STARCRAFT Full Movie Cinematic (2022) 4K ULTRA HD Action Fantasy

STARCRAFT Full Movie Cinematic (2022) 4K ULTRA HD Action Fantasy

#STARCRAFT #Full #Movie #Cinematic #ULTRA #Action #Fantasy

So This is kerrigan we’ve neutralized the protoss but there’s a wave of zerg advancing on this position we need immediate evac belay that order we’re moving out what you’re not just gonna leave them all ships prepare to move away from tarsonis on my mark Uh Ah boys how about that evac damn you arcturus don’t do this it’s done helmsman signal the fleet and take us out of orbit Now commander jim what the hell’s going on up there Ah [Applause] The zerg swarm came as was foretold and the protoss first born of the gods rose to fight them Now this el naga that forged us all are returning But do they come to save or to destroy [Applause] So Oh I knew you’d find your way here eventually your very presence defiles this place kerrigan do you hear them two whispering from the stars the galaxy would burn with their coming perhaps but you won’t live to see it please our petty conflicts mean nothing now a storm is coming that cannot be stopped fitting

That we should face oblivion together Fate cannot be changed the end comes and when it finds me I shall embrace it at last The prophecy is uncertain there is always hope [Applause] [Applause] So Sarah you reading all this you have your orders mr findlay carry them out Titus what have you done I made a deal with the devil jimmy she dies i go free we all got our choices to make Damn shame Chad it’s okay i got you My [Applause] freedom I am the swarm the armies will be shattered will bend oh one now at last on this world vengeance shall be mine for i am the queen of blades Hmm Open the door son valerian’s orders sir no visit open the door Good morning commander junior gentlemen the test protocol will begin in two minutes Make the most of this test it’s your last one now give us a minute very well We’re getting out of here tonight darling we’re good then we can go after mengsk forget minsk forget all of it this is about you and me until manx is dead there can’t be a you and me i moved heaven and earth to bring you back sarah

I can’t watch you throw that away just for revenge initiating test phase two i never gave up on you sarah don’t you give up on us test phase two commencing Morning dominion forces in sectors 3 4 all personnel must evacuate this is nova begin your sweep find kerrigan bravo team technology shut up sarah the killing will never stop until minx is dead that’s enough of that get it together darling We got a girl It’s been a long time Like riding a bike Yep like riding a bike Drop shipping jim jim Where’s jim we couldn’t get him out valerian you left him behind down let him go kerrigan valerian is helping us there is no us Iff negative multiple hostiles inside the perimeter scramble attack response squads three through nine hull defensive maneuver delta iv prep all stations for jump no one is going anywhere until i see jim dominion fleet this is hyperion cease fire crown prince valerian is a board my father will sacrifice any piece on the

Chessboard to take the queen we have to jump now we’ll lead them away and circle back for jim sarah we need to work together do what you want i’m going to find jim Uh jim are you on this frequency jim are you out there i’m at the rendezvous it’s all clear here i’ve been thinking about what you said there’s something dark in me jim i need you i need you to hear me right now Notorious rebel jim raynor was captured in a daring raid yesterday he was briefly interrogated and summarily executed emperor had this to say proud dominion citizens at long last our nightmare is over the lawless terrorist james raynor is dead with his death comes a new era of peace the protoss have retreated from our

Dominion and the zerg threat has been removed their swarm is shattered and leaderless soon we will eradicate every last zirgon char in short we have won our peace and security is assured good night my faithful subjects Thanks navigation online destination zone space confirm confirmed so there zeratul what do you want behold zerus birthplace of the sir here the zerg evolved and here the dark one altered them those left behind are there they fight they kill they evolved just as you must if you survive

Lieutenant get the wounded to those shuttles i’ll get out another way general there’s too many You listen to me i have three shuttles packed with men too injured to ever be a threat to you husbands fathers you let those shuttles go you hear me we’re surrounded there’s no way you you’re not even human anymore you betrayed us all for what petty revenge how many innocents have you killed

How many more have to die what if reyna could see you right now it’s a miracle we’re going to make it general general Me Ah So Face me rude it’s over it is only beginning amon whispered of this from the stars he told you of his return he told you of ruin extinction The end of all things your god is dead and he’s never coming is that what you think now sarah no you’re not here you are not jim you are nothing i’m everything you lost I am everything you never had You’ve already lost will see him Aah [Applause] Sarah no i had to get you out what have you done i had to tell that to phoenix tell it to the millions you butchered you swore you’d kill the queen of blades you were the only one who ever believed in me do you still believe in me [Applause] i love you jim never forget it we’re done [Applause] Hello kerrigan i’ve been waiting for you i’m surprised you haven’t tried to escape escape my dear i’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong ah really did you think i’d keep an animal like you close to me without some kind of insurance policy clearly you are my greatest failure now at long last

