Squirrel Family HiDE N SEEK 🥜 Board Game Morning with Mom and Dad! playing dinosaur & pirate games!

Squirrel Family HiDE N SEEK 🥜 Board Game Morning with Mom and Dad! playing dinosaur & pirate games!

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– Other arm. – We’re ready. – Should I go get Adley? – Ah! – Ah! She’s right there! How did you get there? They’re in her cheeks, take them out of her cheeks! – Get your hands out of my mouth. – Ah! Watch out! Whoa. Whoa. The double hay stack. – Rawr! – Whoa! Niko goes first. Niko goes first. – Ah! Can you give me some acorns? – How did you do that? You walked out the stairs then you were. – In here. In here. In here buddy. – Dad. – Whoa.

You sitting one a bone. Ah! – Good job, you got it. – Yeah. – Whoa. Good job. Okay Adley your turn. – Look what we got! These are the new Adley and Niko toys! – Yeah. – Okay look what the Adley toy does. – Welcome to A for Adley! – Look what Niko does. – Welcome for Niko. – Kay and they have this wind up feature if you wind up their arms like this, – Wind it up a lot. Like kinda go crazy. – How much? – Let’s do three more. – One. Two. Three. Ready? Set. Go! – Whoa! Watch out! Oh! Toys, are you okay? Okay come here toys. Come here. Turn them off. – Okay, turned off Niko. Turn off Adley! – Ah, Niko turned back on. Catch him! Hey! Yeah. I got him. Turn them off. It’s on their foot. The off buttons on their foot. Niko’s still going! It made them worse! – [Mom] That was a super mode! – How do you turn these off? – [Mom] In the belly button.

– The belly button? Ah, okay. Okay. – Oh, we’re back. – So what we’re going to do with our toys today is we’re gonna we need to take the batteries out. – He’s defective. – We’re going to use our toys to choose games and then we’re going to play new games we’ve never played as a family.

How about we hide the games? And then we make our robot toys choose which ones we want to play. – Ou, yeah. – Ya, people. – Kay. – Kay? – Robot toys, go hide these games. – You need to put my batteries back in it. The batteries are dead. – Okay. – Hide these games. Go. – Dad a dinosaur. – A dinosaur game? Okay, I’m gonna program Niko. Go hide the game. – Rawr. – I turned him into a dinosaur! – Oh no! Niko Dino can you hide this game? – No. – What? – Okay I’ll program him. – Go hide the game. Go! – Okay. – See, you just need a program him. – Yeah. – Okay. I’m going to wind up this one and she’s going to go find the game. Okay, stand up. All right go find the game. Three, two, one, go. Well, what did she find? She found a dinosaur game! Should we play this one Niko? – Yeah. – Oh that one looks fun. – Bones! – T-Rex rocks. – Bones! – Yeah. – Bones. – Dinosaur bones.

I think we build a dinosaur. – [Adley] Yeah. – All right let’s open this up. – But I think if we put, I think we gotta be careful or the T-Rex might eat us! – Ou. All right. – Here mom here’s the instructions. – Guys, found this skeleton.

– Ou, a Dino spinner, look. – Which one do we put on? – Guys, we need some batteries. – Guys look. – Feel my hair, feel my hair. Over here is some food. – Mm, delicious. You got coughs? Do I need to get him a drink? I’ll go get drinks and you get batteries. – [Mom] Okay. – Be right back. – Na, na, na, na, na, na. Rawr. Rawr. – They actually do work. – Drink delivery, drink delivery. Drink delivery. Drink delivery. Boop, boop.

