Stuck | A Sex and Relationships Short Film | Short of the Week

Stuck | A Sex and Relationships Short Film | Short of the Week

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Oh wow sorry you were the one who wanted to try this do use my loop where did you get it anyway online what is this crystal it’s classy how does that feel yeah hey have you ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat remind me so it’s this thought experiment

There’s a cat locked behind a door but you don’t know if the cats alive or dead and oh I’ll help back there yep got it and so the thought is the cat is simultaneously alive and dead you won’t know which until you open the door okay

What makes you bring that up know what it’s alive or dead there’s the time you open that door I wanna talk about this now and we’re at the 3-month mark I think that’s appropriate you want to talk about this right now come on tell me we’re learning to you

All right no I really like spending time with you you know good activity partner what activity partner yeah well what you want to say I mean Emily you know I told you I’m not looking for anything serious I’m sorry so spending all this time together trying pretty intimate new things in bed

Together that doesn’t seem mixed message II to you know I just thought that that’s what you don’t matter wow that is such a dick move mark well I have no interest in continuing something that’s not going anywhere what did it fall out it didn’t fall out oh [ __ ] well isn’t

The bass supposed to stop it from going in well you must have used too much oh my god I can’t reach it okay you want me to Google something go get it okay okay yes okay I’m okay just relax Sorry oh my god can you just get it please get it out trying I’m trying I know what trying you’re just fiddling just get it [ __ ] yeah I just I can’t get I can’t get it so what does that mean I Don’t think that you would you ever sensed anything this is the most humiliating night of my life well I’m sure they see this kind of thing all the time okay all the time like people are always taking stuff up there you know you can go you don’t have

To stay mm-hmm and what do you feel obligated to wins last time you’re in the hospital guess it must have been when I was 8 years old my sister pushed me into the front door of our house busted my lip wide open he probably deserved it probably yeah got a bunch of

Stitches even have a scar too can’t see it miss under the beard how about you I 6 months ago to say goodbye to my grandma don’t I’m sorry that sucks yeah thanks Jerr think your dead relatives can just spy on you from beyond the grave and see

All that gross [ __ ] you do when you’re by yourself or with a partner or something no I just think they probably have better things to do okay well not all the time then okay but tonight let’s say for example my grandma is up there floating around in heaven presumably and

She’s like oh I think I’ll check in on my beautiful Natalie tonight what could she possibly be oh my goodness my baby she used to worry me about guys like you really who were guys like me you know [ __ ] boys granny she didn’t actually say [ __ ] boy did she you’d be surprised Wow

I do not care for that designation but emotionally unavailable then I was probably closer hmm that’s kind of my thing dating emotionally unavailable guys my therapist thinks it’s because deep down I think that I don’t deserve happiness and I always just laughed off but maybe she’s right you know Oh your parents happy

Anyway shrink now no I just I read this thing once where we don’t want to have more than our parents did even if we say otherwise hmm well my dad died when I was really young my mom never remarried she never really dated so yeah maybe

That’s part of it what’s [ __ ] as I just keep throwing myself into these things just so trusting it’s like I wish all of the heartbreak would make me more guarded or more cynical just we’re protected but mmm that’s not me it’s not me to not be hopeful or trusting or not

To love I guess is just my programming so what do you think is it a boy or a girl I do not want to know you really don’t have to stay I’ll be fine I’m staying get over it you know I can’t tell are you a nice guy are you an [ __ ]

I’m both I’m a hybrid I guess that explains it you know you really led me on there well I thought I was being upfront with you I did say right from the beginning that I’m not looking oh yeah thanks we all say that and we all secretly hope that someone will come

Along and change our minds yeah I suppose that’s true so it’s just me then no it isn’t Natalie they’re amazing you’re kind you’re brilliant total freak in bed but but I don’t know I guess we’re just not the right fit okay say more about that okay well I don’t know well I mean

For one our diets are completely different I mean you’re a vegan what would we even eat we’ve made it so far yeah so far but that’s the kind of thing that becomes a problem down the road I mean I love cheese real cheese I can’t do anymore of this cash you chose of

Yours yeah tell me tell me this is about cashew cheese I’m not explaining this right all right you think I don’t know I guess I just don’t feel that thing what thing I think that rush that intensity oh well if you felt like this why didn’t you see something earlier

I guess I didn’t want to hurt your feelings great job you East that you know that feeling you’re talking about that rush that can’t be the foundation for a relationship because that [ __ ] fades that’s not what love is yes I know that really because it sounds

Like to me you think that love is supposed to be some sort of laser show all the time no that’s not at all what I believe well what do you believe then I believe that love is something that’s made in the trenches it’s two people fighting for it even when it’s hard

Right right right but that’s why that initial rush is important because it propels the whole thing for it’s like relationship jet fuel I think I think you’re just chasing some idealistic idea of connection that doesn’t exist well I do know that it exists because I’ve had

It before well why don’t you go call her then well you may have noticed that she’s not around and you know why because things end they always do so what’s the point in getting invested in something that’s just transitory let me ask you this would you give up

All the good times you had with this person to never feel the pain of losing them no I guess not the pain of losing someone is the price of having them sure go no of with the bad you’re gonna keep it all good so how you feeling okay yeah later you

Gonna keep it do what with it put on my mantle I just mean if at first you don’t succeed nope I hope this experience hasn’t soured you and what play okay you know what the best leg was not the biggest pain my ass tonight Oh Joe love jokes All right mr. hybrid this is me want to keep walking for a bit it’s called we could go get something for breakfast no anything that’s open around here there’s a really good vegan place around the corner perfect I love cashews your keys so good for you so good for the environment You

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