfield, give me an update on the power. – I’m just redirecting L six out. Ready when you are. – Okay, give me a couple of minutes, then we can get out of here. – [Shuttle Voice] System initializing. – [Ship Voice] Airlock one sealed.

Security identification required. – Toby wait! Think about it. You want to be on the run forever? – [Shuttle Voice] Navigation online. – Away from your kids? – Every dollar I made off the Raiders went straight to them. – The captain didn’t care about that, did he?

– The captain didn’t care about any of us. You know, when he finally realized, he said I was done, like some old rag he had squeezed one too many times. You know, I begged. I begged him to go easy on me. I actually begged. Like a pathetic piece of shit, I begged.

– Now you listen to me. I’m gonna send Harmonee every piece of evidence I’ve got on you, do you understand that? And I’ll make damn sure you never see your family ever again. Or I can help you, Toby. But you got to let me on board right now. – [Ship Voice] Warning.

Oxygen levels exceeds safety limits. – Set the timer. – [Ship Voice] Power redirecting in nine minutes, 57 seconds. – No, no, no. – I want assurances. I want you to tell Harmonee the captain’s death was an accident. – Yes, you have my word. You got to let us on board.

All three of us right now. – Okay. – [Ship Voice] Shuttle disengaged. – Oh shit! This is Toby Callaghan, L.E.E. mining station. The station has been taken over by Raiders. I repeat, the station has been taken over by Raiders. I am the only survivor. I’m on route to Harmonee headquarters. – [Toby] I wish I was there. I’ll see you soon. Hey, I didn’t see you there, Ed. – [Ship Voice] Power redirecting in one minute, 57 seconds. – It was Toby. – Where’s Lennox? – Gone. – [Ship Voice] Power redirection aborted. – [Raider Voice] Open channel to the captain of Harmonee station. You’re currently surrounded. Stand by for takeover. Station respond. – [Emily] This is Captain Emily Mendoza. I’m prepared to open communications. – [Raider Voice] Acknowledged, Captain Mendoza. We are dispatching a boarding party. Stand down immediately.

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