This is how the robots work. This is like their fuel. Gotta have lots of water. – [Adley] Beep, boop, beep. – Oh no! She drank too much fuel. Oh no, Niko drank too much fuel. All right, toy come sit right here. Good job, toy. – He’s sitting on bones. – Are you sitting on a bone? Let me see. – Oh! You sitting on a bone! Silly boy! Ou, what are you building? The dinosaur exploded as you guys pulled on all at the same time. – It’s true. – Hey, when it rains it pours. Where’s the lid? Where’s the Adley? Adley? – I’m going outside to dry off. – All right. Now I need some arms. – Are we ready to play? – Almost. You just need another arm. – Another arm? – We’re ready. – Should I go get Adley? She’s right there! How did you get there? How did you. Oh. Ah! – Sure you’re okay? All right, welcome back. Okay. How did you do that? You walked out the stairs and then you were, I’m so confused. These toys are really weird toys. And then I, I sucked her hand into the window and she didn’t even get hurt. You’re crazy. All right, come on. Yeah! Yeah! All right, are we ready? – Yeah. – Yeah! – Yeah! – Press down on the dinosaurs back bone. – Okay? – To play, the person who can make the loudest roar like a dinosaur goes first. – Ou, who’s the loudest? They get to go. – Rawr! – Your turn Niko. – Rawr! – That wasn’t very loud. – Rawr. – Who was the loudest? – Wow, that was like a pterodactyl. Okay. Rawr! – I’m a raptor. – Rawr! – Wow! Niko goes first. Niko goes first. – Okay. – Okay. What do you gotta do? – On your turn spin the spinner. – Okay, Niko spin the spinner. – Then take whatever bone the spinner points to from the pile and place it anywhere on the dinosaur’s back.

If the T-Rex does not shake it’s bones off, then you’re safe. It’s the next players turn. – Next player. – Ou, good spin. A green one. One of those. Oh no, it’s a single one. That one. Good luck. – Don’t wake up the dinosaur. – Oh, okay mom you’re up. The green one with the pointy. Careful. Oh, dad’s turn. A yellow. – Shh! Quiet. – [Adley] Dad! – Okay Niko’s turn. Careful. A blue one? – [Mom] A double. – Where’s the double? This one. – [Mom] This one. – Oh, it’s that one. – Good job. Okay, Adley your turn. – Ou. Ah, this one right here. – [Mom] The big one. – Be so careful. Ou, careful. Okay, Mom’s turn. You got a ribcage thing. Ah! Niko’s got dinosaur bones on his foot! – Don’t wake up. Ou, yeah. – Yeah. – Okay. Ou rib cage. Do we have anymore rib cages? – No.

– I need this rib cage. Gonna put it by Adley’s ribcage right here. – Because we’re best friends. – Yeah. We’re gonna get all the bones on. Wait, Niko’s turn. Ou, a double one. Oh yup that one. Put it on. Careful. – Put it by the head. – Ou boy.

Guys, we only have two more bones. Two horns. What! – [Mom] You have to put both those back on. – Careful. Adley! Okay mom your turn. – Please don’t wake up. Please don’t wake up. – That’s the last ones we have. Any more bones? Did we put all the bones on? – Nope. – Okay one more. – Oh, you’re going to do at the same time? – [Mom] Together. – Be so careful.

Be careful. – Wait I found one more. Same time. – Same time. – Are you gonna beat the game? – Right there. – You woke up the dinosaur! Oh, he’s mad. All right let’s clean this one up. – Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. – And let’s have our toy robot kids choose another game. – Okay, I go next. – Niko what game do you wanna play next? Go find a game, I’ll wind you up. Go find a game. What game did he get? – [Adley] That game looks fun. – Ou that game looks fun. Niko chose a game. – It’s animals in eggs. Find and match 10 farm animals. – Old McDonald memory matchup. – Ee-I-ee-I-o. – Okay, we’re gonna match, we’re gonna match up 10 farm animals. – 10 farm animals? – How do you know we’re doing 10? – Chickens. – I want to do the chicky. – In there tight.

– Ou look at the little cow! Oh a bunny! Hop, hop, hop. Hi vlog. – Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. – Hey it’s just like the classic memory game. We put all the animals underneath the hay stacks. – Oh, these are haystacks? – These are hay stacks. – I thought they were eggs. – That’s what I thought too.

