SPY NINJAS BATTLE HACKERS in BASEBALL CHALLENGE All Sports Trick Shots for Daniel’s Secret Files

SPY NINJAS BATTLE HACKERS in BASEBALL CHALLENGE All Sports Trick Shots for Daniel's Secret Files

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What the spiders we just learned a clue about Daniels past we actually figured out where he went to high school so I think we should go there right now but the days of school day is gonna be so many people there wait remember I hacked the weather app so what does that mean

It says that it’s snowing I mean it’s not really snowing but I hacked the app so it like seems like it’s snowing so snow day snow day with schools canceled Regina you did you go girl let’s turn the Weather Channel and check it out over here a TV meteorologist Matt Hoffman here with a breaking weather alert a blizzard warning is in effect for the Las Vegas Valley yes you heard that correctly six to eight inches of

Snow is expected to pile up everyone in the areas advised to stay inside the day that’s a strong and extremely unprecedented cold front is sweeping through the southern Valley if it’s snowing in Las Vegas but 90 degrees right now this is amazing well all I did was hack

The radar and made it seem like a blizzards coming over Oh our live weather camera shows you just how bad the roads are and how strong this snowstorm is never in my life have I seen such an event like this and in October unbelievable and what that

Picture of still come from though it actually is snowing I use the handy dandy VI D I just put a picture of a blizzard on their cameras Rivini ax strikes again this strange weather does come with good news though for the kiddos as classes in Southern Nevada are

Closed for the day well Daniel are you ready to go to your high school finally we’re gonna buy wait a second wait a second Regina I gotta check something real quick for days laughs to open your secret mission guys okay yeah you tricked holy works Regina there’s no cars in the parking

Lot here at the school boy would you there’s no snow everyone thinks it’s a snow day oh yeah you didn’t actually make us no you just tricked people one day you should learn how to actually hack the real weather and that’d be awful okay let’s go inside

Let’s try to find like an old yearbook or something and something that will show us clues about your past damn yes let’s go doors gotta be around here yeah maybe my mom was something maybe she works here maybe she’s a teacher or the principal that would be very helpful I

Hope that the principal wait it’s like Vee you’re a lock-picking expert just don’t let’s go inside you’re right let me get my lockpick and get out of my sight wait we can’t break into a high school there’s no trespassing you’re right we can’t just break into places that don’t

Belong to us that’s the wrong thing to do we have to like talk to the principal and have them let us in or something right right that’s the right thing to do but if schools closed the principal is not here right now okay okay but what

About some of the other clues like it said third-g are maybe there’s something else around here that’s maybe outside like maybe a baseball field or something like there’s a clue in the third base and a green note it said field and three and we’re allowed to go on there it’s not locked

It’s right over there so you used to be a baseball expert right I mean we did find pictures of me when I was little I was holding the baseball I had a baseball hat on maybe I was in the baseball team in high school oh no no still I don’t understand what

Am I gonna find out about my past at a baseball field maybe we can split up and see if we can find any hints or clues about Daniel okay I’m gonna check home base cuz I always hit a home run all right here’s one base let’s see anything you’ll see

How the others are doing maybe there’s a clue underneath this thing look that baby up come on Daniel let me just peek underneath it’s kind of stuck you see anything huh I don’t see anything sure my mom let’s check the other bases there’s Regina go go go

I don’t know check it out there’s a base what you know base this is 9 I don’t think that’s how it works Regina ok let’s run the third to the third base there’s me will you find me I was inspecting all the footprints here there’s like you guys aren’t gonna find

Anything here besides me what the heck are you doing here pz9 we’re just trying to figure out daniel’s past I knew you guys were gonna be here who else knows how to do a weather besides peasy fool what allows me you showed me a long time ago and I told

Projects Argo that you are all gonna be here what pz9 you’re gonna do one of those stupid games you always do again huh yes because I know you guys have the same did you know we have a safe well we can’t let them have it because that’s

