SECRET AGENT DANTDM!!! (Virtual Reality)

SECRET AGENT DANTDM!!! (Virtual Reality)

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So a few days ago I said the best thing about virtual reality is that you can become anything you want so today I will become a secret agent oh Yo, I’m driving a c-car

This is sweet, so this is actually a virtual reality experience that you do sitting down and it’s called ah I Expected you to die which just happens and as you can see it’s kind of like a belt Hopefully that doesn’t happen more than just now is that me I’m looking good

No, no this is not good. This is not good. I have a pod is that gonna go off oh? Yeah, well well well What do we have here? Huh just sit at my table the desk is gone. I felt quite important

Then hey there you go my hands. Oh my guys always love you advanced operative division I am your assigned handler and support agent. We’re going to be fast friends. I have no doubt

Your new implants allow you to use telekinetic abilities to manipulate the world around you Wow back when I was a field agent We had to pick things up the old-fashioned way. That’s insane Okay, so this is kind of like a tutorial we have welcome agent things are not always as they seem sure

I know what I’m doing and apparently I’m gonna light this thing. Are you ready oh? Yeah, ah This is phenomenal activate telekinesis oh, I can where’s the way don’t eat sir Oh, they’re freshly TouchPad what? You can pull it in oh Yeah

Over this nice yes, it’s gun time right how do we do this okay pressing the touchpad right? Oh? Yeah, oh, yeah. Oh yeah Noah commence with me. Haha. Okay training is done I’m pretty sure we and grab our new mission from over there with our psychic abilities

What what kind of spy has psychic abilities? How crazy is that look at this? Hey? Operation friendly skies I have like drawers and stuff as well This is core does this same advanced Asian module. I don’t want to calibrate no

I’ve done that I have different slides and stuff I can just pop in here which is quite cool I think gun who would’ve liked having a gun huh oh? It’s actually like super realistic pop-up right there. We go operation number one. Let’s begin Please ah ah this is great

Actually for like um in The Incredibles or something I feel like it can actually like Reach out and kick the pedals and drive it off the plane and you may just earn that vacation you’re always going on about Wait wait you said drive it off. The plane is that is that for real?

So when he’s going on to drive and oh Oh, I need a key they actually need a key is there a key around here anywhere excuse me is this telling me how to? Work it how to arm your bomb oh?

No, ha ha what about there? It is. I see it right let’s pop this in there. We go twist it Yes Let’s go. Let’s do this Oh jeez here we go he’s got me What ah no laser avoided deploying secondary countermeasures, what are you doing? Oh?

The old ticking bomb I’m partial to plastic explosives myself There’s a bomb um How’d you arm your bong 1 2 3, but? How do how do I disarm the bomb? Ah, can I open this? What’s this? There’s money? There’s also a a knife. Yes, okay?

We can cut these cut cut cut cut them ah Mission failed cause of death bomb explosion Whoops ah where am I this? Is a little bit freaky retry right so I need to do green blue yellow I think that’s what I did wrong before right. Let’s open this let’s grab this

There we go and it says green there we go green blue Ready right, I’m gonna open this quickly come here come here there. We go strike this towards Grab this drag it forward, and it was seized. What was it? What was it?

Green blue yellow green blue green blue. No why why did that just happen to me alright? Give me a second here. Give me a second here there anything else I’ve got I got more money in the back which is great. I can always use more of that

I could just go in there I’ve got a gun a chair and more money Let’s just put the gun down here. Just in case we need it, but it says one two three Maybe we need to do it backwards. Let’s give it a go right here. We go over

Here’s the bomb is the bomb right it says. That’s why let’s do Yellow there we go and then let’s do blue and then green Yes hahaha Can we please focus on getting the car out of the plane? Yes? We can we did it though?

I’m so happy right let’s put all that gubbins down there. We don’t need this and let’s go that’s neutral That’s gone. Can this go please thank you. Oh my car is broken guys my cars are broken I press this next message so on there is an urgent matter

We must discuss contact me on a secure line immediately. Okay? How do I do that? I just want to get out of here? Okay, honestly agent. We want the car in one piece

Sorry, nothing short of an explosion is going to make a dent in that cargo door. I’m so sorry wait so I need to oh Can I shoot it there? We go that kind of works? Um there? We go and there we go. Yeah? Oh jeez a gas

What happened what’s happening of dying? I’m dying What do I do oh? Good job. Well done. Literally everything it can kill you right Okay, so there’s definitely gas everywhere poison gas. I’m guessing there’s something in there. It’s like a big old button great great amazing wait oh

