Student Breaks Nerd’s Eye Glasses, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

Student Breaks Nerd's Eye Glasses, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

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Who can answer this problem how about leon ah i don’t know it’s okay um anybody else know the answer fawaz well it’s 4x equals 6 so you divide 6 fourths for x equals 1.5 that’s absolutely right great job for us nice job fawaz four eyes your grandma called she wants her glasses back

Okay class i’ll see you tomorrow hey loser say geez [Laughter] there he is oh look it’s fawa’s four eyes that’s not going to make a difference i posted them all over school so that everyone will know what a loser you are oh what are you gonna do cry next time

Think twice before trying to make me look bad in class i wasn’t trying to make you look bad in class and you know you should treat people the way you want to be treated [Laughter] that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard You know what i will stop making fun of you really yeah right after i break your nerdy glasses why did you do that they’re my only pair leon what’s taking so long mom what are you doing in here i’ve been waiting outside for 15 minutes come on

You have an appointment you can’t miss Can you read line three for me uh f no wait d uh i i don’t know uh you can put the oculator down so what does this mean it means leon’s gonna have to start wearing glasses what no i can’t be seen wearing glasses uh to be honest

I don’t know how you’ve gone this long without them here try these on Can you see the chart now wow i can see and they don’t look too bad on you either look No mom please kids are gonna make fun of me i can’t be seen wearing these i’m sorry honey but you heard the doctor you don’t have a choice i can’t believe this this is seriously the worst day in my life i’m never going to wear these don’t worry you’ll wear them

Okay class can anyone answer this problem leon how about you try again today uh i don’t know why don’t you ask for was four eyes i’m sure he knows the answer leon that’s not very nice and by the way where are your glasses glasses uh i don’t know what you’re talking about

Well your mom told me you got new glasses and that you’re supposed to be wearing them so where are they uh put them on [Laughter] oh look it’s leon the loser [Laughter] guys stop laughing it’s not funny thank you fawaz and you’re right no one should ever make fun of others five it’s 8x equals 40 so you divide the 40 by 8 for x equals 5. that’s correct great job leon hey foss

Thanks for standing up for me you’re right you should always treat others how you want to be treated sorry i didn’t realize that sooner it’s okay cool glasses by the way though thanks yours weren’t so bad either hey dar man fam make sure to subscribe to my channels and check out this next

Video i know you’re gonna love it louis that’s the second test he failed this month it’s because he’s dumb who wants to read louis can sonos read instead is there a problem the pea brain kid i’m afraid you don’t belong in this class have fun and special ed dummy

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