SPIDER-MAN COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE!!! Most Valuable Spider-Man Comics Collection Battle!

SPIDER-MAN COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE!!! Most Valuable Spider-Man Comics Collection Battle!

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Two thousand whoa nine hundred and nineteen dollars and evan is doing the happy dancing Hey guys it’s dt and i’m here with the kids again we’re going to be doing another challenge you guys enjoyed the 100 000 comic book challenge that we did a few months ago so we’re doing another comic book challenge today and as you can see we’re ready for spider-man

These guys are big fans of spider-man at least from the movies we saw a spider-man far from home the other day what’d you guys think about it it was pretty good you liked it feel like captain marvel and wonder woman but i’m a big spider-man fan it took me

Over 30 years to collect every issue of the amazing spider-man so today what we’re going to do is i’m going to bring out 20 of some of my favorite spider-man comics and you guys are going to each choose your own collection just like we did last time and whoever has the more

Valuable collection wins well now we know what some things mean like the labels yeah so now these guys are comic book experts they know everything about the comic books how they’re graded uh what makes them valuable right i forgot so spider-man first started off with this comic book

Right here in 1962 the amazing fantasy 15. this is the most valuable spider-man comic book followed by this one that jillian picked out last time which is the amazing spider-man number one so these won’t be part of today’s challenge because they’re already selected last time here are the first 12 for round one

If you guys remember the value of the comic depends on what happens in that comic book as well as the condition of the comic book and all of these are professionally graded which means they have the little score up here as well as being encased in plastic

There were a lot of cool villains that were introduced in the amazing so there’s going to be a lot of first appearances in here some of these are really old some of them are not as old um but all of them are significant in some way or another you’re going to have

To use your spidey senses to figure out which ones are more valuable to see who starts off i’m going to ask you guys a quick spider-man question to test your knowledge what is the name of spider-man’s uncle i got jillian happy happy is incorrect who have you uh ben ben

Is the answer so evan gets the first pick so which of these uh awesome comics are you going to choose a man i’m picking something not so far from my home oh and that is signature series okay jillian got the signature series she recognized that from last time golden label y’all

Okay so two down next one taking this one because it is a 9.8 and it says one so must be good and your turn okay i’m getting sandman um is number two i’ve never seen this guy before okay evan okay amazing spider-man number two goes to jillian

I’m gonna get the mysterio and it is amazing spider-man number 13. well there’s some pretty high grades and this one looks good this looks good because this daddy has this guy in his office hey evan i’m going all the way over here to get amazing spiderman number 14.

Um this is the first appearance of the green goblin three more to choose from in this round oh this one it says new new villainous two more in this round okay i’m going to get the amazing spider-man 50. i get the amazing spider-man 316 and it

Says venom is back so that could be okay the cover looks cool okay guys so that’s gonna do it for round one here are the remaining eight comic books I am going to pick this one because it says um you’re about to meet one of marvel’s newest greatest art uh villains so it might be a first appearance it’s the amazing spider-man number 20. okay i’m gonna get the amazing spider-man number three i am going to get this one

Um because it says number one and it says says the sinister stick six so and it looks pretty cool big pages annual big i’m gonna get the amazing spider-man number five okay four more left i am going to get this one because it says special 25th anniversary issue

Okay i’m gonna get amazing spider-man number nine so i’m gonna pick this one because it um is cool because it says the normal is here and it’s number six and i guess evan gets this one rhino amazing spider-man and 4-1 okay so the kids have now picked their

Collections so we’re gonna see how much they are worth just like last time we’re gonna use gp analysis so we’re gonna take the 90 day average which is like all the past sales from the last 90 days and they average it together to get this price bring out your first one i’ll tell

You how much it’s worth okay so the first one evan picked was this one right here it is the amazing spider-man number 28 the first appearance of molten man now what is your consensus was molten man in far from home sort of it was well i guess that’s all

We can tell you right there is a lego set called molten man so i guess he was in the in the movie if you count the lego set um but this was his first appearance back in 1965 amazing spider-man number 28 in a 7.0 is worth 474 dollars jillian got

