Secret Hidden Gaming Room Inside a Couch!

Secret Hidden Gaming Room Inside a Couch!

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Underneath us is a gaming room let that sink in that was the intro oh really today is going to be the craziest hidden gaming room Mission we have ever done we’re going to build a gaming room inside of a couch here’s the game plan step one go shopping and pick out a nice

Ordinary couch step two transform this couch into a hidden gaming room how’d you get in here three return the couch back to the store but with Justin hidden inside let’s see if this works we’re at the furniture store and we’re gonna find the perfect couch that’s gonna fool everybody have

Room under here no oh what kind of couch do we want do we want a two-ply three-ply sectional ply this is three ply It’s gotta be able to fit look at the bottom of that couch man bruh that’s actually pretty fantastic we could raise it up even more we could raise it up

Even more put some bigger legs on it raise it up but also down okay keep this one in mind we’re just gonna browse around make sure that we don’t miss anything got it surprisingly not comfortable no it’s not it falls back this isn’t really an armrest there are lots of space

All right but I just I don’t think this one’s gonna work it just looks too weird what is that thing guys we may have found the gaming couch it’s not even a one-man couch I always check underneath the couch before I bite the couch we have found

The couch that we’re gonna convert into a hidden gaming room I’m feeling good about this one let’s buy it how do I get out oh it’s not that heavy you gotta come up with a great design where we can have somebody inside of the couch in a gaming room and then when

They’re in the couch there’s going to be a generator a TV gaming maybe a little snack shelf here ah I love it so once we’re done building this insane gaming couch the plan is to try to return it back to the store all right so this is the couch we got what

Do you think will we be able to use this based on your construction your experience what do you think of this couch it’s a pretty cheap couch seven hundred dollars gosh paid 700. the cushions don’t come off but there’s also a ton of room to work with already and they don’t recline

So there’s no unnecessary metal gears in here so this like moves around a lot this was our discount on this wall so 700 after discount yes oh my God it’s comfy you feel this this is nice leather well we could potentially do add more height here a black canvas type material

Four inches and see if they notice man we just paint it black we can make it top words Jack Wow this is really uncomfortable are you coming more room do we need to ask we need to add a TV enough wiggle room so we can film what the heck is going on in there so it’s working what the heck we have to see the inside

Of this couch ow this is dope under here adding this much room here’s what it looks like currently it’s actually pretty spacious considering I’m under a couch time to cut into the couch cushion for the first time this is gonna be the entrance into the gaming room aha there

We have it guys and another couch destroyed if we just cut this line all the way back behind we can actually pull these couch cushions off while still leaving them attached to the front and then just put in a piece of plywood across the entire top it was already

Dope in there as is so if you’re saying it’s gonna get even better yeah and the plywood on top is to make it stronger whatever you’re saying yeah so nobody can squish you who would squish this couch is already meant for three people Isaac’s two people imagine like if if

There were three Isaacs on the team and each of them was sitting on this couch like you’d die for sure okay whoa you look so funny right now anything wrong with this couch no I just didn’t like it get me out of here Jamie said we gotta get three quarter inch

Plywood for this couch build holy crap 75 a piece or ninety dollars for Birds where did our boards go oh okay we’re getting pretty good guys with fingerboards oh look at the rods run away Hobby Lobby to get some other essential things to make this couch look super hidden upholstery

Fabric for the couch gonna look like nothing happened this is what we’re gonna do is we are going at this point Samuel went into great detail about how we’re going to build this as a team he even separated us into groups with very specific jobs

And we all pretended to listen but to be honest I really don’t remember what he said hey what hey not better fellas can I get Ahoy hey We gotta get all these Springs out to make the gaming room as big as possible oops all right so this is the base of the gaming room for the couch I’m gonna test it out make sure you know a normal person fits in here oh nice even high

Fitting here this is perfect like there’s enough shoulder room there’s gonna be a little height up here you can like it’s time for me to get in the Box to see if they can pick me up oh whoa a little intimidating but I think it’ll work this couch will be a

Three-man lift Samia and I have never built anything that’s failed the time has finally come we’re going to take the couch and put it on top of the couch extension let’s see if it fits oh it fits like a glove that’s actually super sick that’s actually a ton of

