signs you read too much fanfiction

signs you read too much fanfiction

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Hello class welcome to today’s zoom lecture we will be starting off with a pop quiz question one which of these particles isn’t real alpha beta omega oh god what time is it oh same as always i saw you hanging out with caitlin yesterday that’s not what you think you won’t have it

You know sometimes families just two exhausted twenty-somethings in a gaggle of chaotic hormonal teenagers i’ve read this one huh what that movie we saw on saturday was so cute you haven’t seen it yet right now do you mind if we talk about it there might be spoilers

Go ahead okay sweet i love how into comics the main character and it’s so cute she has this tight-knit group of friends she’s grown up with her whole life oh sound family there’s also this cool hot mysterious guy she’s so drunk but she’s never talked to him

Until she goes to her next convention and who does she see a guy from school right love interest number one she has the same quirky interest as her huh who would have thought yeah i’m assuming they bond over this and then she eventually catches feelings yeah you

Got it pretty on the nose but there’s another twist when it comes to the romance see she also has this oh childhood friend right they grew up on the same street played soccer together yeah that’s pretty much it classic and he’s been harboring secret feelings for

Her for as long as he can remember or middle school yeah but but he doesn’t tell her right away no no i’m assuming they let it stew throughout the movie with a few big hints thrown in here and there and then there’s this big emotional outburst scene where it’s raining or

Will rain right after it where he confesses his feelings for her explicitly because she was just so oblivious to his obvious hints even though she’s never seen her old friend that way before she now has to make a choice between what’s new and intriguing and what’s comfortable

What does she pick uh the childhood friend oh called did you actually see the movie oh no this is your classic fanfic plot minus the flavor and the gay it’s not cannon you’re really not going to get into this new fandom with me you said you would

Like i’m already in a handful of fandoms i really shouldn’t be in anymore that’s a shame you would have loved it there’s so much fanfare fanfics did you say fanfic yep with or without smith fan fix fanfics [Applause] you have the stuff soul mates enemies to lovers college a.u

Ao3’s finest all ready i like your funny words magic man hey do you stop that fake you recommend it too yeah sure one sec no i think i’m getting close i’m sorry oh no it’s okay but how many tabs do you have open how many tabs do you have oh god like 15

15. i remember when i was at that number 300 000 words easy street how can i read 300 000 words in a day and i can’t finish the hobbit yo i finally read that fake you sent to me and it was so good i’m so glad you

Like it that’s kind of how they go to space right no no it’s it’s not it’s the urban magic one oh and then you can see ghosts no one of them psychic oh the psychic and they have a dog no though chat right um is the best friend really into show

Tunes what the heck i can’t even get fanfic storyline straight is anything you read actually straight i mean like 30 something with a word count between 75 000 and 150 000 no first person perspective i will tolerate second make it have mutual pining no fake relationship and if

There’s coffee shop au elements in it make it jazzy and snazzy spaces between paragraphs is a must and if it’s not an american setting but it has too many american elements then it gets on my nerves and last but not least if i catch more than 10 spelling or grammar issues

Within the first few paragraphs and i’m sorry i’m dipping but fluff is always great too even though i read a good amount of fanfiction i can’t bring myself to read anything and it’s so frustrating or like things with major character death it gets me way too soft yeah exactly

You haven’t reached true desperation yet have you never running out of real options and having to do what must be done i’ve sunk down to the bottom of the barrel scraped along and smiled back at me i’ve swam through eons of incomplete stories forget a happy ending some stories don’t even

Get an ending i’ve seen and dug through tags that you can’t even fathom in your wildest nightmares i’ve seen far too much because my greed knows no bounds that’s right hello everyone thank you so much for watching this video it was brought to you by skillshare skillshare is an online learning

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