Amazing spider-man number 39 came out in 1966 and it’s a signature series meaning somebody signed it now who signed it john palmita john romita so john romita was the artist on this i signed it right here so it makes the comic book a little more valuable amazing spider-man number 39

Signed by john romita and a 7.0 is worth 400.00 that is not as valuable everyone got it all right so this is the one with craving the hunter i picked this because it’s early spider-man and nobody likes him well he doesn’t seem like a popular person he’s going to be in the next

Movie but he’s not that popular so all right so this is the first appearance of craven the hunter uh back in 1964. amazing spider-man number 15 in an 8.0 and that one is worth two thousand whoa nine hundred and nineteen dollars and evan is doing the happy dance right

Now no nobody cared about him someone bought his book well he’s a popular person in the comics he hasn’t made it to the mcu yet so not a lot of people not a lot of kids know about it okay joe what do you got next oh you got this guy right here

This is spider-man number one from 1990 and it’s a 9.8 meaning it’s uh pretty high grade i think there are tens or 9.9 available so there’s a funny story about this comic book right here it’s not real no it’s real it’s not um so i bought

This comic book as a kid i actually bought 200 copies of this comic book as a kid okay because this was a new series that came out in 1990 and i was super excited that i could finally get a spider-man number one and it was new

And i actually bought it less than cover price at the time because i bought 200 of them i talked my mom into letting me buy it i was like mom this comic book is gonna be worth thousands of dollars one day when i’m older so if i buy 200 of

Them and they’re all worth like a thousand dollars that’s 200 000 right well i guess a bunch of other people thought that too so they made so many copies that they weren’t worth that much no yeah so that’s what happens if the supply goes up then the price goes down so

But it’s still a cool comic book and i have 200 of these um and they are worth in a 9.8 51 buck wait so you do you um you have a thousand dollars yeah yeah i have a thousand bucks i made money on the deal just not a lot of

Money just not as much money as i had hoped very cool comic book this was uh created and drawn by todd mcfarlane i know we actually saw him at toy fair evan was shooting fortnite figures that his company designed uh and he was talking in the background and evan couldn’t care less

All he cared about was getting his picture of the fortnite figure but the creator and artist of this tom mcfarlane was there 51 bucks for that this one is amazing spider-man number four and it introduces sand man yes amazing spider-man number four first appearance of sandman now sandman

Appeared in the old spider-man movies uh he hasn’t made it to the new ones yet but this sandman is like a guy he can change his body into like different things and that one is worth two thousand two hundred and twelve dollars i already got back five caves in

The bags evan is in the lead right now but jillian just pulled out amazing spider-man number two any reason why you picked that one um cause it says new super villains and new thrillers i don’t know oh he’s the first spiderman villain i don’t know who that guy is

Though never you you’ve seen you’ve seen homecoming he’s the villain from homecoming he just doesn’t quite look like this because he has the shitarian names yeah so this is spiderman number two came out in 1963 right after spider-man number one uh it is the first appearance of the vulture

And number twos are always good if you can’t have number one number twos are always a good choice yeah yeah number one this is a 5.5 so spider-man number two and a 5.5 is worth 2 800 and 1 000. i knew that one was where

I was trying to get it good choice on that one jill now we’re going off to the next one amazing spider-man number 13 introduces mystery oh mysterio and that’s not and that’s not a wrestler it’s mystery all right amazing spider-man 13 first appearance of mysterio who if you guys

Have seen far from home are very familiar with this one in a 7.0 grade is 2 145 dollars so have you guys seen all the spider-man movies if so make sure to let us know which one you like best which one do you guys like the tom holland i like

Spider-man 3 this one has a cool yellow cover and it says first appearance of the punisher it is also the first appearance of the jackal you guys know who the jackal is no neither do i really the punisher is the main introductory character in this issue

And this is his first appearance in 1974 so it’s not as old as the other ones but he is a very significant character this is one of the top books of the bronze age along with the hulk 181 that we saw last time it was a hot thing i

Mean a lot of people got it and a lot of people got it it really doesn’t cost money do you guys want to know what this is worth yes this is a 9.8 meaning it’s uh near perfect in condition amazing spider-man 129 the 9.8 is worth 14 888. poison okay