Space in there I know it’s like yeah you got like a good foot ahead above you is coming along nicely what are the employees gonna think we just got the generator inside the couch arm and installed light it’s going to be lit inside this thing they use the cheap mesh we use fine

Leather for the bottom of our couches the final stage putting the couch on the box fellas let’s do it Hey that actually looks like legit no that’s not correct wrong way that’s a really weird the couch is almost done being built so in the meantime we’re gonna crack open a cold one of our brand new Coffee Company keepy upy it’s a vanilla latte pre-orders are available

Now Link in the description first 700 orders are gonna get an autograph from Andrew and I if you enjoy drinking coffee or know somebody who enjoys drinking coffee you’re gonna want one of these Jackson is going into the couch to add the final touches to secure it to the Box we built okay

Bro I feel like it doesn’t Bend this like this [Applause] are you okay I’m gonna mind you and Robin Williams all right it is time to do the lift test we have everything assembled it’s all attached Justin’s inside let’s hope it works heavy all right so we have four people

Now if we can’t lift it with four I don’t know okay we did it okay it’s up now watch go back down okay okay you okay lift test was a success wow your face is red that was an adventure that’s kind of scary when he dropped me the hidden

Couch gaming room is officially done being built and before we return it I’m gonna get inside of it and hopefully they accept the return we are right outside the furniture store it’s time to get inside and show you guys what it’s like why am I nervous why are you

Nervous you’re the one going in no if they dropped me I got an extra snack for you what are you talking about there you go oh yeah right so this TV is kind of pointless I can barely see it so I’m just gonna take it down there we go

Goodbye TV time to give you guys a tour it’s a little spacious in here a lot more spacious than I first anticipated I have plenty of room to move my feet a sound system we I have some snacks over here as well just enough to sustain me

For several hours real funny giving me the one chip Isaac this is actually pretty intimidating because I can’t see anything that’s going on outside of the couch okay guys it’s go time Andrew’s about to go get an employee and try and make the exchange I literally feel like

I’m on a secret CIA mission right now foreign Thank you so I just wouldn’t get through the doorway or just in the area yeah the area and the bed comes out it’s So if you guys want to browse I’m gonna let Ben know that I approved this okay thanks bro see this guy’s pretty heavy I just want to slide it off they’re about to pick it up so if we bring it out and then you kind of get around that side and like

Let that side hit the ground then he can how are we gonna turn this scoop it we’ll pull it all the way out and then you gotta grab that side if you want to drop that straight down I don’t really want to do that let’s do

That let’s do the other side for sure oh my gosh they better not drive it’s gonna hurt so bad oh my God I am off the truck I’m really standing up right now what the heck here we go I can push it that way you think we’re in the store now I think they’re taking them in the background because this couch is so big I think they’re making put it somewhere back here in the

Storage facility they’re confused as to why this couch is so tall they’re like who has legs that long it’s made for basketball players phase one complete now it’s time for phase two get out where are they taking me I turned off the lights because I’m in a dark room now

I don’t know where I am I’m gonna wait a few minutes the ghost is clear then we’ll see if we can get out maybe we should have another question about it can you show me how to recluse I hear people right outside the couch it’s hard

To tell when the coast is gonna be clear area I just got Intel from Andrew he said that the coast is not clear and will never be clear because there’s so many employees this is the Best Buy Mission I’ve ever been on I think I’m gonna make

A break for it guys if we get caught we’re gonna try and play it cool but here goes nothing what the heck’s going on I’m back out right here I literally have no idea where I am I really want to pop out and see my Nintendo switch is all the way at my

Feet I can’t even reach it oh yes what are we doing okay how long ago did you guys buy this couple days ago days ago yeah oh really yeah yeah so your mattress is is it in this one or this one right here foreign Not gonna lie do you know where the bathroom is right there sir I was gonna say this couch looks way different man that was a bumpy ride what happened that was on your head oh that was terrifying all right well I’m gonna go to the bathroom now

I was like why would someone just return them like someone’s got to be in there they’re waiting until they close or something that was crazy guys who literally made it back into the store well guys Mission success 100 000 likes and we’ll make sure we upload again

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