Sightseeing In Atlanta: Amy Gets A Wake-Up Call | 1000LB Sisters

Sightseeing In Atlanta: Amy Gets A Wake-Up Call | 1000LB Sisters

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So we’re stopping at this little store hopefully there’s some healthy stuff probably not hey Cruz yo here’s your nose I’m gonna try this strawberry cobbler at what part of that is healthy I don’t know [Laughter] Strawberry Park you gotta weigh in tomorrow so we gotta do healthier

Choices can you give me the pictures or whatever you want some cucumbers and peaches it’s all a Temptation where you just gotta put your mind for it and say no you can’t have it and try to go for something that’s somewhat healthy oh they got the Twizzlers

Some of that stuff is not exactly the healthiest choice and half of this is a little bit so whatever I know the jerky and nuts are not diet appropriate because all the sodium and stuff like that but I plan to spread it out through every day I mean maybe like five nights

At here five don’ts there so it won’t be as bad let’s go see the goats okay We gonna play with the gold Little Deuce Chris know he thinks he’s on a vacation this week we’re pushing Tammy that’s a job in itself hold up I’m fat too I hope he’s got a good pack okay look how the hell am I supposed to get up

Here it might be better to drive the van up there and get you out of the other van because yeah because I’m already on slope just stay there I’ll pull the van around that’s the way to do it the way I feel about Tammy and making

The surgery I don’t know if she’s got the willpower to do what it takes to make it happen Really they mad she’s running out of chances if she don’t get off her ass and do what she needs to do we in a world of mess we’ll try to go forwards hopefully I don’t flip her out of the chair our appointment with Dr Proctors this

Afternoon so we decided to do a group activity fit oh it will Jamie needs exercise just as well as I need to exercise my husband needs exercise we just all need to exercise so we’re going folding falling is where you take a football and throw it at a set of bowling pins so

It’s kind of like a cross between bowling and football and cornhole I’m barefoot and pregnant now I can do this your black-footing period probably yeah not that bad no I’ve seen it worse why is the Crusty on the side black and not the middle I don’t know

Just don’t hit me oh Lord Jesus mama hey my ball like Tammy he wanted to hit her this might be a long day she says Tammy can’t move around a lot like us I’m afraid she won’t play the game I don’t want Tammy to be on the

Sideline I want her to be playing with us foreign I did the hymen you did the p man are you walking yeah cool you need to get some steps in today you look Tammy Tammy getting up and playing the game like the rest of us is playing is amazing shows that she does have some determination to do right so we just got

To keep her motivated to do it all the time here we go Grandma throws hey but she got it so keep doing it that way it was nice to do an activity with the whole family I’m just really nervous about meeting with Dr Proctor this is the first time in a while that

Tammy’s actually got up and participated in something [Applause] video game seeing Timmy move around so much is making me feel like she’s ready to get back on the wagon ready to lose this weight I’m really proud of you I’m proud of myself I mean I know I could do it just getting up and doing it just

Remember that that’s the hardest part the more effort you put forth the easier to be so you need to do it for yourself and nobody else and as far as Amy we don’t work this hard to get the surgery we need to get you back to where

You need to be on your diet because you know you ain’t been eating right because of the baby and she wants to use that as a crush y’all made me out to be a bad person like I’m using the baby for everything and I’m not

See that’s what I meant by uh bite my tongue a lot because I really I’m not going to bite my tongue because it’s like this how many times have you said oh I’m gonna eat this because the baby wants it but I can’t do this because of

The baby all I said was I do have cravings because of the baby Amy I would only enjoyed my baby I want to be enjoying my pregnancy okay I’m sorry it’s not that you’re taking what we’re saying the wrong way they can’t help it yes you can I’m not attacking you at all

We’re just telling you you need to get back on track I just don’t know how much I wanted this baby and I love it the whole point of me getting the surgery so I could have be a baby but you gotta be around long to take care of that baby

Amy gets upset because she feels like we’re attacking her we’re really not we’re just trying to get her to open her eyes and see that the things she’s doing isn’t the right choices and she could reverse the surgery if you continue on the track that you’re

On right now you’re gonna be right back to 300 and something pounds taking care of a child that you can’t keep up with uh yeah I come out harsh and I’m blunt but I don’t want you to go through what I would do raising my children

There was times that I couldn’t get out and play because I was too big to keep up I get what my family’s saying I do need to eat healthier I’m hoping that Dr Proctor will set me straight because I really want to be a good mom to my child and

I’m trying to do everything for my baby

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