How we defeat predator once we open it we’re gonna do I don’t know they’re baseball bats hey we’re gonna do a baseball challenge how about that if we win we take it if you win we’ll tell you more about good old pz 1 yes I think we should do this

Guy’s how do we know though he has she knows anything about Danielle he could be lying he’s pc9 Dhoby Ghaut all those other clues from them yeah yeah that whole envelope filled with clues legit and we’ve got Daniel he’s a baseball expert we should be able to beat them

Easily of these baseball challenges sounds good let’s do it we take your deal pz9 well then it’s time to play whoa hey okay fine pz9 what’s the first baseball challenge the first challenge will be to hit the ball as for this as possible TV 44 throw the ball for everybody

Yeah good luck in my favor wall first up to bat is pz9 he’s got a GPA of 1.0 how would you know that oh this is gonna be easy to beat you then I’ll be the catcher Daniel you’ll be the outfielder all right Stee-rike what really what you’re supposed to throw it easy for me yeah I can only throw one way over there yeah how about that well look the ball came all the way over here man based on the dimensions of this field that’s like a hundred feet right there I’m gonna write

In the dirt here a hundred feet pz9 all right that should be beatable especially for a baseball expert like me I think the next batter up is the fabulous V quake that is I ready to get dominated that’s why I didn’t bring a real bat because I knew he would be all

Spicy and try to hit me with it we’ll see I got a mean slider Oh Oh the spices came up Oh it’s right there unfortunately pz9 pitted over here okay Chad how about you go next no bra limo I’m surprised you’re even able to pick up the band the first place hey you don’t be smack-talking my girl be well all right excuse me you’re on hold play you’re getting all dirty see those

Fences over there way over there yeah yeah okay dope I want you to do one of those special pitches oh he’s not ready for this one you seen a perv all right well this one really Wait a minute hae-jin you threw a curveball at me and it was a ball that curved around the bat look at this Daniel hey what are you doing this isn’t a ball you throw a bean no that’s not it okay it’s this one it’s a little squishy no water dude go any further

44 why are you breaking the rules we’re trying to have a fair and honest game right yeah I make my own rules it’s fire doesn’t matter you can cheat all you want you’re not gonna beat Regina and Daniel over baseball expert yeah that’s right we’ll see about that one

Good job 44 that was pretty evil genius oh wow you’re violent you’re angry Oh have you played baseball before Regina backyard baseball on the computer that makes no sense see that means you were sitting on your laptop outside playing baseball and then the game was back here

At baseball dummy yes go Regina go Oh straight line Oh one-handed hit this chat you got one more chance Regina don’t strike guy Regina Oh Oh you know we’re playing baseball not golf so does it count or what no even if it did count it’s not quite far yeah all

Right Daniel it comes all down to you oh my gosh just tell your inner expert baseball self last thing guys I don’t remember really how to play maybe I’ll just be like instinct oh just come back to you naturally it’s muscle memory Daniel kind of like the guitar well I

Hopefully that like that cuz we remember when you tried playing that the other day alright but baseball it’s a little different than guitar so uh maybe it’ll come back more easier right alright alright PC 44 let me pitch this one you better take them out and you know what I

Mean your guy like that’s right you hold it like this I just won that spike mates before I swung that bo staff but I got some pretty good hits yeah so I think I can do it this time you got this i Dre for this And we behind you that’s a wild pitch wild pitch Reagan wild who do you think you are Chad wild clay darn it yeah it’s just plastic eat cease where did he hit you Daniel we’re in the Botox that shouldn’t I should that’s an automatic walk to

First base but we don’t want my first base we want to beat your head Riddhi all right then Daniel if your buttocks could take some more and my buttocks are so strong nice pitch busy man do it here Thanks I put some kung-fu into that one oh I’m sorry