Jillian just pulled into the lead hopefully evan has some other ones that are of some value he can catch up okay amazing spider-man number 14 the first appearance of the green goblin so the green goblin has been in two of the spider-man movie series so far

Is he coming to the third one yes okay evan said yes amazing spider-man number 14 and a 7.5 is worth four thousand and seventy dollars Okay we’ll see what do you got here jill it looks like a cross between like a yeti Spaghetti okay so this is spider-man number 194 it’s the first appearance of the black cat and this is a 9.6 which makes it worth 579 now this one was uh this was probably one of the newer ones it was made in 1979. okay evan what’s your next one amazing

Spider-man number 50. oh the classic red cover it is the first appearance of the kingpin oh i know he’s the big guy yeah he’s the big guy from the video game uh he’s also in daredevil punisher all those cool things he’s a pretty cool villain and this was in 1967

And a 6.0 which makes it worth 579 dollars okay and what do you have here double zap your zits number one now this one is a valuable one just kidding guys it’s on this side it is the amazing spider-man 316 uh came out in 1989 and it features this bad boy right here

Venom attacking spider-man it is also drawn by todd mcfarlane and that one is worth a hundred and thirty dollars not worth a lot compared to the other ones but still this is one of my favorite covers of all time spiderman this is amazing spiderman number three third one might be rare we’ve seen

Number one we’ve seen number two this is number three and it is the first appearance of doc octopus oh i know so this one came out in 1963 and it’s a 5.0 you weren’t born i was not born and this one is worth 1920. bucks in the bag jillian’s next one is

The amazing spider-man number 20. uh this one came out in 1965. it is the first appearance of the scorpion this one is a 7.0 and this one is worth 985 dollars almost a thousand dollars for this one so this is amazing spider-man number five okay amazing spider-man number five

Any reason why you pick this one yes because it has him it is that guy yes it has doctor doom and it’s one of the earlier ones it is dr doom’s first appearance outside of the fantastic four where he first appeared so that’s uh somewhat significant uh this one came out in 1963

And it’s a 7.0 that one is worth 1 400. this is amazing spider-man annual number one uh which means these bigger issues came out once a year this one came out in 1964 it is the first appearance of the sinister six and this one is worth in a 5.5 1616

So not a bad choice there amazing spider-man number nine first appearance of electro now this one’s from 1964. amazing spider-man number nine another cool cover yep and this one in a 7.0 is worth two thousand ninety dollars luckily these are all mine until i die don’t get any ideas

Okay jill what do you got there first appearance of venom oh the first appearance of venom this came out in 1988 yes and it is the amazing spider-man number 300 it’s the 25th anniversary issue and it’s a 9.6 this one is worth 665 if it was a 9.8 it would have been worth

Two thousand dollars and they actually have a 9.9 that sold for 13 000 um but i don’t have that one another classic spider-man cover okay by todd mcfarland all right my final one it’s amazing spider-man number 41. okay rhino yes the first appearance of rhino uh in 1966 this one’s a 7.0

And it is worth 490. and jillian your last one is um [Applause] First appearance of the lizard amazing spider-man number six from 1963. this one in a 7.5 is worth 2 26 okay i think i smell the results coming in well it’s a spider senses or tingling peter to me okay are you guys ready for the results oh yes who should i start

With first jillian jillian d so i guess we’ll start off with jillian jillian’s total collection of 10 comic books totaled 24 341. 24 000. evan’s collection of 10 comic books totaled 18 299 yeah she got the sheet cheat and 14 000. both of you guys could have grabbed the fourteen thousand dollar

Comic it was sitting right here for many rounds before anyone even touched it no one likes it dillian also got the 51 comments i bet you don’t have v-bucks do you you got no feedback yes i did i don’t think she’s upset about that

Yeah joe won i lost dad what do you have to say get me out of this spider-man suit and it is like hot in here man this thing is like choking me yeah you guys want to see any more comic book videos whether it’s a challenge like this or

Something else make sure to let us know by liking this video leaving a comment down below and notifications on yeah subscribe turn notifications out yeah check it out we have a new profile picture just in case you don’t recognize it okay thanks for watching see you guys next time bye

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