You will die change of plans you can never suffer enough for all the lies you’ve ruined arcturus i made you into a monster carrigan you made us all into monsters Thank you jim for everything My pleasure darling Always was [Applause] I now see my true enemy he waits for me in the void wielding powers i cannot imagine i go to face him having renounced everything my humanity my identity the man i love but i will not face this enemy alone I am the swarm As it was foretold amon the dark god lives again if any hope remains for our galaxy it lies in the hands of this only one piece of the prophecy remains unfulfilled that on the world where aemon was reborn the last light will be revealed there is one that location a creature

Known as samir duran or to the terence as the roon in the system hides a long forgotten mobius facility i must hope his secrets still rest within its walls it is a great honor i am pray tortalis and i humbly request your aid an unknown force has been abducting

Templar from our colony worlds my forces and i have managed to track them to a terran facility but we are under attack by the swarm swarm i’m on my way talis may a dune hide you until i arrive the swarm brought ruin to our world our proud people became refugees and yet

They could not shatter our unity For we are bound by the color the sacred union of our every thought and emotion so power overwhelming so Today we retake our home world and with it our legacy [Applause] Templar at long last we stand at the threshold of destiny for today we will restore the glory of our legacy today we will retake what we have lost and reclaim our homeworld and may the karma’s light guide us The invasion fleet stands ready we await only your command hierarchy you must hold this invasion at once zeratul templar no we will hear him out the end war has come amon the dark one has returned this cannot be trusted this invasion is a distraction from the true battle ahead

Amon’s fury will engulf the entire galaxy do not forget that it was his interference that brought ruin to iron and that burden weighs heavily upon me artanis i have found a way to stand against the coming darkness you must believe me we have been through much together zeratul

But far too many have sacrificed in the hopes that this moment would come to pass executor commence the invasion It seems the end war you warned of has begun tell me old friend what is it you have learned i have witnessed the end of all things legions of hybrid raising world upon world in the darkness lording over them a shadowy form among yet you spoke of a way to stand against him

This vision was a benevolent one as if an ancient voice called out from beyond the keystone shall usher you unto keystone i saw a burst of light revealing the zelnaga artifact on the terran world of quran it is the keystone of this vision the prophecies speak of zelnaka standing

Against among in the end times i believe this keystone will guide us to them i have always trusted you zeratul but the burdens of leadership demanded much of me there are times i am uncertain whether i was truly ready for such weight your doubt is unfounded young artanis

You must embrace what you have become if you are to be the leader we now Need you will go to james raynor on core hall and receive this keystone i will marshal our forces for the war ahead when you return the templar will be ready entaro tassadar old friend antaro artanis brother Your nerve cords they must be removed Great Online I will shatter this corrupt cycle you shall not stand against me my life foreign So The keystone will guide you To the cell marker Zeratul Forgive me [Applause] So i have been looking for you are tennis praise the lord earthquakes they must be removed it was done by the dark templar i’m free of the caller’s corruption are there others I have saved all that i could come we must escape this world before time runs out escape how the spear of a doom still rests beneath the ruins of core chicago its generators are ancient but a phase smith of your ability will know how to bring them online the spear of the dune

I i am honored to have the opportunity this is fortune we cannot ignore indeed come we must go at once the spear of a dune a marvel of kalai engineering and last of the three great archships it’s created to ensure the continuation of our culture in a dark time

Within its chambers arrest contingents of zealots templar who bravely sacrificed entering suspension so that they may serve as this vessel’s army though it pains me greatly i have begun severing their nerve cords the ship’s lower decks contain a star forge capable of constructing weapons of war