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about look at this can we shake it? Hey Smoke gas okay. We probably shouldn’t play with that we pour us up a little glassy glass we go It’s so bright guys Cheers

Ha ha ha ha 40 cannon reset the system are ok, so we need to go ahead and Go jeez I’m gonna have to shoot the window out, but I’m gonna die of poison gas Which I’m a little bit worried about so I guess I need to do it pretty quickly all right

Just put it in Drive. Just in case and Let’s do this here. We go BAM. Let’s grab it. Let’s grab it quick quick quick quick quick. Do it yes? Yes, yes, yes, then what do we do then? What do we do press?

It press it go good with the canister in and fire Bob oh How do I not die Poison gas gets me. Okay, so it turns out you could just do this and put the window back up

I didn’t need to shoot the window out. It’s absolutely fine. Haha right. Let’s do this there we go Let’s grab this and then we need to push this button and see what happens Great right let’s not this

My goodness this thing is massive right pop the gas in there, and then do we just do it three two one Kapow Yay umm Not sure, that’s what I’m supposed to do really does this know what? Do I see two fire smoke bombs it’s literally not working what about this?

Okay, that takes it away. Deploying scorpions. What what oh? My goodness guys. This is a scorpion right there. Why why oh I’ve got idea all right Let’s grab these these are the explosives from before let’s pop this in here there. We go ah boom Yes, oh my goodness, right?

Unconventional, but then again convention never was your strong suit You’d better drive the car off the plane before something else explodes here. We go guys. I’m after you very very nervous let’s go ah Do we do it parachutes deployed Hey

We did it. Oh, thank goodness. That was actually a mission in itself that was cool though. Hey We’ve got some achievements as well forgive me what I have just set this stuff on fire We got guns away smokey brakes drunk driving because we actually popped the champagne

Haha, you can do it in 36 seconds as well, which is Mads. Oh look I think when you complete certain things you unlock them hey Get out of here right I feel like I’m doing pretty well as a superhero No, wait a secret-agent so fast the next one is squeaky clean

Let’s go songs people recognize you now, so you’ll be going undercover for this mission nice. I hope you’re not scared of heights. Oh Wider retrieved from zoara’s car confirms information link to us from a dr. Lincoln We have also heard news that Zoe’s lieutenant Daniels Sands has been researching a super virus

We need you to infiltrate the lab and destroy that virus. I’m sure I can do that lets-a-go But yo look at this Whoa I’m like a window cleaner Okay, I am win loveliness or axis is creating a deadly supervirus We knows or wants revenge on the agency, but this is a tad extreme

Get into that lab and You through making an anti-virus oh? Okay, perhaps when you’re done there. You can come clean my office. This is do a little sprucing up Just uh just a harmless little window cleaner Don’t you worry don’t you worry at all I can’t do anything with this

So there’s only one waiting guys cut Wow let’s do it. Oh No no no right, let’s grab this I don’t know what it is, but I’m gonna grab it attention dr. Ashley Lincoln has come to our attention you are engaging in unauthorized

Antivirus research bla bla bla bla bla what didn’t eat that right, so what is in here? We got three wires Which I’m guessing shouldn’t be touched unless I know what I’m doing awake. There’s an ID in there Wait what what no, I think I’m gonna die guys, I’m gonna die those lasers Wow

I’m gonna die I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. I’m dead there’s poison gas. You know this poison gas is unreal Hey guys check this out. I Can show the lasers how cool is this right so we must be able to see we can save some of the wires

But it’s gonna be so so difficult to be able to do it. Ah oh oh oh Have we done it we’ve done it right This is an ID card which I’m guessing we can use over here, but look at me. Just look how many lasers there are

This is crazy. Okay right this is gonna be tricky, but we’re gonna be able to do it right here. We go this is Being a spy yes Accepted security disabled we did it full disclosure agent I don’t really know how to make an anti-virus great however

Shawn in HR says you tested well in chemistry so give it a go save millions of lives And don’t blow yourself up. Oh I can blow myself up. That’s not a good. That’s not a good look is it right Let’s do some research shall we I’m gonna grab this chemical formulas

One of them explodes one of them made something corrosive on copper Which is that wire there? And the other one makes a puffy clouds? Great, so are all these things That looks like some kind of crazy. I don’t even know like hair. Dye. Ah wait

We need to use this as well right it’s able to synthetic elements. Okay. I’m gonna plop this. I don’t think I need this anymore I’m gonna put this just here It’s like a big old chemistry lesson we need to make a r and r e what are those are e is

Purple a R is green Mm-hmm we need GI a R&Y to corrode that copper over there Yellow and Blue makes an explosion I need yellow and blue to make green right How am I supposed to do that my brain is already hurting? What happens if we put this in there should we see?