– Why would a bunny be in an egg? – We shuffle them around. – Okay. So put all the animals under a haystack. Bye cow. Okay do they all have animals? Okay. – Mix, mix, – Now we mix them up. – Wait, I’m missing one. – Don’t look. Everyone mix them around. Okay.

Who’s going to go first? Let’s say who can ever make the best animal noise goes first. – Oh! Hop, hop, hop. – Hop? – What animal says hop? – Moo! Ou that’s a good one. Ou that’s a, okay, she goes first. – Okay. – Okay you go first. – Wait Niko, can you do one? – Moo! – Okay, Niko goes second. Okay you got to get one in then. – Bunny. – Where’s the other bunny?

– [Mom] Now you gotta find the other bunny. – What one do you think it is? – [Mom] You did this one. – The pressures on. – [Mom] Chick nope. Put them back. – A cow? – A cow. – Where do you think the other cow is? – Where’s the other cow? – How did you know? She like told him to go there. – You did it Niko! You get to go again! – Now you gotta say, moo. – Moo! – Okay my turn. – Nope, Niko goes again. – [Mom] A chicken? – Bock! – Is this one a chicken? – I don’t know. – [Mom] No! – It’s a bunny. Okay mom your turn. – A bunny. Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. – Where’s the other bunny? – Was it this one or this one? I can’t remember. – Sniff it out. – Which one? – That was the chicken! – Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock. – No, no, no. Okay, dad’s turn. – No, my turn. – Ah I’m next and I’m choosing this one. – Sheep. – Baa! Baa. – Let me help you sheep. – Where’s the other sheep? Maybe right here.

I’m going for this one. – Baa! Baa! Okay, my turn. – Best friends. – Let’s see. Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep. And. – Nope. – Oh it’s a bunny! – My turn! – Okay, your turn. Whoa! The double hay stack. – Okay my turn. – Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep. – Okay, now it’s Niko’s turn. There’s two more. Whoa. – Chicken. – Chicken. – And what is it? – [Dad] Where is it? Go Niko, go! – All chicken need friends! All chicken need friends! Come to my party. – [Mom] Oh party! – No chickens only! – [Dad] Oh, I’m not a chicken. – [Mom] Should we play another game guys? – Let’s play another game. Let’s wind up the toy Adley.

Wind her up, wind her up. All right. Let me program her. Go find a new game for us to play. Wind her up. Go! Ah, go! – You turned her off. – Ou! – The skeleton. – Johnny the skull pirate’s cove. Pirate displays ghosts around the room. Do we have to play this in the dark? – [Mom] I don’t know. – You shine things on the wall and then you shoot it with a flashlight.

– That looks fun. Let me turn the outdoor lights on. – Okay, we’ll give it a try. – [Mom] Um. What’s the age limit on that one? Is Niko good? – Hey, you have to be four or older to play. – I’m not scared. – You’re not scared? Okay. – All right. – There’s gonna be ghosts in the room and we have to press the button and destroy the ghosts. When you hear all coins jingle, it means you got rid of all the ghosts and you found the treasure. And then if you don’t hear coins, jingling

That means… the ghosts got you. – No! – No! The ghosts got you! Yeah, it looks super easy. Ah! The ghosts got me! No! – The ghost did. – No! My ghost children are getting me. All I wanted was me coins. Give me me coins! I don’t want these ghost kids! Let’s see.

I think. This rooms kind of bright. What if we play in the dark hallway? – [Mom] Ou the dark hallway. – Yeah! What if we put it on the stool and the ghost will be even higher. All right and then ready? Set. Go! Niko, there’s a ghost! Get it! – Oh no.

– Oh no. Oh right there get it! – Good job. – Over here Niko. Get it right here. Get it. – Behind you! – Right there. Right there. Up there. Get him. Good job. Oh right here! Huh, toy room! Good job. Right there Niko! Ceiling! – Over here. – Right here my boy!

