Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN

Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN

Shannon Sharpe to Broaden Role on ESPN’s First Take

Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN

Shannon Sharpe Inks Expanded Deal with ESPN After Bob Iger Outreach

Shannon Sharpe, the NFL Hall-of-Famer, has secured a new, expanded multi-year deal with ESPN. This development comes after personal outreach from Disney CEO Bob Iger. The new deal will see Sharpe continue to feature on the morning show First Take, alongside Stephen A. Smith and host Molly Qerim. Additionally, Sharpe will appear on other ESPN programs yet to be announced.

Key Points of the Deal:

  • Continued Role on First Take: Sharpe’s presence on First Take has been a significant factor in the show’s success. His dynamic with Stephen A. Smith and his insightful commentary have made the show a premier destination for morning sports discussions.
  • Expansion to Other Programs: Sharpe will not only stay on First Take but will also feature on other ESPN shows, broadening his influence and reach within the network.

Shannon Sharpe’s Statement:

“Being a part of this family has been a blessing,” Sharpe said. “Everything about this relationship with ESPN, Stephen A., and First Take, has been tremendous. I look forward to expanding my role and showing more of the world what I have to offer. The show goes on!”

Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN

Bob Iger’s Involvement:

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, personally reached out to Sharpe after an interview with comedian Katt Williams went viral. This gesture highlights the importance ESPN places on Sharpe’s contribution to their programming. Iger’s outreach signifies a commitment to keeping top talent like Sharpe within the Disney family, ensuring the network remains at the forefront of sports entertainment.

David Roberts’ Comment:

David Roberts, ESPN’s head of event and studio production, praised Sharpe’s contribution: “Shannon Sharpe has been an incredible addition to the First Take team, enhancing the show’s dynamic with his engaging presence and insightful commentary. Shannon’s chemistry with Stephen A. Smith has elevated our debates and been another key reason First Take is the premier destination for morning sports discussion.”

The Impact of Shannon Sharpe’s Expanded Role

Sharpe’s expanded role is expected to have a significant impact on ESPN’s programming and viewership. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Enhanced Viewer Engagement: Sharpe’s unique insights and vibrant personality are likely to draw more viewers to First Take and other ESPN programs.
  • Broader Audience Reach: By appearing on a variety of shows, Sharpe will help ESPN reach a more diverse audience, potentially attracting new viewers.
  • Strengthened Brand Loyalty: Sharpe’s presence reinforces ESPN’s commitment to providing high-quality sports commentary, strengthening viewer loyalty.

About Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe is a former NFL player who has carved out a successful career in sports media. He is known for his strong opinions, engaging commentary, and a deep understanding of sports. His podcast, Club Shay Shay, has also been a massive success, showcasing his versatility as a media personality.

Career Highlights:

  • NFL Career: Sharpe played for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, winning three Super Bowl titles.
  • Media Career: After retiring from football, Sharpe transitioned to sports media, becoming a prominent figure on shows like First Take.
Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN

Future Prospects

Sharpe’s new deal with ESPN opens up several exciting possibilities. Fans can expect to see him in new roles and possibly even new formats. His involvement in multiple programs suggests a strategic move by ESPN to leverage his popularity and expertise across different segments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does Shannon Sharpe’s new deal with ESPN entail? Sharpe’s new deal includes an expanded role on First Take and appearances on other ESPN programs.

2. How did Bob Iger influence Shannon Sharpe’s new deal? Disney CEO Bob Iger personally reached out to Sharpe, highlighting his value to the network and facilitating the new deal.

3. What is Shannon Sharpe known for in his media career? Sharpe is known for his insightful sports commentary and dynamic presence on First Take, as well as his successful podcast, Club Shay Shay.

4. What impact will Sharpe’s expanded role have on ESPN? Sharpe’s expanded role is expected to enhance viewer engagement, broaden ESPN’s audience reach, and strengthen brand loyalty.

5. What are some highlights of Shannon Sharpe’s NFL career? Sharpe won three Super Bowl titles with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens.

Shannon Sharpe Signs Expanded Deal with ESPN


Shannon Sharpe’s new deal with ESPN marks a significant milestone in his media career. It reflects his value to the network and his potential to further enhance ESPN’s programming. With the backing of Disney CEO Bob Iger, Sharpe is set to make an even bigger impact on sports media. Fans can look forward to more engaging content and insightful commentary from one of the most dynamic personalities in sports.

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