Secret Hidden Staircase To Gaming Fort!

Secret Hidden Staircase To Gaming Fort!

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This is a secret gaming base that i built under the stairs and if james can find me before i beat the ender dragon in minecraft he gets ten thousand dollars good luck james three two one That ain’t him nathan where are you gotta give you guys a proper tour of the base that’s our entrance and exit this can also be used as a bed right here we got some controllers lights and then over here bro this is where it all begins we have an

Xbox here playstation 5 hooked up to this screen we got three monitors hooked up to a computer says unspeakable gaming right there this is our lighting wall whenever you touch one of these actually change colors how cool is that we even got a ton of snacks up here

Let’s go he’s in the lego house he has to be hello hello It’s time to be minecraft before james finds me i’m starting off with absolutely nothing brand new minecraft world got nothing in my inventory you guys already know i’m using the unspeakable mousing keyboard baby oh yeah you in here you’re just not in here i gotta be quiet i think i should hurry

Dude this is so sick let me know in the comment section below what we should turn into a secret gaming base next i’m thinking a washing machine i got a long journey ahead of me i gotta find the end i gotta get armor i gotta do so much

Stuff i really think james is never gonna find me bro this spot is so opaque where is he good spot good spot maybe up there no i know you’re in here you can’t hide from me it’s just inflatable all right i’m just gonna grind for some food as much food

As we can hello mr sheep goodbye mr sheep this is a cave oh it’s a rugby let’s go bro i can’t find this man he’s in a good spot i need help who do i call oh that’s right let’s go get him iron right there iron right there

Let’s go let’s go all right already got iron smelting bro all right you know what forget this i’m just gonna go straight for the diamonds baby what’s his name it’s not so sam it’s not spiderman it’s gabe oh i need help i need to find the bald man named nathan

Yeah he’s not here i didn’t hear scream he’s not in there’s a lot of there oh that’s creeper oh is that a mine shaft oh oh so there’s freaking diamonds yes please be more than one oh oh yes two diamonds already bro nope he’s not back there check that one oh i

Checked all of these already i’m telling you i can’t find him someone’s up here bro i can’t even tell you i’ve been looking for like an hour almost an hour no i haven’t checked on top of the house no not at all rowdy i think he’s in here

Like is there a possibility these are solid stairs wait listen you think this is hollow no no you just shook the whole house and that did not sound hollow all right well we can check the patio bro you just jumped down the Yo stairs he’s in a different dimension bro you think he’s in a different server but on the same map oh i i don’t know what to tell you man oh wait hold on red robins yum all right he’s not here what’s the other one waste works marco polo red robin uh

Ali allah accent freeze i’m hosting a live show in this arena on july 16th and i want all of you guys to come out and see me this show is going to be at the toyota center in houston texas we have some amazing things planned tons of prizes and exclusive merchandise and if

You can’t make it into one of these awesome seats you can always buy a virtual ticket and participate online tickets are on sale right now gabe see ya thanks for coming here’s a little wheat i need more destructive power oh here he is i see him ah

I’m looking for you know yay high ball dude he might be hiding in anything so do whatever you need to do Not trying to kill him but if you do find him with that that that’d be nice i’m trying to kill as many sheep as i can so i can make a ton of beds to absolutely wreck the dragon was it a village oh it’s a village can you cut through this tree

Yeah i don’t think he’s in that i don’t even care they’re not about to get into this lego house bro i got this boy on locked out excuse me how’s it going sir um i’ll take that don’t mind if i do let’s steal all of their beds yep taking

That one thank you oh there was one video where he hid inside the couch or one of us did i heard they’re checking a couch right now nice try oh i see chest in there what’s in the air oh no freaking way what bro this just is loaded i got

Nathan if you’re in these uh legos you’re gonna might want to leave you’re a bunch of smashing down there that does not sound good oh sometimes he likes to wear black wigs so just be aware i think he’s on to something he’s picking something up with his like metaverse headset no

That was a good one i like that one well i think we would have heard a scream if he was in that one maybe this mannequin can you check this mannequin it might be hollow ah no it’s not in there oh you know what i have one more spot let’s check this slide

I think they just went down the slide i think i need more reinforcements hello bees don’t be annoying i need to find some lava asap so i can get some obsidian is that lava oh the world is speaking to me oh baby we’re about to go to the nether just

Gotta grind this obsidian then we’re going straight to the nether i’m gonna beat this game and james is not gonna buy me anything there’s no freaking way i’ve done a lot of hiding seeks in my life but i don’t think i’ve ever had a spot this legendary let’s freaking go

The other reinforcements just arrived the calvary we’re looking for a fugitive of hide and seek we need to find him immediately i’ve been struggling all day if you find him you will be rewarded partner let’s clear up the outside first we go this way i’m coming this way

Look david brought their own flashlight let’s go let’s go Rocket ship please please be next to our castle this is nowhere near cancer come on wherever you are you might as well surrender Hey do you hear something Here’s something this man for real brought the cops are you cool all right i gotta get back to playing minecraft oh clear baby it’s not here you can’t find them i don’t know who i’m gonna call after this one appreciate y’all coming out i know you gotta go capture criminals or whatever

You y’all do on your meantime let’s do this somewhere we’re gonna find him i’ll make some phone calls real quick we’ll get him we’re looking for blazes hello i see you please go what up boy what a boy oh snap oh snap this was not a good idea

Gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh i’m in the nether water doesn’t work i’m freaking trash give me your rods you’re the only thing stopping me from 10 grand the next reinforcements are here but i don’t understand why the lights keep turning off darker and darker maybe i don’t know

Look for nathan redhead gamer boy i thought it was that way the other eye of ender said that way i’m just gonna dig into this wall i feel like dude we’re so close to the stronghold wait wait whoa whoa whoa hey freaking i want to scream so bad right now let’s go baby

Okay i’m getting everything organized This is the first time i’ve been on their side you’re onto something hold on what is that it’s a pc back there yo there’s a hole oh no way no way go in there get em get em wow

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