No strike one Daniel Daniel Pearl sucks though come on dance whack it this is a special it’s not coming back to me Chad I’m supposed to be an expert or something I don’t know Daniel this is the last chance man one more strike you’re out this is the final

Swing it’s got to be in here somewhere he’s gotta think muscle memory all right you ready please Daniel yeah wait is repeated Now you saw well fine he’s earned Akula by himself big whoops Oh give us that clue long ago before Daniel was ever a part of projects or go he had no friends no friends hey really much too soon you know what that’s a lie tell us a real

Clue pz9 yeah okay well long ago in Daniels past someone very very important to Daniel lied to him and broke his heart that’s why he’s all about lie detecting oh well that makes total sense Daniel I have trust issues that must be why you got into lie detecting someone

Lied to you when you were younger and you decided you wanted to figure out if I don’t want ever lied to you again you would know I’ve been a huge life it traumatic Isis Izzie you know who lied to you must have been somebody really close to

Me for to affect me that much and okay if you guys were no more let’s move on to the next challenge our next challenge is three-legged race to first base this isn’t gonna work too well it’s my legs are twice as long as bees the height difference is just not

Gonna work at this time I think Daniel and I should have been tied together it would have been more fair it’s about team building not team composition that’s five feet I will win peasy 44 keep track of the time please little dune are you guys ready yes are you ready yes

Three two one speak that pz9 we’ll see about a patch what was the time six point seven second that’s pretty good boys and girls we got pz9 and pz 44 you tie their legs together and you get a pz 5300 pz 53 the loser anyways and what two one two one two

Now you got my outfit all dirty for the rest of the challenge I know Pickering tell us another clue about Daniel well I guess you guys have earned yourselves another hint come on remember I talked about Daniel not having any friends before projects or going again yes don’ts a real thing it’s

Actually true true before projects or go Daniel scared away all of his friends he was so obsessed with finding out if people who are lying to him or not after his big ol incidents because that’s all he cared about nobody liked me back in the day I guess if you don’t believe

Your friends and you think they’re lying all the time yeah they’re probably gonna get mad at you Daniel can’t believe I was like that there must have been a good reason for it like that big incident you said what happened another challenge Hollywood bases this is why you wanted

To please pick your Hollywood star don’t ya I think you need to shut up this final challenge will be a run from third base to home what make it dizzy alright dad’s up put them through the spin cycle 44 poor kid five and a half seconds Thanks but oh well this she made good time right a plus four effort Regina oh I doubt you’ll do any better pz9 look who’s up to spin I’m gonna do the challenge speak whatever it is I’m ready for a PC 9 bring it we could Valeria laughter let’s get to the challenge You got a very special number look at what it stopped dad we’re gonna travel through time with that gasps Daniel OH Daniel is up next I don’t know why you’re challenging me pz9 on the baseball expert I can do all this stuff in my sleep

Time to see if your bark is worse than your bite or bite is worse than your bark oh you’re not gonna be able to beat any of our scores 44 make sure they don’t pull anything dumb on me they do look like some cheaters she does yeah we

Are like cheetahs cuz we’re fast yeah it’s time for me to crush everybody’s time spit oh my goodness Oh time was five point 28 seconds boom baby boy pv9 yeah alright pz9 you won this challenge fair and square but the spine then just won two out of three that means we are the

Champions and we keep us safe [Applause] but we’ll get y’all next time was a fun challenge though 44 let’s go hey pop forget him we got the same we don’t need them and we got some clues about you Daniel I wonder what it was that he was

Talking about that big lie that somebody told you when you were younger what could it have been I know I gotta figure it out because that’s apparently what got me into a lie detecting in the first place today it’s not a total loss though we found more information about Daniel

And his path and we start the safe yeah yeah telling you spine and just keep commenting to the passcode is 2018 I think I’ve seen about 5,000 of you comment that I’m kind of getting tired of seeing it so let’s finally just try it okay gotta be it there we go one night


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