It’s got him. Oh Where’d it go where’d it go? What Virus stable oh, so this is the virus that’s insane right? What’s this there’s something else here this is Toxic what he’s trying to make toxic rain, that’s nuts oh Okay, I think I’ve got this I need GI

Which is this one right here? Let’s pop that in there there? We go we need a R Which is the green so let’s grab this one and put that in there then we need Y which is red So let’s do that Press it and see what happens don’t explode don’t explode

Yes, okay, so this is this is corrosive, right? Yes Haha, so now. I can switch this on agent. You’ve been spotted quick Naturally, what how do I do that? Who’s coming at me? Who is coming at me it appears the guard didn’t buy it? What

Yeah, I always knew you were intimidating. That’s your stoic silence Definitely is I did not think he was gonna get me. I need to be careful though very very careful right so now We’ve got all of these. I now need to make

Hmm a R plus R a green plus purple, let’s try it here we go green There we go plus purple There we go equals back Please don’t explode this makes like a smoke powder. I think let’s see what happens just throw it

Yeah, just make smoke so what happens if we put this in there that still happens Scan it send it away. See you later Very stable Chemical effect negligible what I don’t have to know what to do. I’ve done all the elements, but do I just add them all together

I couldn’t add three at a time, so I’m not sure so I just do NN. I’m just gonna do it NN Which is the yellow? Which is the one we had to unlock there? We go Plus GI which is blue?

There we go I think I’m gonna die here, but let’s try it anyway Kapow uh-oh I think this is why I’m supposed to do because I need to exploit the system Please don’t blow me up. I’m outside so I can just I can bounce to any second are we good yes

I did it Oh Okay, let’s bring that down. I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything all right. I always thought this no I am such an idiot. I have found the secret

It was the little painting that was in there right girl is about to save my life. Let’s grab this green Let’s bring it in and let’s do this. I also need this over here. I feel like I’m acting like a science class again

Okay, GI so we need blue there. We go blue green and red let’s pop that in Here, let’s drop it on there there. We go and then we can open the yellow bring those in Egypt You’ve been spotted. What quick oh geez act naturally right?

So the healing potion is green yellow and no purple yellow, red purple There we go Yellow, and red, so this should be a healing potion right come on little girl. I’m so putting my faith in you right now Yes, I did it right. Do I need to put that in here

On myself when I blow that up No Stop him. I got no. I got a bullets left. Okay. I’m done. I’m done. I could just throw the gun Let him work. Did it Wow this isn’t going well

See you later big bomb how do I stop this though? Is there a way to stop it? Hello, look at that thing But its pungency if that rocket launches with an active virus millions will die Neutralize that virus now neutralize the virus

How do I do that NN + GI omegas NN + GI uh? Yellow + blue here. We go yellow + blue Needs this And then can I put that in there isn’t if I can no, I’ve set things on fire. How do I neutralize the virus?

That didn’t work did it they didn’t work at all um um um oh Yes, okay, we can take this off. I didn’t realize we could do this Let’s take this off perfect all we need the copper thing again. We definitely need the copper thing again

What was the coupon GI a are so blue? Oh my goodness? There’s not enough. It’s not enough blue and Green green green green and red. Let’s do this perfect boom pop that on the copper Yes, now can I grab this? Yes, yes yes

Now what do I do? No, what do I do there? No I Think they did it at the right time Well done agent yeah, it’ll be no a break today. Oh get you out of there that was unreal I Literally did it with one second to go oh that

Was insane I got four of the achievements as well Guys that was he the same no, I got the squeegees over there as well, that’s cool guys that was insane I’ve had enough of being a secret agent today even though it is super duper cool, and if you agree

I would like to see some more of the missions then please leave a big fat thumbs up That’d be greatly appreciated and it’s time to be the first video you see for me. Oh you haven’t done so yet What are you doing?

Please do that subscribe button to join team in TDM today for the daily video is part from that Thank you guys so much for watching. I need to go lay down cuz I am exhausted and I’ll see you all next time yeah Bye

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