There is much to learn about this vessel its technology is ancient yet highly advanced We are aboard a relic from a glorious time when our culture shined as a constellation the celestial array has been updated hierarch from here you may select our next point of travel with this vessel we will avenge what has transpired carex and we will free the templar Alone alone it is said that those of our kind suffer separated from the glory of the colon right But none of us are ever truly alone For our warrior hearts are bound by honor tradition battle is waged in the name of the many the brave whose generation after generation choose the mantle of dark templar Did you know this warrior no but i know his story i know all their stories none of them ever think it’ll end like this reports been coming in from all over dominion worlds overrun outposts destroyed a lot more dead boys out there warriors Death is the fate of all warriors Fate we too may soon embrace fade ain’t written artanus Way i see it if zeratul believed you could make a difference in all this and this fight’s just begun It is your custom to shake the hand of a friend is it not give him our dennis Zeratul Shakuras queen of blades Kerrigan wait i am not your enemy i have come seeking this Ah um uh uh it seems fate has drawn us together you should not tempt it further [Applause] something’s not right here No They’re dead Is With the essence of the great betrayer your people fulfill their purpose my host body is My will is not so easily broken a1 the firstborn shall fear you no longer me artemis you strive to maintain this flawed existence but you will not stop me amon i have destroyed your terran army eradicated your hybrid facility and turned your servants to my side all that is left is your

You are destruction in the face of the salvation i bring you will come to higher and die he he is gone he is so arrogant just as he could look into me so i have looked into him his form is almost complete and now he waits for us to return

He plans to bring the great fleet down upon us there is a way around us we have to eliminate the sacred psy matrix that powers ire where we are all doomed if he intends to use the golden armada to stop us from destroying his body then you are right

Destroying the psy matrix is essential it seems this connection of yours has proved worthwhile but it is time to free yourself from amon sever yourself from the kala Yourself from the past rohana and step into this new age For the day long It is time for retribution we will set a course for ire My brethren hear me for there is little time left all that remains of our race our civilization are those that stand beside you now and those corrupted on the surface below our kind once stood as stewards of a galaxy full of promise in our pride and division

We failed that sacred charge and failed to ruin the collar designed to bring unity ultimately only aided those divisions its hope was a lie today that lie must come to its end and with it our prejudice and arrogance must become a thing of the past for we now fight in the belief

That our kind has not seen its end that we protoss can stand bound by a belief in unity and that we protest will forge a great and mighty new civilization Trust each other in the fight ahead strike as one will let our last stand burn a memory so bright that we will be known throughout eternity hear me Templar rid yourselves of aemon sever your nerve cords Without the color what will we become free lies believe In tarou uh the dark one has been banished back into the void for now we are free all of this because of you i will bring our great dream of a unified protoss to bear we will gather the survivors rebuild our cities we will reject our old divisions and forge a new society Together we will shape our destiny amongst the stars We have waited long enough within this accursed realm if the queen of blades truly wishes to speak she would be here now she ain’t gonna stand us up salindis if she says it’s important you better believe it is trusting this deceiver is not an act i am accustomed to commander

Such little faith for a templar artanis jim so what’s going on sarah what’s so urgent you got us all here for amon lives his hatred festers in the void and he already plans to return even now i hear a voice calling me this may be the great enemies trickery

This voice is not his there’s something else in there something tormented and desperate it’s benevolent edwan’s strength grows by the moment he may not return during our lives but he will return and what is it you suggest we do kerrigan there is a gateway to the void within ulnar

I intend to go through it and destroy the fallen one once and for all i need your help Sarah’s right we can’t kick this can down the road this burden is ours like it or not zeratul foresaw that this day would come you have our blades kerrigan It is tassadar my mentor how can this be honored one to see you bring such joy to my tacitar a form i chose to inspire action in the one called the zeratul in you the prophecies zeratul followed the result of my psionic extension into the minds of primitive beings

You are naka the one who called me who are you last shepard of the cycle enemy of aemon he is one with the void it is an extension of his will finding me as prisoner why have you summoned us here the cycle must not be broken the merging of purity of essence and

Purity of form must continue you the one called kerrigan can merge with my essence now fulfill your destiny ascend as zelmada continue the infinite cycle naga you want to change her into one of you oh damn it sarah no only asa can defeat the fallen one sarah you don’t gotta do this

You don’t have to let yourself be mutilated again together with all i’ve done the lives ruined worlds destroyed there’s blood on my hands i need to cleanse it this is my destiny With the last of our essence a new eternity dawns The infinite cycles have come to end She is cell naga These moments together they will always be with me darling we have to go now In this thing once and for all Go go Today marks the third anniversary of the fall of the arcturus men’s regime to memorialize this milestone emperor valerian banks held a fundamental celebration in the capital wing of offspread heralding in a new age of peace and prosperity within the terran dominion extents admiral matthew horner reaffirms the military support of the Just like you always said you know matt someday you’re gonna wind up leading this bunch of misfits i made a deal with the devil jimmy you will hold her life in your hands You about ready to get out of here cowboy Hell it’s about time You

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