Behind Niko, behind Niko! – Good job. You got it. We got the coins! – It’s making. It’s making. Yo ho ho ho ho. – Yo ho ho. That means you won! Good job Niko! All right, should we try the next level? – I want to do number 5. – Okay. – Because I’m 5 years.

– This one’s really hard. Good luck. It goes fast. – Where are they? – Up there! – Behind me! – Mom! Mom! Mom’s a ghost! Right there. Up there! Play room! Right there. We’re going to move them. Now we’re all going to go different places. Shark right there! Behind you!

Ah! Behind you again! – You won! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Okay, we’re going to have Niko do the hardest level. We’re turning up all the way to number five. Are you ready Niko? – Get em! – Get em! Oh, one right there! Right there! Ghost. Shark. Right there. – I hit myself. – Ceiling! Shark!

– Grab the wall! – Ceiling! – Shark! Back here, toy room. Ceiling! Mom! Hit mom! Back here. Ahhh. Toy room. Niko! Niko’s a shark! Mom turned into a zombie. Watch out! We gotta get them all! No! Hurry! No , no. They’re everywhere! We’re never gonna survive! She’s eating our brains. No kids, turn on the lights! Ah turn on the lights! Oh. You kind of turned into a zombie, mom. – That was weird. – All right.

Let’s wind up Niko, he’s gonna choose our next game. Okay. Hey come here. Program him. Go find another game. Boop, boop, beep, bop. I’m going to wind him a lot, so he’s really crazy. On your mark. Get set. Go! Find game. Oh, oh, he’s finding the game. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. New game. Oh yeah! Hide and go cheek. – [Mom] Let’s turn on the lights. – Hide and squirrel seek. Wait, what? This looks so cool. – [Adley] Mine doesn’t fit me. – Hi! – The player who has the best chipmunk impression goes first. – Me? – I don’t know let’s see who’s best. I want some a acorns. – Ah can you give me some acorns? I’ll just go do that. – Um, it’s gonna be winter soon maybe I’ll start to store some acorns in the tree. – This is my idea. – What’s your idea?

– What if we just go, what if one player hides them the one with the chipmunk mask on and they go hide them and then we’re like baby chipmunks and go find them. – Do you want to be a baby chipmunk Niko? – Yeah. – Baby chipmunk, baby chipmunk.

– Mommy chipmunk is gonna hide them. – Okay everybody. You gotta not look. – Okay. Everyone count mommy chipmunk. Okay. Count One four three five six two seven eight one three four five six seven eight nine two. – 11. – 20 15 five. – [Niko] Mom one in my pocket.

– [Dad] Mom put one in your pocket? – [Niko] Yeah. – [Dad] What’s she doing? 72 49 25 Three sixteen. – I’m all done. – Twelve. Whoa. Baby chipmunks let’s find our acorns. Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. – Hop, hop, hop, hop. – It’s a trail of acorns. – All my acorns are safe I hid them well. No one’s gonna find them. – [Dad] There’s two right here.

– Hey! Are you guys finding my acorns? – Acorns! Tell me where the acorns are! Tell me where the acorns are! – You’ll never find them! – I want your acorns. – In here. In here. In here buddy. In here. In the couch. – I found an acorn. Good job!

– Hey! Niko, are you finding my acorns? You guys better not be finding my acorns. – Ah Dad? – What? – You have a bump in your sock. – What are you talking about? – Stop stay still. He he. – There’s an acorn in my sock? They’re in her cheeks! Take them out of her cheeks! – Get your hand out my mouth! Oh no! – We have all the acorns! Acorn jars are gonna be full all winter! Hey, don’t tickle my little chipmunk! That’s my chipmunk! – Thanks for watching, bye. – Gonna hide in my tree! Wee! Wee!

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